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House of Ruth Pierce, Potterne, dated 1910 ©  Wiltshire Community Local Studies

The Free Census Project is transcribing ALL the UK 19th century census returns in order to create an online "free-for-view" searchable database.

It is part of an initiative helping to make high quality primary (or near primary) records of relevance to UK genealogy and freely available online.

The North Wilts Online Census Project was set up by Michael McCormick in 2005. The web master is John Pope and the current co-ord is Terry Waters-Marsh

The NWOCP is part of the Freecen project working for present and future Wiltshire family historians.
Anyone, anywhere can work for the project and when it is complete, no one will ever have to pay to access a transcript of these census returns. If you would like to volunteer or want further information, contact Terry on t.waters-marsh* (please substitute * with @)

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The site was last updated on 28 April 2013. !851 census - piece 1839 - some draft parishes

(Image : House of Ruth Pierce, Potterne dated 1910)

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