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Transcript of Piece HO107/1190
Transcription/Checking Team was Jane Brown (CAN), and John Pope (UK)

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Enumeration District 5

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 1 Folio 4 Page 1

Castle St,1,Thos Seymour,65,,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Harrington,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Caroline Blake,,25,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,John White,20,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Evans,,50,Ind,WIL,
Castle St,1,Thos Cooper,25,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Sarah Cooper,,45,Milliner,WIL,
,,James Cooper,20,,Coach Smith,Not in county,
,,William Cooper,20,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Eliza Cooper,,15,Milliner,WIL,
,,Henry Cooper,15,,Carpenter’s Ap,WIL,
,,Emma Cooper,,12,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Robert Senecal,30,,Silk M,Not in county,
,,Robert Senecal,3,,,Not in county,
,,Ann Senecal,,30,,Not in county,
,,Ann (Jnr) Senecal,,7,,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Harriet Blake,,45,Ind,WIL,
,,Richard Blake,20,,Banker’s Cashier,Not in county,
,,Fredc Blake,20,,Printer’s Ap,Not in county,
,,Mary Blake,,15,,Not in county,
,,George Sidford,55,,Accountant,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Maria Sturges,,45,Fursier,WIL,
,,Ann Musslewhite,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Honor Forder,,12,F S,WIL,
,,James Smith,12,,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 5 Page 2

Castle St,1,John White,35,,Printer,WIL,
,,Maria White,,35,,WIL,
,,George Lucas,11,,,Not in county,
,,George North,12,,,Not in county,
Bull’s Entry,1,James Player,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Player,,42,,WIL,
,,Robert Player,7,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Stephen Player,6,,,WIL,
,,Maria Player,,5,,WIL,
,,Fanny Player,,9m,,WIL,
,,Benjamin Harding,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Harding,,45,,WIL,
,,Sarah Harding,,6,,WIL,
,,Robert Harding,3,,,WIL,
Bull’s Entry,u,,,,,,
Bull’s Entry,1,Sarah Parsons,,30,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Mary Parsons,,5,,WIL,
,,Charles Parsons,3,,,WIL,
,,Thos Lampard,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Wilmot Lampard,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Deborah Lampard,,30,Labourer,WIL,
,,Martha Lampard,,17,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Lampard,,9,,WIL,
,,William Lampard,8,,,WIL,
Bull’s Entry,1,Stephen Bell,50,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Sarah Bell,,45,Silk Weaver,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 5 Page 3

,,Sarah Bell,,15,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Martha Beash,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Jane Beash,,15,Silk Weaver,WIL,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,u,,,,,,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,1,Charles Andrews,30,,Tanner,WIL,
,,Henry Andrews,8,,,WIL,
,,William Andrews,6,,,WIL,
,,James Andrews,2,,,WIL,
,,Susanna Andrews,,35,,WIL,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,u,,,,,,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,u,,,,,,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,1,Henry Hayter,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hayter,,55,,WIL,
,,John Hayter,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Henry Hayter,15,,,WIL,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,1,George Fry,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Maria Fry,,35,,WIL,
,,Charlott Fry,,12,,WIL,
,,Soloman Fry,11,,,WIL,
,,John Fry,6,,,WIL,
,,Henry Fry,3,,,WIL,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,u,,,,,,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,u,,,,,,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,u,,,,,,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,u,,,,,,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,1,William Bedford,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Ann Bedford,,25,,WIL,
“Castle St, Bull’s Entry”,1,John Hatcher,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Hatcher,,40,,WIL,
,,Henry Hatcher,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Hatcher,,12,,WIL,
,,James Hatcher,6,,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 6 Page 4

Bull’s Entry,1,Mary Hunt,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Sanger,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Ann Wapshare,,3,,WIL,
Bull’s Entry,1,William Clark,40,,Brewer,WIL,
,,James Wapshare,15,,Ostler,WIL,
Bull’s Entry,1,Henry Goodfellow,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Ann Goodfellow,,25,,WIL,
,,William Goodfellow,2m,,,WIL,
,,Michael Hardiman,45,,Labourer,WIL,
Bull’s Entry,u,,,,,,
Bull’s Entry,1,George George,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Eliza Cassey,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Cassey,,3,,WIL,
,,Eliza Cassey,,2,,WIL,
,,Sarah Jacob,,70,Ind,WIL,
Bull’s Entry,1,Mary Chilcott,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Chilcott,,25,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Sarah Chilcott,,4,,WIL,
,,James Trotman,30,,Carver,Not in county,
,,Mary Trotman,,25,,WIL,
,,James Trotman,8,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Trotman,,6,,WIL,
,,William Trotman,4,,,WIL,
,,Charles Trotman,1,,,WIL,
,,Benjamin Young,75,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Young,,85,,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 6 Page 5

Bull’s Entry,1,William Jeans,35,,Smith,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Jeans,,35,,WIL,
,,Sarah Read,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Read,,15,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Mary Read,,15,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Louisa Austen,,2,,WIL,
,,Mary Ball,,65,Ind,WIL,
Bull’s Entry,1,Mary Franklin,,60,Ind,WIL,
Castle St,1,George Creed,30,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Emily Creed,,30,,WIL,
,,Emily Creed,,11,,WIL,
,,George Creed,9,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Creed,,7,,WIL,
,,Meriam Creed,,5,,WIL,
,,Harriett Creed,,3,,WIL,
,,Fredc. Creed,1,,,WIL,
,,Edmund Street,15,,Shoe M Ap,WIL,
,,Keziah Bannell,,15,F S,WIL,
Ivy Place,1,John Botly,75,,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Botly,,60,,WIL,
Ivy Place,1,Elizabeth Hayter,,40,Sempstress,WIL,
,,Mary Hayter,,15,Sempstress,WIL,
,,Eliza Hayter,,15,,WIL,
,,George Hayter,15,,Tailor’s Ap,WIL,
,,Charles Hayter,8,,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 7 Page 6

,,Charlott Newton,,20,,WIL,
,,Amelia Cooper,,13,F S,WIL,
Ivy Place,1,Thos Davis,25,,Dispenser Chemist,WIL,
,,Martha Davis,,25,Laundress,WIL,
,,Emily Davis,,2,,WIL,
,,James Davis,4,,,WIL,
,,Mary Rooms,,60,Cotton Cutter,WIL,
Ivy Place,1,Diana Smart,,45,School Mistress,WIL,
,,John Smart,15,,A Clerk,WIL,
,,Joseph Smart,14,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Smart,,10,,WIL,
Ivy Place,1,Henry Munday,35,,Tallow Chandler J,WIL,
,,Sarah Munday,,35,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Munday,,13,,Not in county,
,,Hannah Munday,,11,,Not in county,
,,James Munday,7,,,Not in county,
,,Lucy Munday,,3,,WIL,
Ivy Place,1,David George,50,,Malster,WIL,
,,Ann George,,35,,WIL,
,,Emma George,,9,,WIL,
,,Harriett George,,6,,WIL,
Ivy Place,1,John Manning,25,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Eliza Manning,,25,,Not in county,
,,John Manning,5,,,Not in county,
Ivy Place,u,,,,,,
Ivy Place,u,,,,,,
Ivy Place,1,Eleanor Batt,,65,Stay M,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 7 Page 7

“Castle St, Ivy Place”,1,John Newberry,30,,Gun M J,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Newberry,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Newberry,,10,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Newberry,,8,,WIL,
,,Mary Newberry,,7,,WIL,
,,James Newberry,6,,,WIL,
,,John Newberry,4,,,WIL,
,,Hesther Newberry,,3,,WIL,
,,Edward Newberry,1,,,WIL,
,,William Newberry,7m,,,WIL,
,,Jane Smith,,11,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Michael Marshall,70,,Builder,WIL,
,,Rebecca Marshall,,60,,Not in county,
,,Maria Lawes,,45,Ind,Not in county,
,,Emma Lawes,,17,,WIL,
,,Rosa Lawes,,14,,WIL,
,,Marian Lawes,,12,,WIL,
,,Ellen Lawes,,9,,WIL,
,,Jane Cleeve,,30,,WIL,
,,Jane Cleeve,,12,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Cleeve,,7,,WIL,
,,Mary Kent,,55,Ind,Not in county,
Castle St,1,John Pruen,20,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Harriett Pruen,,20,,WIL,
,,Julia Pruen,,2,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 8 Page 8

Castle St,1,Mary Butler,,50,Horse Hair M,Not in county,
,,Mary Butler,,15,,WIL,
,,Ann Pine,,15,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,Isaac Buckland,40,,White Smith,WIL,
,,Eliza Buckland,,32,,WIL,
,,Rebecca Buckland,,30,Governess,WIL,
,,\- Buckland,,1m,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Harding,,50,Governess,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Blake,,45,Nurse,WIL,
Castle St,1,Alexr. Minty,70,,Woollen M,WIL,
,,Maria Randall,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Eliza Eyres,,20,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,Sarah Rogers,,60,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,,Jane Rogers,,25,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Rogers,,20,,WIL,
,,Fredc. Rogers,15,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Rogers,,12,,WIL,
,,Charles Rogers,7,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Robert Tink,30,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Mary Tink,,30,,Not in county,
,,Robert Tink,8,,,WIL,
,,Mary Tink,,6,,WIL,
,,William Tink,4,,,WIL,
,,James Tink,2,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth West,,75,Ind,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 8 Page 9

,,Henry Notley,25,,Carter,WIL,
,,Thomas Garrett,25,,Malster,Not in county,
,,Sarah Chalk,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Miles,,25,Ind,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Thos Thornton,30,,Bulder,WIL,
,,William Conduit,30,,Bulder,WIL,
,,Alfred Conduit,20,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,James Thornton,25,,Painter,WIL,
,,Caroline Goodfellow,,15,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,George Barnett,50,,Broker,WIL,
,,Mary Barnett,,55,,WIL,
,,George Barnett,25,,M S,WIL,
,,Sarah Barnett,,20,Ind,WIL,
Castle St,1,Samuel Male,25,,Basket M,Not in county,
,,Ann Bowles,,50,Ind,Not in county,
,,Louisa Bowles,,20,Silk Weaver,Not in county,
,,Harry Bowles,15,,,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Thos Thresher,70,,Collector Of Taxes,WIL,
,,Hannah Noyse,,30,Housekeeper,WIL,
Castle St,1,Thos Penny,30,,Shoe M J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Penny,,30,,WIL,
,,Lucy Lawrence,,70,Ind,WIL,
Castle St,1,Maria Walter,,60,Weaver,WIL,
,,Charles Compton,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Charlotte Compton,,25,Silk Weaver,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 9 Page 10

,,Edwin Compton,2,,,WIL,
,,Ann Compton,,9,,WIL,
,,Harriett Compton,,5,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Compton,,5m,,WIL,
Castle St,1,James Creed,80,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Creed,,50,Nurse,Not in county,
,,Samuel Creed,50,,Baker,WIL,
Hussey’s B,1,Sarah Hippesley,,75,Ind,WIL,
,,Martha Mascareen,,30,Shoe Binder,WIL,
Hussey’s B,1,Martha Bevan,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Stephen Bevan,25,,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,
,,Eliza Bevan,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Ann Bevan,,20,Straw B. Maker,WIL,
Hussey’s B,1,Harriett Ingram,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Harriett Ingram,,40,Laundress,WIL,
,,John Ingram,40,,Joiner,WIL,
Hussey’s B,1,James Hayden,75,,Tailor,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Hayden,,75,,Not in county,
Hussey’s B,1,John Philips,60,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Philips,,6,,Not in county,
Hussey’s B,1,Sarah Sims,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Sims,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,George Lake,30,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Hannah Lake,,25,Ind,WIL,
,,Morgan Lake,,5,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 9 Page 11

