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Bishopstone Poor Rate and Land Tax 1793, Wilts

Document held by Chippenham Record Office ref cc/bishopric 10/2

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  Do. for the Tith    14s 2d
  Do. for the Vicarial Tiith        10d
Ab Edmond for is own£5 18s 9dFrancis Mulcock for W Harding£1 10s 0d
Do.the V. Hon. the Lord Hollands£22 0s 0dfot the tith    7s 6½d
Do. the Pond and Barn of Do.£0 10s 0dDo. for the Vicarial Tiith        8½d
Do. Samuel Matons£0 11s 3dJohn Cue for Chowles's and Heaths£1 11s 10½d
Do. Revd W Whetworths£1 8s 9dDo for Garrards    13s 9d
Do. The Tith of his own of Do.    13s 7dDo. for Mary Moses    5s 7½d
Do. the Tith of Ld Hollands of Do.£5 5s 0dDo. for the Tith    11s 4¼d
Do. the Tith of Samuel Matons Do.    2s 6½dDo. for the Vicarial Do.        10d
Do. the Tith of Popes & Bakers of Do.    18s 7¾dHarry Woodward£1 1s 3d
Do. the Tith of Newburys Do.    6s 2¼dDo. for W Williams    12s 6d
Do. the Tith of G Coxes of Do.    6s 9¼dDo. for the Tithe    6s 7¼d
Do. the Tith of the Revd W Wakemans    12s 6dDo. for the Vicarial Tith        10½d
Do. the Great Tith of Do.    9s 10dWillm Phillips for W Goddards£1 3s 5¼d
Geo Wilson    12s 6dDo. for Wm Butlers    12s 6d
Do. the late Edward Moore Esq£6 2s 6dDo. for B Jacobs's    5s 0d
Do. W Wilson£1 10s 7¾dDo. for Daniel Browning    11s 3d
Do. Judith Strattons    6s 3dDo for the Revd W Wakemans    13s 1½d
Do. Langfords    7s 6dDo. for the Tith    8s 7d
Do. Henry Curtis's    1s 10½dDo for the Vicarial Tith        8¾d
Do. the Revd W Whitworths Tith£1 15s 10½dDo. for Daniel New    2s 6d
Do. the Revd W Wakemans Do.    3s 1½dDo. for the Tith of Do.        1¾d
Do. the tith of ? and Langford    2s 6dGeo Cox for Wm Muspratts£1 6s 3d
hold Craven for Lusley£3 2s 6dDo for the Vicarial Tith        5d
Do. for the Revd W Whitworth Tith    2s 6dWm Spicer for W Withers£1 2s 6d
Do. for the Revd W Wakeman for his Home    6s 3dDo. for the Tith£0 1s 10½d
Do. for his Meadow Ground    1s 3dDo. for the Tith of the Vicarage Ydlands    2s 6½d
Thomas Anger    6s 3dDo. for Sybella Taylors    8s 9d
John Belcher£8 16s 3dDo. for the Tith of do.    1s 7¼d
Do. for the Tith£1 15s 0dDo. for the Vicarial Tith        5d
Do. for the Vicarial Tith    2s 6dEdmund Povey£1 2s 6d
W Kent£3 16s 9dDo. for the late Mary Preceys    3s 7¼d
Do. part of the Revd W Whitworth
and W Wakeman's tith
    4s 4½d
Do. for the Tith
    6s 0½d
Do. Forthe Vicarial Tith        8¾dDo. for the Vicarial Tith        5d
John Boulton for W Cheeks£1 2s 2½dMess Withers & Jacobs Mannonds    5s 7½d
Do. for late Piper's of Do.    2s 6dBenjamin Jacobs for this House    2s 6d
Do. for the Tith of W Cheeks    7s 4dJohn Tayler    10s ?d   *
Do. part of the Revd W Whitworths
and the Revd W Wakemans Tith
    5s 7½d
Do. for John Greens
£1 6s ?d   *
Do. for the Vicarial Tith    0s 6¼dDo. for the Tith    4s ?d   *
John Pope£3 3s 9dDo. for the Vicarial Tith       *
Do. for W Bakers    18s 9dFrancis Norris       *
Do. for part of W Withers    1s 3dDo. for Daniel Browning & J Pope    14s 4½d
Do. for Thomas Newbury£1 11s 3dDo. for the Tith    3s 9d
Do. for the Vicarial Tith    1s 11¾dDo. for the Vicarial Tith        2½d
Charles Pourton£2 15s 0dHenry Curtis    8s 1½d
Do. for the Tith    11s 3½dDo. the Tith    2s 5¼d
Do. for the Vicarial Tith Do.        11¼dDo. fot the Vicarial Tith        3¾d
John Smith£1 8s 9dEliab Browning    7s 6d
Do. for Chowles's    10s 0dDo. for the Tith        1¼d
Do. for Brinds    2s 6dJane Norris    18s 6d
  Do. for the Tith    2s ?d   *
  Do. fot the Vicarial Tith Do.        *

