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Will of John Pope 1773, Harwell, Wilts

Last Will and Testament of 6 Nov 1735, Probate 5 May 1736

Signed Sealed and Published in presence (witnesses) of Mary Coker, Aaron Bounter and ? Saller

I John Pope of Little Hinton County of Wilts Yeoman .....

Beneficiaries: John (son), WIlliam (son), poor of Bishopstone, Little Hinton and Potterne

Executor: John

Source: WSHC Chippenham, document reference P3/P/783

Administration Bond of John Pope 1783, Ansty, Wilts

Administration Bond at Sarum dated 1 Dec 1783 of goods and chattels by Revd James Evans
Died intestate

Sworn to Administer and make an Inventory: James (son)

Source: WSHC Chippenham, document reference P5/17Reg/255B

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Will of John Pope 1818, Bishopstone, Wilts

Last Will and Testament of 30 Jan 1809, probate 29 Jul 1818

Signed Sealed and Published in presence (witnesses) of ? Bradford, Ann Bradford and H L Burt

I John Pope of Bishopstone County of Wilts Yeoman .....

Beneficiaries: Mary (Wife), Charles (son), Elizabeth (daughter and wife of Isaac Archer)

Executors: Elizabeth and Isaac Archer

Source: WSHC Chippenham, document reference P5/1818/14

Will of Margaret Pope 1587, Bishops Cannings, Wilts

Last Will and Testament of 1587 and Probate ?

Signed Sealed and Published in presence (witnesses) of John Sloy, William Neete, William Smyth, Thomas Ay? and Michaell ?

I Martgaret Pope of Burton in the Parish of Bishops Cannings County of Wilts Widow .....

Beneficiaries: William (son), Simon (son), Alice (dau), Margarett Page, Thomas (son), Thomas (son of son Thomas), Edward (son), John (brother), dau of Thomas Salter (her brother), Emily (dau)

Sole Executor: Thomas (son)

Inventory: Undertaken by Thomas Sloy, Thomas Berritt, William Poope, Thomas Ay?, Mary ? in August 1586

Note the reading of the will not easy

Source: WSHC Chippenham, document reference P5/4Reg/140 and also P24/325

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Will of Margaret Pope 1867, Staines, Middx

Last Will and Testament of 19 Jun 1862 and probate 28 August 1867

Signed Sealed and Published in presence (witnesses) of Skidmore Ashby of Staines, John Henry Bolton of Lincolns Inn, Solr

I Margaret Pope of the Staines Middx Spinster .....

Beneficiaries: Frederick Ashby (cousin, a Brewer of Staines), Robert Forster (Land Surveyor of Tottenham), Thomas Ashby (Banker of Staines), Edward Ashby (cousin, of Staines, brother of Frederick), Morris Ashby, Rebecca Ashby (wife of Morris). Thomas Ashby the younger, Caroline Ashby (wife of Thomas the younger), girls school at Staines, boys school at the British & Foreign school rooms, poor of Staines, the Baptist schools at Staines, the infant school at Staines, the Independent school at Staines, the Friends school at Croydon, the school at Didcot, Somerset, the Agriculural school at Sibford near Banbury, Oxfordshire, the British & Foreign Bible Society, fund belonging to the Society of Friends called Quakers, Invalid Asylum for Respectable Females in London the vicinity of Stoke Newington, the refuge at Hackney called Elizabeth Frys Refuge, Asylum for Fatherless Children at Reedham near Croydon, Asylum for Idiots near Croydon on the Brighton Road, Ladies British Society in London for the ref?unation of female prisoners, Rebecca Beaumont (widow of late friend Abraham Beaumont), Maria Beaumont (dau of Rebecca), John Beaumont of Ufford near Woodbridge, Suffolk, Mary Beamont (dau of John), William Beaumont (Gentleman of Newcastle upon Tyne), children of Ann Lucas deceased (cousin), William Madonald (cousin), the daughters of Frances Francis Macdonald (late cousin), Fitzherbert Macdonald (son of William Macdonald), the children of Hester Sargent, deceased (cousin, late of Paris), Elizabeth Harthurst (cousin late of Enfield, Middx), daughters of the late William Tothill (of Staines), Elizabeth Howard (of Tottenham), John Beaumont (Gentleman of Darlington, Durham), Elizabeth Richel (widow and John Beaumont's sister), James Rocke (of Hastings), Rachel Hickury (of Tottenham), Dorcas Coventry (dau of Joseph Coventry of Stoke Newington, Gentleman), Elizabeth Brasy (widow of Edward Brasy, superintendent of the Friends school in Croydon), Susannah Sharp (widow), Sarah Futer (widow), Francis Bassett Grant (of Shelton Rectory in Staffordshire Potteries), Shelton Dudley Ashby, Sophia Green (Widow of Waterfield, county of ?) Benjamin Sebohm (of Luton in Bedfordshire), Morris Ashby and Thomas Ashby (two trustees of her schools), Caroline Elizabeth Parker (spinster), Mary Allbright Ashby (dau of late Robert Ashby), five daughters of Edward Ashby, Martha Pegler (wife of Theophilus Pegler, Mary Allison (wife of Jacob Allison of Cothersion, county of ?), Maria Merryweather (spinster, who lived with Margaret for so long), Ann Gardener (school Governess), Mary Blithman (widow of Thomas Blithman of Staines), Elizabeth Cotterell (servant, spinster), John Jeffreys, William Daw?ers, Jesse Gubbins, Martha Vane (house maid), Sarah Reed (her cook, spinster), Thomas Eagles (house servant), Thomas Ware (gardener), other servants, Charlotte Stevens (dau of James Pope Stevens), Myra Stevens, James Stevens, Robert Stevens, Charlotte Stevens (daughter of John Stevens, deceased), Rachel Stevens, Sophia Bull, Richard Stevens, Mary Ann Aitken, (formerly Stevens), Gasteels Cooper Edward Ashby, Phebe Thorne, Margaret Wood, Sophia Ashby, Eliza Jeffrey, children of Martha Harvey (deceased cousin), children of Francis Ashby (deceased cousin), children of George Ashby (deceased cousin)