“Castle Street, Hussey’s B”,1,Ann Short,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Harriett Short,,20,Shoe Binder,WIL,
“Castle Street, Hussey’s B”,1,William Wapshare,65,,Plasterer,WIL,
,,Mary Wapshare,,65,,WIL,
,,Eleanor Wapshare,,13,,WIL,
,,Henry Wapshare,4,,,Not in county,
“Castle Street, Hussey’s B”,1,Ann Lawrence,,75,Ind,WIL,
,,James Lawrence,40,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Joseph Stone,70,,Framework Knotts,WIL,Occ: Second word uncertain
,,Eliza Musselwhite,,9,,WIL,
“Castle Street, Hussey’s B”,1,Nicholas Bruton,75,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Hannah Bruton,,70,,WIL,
,,Henry Bruton,40,,Labourer,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Plucknett,50,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Jane Plucknett,,50,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Mary White,,55,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,,Elizabeth White,,14,Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,George Bert,20,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Joseph Musselwhite,25,,Porter,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Abel,40,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Harriett Abel,,40,,WIL,
,,Mathew Abel,13,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Abel,,11,,WIL,
,,Frederick Abel,10,,,WIL,
,,Jane Abel,,8,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Martha Abel,,7,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Abel,,5,,WIL,
,,Marshall Randell,30,,Trunk M,WIL,
,,William Parsons,20,,Chair M,WIL,
Castle St,1,Mary Rolls,,45,Shop Keeper,Not in county,
,,Thomas Rolls,20,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,John White,35,,White Smith,WIL,
,,Sophia White,,40,,WIL,
,,John White,8,,,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Ann Lawrence,,75,Wool Sorter,WIL,
,,Martha Moore,,20,Velvet Weaver,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Butler,25,,Horse Hair M,Not in county,
,,Mary Butler,,20,,Not in county,
,,Ann Lacey,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Betsey Dukes,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Edward Bunsell,15,,M. S.,WIL,
Castle St,1,William Blackmore,70,,Ind,Not in county,Age 75 overwritten
,,Elizabeth Blackmore,,70,,WIL,
,,Mary Blackmore,,30,,WIL,
,,Josiah Waters,25,,M. S.,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bussell,,25,F. S.,WIL,
,,Sarah Harris,,20,F. S.,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Coward,45,,Brazier,Not in county,
,,Francis Coward,,51,,Not in county,
,,John Coward,15,,Brazier,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 10 Page 13

,,William Coward,14,,Clerk,WIL,
,,Susannah Shepard,,8,,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Hiram Barnett,25,,Engineer,Not in county,
,,Ann Barnett,,30,Straw Bonnet M,Not in county,
,,Susannah Barnett,,15,Ap To Straw Bonnet M,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Caroline Fletcher,,45,Ind,Not in county,
,,Robert Fletcher,15,,,Not in county,
Castle St,1,James Penny,50,,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,
,,Maragin Penny,,45,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Hugh Penfold,55,,Drapers Asst,Not in county,
,,Mary Penfold,,45,,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Susannah Haggard,,75,Ind,WIL,
Castle St,1,Thomas Ward,40,,Malster,WIL,
,,Martha Ward,,40,Laundress,WIL,
,,Mary Ward,,14,,WIL,
,,Eliza Ward,,11,,WIL,
,,George Ward,9,,,WIL,
,,Susan Ward,,3,,WIL,
,,Edward Ward,1,,,WIL,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
Castle St,1,Leonard Jesse,25,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Eliza Jesse,,25,,WIL,
,,William Needle,70,,Brush M,Not in county,
,,Ann Crook,,75,Ind,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Harriett Wills,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Anna Wills,,25,Ind,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 11 Page 14

,,Harry Wills,20,,Clerk,WIL,
,,Mary Swyer,,5,,WIL,
,,Ann Saunders,,20,F. S.,WIL,
,,Robert Blake,35,,Ind,WIL,
,,Henry Mazen,35,,M. S.,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Mary Mazen,,25,,WIL,
Castle St,1,George Bedford,40,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bedford,,40,,WIL,
,,Maria Bedford,,13,,WIL,
,,George Bedford,11,,,WIL,
,,Charles Bedford,9,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bedford,,5,,WIL,
,,Ellen Bedford,,8m,,WIL,
,,Catharine Carter,,25,,WIL,
,,Archibald Carter,2,,,WIL,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
Castle St,1,Samuel King,60,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Mary King,,50,,Not in county,
,,Robert King,15,,,WIL,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
Castle St,1,Jane Barnes,,65,Spooler,WIL,
,,William Pine,19,,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,
Castle St,1,Adam Wingrove,50,,Horse Hair Sorter,WIL,Age 54 overwritten
,,George Wingrove,25,,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,
,,Adam Wingrove,12,,M. S.,WIL,
,,Mary Wingrove,,50,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Jane Hibberd,,30,Weaver,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 11 Page 15

,,Jane Hibberd,,8,,WIL,
,,George Hibberd,8,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Hibberd,,6,,WIL,
,,James Hibberd,4,,,WIL,
,,Maria Stroud,,35,Ind,WIL,
Castle St,1,Mary Goulding,,35,Stay M,WIL,
,,Daniel Goulding,20,,Porter,Not in county,
Castle St,1,William Hakins,60,,Tanner,Not in county,
,,Ann Hakins,,65,Laundress,Not in county,
,,Thos Truckell,65,,Labourer,WIL,
,,John Truckell,20,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Davis,6,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Hannah Picford,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Charles Picford,12,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Daniels,55,,Silk Weaver,Not in county,
,,Mary Daniels,,50,Silk Weaver,Not in county,
,,William Daniels,15,,Silk Weaver,Not in county,
,,Mary Daniels,,15,Silk Weaver,Not in county,
,,Thomas Daniels,14,,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Ann Daniels,,11,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Thynne,,20,Silk Weaver,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Thynne,,1,,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Jackson,55,,Groom,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Jackson,,55,,WIL,
,,Richard Jackson,15,,Labourer,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 12 Page 16

,,Mary Jackson,,15,,WIL,
,,John Jackson,15,,Groom,WIL,
,,Fredc. Hawkins,9,,,WIL,
,,Edward Lawrence,5,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Richard Gilbert,45,,Whitesmith,WIL,
,,Jane Gilbert,,45,,WIL,
,,George Gilbert,20,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Emma Gilbert,,15,,WIL,
,,Matilda Gilbert,,10,,WIL,
,,Mary Gilbert,,5,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Leveret Whitmey,35,,Currier,Not in county,
,,Mary Whitmey,,40,,WIL,
,,Stephen Whitmey,13,,,WIL,
,,James Whitmey,11,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Whitmey,8,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Whitmey,,5,,WIL,
,,Mary Whitmey,,2,,WIL,
,,Matilda Eden,,40,Ind,WIL,
Castle St,1,Margaretta Hill,,35,,Not in county,
,,Emma Hill,,2,,WIL,
,,Ellen Hill,,6m,,WIL,
,,Ann Edmonds,,75,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth George,,15,F. S.,WIL,
Castle St,1,George Brown,70,,Ind,WIL,
,,Henry Wyer,20,,M. S.,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 12 Page 17

,,Charlotte Whitlock,,25,F. S.,WIL,

Enumeration District 6

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 1 Folio 17 Page 1

Castle St,1,Philip Moore,68,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,John Moore,40,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,1,William Walker,43,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Sarah Walker,,13,,WIL,
,,William Walker,8,,,WIL,
,,George Walker,6,,,WIL,
,1,Benjamin Stay,25,,Poulterer,WIL,
,,Mary Stay,,25,,WIL,
,,George Stay,2m,,,WIL,
,1,James Truckle,55,,P,WIL,
,,Martha Truckle,,53,,WIL,
,,James Truckle,14,,,WIL,
,,Mary Truckle,,23,,WIL,
,,Ann Truckle,,19,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Truckle,,10,,WIL,
,,Martha Truckle,,8,,WIL,
,1,John Beach,38,,,WIL,
,,Ann Beach,,37,,WIL,
,,Ann Beach,,17,,WIL,
,,George Beach,14,,,WIL,
,,Henry Beach,12,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Beach,,6,,WIL,
,,Charles Beach,4,,,WIL,
,,Harriet Beach,,1,,WIL,
,1,John Alsford,54,,Plumber & G,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 18 Page 2

,,Rachel Alsford,,42,,Not in county,
,,John Alsford,18,,Plumber & G,WIL,
,,Charles Alsford,15,,Shoe M Ap,WIL,
,,Eliza Alsford,,13,,WIL,
,,Edward Alsford,10,,,WIL,
,,George Alsford,6,,,WIL,
,,Rachel Alsford,,2,,WIL,
,1,John Crawley,32,,Watch M,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Crawley,,33,,WIL,
,,John Crawley,11,,,WIL,
,,William Crawley,9,,,WIL,
,,Charles Crawley,7,,,WIL,
,,Mary Crawley,,5,,WIL,
,,Thomas Crawley,3,,,WIL,
,,Frances Crawley,,3m,,WIL,
,1,Thomas Stevens,47,,Whitesmith,WIL,
,,Hester Stevens,,45,,WIL,
,,John Stevens,24,,Coach Smith,WIL,
,,Jane Stevens,,15,,WIL,
,1,Joseph Stone,45,,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,Occ: last word uncertain
,,Elizabeth Stone,,45,,WIL,
,,Jane Stone,,20,,WIL,
,,William Stone,18,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Stone,,15,,WIL,
,,Henry Stone,13,,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 18 Page 3

,,Mary Stone,,6,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Ann Phillips,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Phillips,,28,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Phillips,,1,,WIL,
,,Mary Shepherd,,50,Needlewoman,Unknown,
,1,Jane Pearcey,,64,Ind,WIL,
,1,Henry Millard,33,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Ann Millard,,33,,WIL,
,,Mary Millard,,3,,WIL,
,,Ellen Millard,,5m,,WIL,
,1,John Young,75,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Young,,70,,Not in county,
,,Mary Millard,,28,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Joseph Millard,25,,,WIL,
,,Mary Millard,,5,,Not in county,
,,Frederick Millard,1,,,WIL,
,1,James Naish,45,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Louisa Naish,,35,,WIL,
,,Louisa Naish,,15,,WIL,
,,James Naish,12,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Naish,6,,,WIL,
,,James Baker,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,1,John Pine,41,,Horse H. M.,WIL,
,,Jane Pine,,40,,WIL,
,,Ann Pine,,14,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 19 Page 4

,,John Pine,12,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Pine,,9,,WIL,
,,Jane Pine,,6,,WIL,
,,Sarah Pine,,4,,WIL,
,,Harriett Pine,,9m,,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Marsh,30,,Basket M,WIL,
,,Ann Marsh,,30,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Charles Surman,55,,Pensioner,WIL,
,,George Surman,20,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Louisa Surman,,15,Silk Weaver,WIL,
Castle St,1,William Pine,39,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pine,,41,,WIL,
,,Hannah Snook,,8,,WIL,
,,Ellen Thomas,,4,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Charles Wheeler,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Harriet Wheeler,,45,,WIL,
Castle St,1,William Snelling,45,,,WIL,
,,Ann Snelling,,40,,WIL,
,,Charles Snelling,7,,,WIL,
,,Henry Snelling,5,,,WIL,
,,Robert Ridout,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,John Winter,20,,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Henry Lewis,20,,Tallow Chandler,WIL,
Castle St,1,George Poore,46,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Mary Poore,,40,,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 19 Page 5

,,William Poore,14,,Tinmans Ap,WIL,
,,John Poore,12,,,WIL,
,,Henry Poore,8,,,WIL,
,,Helen Poore,,5,,WIL,
,,Sarah Poore,,2,,WIL,
,1,Harriet House,,30,Corset Maker,WIL,
,,Eliza Bennett,,25,Corset Maker,WIL,
,,Rosina Bennett,,5,,WIL,
,1,Job Dibsdall,36,,Coach M,Not in county,
,,Emm Dibsdall,,39,,Not in county,
,,Emma Dibsdall,,9,,WIL,
,,Paul Dibsdall,11,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Dibsdall,8,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Dibsdall,,6,,WIL,
,,Henry Dibsdall,2,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Woodward,,68,Ind,WIL,
,,Thomas Henley,35,,Tinplate Worker,Not in county,
,1,John Pearcey,44,,Poulterer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pearcey,,50,,WIL,
,1,Mary Penfold,,35,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,1,John Matthews,60,,Painter Etc,Not in county,
,,Ann Matthews,,60,,WIL,
,,Mary Snook,,50,F. S.,WIL,
,1,Susan Gibbs,,55,Widow (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Ellen Gibbs,,15,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 20 Page 6

,,Jane Vincent,,82,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Biddlecombe,,20,,WIL,
,,Charles Dark,30,,Cordwainer,Not in county,
,,William Beale,20,,J Shoe M,WIL,
Castle St,1,James Best,60,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Charles Best,20,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,William Parris,30,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Mary Parris,,29,Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,Tom Parris,2,,,WIL,
,,Rosa Parris,,9m,,WIL,
,1,John Bryant,60,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Ann Bryant,,56,,WIL,
,,Ann Bryant,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Maria Bryant,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Mary Bryant,,15,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Sarah Bryant,,13,,WIL,
,1,William West,60,,J Cutter,WIL,
,,William West,20,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Herbert West,15,,Coach P,WIL,
,,Jane West,,60,,WIL,
,1,James Waters,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Waters,,35,Charwoman,WIL,
,1,George Harwood,41,,Dyer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Harwood,,25,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Harwood,,11,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 20 Page 7