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William Lawrence    5s 0dDo. for the Close       *
Do. for the Tith      6dDo. for the Close       *
John Green    2s 6dJames Norgrove for T Goddard       *
William Owen for ye Mills    16s 3dDo. for the Tith    3s 9d
Do. for Widow Smiths    10s 7½dDo. for the Vicarial Tith          2½d
*    damaged page edge     £107 11s 1d

County of Wilts (to wit) for the Parish
of Bishopstone in the County         An Afsefsment made in pursuant
            of an Act of Parliament pafsed in the Thirty Third year of his
            Majestys Reign by a Land tax to be raised in Great Brittain for
            the service of the year 1793

Lord Craven for FusleyHimself     £9 7s 2d
Lord Holl and for the FarmHimself & ab. Edmonds     £52 6s 8d
Abraham EdmondsHimself and others     £12 13s 9d
Samuel MatonAbraham Edmonds     £1 7s 6d
Revd W. WhitworthDo. and others     £35 0s 0d
Do. ...... Wakemanhimself and others     £5 1s 8d
Jane Norrisherself     £1 2s 1d
Edmund Poveyhimself     £2 6s 8d
Mrs Morse and Mesrs Curtis and WormanMr Drew & Edmd Povey     £0 12s 6d
William HardingFrancis Mulcock     £3 8s 9d
Mr Kenthimself and others     £8 2s 3d
Eliab Browninghimself     £0 14s 0d
Mr CheekeT. Boulton & Ab. Edmonds     £3 4s 0d
John Popehimself     £6 3s 0d
Mr BakerDo.     £1 17s 1d
Thomas NewburyDo.     £3 11s 6d
Francis Norrishimself     £0 4s 10d
Daniel BrowningWm Phillips & others     £2 13s 3d
John Smithhimself     £2 19s 5d
late BrindsDo.     £2 4s   *
William ChowlesDo.     £1 2s   *
Charles Pourtonhimself     £6 0s   *
Harry Woodwardhimself     £2 4s   *
Mr WilliamsDo.     £2 4s   *
Mr MusprattGeorge Cox     £1 12s   *
John GreenHimself     £2 12s   *
William LawrenceHimself & Ab. Jones     £0 5s   *
Sybella TaylorHerself & Wm Spicer     £0 19s 10d
William Withers EsqWm Spicer and John Pope     £2 14s 5d
John GreenJohn Taylor     £2 17s   *
John TaylorDo.     £1 0s 0d
Henry and Charles CurtisH Curtis & Geo Wilson     £1 4s 10d
Mrs Heath and Thomas ChowlesJohn Cue     £3 9s 5d
Mr GarrardJohn Cue     £1 12s   *
*    page slightly creased over or damaged edge  

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Mr RoseJohn Cue     £0 17s 4d
Mr Stephen GoddardWilliam Phillips     £2 5s 8d
Benjamin JacobsDo.     £1 0s 0d
Elizabeth ButlerDo.     £1 14s 7d
Elisha NewDo.     £0 5s 0d
late Edward Moore's EsqGeorge Wilson     £12 6s 6d
Geo. WisonDo.     £1 9s 7d
Mrs WilsonDo.     £3 14s 0d
Mr LangfordDo.     £0 19s 10d
Mrs StrattonDo.     £0 17s 4d
Thomas AngerHimself & J Belcher     £14 19s 2d
John AngelJohn Belcher & J Cole     £3 14s 2d
William Owenhimself     £1 12s 0d
Do.Do.     £0 2s 6d
Widow SmithDo.     £1 4s 7d
Thomas GoddardJames Norgrove     £1 12s 1d
     £231 10s 4d

Ab. Edmonds   )
Geo. Wilson     )  Afsefsors

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