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I reserve copyright to all research found on this website

The Census entries have been taken from the internet or from my visual inspection of microfiche / film

Reference was made to 'An Introduction to the History of Bishopstone' by G I Parker and updated by Mrs L O'Grady and Mrs J Jenkins in 2007.

Please acknowledge my copyright when churchyard memorial research and photographs are used.

I give permission for any of my research to be used for personal use but NOT for commercial gain (except with my express written permission). On no account are any of my research to be included in submissions to sites like etc, who charge for the information they dissiminate.

I WILL NOT give any permission, for inclusion on any commerial site, of photographic material found within this web site. The copyright remains with myself and members of my family, who have kindly agreed, to share the images with others, who are interested in genealogy research.

Having said all the above, if you need help to tie in your research with the Pope lineage etc, I am willing to assist.

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