,,Eliza Harwood,,8,,WIL,
,,Ellen Harwood,,6,,WIL,
,,Hannah Newman,,24,Dyer’s Assistant,WIL,
Castle St,1,Thomas Wingrove,30,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Martha Wingrove,,25,,Not in county,
,,Ann Wingrove,,6,,WIL,
,,Thomas Wingrove,4,,,WIL,
,,John Wingrove,3,,,WIL,
,,Charles Wingrove,2m,,,WIL,
,1,Ann Scammell,,53,Ind,WIL,
,,James Scammell,18,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Scammell,,13,F. S.,WIL,
,,Henry Miller,49,,Gardener,WIL,
,1,James Waterman,48,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Mary Waterman,,49,,Not in county,
,,William Waterman,16,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Waterman,,11,,WIL,
,,John Waterman,8,,,WIL,
,,Henry Waterman,5,,,WIL,
,1,George Churchill,30,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Churchill,,25,,WIL,
,,Henry Churchill,9,,,WIL,
,,Frederick Churchill,8,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Churchill,5,,,WIL,
,,Mary Churchill,,4,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 21 Page 8

,,Caroline Churchill,,2,,WIL,
Castle Street,1,Rhoda Langley,,70,,WIL,
,,Mary Langley,,40,,WIL,
,,Henry Langley,30,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Jane Langley,,18,,WIL,
,1,Samuel Great,56,,,WIL,
,1,Robert Baker,50,,Lab,WIL,
,,Sarah Ings,,65,,WIL,
,,Frederata Swift,,50,,WIL,
,1,John Notley,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Fanny Notley,,28,,WIL,
,,William Spencer,24,,Pensioner,WIL,
,1,Edwin Dixon,36,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Amelia Dixon,,35,,WIL,
,,Amelia Dixon,,10,,WIL,
,,Sarah Dixon,,8,,WIL,
,,Edwin Dixon,6,,,WIL,
,,William Dixon,4,,,WIL,
,,Benjamin Dixon,2,,,WIL,
,1,Joseph Stone,30,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Ann Stone,,30,Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,Mary Holdaway,,20,Dress M,WIL,
,1,Francis Bradmore,20,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Sarah Bradmore,,20,,Not in county,
,1,Dinah Sainsbury,,60,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 21 Page 9

,,George Sainsbury,20,,Labourer,WIL,
Castle St,1,James Saunders,39,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Louisa Saunders,,26,,WIL,
,,George Saunders,16,,,WIL,
,,James Saunders,2,,,WIL,
,,Josiah Saunders,5m,,,WIL,
,,Charles Bulpitt,15,,Appn Cordr,WIL,
,,Emma White,,13,F. S.,WIL,
,1,John Newbury,62,,Shoem,Not in county,
,,Martha Newbury,,56,,WIL,
,1,Kezia Coombs,,59,Silk W,Not in county,
,,Sarah Bryant,,61,,WIL,
,1,Jane Best,,34,,WIL,
,,William Best,11,,,WIL,
,,James Best,9,,,WIL,
,1,Francis Tapper,48,,Lab,WIL,
,,Ann Tapper,,45,,WIL,
,,Sarah Tapper,,15,,WIL,
,,Ann Tapper,,10,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Tapper,,8,,WIL,
,,James Tapper,4,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Tapper,2,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Tapper,,5m,,WIL,
,,Myra Durnford,,34,,WIL,
,,Emma Durnford,,5,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 22 Page 10

,,Ellen Durnford,,1,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Charles Young,40,,Corn Porter,WIL,
,,Anna Young,,30,Dress M,WIL,
,,Mary Young,,12,,WIL,
,,Margaret Young,,5,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Aubrey,,20,,WIL,
,,Louisa Aubrey,,3,,WIL,
,1,Sarah Clark,,52,Upholstress,WIL,
,,Ann Clark,,27,Dress M,WIL,
,,Alfred Clark,17,,Up. App,WIL,
,,Sarah Clark,,9,Silk W,WIL,
,,Albert Clark,9,,,WIL,
,,Charles Clark,3,,,WIL,
,1,Ann Rawlings,,48,Shoe B,WIL,
,,Eleanor Rawlings,,17,Shoe B,WIL,
,1,William Newbury,26,,Boot M,WIL,
,,Jane Newbury,,30,Uph M,WIL,
,,Martha Newbury,,6,,WIL,
,,Mary Newbury,,5,,WIL,
,,Jane Newbury,,4,,WIL,
,,William Newbury,1,,,WIL,
,1,Eliza Small,,35,Silk W,WIL,
,,Sarah Small,,4,,WIL,
,,Mary Baldwin,,15,Spinster,WIL,
,,Mary Sanger,,15,,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 22 Page 11

Castle St,1,Henrietta Davis,,50,,WIL,
,,Henrietta Davis,,20,,WIL,
,,Joseph Davis,25,,Builder,WIL,
,,Maria Davis,,25,,WIL,
,,Henry Davis,18,,,WIL,
,,Benjamin Davis,15,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Davis,10,,,WIL,
,,Nathanael Davis,8,,,WIL,
,1,William Parsons,42,,Baker,WIL,
,,Hannah Parsons,,40,,WIL,
,,Emma Parsons,,20,,WIL,
,,Hannah Parsons,,17,,WIL,
,,Sarah Parsons,,14,,WIL,
,,William Parsons,13,,,WIL,
,,Ann Parsons,,9,,WIL,
,,Peter Parsons,7,,,WIL,
,,Henry Parsons,5,,,WIL,
,,Mary Parsons,,3,,WIL,
,1,Caroline Clement,,35,School Mistress,WIL,
,1,Edward West,30,,Horse H Xxxxx,WIL,
,,Martha West,,30,Silkweaver,WIL,
,,Tabitha Janaway,,25,Silkweaver,WIL,
,,Louisa Daniels,,25,Dress M,WIL,
,1,Thomas Pine,30,,Taylor,WIL,
,,Emma Pine,,30,Silk W,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 23 Page 12

,,Ellen Pine,,10,,WIL,
,,John Bush,30,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Isaac London,20,,Shoe M,Not in county,
Castle St,1,William Small,45,,Brewer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Small,,45,Silk W,WIL,
,,Henry Small,20,,Coach M,WIL,
,,Cornelius Small,15,,,WIL,
,,George Small,9,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Small,,4,,WIL,
,,Charles Parker,20,,Shoe M,WIL,
,1,Joseph Pothecary,67,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pothecary,,66,,WIL,
,1,Herbert Hazard,38,,Tanner,WIL,
,,Ann Hazard,,40,Laundress,WIL,
,,Frederick Hazard,13,,,WIL,
,,Charles Hazard,10,,,WIL,
,1,George Rooms,35,,Satin Weaver,WIL,
,,Eliza Rooms,,33,,WIL,
,,Eliza Rooms,,12,,WIL,
,,Henry Rooms,9,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Rooms,,8,,WIL,
,,Ellen Rooms,,6,,WIL,
,,Priscilla Rooms,,3,,WIL,
,,Mary Rooms,,3m,,WIL,
,1,John Healey,60,,Gardener,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 23 Page 13

,,Elizabeth Healey,,60,,WIL,
,,Eliza Healey,,20,Ind,WIL,
,,Maria Smith,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Napoleon Smith,15,,,WIL,
,,Rose Simpson,,5,,WIL,
,,Anne Simpson,,4,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sera,,2,,WIL,
Castle St,1,James Brown,73,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Brown,,71,,WIL,
,1,Henry Surman,30,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Jane Surman,,29,,WIL,
,,Henry Surman,6,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Surman,3,,,WIL,
,,Jane Surman,,1,,WIL,
,1,William Spurgin,56,,Coachman,Not in county,
,,Mary Spurgin,,50,,Not in county,
,1,Priscilla Jarard,,35,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Sarah Jarard,,12,,WIL,
,,Matilda Jarard,,10,,WIL,
,,John Bushnell,20,,Smith,Not in county,
,,Sarah Turner,,45,,WIL,
,,Ann Turner,,25,,WIL,
,,Martha Turner,,5,,WIL,
,1,Mary Nicholas,,58,Ind,Not in county,
,,Harriet Nicholas,,20,Silk W,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 24 Page 14

,,James Nicholas,20,,Horse H W,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Pitt,30,,Horse H W,WIL,
,,Sarah Pitt,,30,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Pitt,,8,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pitt,,5,,WIL,
,,Harry Pitt,3,,,WIL,
,,John Pitt,6m,,,WIL,
,1,Thomas Camfield,50,,Turner,WIL,
,,Mary Camfield,,50,,WIL,
,,George Camfield,25,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Camfield,,25,,WIL,
,,Jane Camfield,,20,,WIL,
,,Thomas Camfield,15,,,WIL,
,1,Cornelius Edwards,25,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Edwards,,30,Sch Mistress,WIL,
,,William Bracher,18,,Coach B Ap,WIL,
,,Jane Rumble,,12,,WIL,
,1,William Frampton,42,,Brick Layer,WIL,
,,Mary Frampton,,46,,WIL,
,,Frances Frampton,,20,,WIL,
,,Mary Frampton,,9,,WIL,
,,John Frampton,8,,,WIL,
,1,Thomas Meatyard,30,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Ann Meatyard,,30,,WIL,
,,Frances Meatyard,,2,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 24 Page 15

,,Jane Archer,,18,Servant,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Musselwhite,37,,Servant,WIL,
,,Charlotte Musselwhite,,40,Laundress,WIL,
,,Ann Musselwhite,,15,,WIL,
,,Frances Musselwhite,,12,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Musselwhite,,6,,WIL,
,,Louisa Musselwhite,,3,,WIL,
,,Hannah Holmes,,66,Servant,WIL,

Enumeration District 6 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 1 Folio 24 Page 15

,1,George Radcliffe,70,,Clergyman,Not in county,
,,Alston Radcliffe,31,,Clergyman,WIL,
,,Charles Radcliffe,26,,Solicitor,WIL,
,,John Radcliffe,18,,Art Clerk,WIL,
,,Henry Biggs,28,,Writing Master,WIL,
,,Swinburne Berksley,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Ethelstan Blake,14,,Pupil,Ireland,
,,Herbert Blake,13,,Pupil,Ireland,
,,James Daubeny,15,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Edward Daubeny,13,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Francis Snowden,14,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,John Snowden,12,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Edmund Snowden,9,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,George Smith,15,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Charles Smith,14,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Charles Kemp,12,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,George Kemp,9,,Pupil,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 25 Page 16

,,George Gervis,14,,Pupil,Not in county,Surname TAPPS replaced by GERVIS
,,John Gervis,13,,Pupil,Not in county,Surname TAPPS replaced by GERVIS
,,Edward Bell,11,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Thomas Field,10,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Beverley Robinson,12,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,John Rogers,11,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Desmond Sullivan,13,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,William Buchanan,14,,Pupil,Not in county,Age overwritten
,,Henry Buchanan,10,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Frederick Radcliffe,12,,Pupil,WIL,
,,James Rose,22,,M. S.,WIL,
,,Mary Radcliffe,,58,,Not in county,
,,Mary Rose,,32,F. S.,WIL,
,,Mary Ingram,,42,F. S.,WIL,
,,Jane White,,24,F. S.,Not in county,

Enumeration District 6 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 1 Folio 25 Page 16

Castle St,u,,,,,,
Castle St,1,Robert Best,60,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Best,,56,,WIL,
,,Eliza Best,,16,,WIL,
,,James Harwood,17,,Brush M Ap,WIL,
,,William Bumpsted,20,,Carpenter,Not in county,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
,1,Robert Jones,35,,Sawyer,WIL,
,,Sarah Jones,,35,,WIL,
,,Robert Jones,11,,,WIL,
,,Mary Jones,,4,,WIL,
,,Charles Jones,3,,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 25 Page 17

,,Harriet Jones,,1,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Hannah Newman,,65,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,1,Alicia Ferril,,60,Dyer,Ireland,
,1,Henry Feltham,72,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Martha Feltham,,68,,WIL,
,1,Samuel Randell,44,,Painter,WIL,
,,Mary Randell,,50,,WIL,
,,Jane Randell,,23,,WIL,
,,George Randell,15,,,WIL,
,,Henry Randell,13,,,WIL,
,1,Allen Bolwell,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Charlotte Bolwell,,37,,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Bolwell,,18,,WIL,
,,Eliza Bolwell,,13,,WIL,
,,George Bolwell,3,,,WIL,
,,Henry Bolwell,1,,,WIL,
,1,Catherine Peplear,,65,,Not in county,
,,Charles Peplear,25,,,WIL,
,1,Charles Fullford,30,,Baker,WIL,
,,Sarah Fullford,,30,,WIL,
,,Charles Fullford,3,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Gibbs,,15,F. S.,WIL,
,,Sarah Andrews,,30,F. S.,WIL,
,1,Charles Perris,21,,Taylor,WIL,
,,Maria Perris,,24,Ind,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 26 Page 18