Executors: Robert Forster, Thomas Ashby [later Thomas Ashby the younger] and Frederick Ashley

Estate: freehold estate, the appurtenances, messuages and tenements at Staines; premises etc at Parish of Englefield, Surrey (tenant being Stephen Barber); barns, stables and buildings etc at Parish of Winkfield, Berks
[full details in Will]

1st Codicil: Signed Sealed and Published in presence (witnesses) of Skidmore Ashby and J. H. Bolton, dated 19 June 1862
[distributing personal possessions]
Beneficiaries: Rebecca Beaumont, Frederick Ashby, Frederick William Ashby, Edward Ashby, Phebe Thorne, Margaret Wood, Eliza Jeffrey, Thomas Ashby, Douglas Macdonald, Fitzherbert Macdonald, Richard W Stevens, Maria Merryweather, Mary Ann Ashby (Edward's wife), Susanna Ashby

2nd Codicil: Signed Sealed and Published in presence (witnesses) Skidmore Ashby and Robert Ashby, dated 5 July 1864
[legacy changes and division of estate]
Beneficiaries: John Jefferies (late servant), revoke legacy to Thomas Eagles and bequeath to Ann in lieu, gardener and cook in service at time of her decease, children of three deceased cousinsMartha Harvey, Francis Ashby and George Stevens, children of Willoughby Ashby (another deceased cousin)

3rd Codicil: Signed Sealed and Published in presence (witnesses) of Robert Ashby, Gentleman of Staines and Frank V. La Mark, Clerk of Kingston, dated 21 August 1865
Margaret has purchased a freehold messuage or dwelling house with a yard a garden situated in the High Street of Staines, on the westside of the freehold house which she resides. Both properties bequeathed to Frederick Ashby [full details in Will]
Beneficiaries: part of Thomas Ashby's legacy revoke as released from role of executor and subsituted by Thomas Ashby the younger, Thomas Ashby the younger takes over same legacy, Douglas Macdonald (son of Douglas Macdonald, lately deceased [d 1865]), Harriett Merryweather (spinster & sister of Maria Merryweather), Mildred Merryweather (spinster & sister of Maria Merryweather)

Trustees to sell estate called Mountips, otherwise Mountemp Row: Thomas Ashby the younger (takes over from Thomas Ashby [d 1866]) and others

Source: Probate Office, High Holborn, London

Note: she died 28 Jul 1867 at Englefield Green in the Parish of Egham, Surrey
The LW&T of her father Robert Pope, d 1828, bequeathed the estate after the death of his wife and his daughter Margaret to James Pope Stevens of Windsor. However, he died in 1863

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Will of Margery Poop or Poope 1648, Potterne, Wilts

Last Will and Testament of 6 Dec 1646 and probate 25 Feb 1648

Signed Sealed and Published in presence (witnesses) of William Rooke the elder and William Hunt

I Margery Poope of Potterne of County of Wilts .....

Requests: To be buried in the Parish Churchyard of Potterne

Beneficiaries: William Hunt the younger, Jonathan Hunt, Mary Hunt, William Rooke the younger, Marie Pasence the elder, Richard and Rebecka Smyth, Jane Rooke, Anne Rooke, Edith Hunt (dau)

Whole Executor: Edith Hunt (dau)

Source: National Archives (A2A), document reference PROB 11/203
Extracted from the Registry of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

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