,,Charles Perris,10m,,,WIL,
,,Mary Eamer,,45,,WIL,
,,George Eamer,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Thomas Eamer,16,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Harriet Eamer,,9,,WIL,
,,Charles Eamer,4,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Elizabeth Sutton,,86,Ind,WIL,
,,Flower Warner,,84,Ind,WIL,
,,William Sutton,35,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Caroline Sutton,,30,,WIL,

Enumeration District 7

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 1 Folio 31 Page 1

Scots Lane,u,,,,,,
Scots Lane,1,Catherine Rickets,,60,Shopkeeper,Ireland,
,,Harriett Rickets,,25,,WIL,
,,Ann Sheppard,,80,,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,John Staple,45,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Susanah Staple,,40,,Not in county,
,,Susannah Staple,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Staple,,14,,WIL,
,,Hanah Staple,,13,,WIL,
,,Jane Staple,,9,,WIL,
,,George Staple,11,,,WIL,
,,Saml Staple,5,,,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,John Hocker,55,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Sophia Hocker,,55,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Hocker,,20,,WIL,
,,Harriett Curtis,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Eliza Curtis,,15,,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,Joseph Tryhorn,50,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Jane Tryhorn,,40,,WIL,
,,Thos Tryhorn,7,,,WIL,
,,Catherine Tryhorn,,15,,WIL,
,,Elizth Tryhorn,,14,,WIL,
,,Mary Tryhorn,,4,,WIL,
,,James Coombs,45,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Bridget Coombs,,40,,Ireland,
Scots Lane,1,Richard Raven,65,,Army P,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 32 Page 2

,,Mary Raven,,60,,WIL,
,,Sarah Burrell,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Mark Blake,10,,,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,Wm Farr,35,,Coachmaker,WIL,
,,Mary Farr,,30,,WIL,
,,Acquilla Farr,10,,,WIL,
,,Edmund Farr,5,,,WIL,
,,Priscilla Farr,,8,,WIL,
,,Martha Farr,,6,,WIL,
,,John Farr,2,,,WIL,
,,Wm Farr,6m,,,WIL,
Scots Lane,u,,,,,,
Scots Lane,1,Maria Mathews,,35,,Scotland,
,,Maria Mathews,,13,,WIL,
,,Jas Mathews,11,,,WIL,
,,Wm Mathews,9,,,WIL,
,,Harriett Mathews,,7,,WIL,
,,Mary Mathews,,4,,WIL,
,,Ann Mathews,,2,,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,Jas Warren,40,,Brewer,WIL,
,,Jane Warren,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary Warren,,10,,WIL,
,,Wm Warren,6,,,WIL,
,,Thos Warren,3,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Warren,,10m,,WIL,
,,Benjn Stone,60,,Taylor,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 32 Page 3

Scots Lane,1,Jas Forder,50,,Porter,WIL,
,,Harriett Forder,,25,,WIL,
,,Wm Forder,18,,Porter,WIL,
,,Eliza Forder,,9,,WIL,
,,John Smith,18,,M S,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,Chas Dell,40,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Sophia Dell,,40,,WIL,
,,Fanny Dell,,15,,WIL,
,,Chas Dell,13,,Shoe M,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,Chrisr. Crouch,45,,Pedlar,WIL,
,,Mary Crouch,,45,,WIL,
,,Saml Crouch,15,,,WIL,
,,Wm Crouch,10,,,WIL,
,,Chas Crouch,8,,,WIL,
,,John Crouch,7,,,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,Heny. Aldridge,40,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Sarah Aldridge,,40,,WIL,
,,Wm Aldridge,15,,Porter,WIL,
,,Harriett Aldridge,,12,F S,WIL,
,,Henry Aldridge,9,,,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,Moses Gardner,50,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Sarah Gardner,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Gardner,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Hanah Gardner,,20,,WIL,
,,Ebenezar Gardner,20,,M S,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 33 Page 4

,,Martha Gardner,,14,F S,WIL,
,,Thos Gardner,15,,Ap,WIL,
,,Julia Gardner,,13,,WIL,
,,Saml Gardner,10,,,WIL,
,,Josh Gardner,8,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Blake,,80,Ind,Not in county,
Scots Lane,1,James Smith,55,,Army P,Not in county,
,,Elizth Smith,,45,,WIL,
,,Joseph Smith,18,,Labourer,WIL,
,,George Brownjohn,14,,M S,WIL,
,,James George,60,,Whitesmith,WIL,
,,Elizth George,,60,,WIL,
,,Eliza Sainsbury,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Agnes Sainsbury,,3,,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,John Atkins,55,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Ann Atkins,,35,,WIL,
,,Jane Glass,,20,Satin Weaver,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,George Thick,30,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Maria Thick,,30,,WIL,
,,Jane Thick,,12,,WIL,
,,Chas Thick,9,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Thick,,3,,WIL,
,,Priscilla Thick,,4m,,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,Richd Barnes,75,,Independent,WIL,
,,Phillis Barnes,,65,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 33 Page 5

,,Fredk Bastow,25,,Ind,WIL,
Scots Lane,1,Robt Short,55,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Elizth Short,,55,,WIL,
,,Eliza Short,,23,,WIL,
,,Caroline Short,,19,,WIL,
,,Dorcas Short,,17,,WIL,
,,Fredk Short,15,,,WIL,
,,Wm Short,29,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Short,,2m,,WIL,
,,Mathew Blake,28,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Sarah Blake,,30,,Not in county,
,,Wm Morris,55,,Trunk M,Not in county,
,,Jane Morris,,45,,Not in county,
Endless St,1,Edmund Butler,25,,Baker,WIL,
,,Elizth Butler,,25,,WIL,
,,Wm Adams,25,,Journeyman Baker,WIL,
,,George Evans,15,,Appntice,WIL,
,,Sarah Mannings,,15,F S,WIL,
Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,John Bolster,70,,Plasterer,WIL,
,,Hannah Bolster,,60,,WIL,
,,Hannah Bolster,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Betty Chubb,,60,Ind,WIL,
Endless St,1,Jas Coombs,20,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Ann Coombs,,20,,WIL,
,,John Fry,25,,Bellhanger,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 34 Page 6

Endless St,1,Fanny Radcliffe,,35,,Not in county,
,,Mary Radcliffe,,10,,WIL,
,,Henry Radcliffe,7,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Radcliffe,4,,,WIL,
,,Herbert Radcliffe,3,,,WIL,
,,Fanny Radcliffe,,11m,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Dew,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Jane Isaac,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Caroline Rogers,,19,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Jacob West,55,,Stable Keeper,WIL,
,,Sarah West,,60,,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Hunt,30,,Dealer,WIL,
,,Ann Hunt,,40,,WIL,
,,Henry Harwood,10,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Ann Hunt,,10,,WIL,
,,Ann Dunning,,30,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Joseph Hughes,20,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Maria Hughes,,20,,Not in county,
Endless St,1,Chas Massey,30,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Mary Massey,,9,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Moses Brown,30,,Iron Moulder,Not in county,
,,Elizth Brown,,30,,Not in county,
,,Wm Brown,9,,,Not in county,
,,Ann Brown,,7,,Not in county,
,,Jane Brown,,3,,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 34 Page 7

Endless St,1,Thos Sainsbury,60,,Bedstead M,WIL,
,,Susanah Sainsbury,,60,,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Wood,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Ann Wood,,25,,WIL,
,,George Wood,1,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Richd Macey,30,,Stone Mason,WIL,
,,Mary Macey,,30,,WIL,
,,James Macey,1,,,WIL,
,,Jane Harris,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Carter,40,,Comb M,Not in county,
,,Mary Carter,,35,,Not in county,
,,Jas Carter,15,,Comb M,Not in county,
,,Elizth Carter,,14,,Not in county,
,,Amelia Carter,,11,,Not in county,
,,John Carter,9,,,Not in county,
,,Susan Carter,,6,,Not in county,
,,Mary Carter,,4,,Not in county,
,,Wm Carter,2,,,WIL,
,,Wm Carter,30,,Comb M,Not in county,
Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,John Norris,25,,Porter,WIL,
,,Love Norris,,25,,WIL,
,,Sarah Norris,,3,,WIL,
,,Jane Norris,,1,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Isaac Gilbert,40,,M S,WIL,
,,Elizth Gilbert,,30,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 35 Page 8

,,Mary Gilbert,,17,F S,WIL,
,,Jas Gilbert,15,,Attornies Clk,Not in county,
,,Fanny Gilbert,,12,,WIL,
,,Emma Gilbert,,11,,WIL,
,,Maria Gilbert,,8,,WIL,
,,Elizth Gilbert,,4,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Thos Jesse,30,,Attornies Ck,WIL,
,,Mary Jesse,,25,,WIL,
,,Emly Jesse,,5,,WIL,
,,Alfred Jesse,3,,,WIL,
,,Frances Jesse,,15m,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Richd Sidford,30,,Printer J,Not in county,
,,Maria Sidford,,30,,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Clark,60,,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizth Clark,,60,,Not in county,
Endless St,1,Thos Davis,30,,Whitesmith,WIL,
,,Elizth Davis,,30,,WIL,
,,George Davis,10m,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Robt Weaver,60,,Saddler,Not in county,
,,Jane Weaver,,50,,WIL,
,,Henry Weaver,15,,,WIL,
,,Arthur Weaver,15,,,WIL,
,,Jane Weaver,,10,,WIL,
,,Edward Weaver,10,,,WIL,
,,Fanny Nicklin,,5,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 35 Page 9

Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,Wm Finch,60,,Physician,WIL,
,,Mary Finch,,55,,Not in county,
,,Mary Noyes,,7,,WIL,
,,Louisa Wrottesley,,55,,Not in county,
,,Elizth Cowell,,40,,Not in county,
,,Christian Jackson,,45,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Nicklen,,35,F S,Not in county,
,,Ann Lodge,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Louisa Hayter,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Elizth Judd,,18,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Fredk Delme,45,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Chas Collings,20,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Horod Jeans,40,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Wm Nicklen,35,,M S,Not in county,
,,Stephen Phillips,35,,M S,WIL,
Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,Weeden Windsor,30,,Blacksmith J,Not in county,
,,Eliza Windsor,,30,,Not in county,
,,Elizth Windsor,,6,,Not in county,
,,Jane Windsor,,2m,,Not in county,
,,Elizth Bushnell,,10,,Not in county,
Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,James Chinn,50,,Taylor,WIL,
,,Mary Chinn,,35,,WIL,
,,Phillip Chinn,14,,,WIL,
,,Jane Chinn,,12,,WIL,
,,Lydia Chinn,,3,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 36 Page 10

,,Selena Chinn,,1,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Elizth Doughty,,35,,WIL,
,,Jane Doughty,,14,,WIL,
,,Ellen Doughty,,6,,WIL,
,,Isaac Doughty,4,,,WIL,
,,George West,25,,Ind,WIL,
,,Thos Wilkins,20,,Shopman,WIL,
Endless St,1,Francis Price,40,,Cutler,Not in county,
,,Jane Price,,40,,Not in county,
,,Ann Price,,13,,WIL,
,,Wm Price,9,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Price,,7,,WIL,
,,Edward Price,3,,,WIL,
,,Francis Price,11,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Middleton,45,,Boot Maker,WIL,
,,Ann Middleton,,45,,WIL,
,,Fanny Cull,,25,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Cull,,20,Ind,WIL,
,,Benjn. Williams,60,,Ind,WIL,
Endless St,1,Martha Wells,,30,,WIL,
,,Elizth Wells,,13,,WIL,
,,Edward Wells,6,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Wells,,2,,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Griffin,75,,Independent,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Jackson,30,,Shoe M J,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 36 Page 11

,,Sarah Jackson,,25,,Not in county,
,,Fredk Jackson,5,,,WIL,
,,Jane Jackson,,4,,WIL,
,,Frank Jackson,2m,,,WIL,
Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,Wm Stabback,30,,Cabt M J,Not in county,
,,Caroline Stabback,,25,,WIL,
,,John Stabback,8,,,WIL,
,,Willm Stabback,6,,,WIL,
,,Elizth Stabback,,2,,WIL,

Enumeration District 7 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 1 Folio 36 Page 11

Endless St,1,Henry Hatcher,60,,Schoolmaster,WIL,”NWOCP note: School opened 1824, closed 1846″
,,Ann Hatcher,,60,,WIL,
,,Elizth Amor,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Arthur Burnell,20,,School Asst,Not in county,
,,Alfred Buckeridge,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Fredk Buckeridge,11,,Pupil,Foreign Parts,Born France
,,Edwd Nicholson,14,,Pupil,WIL,
,,John Nicholson,12,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Chas Higgins,15,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Edwin Ellis,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Edward Stevens,13,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Edward Lodder,14,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Edward Turner,14,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Thos Richardson,13,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Edward Blake,14,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Wm Lawrence,13,,Pupil,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 37 Page 12

,,Jas Bailey,13,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Heny Still,14,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Saml Lavington,13,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Heny Hawkins,11,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Wm Hicks,11,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Thos Mussell,14,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Chas Prangley,9,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,John Garrod,10,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,John Randoll,13,,Pupil,WIL,
,,John Rebbeck,10,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Jane Kellow,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Elizth Roberts,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Cooper,,15,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 7 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 1 Folio 37 Page 12

Endless St,1,Elizth Barnett,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Viney,,20,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Chas Gale,40,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Sarah Gale,,40,,WIL,
,,Chas Gale,11,,,WIL,
,,Elizth Gale,,9,,WIL,
,,Maria Gale,,7,,WIL,
,,Thos Gale,2,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Elizth England,,50,Washerwoman,WIL,
,,John England,20,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Elizth England,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Ann England,,10,F S,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 37 Page 13

Endless St,1,George Rowe,30,,Painter,WIL,
,,Sarah Rowe,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Rowe,,8,,WIL,
,,George Rowe,6,,,WIL,
,,Heny Rowe,4,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Rowe,,1,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Francis Newham,50,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Margt Newham,,50,,WIL,
,,Sarah Newham,,15,,WIL,
,,Jane Newham,,13,,WIL,
,,Francis Newham,10,,,WIL,
,,James Newham,1,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Thos Farmer,40,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Fanny Farmer,,40,,WIL,
,,Thos Farmer,12,,,WIL,
,,Fanny Farmer,,8,,WIL,
,,Ann Farmer,,4,,WIL,
,,Heny Dewey,20,,Laborer,WIL,
Endless St,1,Saml Randal,60,,Taylor,WIL,
,,Sarah Randal,,40,,WIL,
,,Mary Randal,,15,,WIL,
,,Alice Randal,,4,,WIL,
,,Saml Randal,1,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Wm Harris,50,,Gardner,WIL,
,,Sarah Harris,,12,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 38 Page 14

Endless St,1,Mary Phillips,,50,Pedlar,WIL,
,,Mary Downton,,25,Pedlar,WIL,
Endless St,1,Thos Rambridge,30,,Gardner,WIL,
,,Martha Rambridge,,30,,WIL,
,,Elizth Rambridge,,10,,WIL,
,,James Rambridge,6,,,WIL,
,,Charles Williams,20,,Laborer,WIL,
Endless St,1,Saml Burbidge,30,,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Mary Burbidge,,30,Silk Weaver,Not in county,
,,Saml Burbidge,13,,,WIL,
,,Chas Burbidge,11,,,WIL,
,,Mary Burbidge,,4,,WIL,
,,David Burbidge,18m,,,WIL,
,,Saml Burbidge,70,,Porter,WIL,
Endless St,1,Wm Moxham,50,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Milyn Moxham,,25,,WIL,
,,Edward Moxham,17,,,WIL,
,,Fredk Moxham,15,,,WIL,
,,Walter Moxham,13,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Bolwell,40,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Mary Bolwell,,40,,WIL,
,,Fredk Bolwell,15,,,WIL,
,,John Bolwell,14,,,WIL,
,,Robt Bolwell,1,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Sarah Parsons,,50,,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 38 Page 15

,,Maria Parsons,,15,,WIL,
,,Louisa Parsons,,10,,WIL,
,,Thos Parsons,1,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Dewey,25,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Elizth Dewey,,25,,WIL,
,,John Dewey,4,,,WIL,
,,Wm Dewey,2,,,WIL,
Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,James Archer,20,,Porter,WIL,
,,Wm Downton,16,,M S,WIL,
,,Sarah Penny,,70,Laundress,Not in county,
Endless St,1,Saml Feltham,30,,Taylor,WIL,
,,Kezia Feltham,,30,,WIL,
,,Fredk Feltham,9,,,WIL,
,,John Feltham,7,,,WIL,
,,Wm Feltham,3,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Joseph Grove,40,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Mary Grove,,40,,WIL,
,,Wm Grove,15,,,WIL,
,,Harriett Grove,,10,,WIL,
,,Ellen Grove,,3,,WIL,
,,Ann Whithorn,,75,Independent,WIL,
Endless St,1,Henry Downton,60,,Gardner,WIL,
,,Elizth Downton,,60,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Josh Warren,50,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Sarah Warren,,60,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 39 Page 16

Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,Jas Willis,50,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Mary Willis,,45,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Willis,,15,,WIL,
,,James Willis,12,,,WIL,
,,Jane Willis,,5,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Wm Young,50,,Independent,WIL,
,,Mary Young,,50,,WIL,
Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,Henry Way,40,,Brewer,WIL,
,,Ann Way,,60,,WIL,
,,Mary Way,,20,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Thos Talbot,50,,Silkweaver,WIL,
,,Maria Talbot,,40,Silkweaver,WIL,
Endless St,1,Richd Tabor,50,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Ann Tabor,,50,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Wm Burrell,30,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Sarah Burrell,,30,,Not in county,
,,Wm Burrell,8,,,Not in county,
,,Julia Burrell,,6,,WIL,
,,Caroline Burrell,,4,,WIL,
,,Henry Burrell,3,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Noah,35,,Baker J,Not in county,
,,Sarah Noah,,35,,Not in county,
,,Emily Noah,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Noah,,14,,WIL,
,,Fredk Noah,12,,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 39 Page 17

,,Mark Noah,10,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Noah,,8,,WIL,
,,Andrew Noah,4,,,WIL,
,,Edward Noah,1,,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Sarah Swetman,,80,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Swetman,,35,Silk Weaver,WIL,
Endless St,1,Pheobe Fox,,65,Simpstress,WIL,
Endless St,1,Thos Williams,44,,Laborer,WIL,Age 40 overwritten
,,Sarah Williams,,44,,WIL,Age 40 overwritten
,,Mary Williams,,15,,WIL,
,,Hannah Williams,,16,,WIL,
,,Eliza Williams,,14,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Williams,,11,,WIL,
,,Thos Williams,8,,,WIL,
,,George Williams,4,,,WIL,
,,Elizth Crook,,13,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Willm Best,30,,Cutler,WIL,
,,Elizth Best,,30,,WIL,
,,Gilbert Best,8,,,WIL,
,,George Best,6,,,Not in county,
,,Tryphenen Best,,4,,WIL,
,,Elizth Best,,2,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Robt Archard,60,,Cloth Dresser,WIL,
,,Ann Archard,,55,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Mary Saunders,,60,Shop Keeper,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 40 Page 18

,,Sarah Saunders,,25,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Chas Davis,12,,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Hetty Guppy,,80,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Guppy,,70,Shopkeeper,WIL,
,,Ann Nash,,50,Assistant,WIL,
,,Charlotte Millard,,15,Assistant,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Robt Fry,55,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Sophia Fry,,25,,WIL,
,,Ann Fry,,20,,WIL,
,,John Fry,15,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Fanny Fry,,14,,WIL,
,,Fanny Fry,,2,,WIL,
,,Ann Fry,,2m,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Sarah Bracher,,70,Independent,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Sarah Ranger,,75,Independent,WIL,
,,Joseph Mickle,20,,Dispenser (Chemist),WIL,Occ: Second word uncertain; overwritten
,,Mary Gerrard,,65,Independent,WIL,
,,Mary Pascoe,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Elizth Barnett,,30,Shoebinder,WIL,
,,Deborah Uphill,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Nash,,18,Ind,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,George Jeffries,40,,Letter Carrier,WIL,
,,Mary Jeffries,,40,,WIL,
,,Hannah Jeffries,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Wm Jeffries,20,,Letter Carrier,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 40 Page 19

,,Ruth Jeffries,,14,,WIL,
,,Rebecca Jeffries,,11,,WIL,
,,George Jeffries,7,,,WIL,
,,James Jeffries,1,,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Sophia Gaulton,,40,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Mary Archer,,25,Assistant,WIL,
,,Ann Birch,,40,Assistant,WIL,
,,Emily Furnell,,14,F S,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Eliza Waters,,55,Victualler,WIL,
,,Mary Harding,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Wm Clayton,30,,Saddler,Not in county,
,,Wm Bowles,30,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Sarah Bowles,,30,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Jas Lenton,35,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Wm Lenton,19,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Jas Lenton,17,,Shoe M,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Elizth Doughty,,60,Needle Work,WIL,
,,Eliza Doughty,,20,Bonnett M,WIL,
,,Mary Padger,,15,Appntice,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,George Coombs,45,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Martha Coombs,,40,,WIL,
,,Caroline Coombs,,20,,WIL,
,,Joseph Coombs,15,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Thos Coombs,10,,,WIL,
,,Jane Coombs,,8,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 41 Page 20

,,Elias Coombs,6,,,WIL,
,,David Coombs,4,,,WIL,
,,Martha Coombs,,2,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Wm Green,35,,M S,WIL,
,,Mary Green,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary Honeywood,,60,Sempstress,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Mary Norton,,70,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,,Mary Sewell,,50,Washerwoman,WIL,
,,Wm Salter,20,,Appntice,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Stephen Hill,70,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Elizth Hill,,70,,WIL,
,,Harriett Hill,,25,,WIL,
,,Thos Randoll,70,,Chemist,WIL,
,,Mary Randoll,,60,,Not in county,
,,Mary Walker,,20,F S,Not in county,
Bedwin St,1,Wm Towsey,45,,Yeomen,WIL,
,,Catherine Towsey,,45,,WIL,
,,Edward Towsey,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Jane Towsey,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Wm Towsey,3,,,WIL,
Smiths Cottages & Church Yd,u,,,,,,
Smiths Cottages & Church Yd,1,Hannah Hunt,,40,Laundress,WIL,
Smiths Cottages & Church Yd,1,Jas Wright,25,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Ann Wright,,25,,WIL,
,,Hester Dredge,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Edwin Dredge,12,,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 41 Page 21

Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Joseph Mitchell,40,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Mary Mitchell,,40,,WIL,
,,John Mitchell,20,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Ann Mitchell,,15,,Not in county,
,,Mary Mitchell,,11,,Not in county,
,,Harriett Mitchell,,9,,Not in county,
,,Ellen Mitchell,,7,,Not in county,
,,Emily Mitchell,,5,,Not in county,
,,George Mitchell,2,,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Chas Jarvis,25,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Charlotte Jarvis,,25,,WIL,
,,John Jarvis,6,,,WIL,
,,George Jarvis,4,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Jarvis,,1,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Elizth Bennett,,60,Simpstress,WIL,
,,Elizth Dew,,20,Simpstress,WIL,
,,Olivia Dew,,15,Simpstress,WIL,
,,Ann Wilkins,,80,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Newlan,,75,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Langer,,50,Ind,Not in county,
,,Maria Sutton,,50,Ind,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Ann Gillett,,45,Washerwoman,WIL,
,,Thos Gillett,15,,Porter,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Job Groves,35,,Laborer,Not in county,
,,Mary Groves,,35,,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 42 Page 22

,,Selina Groves,,14,F S,WIL,
,,Chas Groves,13,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Groves,,12,,WIL,
,,Fredk Groves,6,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Groves,,5,,WIL,
,,Alice Groves,,3,,WIL,
,,Henrietta Groves,,9,,WIL,
,,Elizth Groves,,10m,,WIL,
,,Sarah Curtis,,15w,Wife (Crossed Out),WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,John Pepperell,50,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Elizth Pepperell,,55,,WIL,
,,George Pepperell,20,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Matilda Pepperell,,15,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,John Davis,30,,Whitesmith,WIL,
,,Ann Davis,,30,,WIL,
,,John Davis,13,,,WIL,
,,Ann Davis,,11,,WIL,
,,George Davis,7,,,WIL,
,,Mary Davis,,1,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,u,,,,,,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Danl Hawkins,50,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Jane Hawkins,,50,,WIL,
,,Wm Hawkins,18,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Edwin Hawkins,15,,Blacksmith,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Elizth Dolman,,60,Wool Sorter,WIL,
,,Charlotte Dolman,,25,F S,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 42 Page 23

,,George Dolman,20,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Elizth Dolman,,1,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Saml Webb,55,,Baker J,WIL,
,,Diana Webb,,25,Dress Maker,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Wm Jeffery,40,,Army P,WIL,
,,Bridget Jeffery,,30,,Ireland,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,James Essex,25,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Elizth Essex,,25,,WIL,
,,John Essex,23,,Butcher J,WIL,
,,Elizth Essex,,1d,,WIL,
,,Catherine Henstridge,,50,Ind,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Jas Beave,55,,Army P,WIL,
,,Sarah Beave,,55,,WIL,
,,Caroline Beave,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Beave,,17,F S,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Wm Taplin,35,,Blacksmith,Scotland,
,,Elizth Taplin,,40,,WIL,
,,Elizth Jenkins,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Amelia Beave,,20,F S,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,George Creed,60,,Painter,WIL,
,,Hannah Creed,,55,,WIL,
,,Jas Creed,15,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Eliza Creed,,8,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Stephen Spadbury,30,,Independent,WIL,
,,Elizth Spadbury,,30,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 43 Page 24

,,Wm Spadbury,4m,,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Danl Stanford,25,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Ann Stanford,,25,,WIL,
,,George Stanford,5,,,WIL,
,,Amelia Stanford,,2,,WIL,
,,Wm Stanford,1,,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Martha Sanger,,30,Simpstress,WIL,
,,Sarah Sanger,,18,Simpstress,WIL,
,,Josh Sanger,10,,,WIL,
,,Henry Sanger,8,,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Wm Chambers,40,,Glazier,WIL,
,,Jane Chambers,,40,,WIL,
,,Charles Chambers,15,,Appntice,WIL,
,,Elizth Chambers,,4,,WIL,
Smiths Buildings & Church Yd,1,Margt Smith,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Eliza Smith,,20,Dress Maker,Not in county,
,,Stephen Smith,15,,,Not in county,
,,Martha Smith,,14,,Not in county,
,,Rebecca Smith,,12,,Not in county,
,,Mary Smith,,9,,Not in county,

Enumeration District 8

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 1 Folio 48 Page 1

Bedwin St,1,John Burton Fullford,53,,Independent,WIL,
,,Ann Fullford,,50,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,William Beer,43,,Attorney’s Clerk,Not in county,Occ: Additional unreadable word
,,Elizabeth Maria Beer,,40,Baker,WIL,
,,John Adlam Beer,11,,,WIL,
,,Michael Enock Beer,7,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Watson Beer,5,,,Not in county,
,,Walter Beer,1,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Sanger,60,,Independent,WIL,
,,Sarah Sanger,,60,,Not in county,
Bedwin St,1,Richard Pittman,60,,Printer,WIL,
,,Sarah Pittman,,60,,WIL,
,,Arthur Pittman,25,,Banker’s Clerk,WIL,
,,John Pittman,20,,Attorney’s Clerk,WIL,
,,Francis Seymour,6,,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Robert Sutton,20,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Jane Sutton,,20,,WIL,
,,Ann Sutton,,18m,,WIL,
,,Benjamin Pike,25,,Cordwainer,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,David Davis,28,,Working Jeweller,WIL,
,,Susan Davis,,30,,WIL,
,,Susan Davis,,15m,,WIL,
,,Walter Charles Davis,3m,,,WIL,
,,John Clench,59,,Cabinet Maker,Not in county,
,,William Walker,25,,Cabinet Maker,WIL,Page two not used

Book 1 Folio 49 Page 3

Bedwin St,1,Thomas Sawkins,51,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Jane Sawkins,,49,,WIL,
,,George Sawkins,21,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Sawkins,,18,,WIL,
,,Frederick Sawkins,16,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sawkins,,12,,WIL,
,,Jane Sawkins,,10,,WIL,
,,William Sawkins,8,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Sawkins,6,,,WIL,
,,James Sawkins,2,,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,William Sutton,60,,Assistant Overseer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sutton,,30,,Not in county,
,,William Sutton,28,,Auctioneer,Not in county,
,,Sarah Sutton,,23,,WIL,
,,John Sutton,19,,Attorney’s Clerk,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bedford,,15,F Servant,WIL,
,,Betsy Stevens,,20,,WIL,
Bedwin St,u,,,,,,
Bedwin St,1,James Carter,31,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Susan Carter,,31,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Carter,,3,,WIL,
,,John Oliver Carter,1,,,WIL,
,,Nicholas Homer,20,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Jane Chambers,,12,Servant,WIL,
,,William Smith,30,,Laborer,Not in county,
,,Sarah Smith,,27,,Not in county,Page 4 not used

Book 1 Folio 50 Page 5

“Bedwin St, The College”,1,William Gilford,37,,Butler,Not in county,
,,William Griffiths,25,,Gardener,Not in county,
,,James Fry,26,,Servant,Not in county,
,,Jane Lenord,,40,Servant,WIL,
,,Rose Lefebvie,,14,Servant,Foreign Parts,
,,Jane Bush,,29,Servant,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Sharp,,19,Servant,Not in county,
,,Ellen Drover,,20,Servant,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Jane Mack,,66,Female Servant,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Henry Curtis,25,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Frances Curtis,,25,,WIL,
,,Emily Curtis,,5,,WIL,
,,Charles Curtis,4,,,WIL,
,,William Curtis,2,,,WIL,
,,Frances Curtis,,6m,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Daniel George Forder,20,,Writer,WIL,
,,Eliza Baker Forder,,20,,WIL,
,,Margaret Saunders,,65,Independent,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Charles Newman,35,,Groom,Not in county,
,,Susan Newman,,29,,WIL,
,,George Newman,12,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Newman,,9,,WIL,
,,Herbert Newman,7,,,WIL,
,,Alice Newman,,5,,WIL,
,,Emily Newman,,3,,WIL,Page 6 not used

Book 1 Folio 51 Page 7

,,Martha Newman,,2m,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Deborah White,,50,Cook,WIL,
,,Eliza White,,20,Spinster,WIL,
,,Fanny White,,14,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Lewis William Brown,20,,Whitesmith,WIL,
,,Ann Stride,,35,Staymaker,WIL,Surname uncertain; might be STUDE
,,Elizabeth Geary,,20,Shoebinder,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,John Davis,53,,Paper Hanger,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,56,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Davis,,17,F Servant,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Christiana Hutchence,,66,Laundress,Scotland,
Bedwin St,1,Joseph White,48,,Porter,WIL,
,,Dinah White,,54,,WIL,
,,William White,14,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth White,,10,,WIL,
,,James Bowles,38,,Laborer,WIL,
,,John Marks,32,,Butcher,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Joseph Stone,20,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Sarah Stone,,20,,WIL,
,,Sarah Batchelor,,50,Pauper,WIL,
Church St,1,Maria Amor,,40,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Joseph Barnes,35,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Sophia Barnes,,30,,WIL,
,,Charles Barnes,5,,,WIL,
,,Harriett Barnes,,4,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 52 Page 8

Church St,1,Thomas Miles,50,,Brushmaker,WIL,
,,Mary Miles,,48,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Miles,,20,,WIL,
,,Thomas Miles,12,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Jesse,,11,,WIL,
,,Frederick Pinkham,6,,,WIL,
Church St,1,Ann Hamilton,,64,Weaver,WIL,
,,Ann Norris,,27,Taileress,WIL,
,,Harriett Brown,,17,Appntice,WIL,
Church St,1,Elizabeth Card,,44,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,John Young,23,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Georgina Skelton,,20,,WIL,
Church St,1,Henry William Mill,45,,Painter,WIL,
,,Dinah Mill,,45,,Not in county,
,,Susan Hood,,25,,WIL,
,,Edmund Mill,20,,Compositer,WIL,
,,Henry Mill,12,,,WIL,
,,Thom Hood,1,,,WIL,
Church St,1,John Commings,54,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Commings,,54,,WIL,
Church St,1,Thomas Barnes,45,,Pensioner,Ireland,
,,Mary Barnes,,40,,Ireland,
,,Susannah White,,15,,Not in county,
,,Ellen White,,12,,Not in county,
,,Robert White,8,,,Not in county,

Book 1 Folio 52 Page 9

,,Frederick Grace,33,,Silk Velvet Weaver,WIL,
,,Jane Grace,,36,,WIL,
Church St,1,Samuel Dear,40,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Dear,,40,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Dear,,15,,WIL,
,,Thomas Dear,14,,,WIL,
,,John Dear,11,,,WIL,
,,William Dear,9,,,WIL,
,,Martha Dear,,6,,WIL,
,,Samuel Dear,4,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Dear,,1,,WIL,
Church St,1,Thomas Hill,22,,Whip Maker,WIL,
,,Charlotte Hill,,22,,WIL,
,,Frederick Hill,15m,,,WIL,
,,Mary Banger,,40,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Lamb,,70,Visitor (Crossed Out),Not in county,
Church St,1,Robert Drover,45,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Frances Drover,,42,,WIL,
,,Frances Drover,,15,,WIL,
,,Charles Drover,17,,Attorney’s Clerk,WIL,
,,John Drover,16,,Horse Hair Sower,WIL,Occ: Last word uncertain
,,Richard Drover,15,,,WIL,Age 11 overwritten
,,Elizabeth Drover,,11,,WIL,
,,William Drover,8,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Drover,3,,,WIL,Page 10 not used.

Book 1 Folio 53 Page 11

,,Emma Drover,,2m,,WIL,
Church St,1,Thomas Rodwell,62,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Martha Rodwell,,51,,WIL,
,,Richard Rodwell,18,,Porter,WIL,
,,Edward Rodwell,15,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,James Rodwell,14,,Porter,WIL,
,,Martha Rodwell,,10,,WIL,
Church St,1,Louisa Hayter,,53,,WIL,
,,George Hayter,23,,Turner,WIL,
,,Louisa Hayter,,16,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Fanny Hayter,,14,,WIL,
,,Thomas Howe,24,,Painter,WIL,
,,William Randall,21,,Painter,WIL,
,,Stephen Curtis,29,,Plumber,WIL,
,,Susannah Curtis,,30,,WIL,
,,William Curtis,8,,,WIL,
,,Robert Curtis,2,,,WIL,
Church St,1,Priscilla Bolwel,,40,,WIL,
,,Sarah Sworn,,18,,WIL,Surname uncertain
,1,John Parsons,60,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Ann Parsons,,48,,WIL,
,,Samuel Parsons,9,,,WIL,
,,Mary Parsons,,2,,WIL,
,1,Richard Pike,72,,Coach Wheeler,WIL,
,,William Skelton,67,,Shoemaker,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 54 Page 12

,,Mary Skilton,,76,,WIL,
,,Edwin Young,36,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Lucy Young,,46,,WIL,
,,Ann Young,,18,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,William Young,16,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Mary Young,,9,,WIL,
,,Rosina Young,,1,,WIL,
Church St,1,John James,30,,Laborer,Not in county,
,,Ann James,,35,,Not in county,
,,Jane Bray,,14,,Not in county,
,,Benjamin Bray,9,,,Not in county,
,,John James,3,,,Not in county,
Church St,1,William Spratt,50,,Laborer,Not in county,
,,Rachael Spratt,,45,,WIL,
,,Sarah Spratt,,8,,WIL,
,,Henry Spratt,4,,,WIL,
,,Ann Goodfellow,,74,Labourer (Crossed Out),WIL,
Church St,1,Thomas Ings,48,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Ann Ings,,46,,WIL,
,,Mary Ings,,16,,WIL,
,,Thomas Ings,13,,,WIL,
,,Henry Deall,30,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Jane Deall,,30,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Deall,,4,,WIL,
,,Fanny Deall,,1m,,WIL,Age uncertain; might be 1 week

Book 1 Folio 54 Page 13

Church St,1,James Ashman,44,,Saddletree Maker,WIL,
,,Jane Ashman,,44,,Foreign Parts,
,,Amelia Ashman,,18,,Foreign Parts,
,,Charles Croutch,41,,Whitesmith,WIL,
,,John Clapp,28,,Laborer,Not in county,
,,Henry Dibden,25,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Ann Toms,,70,Independent,Not in county,
,,Millicent Dous,,70,Independent,Not in county,
Church St,1,William Sutton,40,,Cordwainer,Not in county,
,,Harriett Sutton,,45,,WIL,
,,Charles Sutton,14,,,WIL,
,,William Sutton,10,,,WIL,
,,Frances Sutton,,7,,WIL,
,,Jane Sutton,,4,,WIL,
Church St,1,William Tabor,26,,Cork Cutter,WIL,
,,Louisa Tabor,,28,,WIL,
,,George Tabor,5,,,WIL,
,,Robert Tabor,1,,,WIL,
Church St,1,George Saunders,34,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Ann Saunders,,40,,WIL,
,,Mary Saunders,,18,,WIL,
,,George Saunders,13,,,WIL,
,,Matthew Saunders,11,,,WIL,
,,Andrew Saunders,9,,,WIL,
,,James Saunders,7,,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 55 Page 14

,,Thomas Saunders,5,,,WIL,
,,Manuel -,1,,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,George Rudman,49,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Rudman,,42,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,William Able,38,,Dyer,WIL,
,,Sophia Able,,36,,WIL,
,,William Able,16,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Able,,12,,WIL,
,,Arthur Able,9,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Able,,7,,WIL,
,,Frederick Able,5,,,WIL,
,,Julia Able,,6m,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Edward Lawrence,35,,Cooper,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Lawrence,,35,,WIL,
,,Sarah Ann Lawrence,,11,,WIL,
,,Edward Lawrence,9,,,WIL,
,,John Lawrence,7,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Lawrence,4,,,WIL,
,,Mary Lawrence,,2,,WIL,
,,Louisa Lawrence,,3m,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Charles Curtis,25,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Jane Curtis,,25,,WIL,
,1,Elizabeth Young,,25,Independent,Scotland,
,,Sarah Young,,15,,WIL,
,,Clara Young,,11,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 55 Page 15

,,Albert Young,6,,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Ann Keel,,56,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Eliza Keel,,16,Dressmaker,WIL,
,,Sarah Keel,,10,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Jane Combes,,50,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Betty Pole,,85,Independent,WIL,Occ: Poss that Ind replaced Silk Weaver
,,Elizabeth Lucas,,60,Pauper,WIL,
,,Sarah Lucas,,20,Washerwoman,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Nicholas,,25,Dress Maker,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,William Bracher,53,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Margarete Bracher,,42,,WIL,
,,Ann Bracher,,18,Dress Maker,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,John Hopkins,60,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Mary Hopkins,,20,Weaver,WIL,
,,George Goce,20,,Baker,WIL,Surname uncertain; might be GOLL or GOLE
,,William Hart,25,,Pipe Maker,WIL,
,,Harriett Hart,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,William Moore,35,,Currier,Not in county,
,,Martha Moore,,25,,WIL,
,,William Moore,5,,,WIL,
,,Henry Moore,1,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth -,,60,Independent,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,William Morgan,45,,Tocacco Pipe Maker,WIL,
,,William John Morgan,17,,Tocacco Pipe Maker,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Morgan,,22,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 56 Page 16

Salt Lane,1,Elizabeth Sansom,,30,Independent,Not in county,
,,Ann Sansom,,50,,WIL,
,,John Sansom,3,,,Not in county,
,,Hannah Dowding,,25,,Not in county,
Salt Lane,1,George Fisher,30,,Draper,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Fisher,,25,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Fisher,,25,,Not in county,
,,Roland Fisher,7,,,Not in county,
,,Jane George,,15,F S,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,George Burbidge,57,,Clothier,WIL,
,,Ann Judd,,60,F S,Not in county,
Salt Lane,1,Charles Judd,45,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Maria Judd,,55,,WIL,
,,Philis Judd,,15,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Thomas White,65,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth White,,57,,WIL,
,,Nathaniel White,57,,Laborer,WIL,
,,\- Pearce,,72,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,William Burch,37,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Letitia Burch,,38,,WIL,
,,Henry Burch,10,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Burch,8,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Burch,,5,,WIL,
,,Eliza Burch,,3,,WIL,
,,Hester Burch,,1,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 56 Page 17

,,James Jenneway,54,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Mary Jenneway,,56,,WIL,
,,Andrew Geary,72,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Jane Geary,,72,,WIL,
,,Mary Harress,,50,,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Harriett Harress,,15,,WIL,
,,Jane Harress,,9,,WIL,
,,Ann Tewkesbury,,67,Widow (Crossed Out),Not in county,
Green Croft St,1,William Horder,36,,Policeman,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Horder,,37,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Horder,,12,,WIL,
,,Wm Horder,9,,,WIL,
,,George Horder,3,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,James Ribbick,52,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Maria Ribbick,,50,,WIL,
,,Charles Ribbick,21,,Laborer,WIL,
,,George Ribbick,15,,,WIL,
,,Luke Ribbick,12,,,WIL,
,,Henry Ribbick,10,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Ribbick,,6,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Rebbick,26,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Sarah Rebbick,,23,,WIL,
,,Eliza Rebbick,,2,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Joseph Lawrence,30,,Sack Weaver,Not in county,
,,Kezia Lawrence,,30,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 57 Page 18

,,Joseph Lawrence,9,,,WIL,
,,William Lawrence,7,,,WIL,
,,George Lawrence,5,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Lawrence,,3,,WIL,
,,John Lawrence,1,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Morris,28,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Jane Morris,,26,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Elizabeth Farr,,45,,Not in county,
,,James Crockett,26,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Crockett,,26,,WIL,
,,Alfred Crockett,5,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Anthony Duffosee,50,,Porter,WIL,
,,Hannah Duffosee,,39,,WIL,
,,Sarah Duffosee,,14,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Duffosee,,11,,WIL,
,,Hannah Duffosee,,6,,WIL,
,,George Fort,63,,Pensioner,WIL,
,,James Dyer,44,,Pensioner,WIL,
,,James Bolton,45,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Brownjohn,,12,,WIL,
,,George Welsford,45,,Poulterer,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Lenton,48,,Postman,WIL,
,,Sarah Lenton,,45,,WIL,
,,Jane Lenton,,15,,WIL,
,,Letitia Lenton,,10,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 57 Page 19

,,Mary Ann Lenton,,5,,WIL,
,,Frederick Lenton,10,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Charles Vincent,35,,Cellarman,WIL,
,,Eliza Vincent,,35,,Not in county,
,,Modesty Down,,50,,Not in county,
,,George Vincent,12,,,WIL,
,,Robert Vincent,10,,,WIL,
,,Emily Vincent,,7,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Samuel Jennings,30,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Jennings,,28,,WIL,
,,Mary Jennings,,70,Pauper,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Charles Lawrence,20,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Lawrence,,25,,WIL,
,,Henry Lawrence,11m,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Ann White,,70,,WIL,
,,John White,20,,Laborer,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Woodard,50,,Porter,WIL,
,,Charles Woodard,20,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Thomas Woodard,20,,Baker,WIL,
,,William Woodard,10,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Woodard,,15,,WIL,
,,Cornelius Gullam,50,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Ann Gullam,,50,,WIL,
,,George Shergold,15,,Butcher,WIL,
,1,Henry Ireland,30,,Laborer,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 58 Page 20

,,Sarah Ireland,,30,F Servant,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Ireland,,7,,WIL,
,,Emily Ireland,,4,,WIL,
,,Jane Ireland,,5d,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Mary (Snr) Morris,,56,,WIL,
,,Mary (Jnr) Morris,,30,Boot & Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,Lydia Morris,,17,,WIL,
,,Louisa Morris,,12,,WIL,
,,George Ireland,4,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Woodgate,25,,Laborer,WIL,
,,George Woodgate,1,,,WIL,
,,Harriett Woodgate,,25,,WIL,
,,Daniel Woods,10,,,WIL,
,,George Woods,6,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Woods,,8,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Sarah Samson,,50,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Hannah Samson,,25,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Rosina Samson,,2,,WIL,
,,Sidney Samson,30,,Laborer,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Webb,25,,Baker,WIL,
,,Ann Maria Webb,,25,,WIL,
,,Henry Young,15,,Appntice Baker,WIL,
,,Ann Lumer,,17,Female Servant,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Mary Collins,,68,Single Woman (Crossed Out),WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Thomas Barnes,45,,Laborer,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 58 Page 21

,,Mary Barnes,,50,,WIL,
,,Jane Barnes,,10,,WIL,
,,Thomas Barnes,8,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Mary Eden,,65,Lab,Not in county,
Winchester St,u,,,,,,
Winchester St,1,Sarah Barnes,,71,Lab,WIL,
Winchester St,u,,,,,,
Winchester St,1,Mary Simmonds,,71,Lab,WIL,
,,Henry Simmonds,27,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
Winchester St,1,James Butler,25,,Painter,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Butler,,24,,WIL,
,,John Butler,6,,,WIL,
,,Anne Butler,,4,,WIL,
,,James Butler,1,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Prince,,59,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,Forename: Elizabeth replaced by Sarah
,,John Prince,8,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Thomas Poore,52,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Poore,,52,,WIL,
,,Thomas Poore,16,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Poore,,25,,WIL,
,,Emma Poore,,12,,WIL,
,,Thursa Poore,,9,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Harriett Short,,40,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Joseph Short,15,,Shop Boy,WIL,
,,Charles Short,10,,,WIL,
,,Martha Short,,8,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,James Kellow,25,,Sawyer,WIL,Surname: HELLIAR repaced by KELLOW

Book 1 Folio 59 Page 22

,,Ann Kellow,,26,,WIL,
,,Mary Kellow,,3,,WIL,
,,Robert Kellow,2,,,WIL,
,,(Infant) Kellow,2w,,,WIL,
,,John Kellow,60,,Shoemaker,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Robert Berry,67,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Sarah Berry,,57,Lacemaker,Not in county,
,,Alexander Redman,67,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Sarah Redman,,62,,WIL,
,,Clary Keel,,66,Laundress,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Mary Ann Sheppard,,30,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Thomas Sheppard,25,,Brushmaker,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Sheppard,,4,,WIL,
,,Andrew Sheppard,2,,,WIL,
,,Jane Sheppard,,3m,,WIL,
,,Ann Froud,,60,Woollen Weaver,WIL,
,,William Allen,62,,Cordwainer,Not in county,
,,Jane Allen,,47,Weaver,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Mary Britton,,50,Weaver,Not in county,
,,Ann Britton,,25,Tailoress,Not in county,
,,Sarah Britton,,15,Milliner,WIL,
,,Maria Britton,,8,,WIL,
,,John Britton,3,,,WIL,
Winchester St,u,,,,,,
Winchester St,1,George Sheppard,30,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Jane Sheppard,,30,Silk Weaver,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 59 Page 23

,,Jane Sheppard,,2,,WIL,
,,George Sheppard,4m,,,WIL,
,,Mary Bytham,,45,F Servant,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Thomas Bytham,78,,Laborer,WIL,
,,James Bytham,30,,Laborer,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Samuel Flood,84,,Wool Comber,Not in county,
,,Ann Flood,,77,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,John Jeans,77,,Post Boy,Not in county,
,,Ann Jeans,,70,,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,Richard Feltham,84,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Hannah Feltham,,87,,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,James Phillips,73,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Maria Phillips,,75,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Sarah Aldridge,,80,,Not in county,
,,Maria Aldridge,,20,,WIL,
London Rd,1,Thomas Farrell,41,,Independent,Not in county,
,,Margaret Farrell,,59,Independent,Not in county,
London Rd,1,Charles Perman,25,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Christianna Perman,,26,,WIL,
Green Croft,1,James Burgess,65,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Eliza Burgess,,21,,WIL,
Green Croft,1,George Parker,28,,Laborer,Not in county,
,,Catherine Parker,,23,,Not in county,
Green Croft,1,Philip True,45,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth True,,20,,WIL,

Book 1 Folio 60 Page 24

,,Andrew True,15,,,WIL,
,,William Rambury,62,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Rambury,,57,,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,Ann Davis,,59,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,En note: from home first call
,1,Henry Lenton,40,,Baker,WIL,
,,Eliza Lenton,,40,,Not in county,
,,Mary Lenton,,14,,WIL,
,,Eliza Lenton,,12,,WIL,
,,Henry Lenton,11,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Lenton,,9,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Lenton,,7,,WIL,
,,Theoplulis Lenton,6,,,WIL,
,,Emily Lenton,,4,,WIL,
,,Ellen Lenton,,1,,WIL,

Enumeration District 9

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 2 Folio 3 Page 1

Winchester St,1,Thomas Silwood,66,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Martha Silwood,,64,,WIL,
,,William Silwood,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Reeves,,8,,WIL,
,,Ann Reeves,,6,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Thomas Smith,40,,Maltster,WIL,
,,Emma Smith,,28,,WIL,
,,Charles Smith,12,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Smith,,9,,WIL,
,,Louisa Smith,,7,,WIL,
,,Emma Smith,,2,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Richard Doughty,43,,Bellows M,Not in county,
,,Pamola Doughty,,31,,Not in county,
,,William Doughty,11,,,Not in county,
,,Henry Doughty,9,,,Not in county,
,,Richard Doughty,7,,,WIL,
,,Robert Doughty,5,,,WIL,
,,Rebecca Doughty,,2,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Yates,54,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Yates,,53,,WIL,
,,William (Jnr) Yates,25,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Amelia Yates,,17,,WIL,
,,Mary Yates,,15,,WIL,
,,Thomas Yates,12,,,WIL,
,,Jane Yates,,8,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 4 Page 2

Winchester St,1,Joseph Lonnon,26,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Lonnon,,26,Straw Bonnet M,WIL,
,,Martha Howe,,70,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Maria Wheeler,,25,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Thomas Wheeler,5,,,WIL,
,,Esther Scott,,65,,Ireland,
Winchester St,1,Elizabeth Deverill,,68,School Mistress,WIL,
,,Sarah Moody,,36,Shoe Binder,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,Thomas Dowty,43,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Sarah Dowty,,43,,Not in county,
,,Samuel Dowty,14,,Porter,WIL,
,,John Dowty,10,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Thomas Spragg,63,,Ostler,Not in county,
,,Ann Spragg,,58,Straw Bonnet M,Not in county,
,,Thomas Spragg,28,,Letter Carrier,Not in county,
,,Edwin Pitt,31,,Brass Founder,Not in county,
,,Mary Pitt,,29,,Not in county,
,,Edwin Pitt,9,,,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,Thomas Clements,36,,Painter & Glazier,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Clements,,36,,Not in county,
,,Charles Clements,13,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Clements,,8,,WIL,
Guilder Lane,1,John Woodcock,42,,Cutler J,WIL,
,,Ann Woodcock,,43,,WIL,
,,Frederick Woodcock,2,,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 4 Page 3

,,John Berry,14,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,William Berry,10,,,WIL,
,,Edward Berry,7,,,WIL,
,,Ann Berry,,23,Dress M,WIL,
,,William Hewett,5,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Harwood,,15,F S,WIL,
Guilder Lane,1,William Tapper,40,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Fanny Tapper,,40,,WIL,
,,Frances Tapper,,7,,WIL,
,,William Tapper,4,,,WIL,
Guilder Lane,1,Stephen Huitt,52,,J Blacksmith,Not in county,
,,Hannah Huitt,,53,School Mistress,WIL,
,,John Huitt,15,,,WIL,
Guilder Lane,1,John White,34,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary White,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary White,,13,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth White,,12,,WIL,
,,John White,8,,,WIL,
,,Sarah White,,3,,WIL,
,,George White,1,,,WIL,
Guilder Lane,1,John Sturgess,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Sturgess,,40,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sturgess,,19,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Thomas Sturgess,15,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Sturgess,,13,F S,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 5 Page 4

,,William Sturgess,6,,,WIL,
,,Edwin Sturgess,1,,,WIL,
,,George Wilkins,10,,,WIL,
,,George Noyce,20,,M S,Not in county,
Guilder Lane,1,Joseph Ewence,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Rachel Ewence,,39,Laundress,Not in county,
,,John Ewence,9,,,WIL,
,,Charles Ewence,7,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Ewence,,9m,,WIL,
Guilder Lane,1,John Prince,52,,Cooper J,WIL,
,,Jane Prince,,49,,WIL,
,,William Prince,23,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Ann Prince,,21,,WIL,
,,George Prince,13,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Prince,,8,,WIL,
,,Eliza Prince,,5,,WIL,
,,John Potter,78,,Labourer,Not in county,
Guilder Lane,1,William White,29,,Baker J,WIL,
,,Sarah White,,29,,WIL,
,,Louisa White,,7,,WIL,
,,Frederic White,5,,,WIL,
,,Henry White,3,,,WIL,
,,Edwin White,8m,,,WIL,
,,Robert Titchioner,30,,Horse Keeper,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Titchioner,,30,,Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 5 Page 5

,,Thomas Titchioner,10,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Carter,,50,,Not in county,
,,Charles Carter,25,,Currier J,Not in county,
Milford St,1,Richard Gillingham,50,,Baker,WIL,
,,Phoebe Gillingham,,49,,Not in county,
,,John Gillingham,21,,Gas Fitter,WIL,
,,Clarissa Gillingham,,18,,WIL,
,,William Gillingham,17,,Writing Clr,WIL,
,,James Gillingham,14,,,WIL,
,,George Butt,15,,Writing Cl,WIL,
Milford St,b,,,,,,
Milford St,b,,,,,,
Milford St,b,,,,,,
Milford St,b,,,,,,
Milford St,b,,,,,,
Milford St,1,Thomas Deall,67,,Ind,WIL,
,,Fanny Deall,,61,Ind,WIL,
,,Charles Deall,23,,Dyer J,WIL,
Milford St,1,Charles Green,38,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Sarah Green,,40,,WIL,
,,William Green,16,,Silk Trowster Ap,WIL,
,,Mary Green,,14,,WIL,
,,Emma Green,,12,,WIL,
,,Edward Green,9,,,WIL,
,,Martha Green,,6,,WIL,
,,Jane Green,,4,,WIL,
,,Ann Green,,2,,WIL,
,,Catherine Green,,70,Ind,WIL,
Milford St,1,Charles Safe,30,,Dealer,WIL,
,,Sarah Safe,,30,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 6 Page 6

,,Selina Safe,,9,,WIL,
,,Patience Safe,,7,,WIL,
,,Charles Safe,5,,,WIL,
,,Pheobe Creed,,40,Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,Sarah Hibberd,,20,Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,Richard Walker,55,,Gunsmith,Not in county,
,,George Feltham,20,,Groom,WIL,
,,Nicholas Rowden,60,,Ag Lab,WIL,
Milford St,u,,,,,,
Milford St,1,James Bradley,70,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bradley,,54,,WIL,
,,Sarah Bradley,,20,Silk Trowster,WIL,
,,Eliza Bradley,,20,Silk Trowster,WIL,
,,John Bradley,15,,,WIL,
Milford St,u,,,,,,
Milford St,1,Matilda Everey,,20,Needle Woman,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Everey,,25,Needle Woman,WIL,
Milford St,1,John Eamer,52,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Frederick Eamer,13,,Ag Lab,WIL,
Milford St,1,John Yeatman,17,,Ind,WIL,
,,George Winkworth,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Charlotte Winkworth,,30,,WIL,
,,George Winkworth,3m,,,WIL,
,,Mary Brown,,6,,WIL,
,,Sarah Small,,77,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Small,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Small,,6,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 6 Page 7

,,Henry Haines,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Haines,,25,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Haines,,1,,WIL,
,,Sarah Morris,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Martha Musprat,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Musprat,,5,,WIL,
,,Harriet Husey,,23,Stay M,WIL,
,,William Nash,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Nash,,30,,WIL,
,,Caroline Nash,,8,,WIL,
,,Mary Nash,,5,,WIL,
,,Sarah Nash,,3,,WIL,
,,William Nash,1,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Locksley,,40,Shoe Binder,WIL,
Milford St,1,Edward Mist,50,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Susanna Mist,,46,,WIL,
,,Sarah Mist,,25,Silk Trowster,WIL,
,,John Mist,5,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Charles Conduit,25,,Bricklayer Lab,WIL,
,,Mary Conduit,,25,,WIL,
,,George Conduit,2,,,WIL,
,,Charles Conduit,6m,,,WIL,
Milford St,u,,,,,,
Milford St,u,,,,,,
Milford St,1,Sarah Brown,,38,,WIL,
,,Alfred Brown,19,,Gardener Lab,WIL,
,,Matilda Brown,,17,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 7 Page 8

,,Charles Brown,15,,,WIL,
,,George Brown,12,,,WIL,
,,Mary Brown,,8,,WIL,
,,John Brown,6,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,John Geary,40,,Tailor J,WIL,
,,Sarah Geary,,36,,WIL,
Milford St,1,George Quinton,40,,Cordwainer J,WIL,
,,Charlotte Quinton,,30,,Not in county,
,,Henry Quinton,8,,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Quinton,,5,,Not in county,
,,Mary Quinton,,2,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Quinton,,2m,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Thomas Stanford,41,,Cordwainer J,Not in county,
,,Jane Stanford,,38,,Not in county,
,,Joseph Stanford,13,,,Not in county,
,,Maria Stanford,,12,,Not in county,
,,William Stanford,8,,,WIL,
,,David Stanford,6,,,WIL,
,,Martha Stanford,,4,,WIL,
,,Thomas Stanford,2,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Thomas Highman,30,,Carpenter J,Not in county,
,,Mary Highman,,25,,Not in county,
,,Angelina Highman,,10,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Highman,,8,,Not in county,
,,Ellen Highman,,6,,Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 7 Page 9

,,Thomas Highman,4,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Highman,2,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,John Wyer,70,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Sarah Wyer,,55,,WIL,
,,Sarah Wyer,,25,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Mary Berry,,33,Corn Dealer,Not in county,
,,Ann Berry,,7,,WIL,
,,Hannah Crawley,,10,F S,WIL,
,,George Purnell,27,,M S,Not in county,
Milford St,1,Clarissa Kendall,,50,Baker,WIL,
,1,Thomas Earle,61,,Ind,WIL,
,,Harriet Earle,,30,Dress M,WIL,
,,Arabella Earle,,28,,WIL,
,,Louisa Earle,,25,Dress M,WIL,
Milford St,1,William Giddings,40,,Brewer,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Giddings,,30,,Not in county,
,,William Giddings,7,,,WIL,
,,Edwin Giddings,5,,,WIL,
,,Henry Giddings,3,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Giddings,1,,,WIL,
,,Martha Hawkins,,23,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Geary,,16,F S,WIL,
Milford St,1,Alfred Dixon,25,,Stone Mason J,WIL,
,,Francis Dixon,20,,Brush Maker J,WIL,
Milford St,1,William Bailey,31,,Blacksmith J,Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 8 Page 10

,,Louisa Bailey,,34,,Not in county,
,,Emma Bailey,,8,,Not in county,
,,Matilda Bailey,,7,,Not in county,
,,Selina Bailey,,5,,Not in county,
Milford St,1,William Saunders,40,,Bricklayer Lab,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Saunders,,38,,WIL,
,,Charles Saunders,11,,,WIL,
,,William Saunders,7,,,WIL,
,,George Saunders,1,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Aaron Ferrett,40,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Catherine Ferrett,,35,,WIL,
,,George Ferrett,5,,,WIL,
,,Ishmael Ferrett,2,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ferrett,,1m,,WIL,
Milford St,1,William Faulckner,60,,White Smith J,WIL,
,,Ann Faulckner,,50,,WIL,
,,Ann Perry,,12,,WIL,
,,George Young,37,,Working Jeweller,Not in county,
,,Emily Young,,14,,Not in county,
,,George Young,11,,,Not in county,
,,Charles Young,8,,,Not in county,
Milford St,1,James Horder,64,,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Horder,,68,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Horder,,24,,WIL,
,,George Horder,20,,Tea Dealer,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 8 Page 11

,,Stephen Minor,44,,P,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Minor,,44,,Not in county,
,,Ann Maddocks,,45,Laundress,WIL,
,,Mary Maddocks,,12,,WIL,
,,Sarah Maddocks,,11,,WIL,
,,Sarah Collier,,45,Laundress,WIL,
,,Mary Collier,,12,,WIL,
,,Thomas Wheeler,25,,Blacksmith J,Not in county,
Milford St,1,George Mussell,24,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Mussell,,30,,WIL,
,,James Smith,25,,Groom,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Smith,,60,,WIL,
,,Mary Hoskins,,25,,WIL,
,,James Hoskins,2m,,,WIL,
,,Jane Mussell,,3m,,WIL,
,,Fanny Mussell,,2,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Wheeler,,25,,Not in county,
Penny Farthing St,1,Elizabeth Parsons,,70,Baker,WIL,
,,Martha Parsons,,30,,WIL,
,,Kezia Parsons,,20,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Thomas Young,43,,Bricklayer Lab,WIL,
,,Jane Young,,42,,WIL,
,,Rosina Young,,7,,WIL,
,,Thomas Young,6,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Young,,6,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 9 Page 12

,,William Young,3,,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Henry Dew,40,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Hannah Dew,,40,,WIL,
,,Caroline Dew,,13,,WIL,
,,Emily Dew,,11,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Dew,,6,,WIL,
,,Charles Dew,5,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Dew,,3,,WIL,
,,William Dew,1w,,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,John Young,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Young,,58,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Young,,20,Stay M,WIL,
,,Philip Young,20,,Shopman,WIL,
,,Ellen Young,,15,Stay M,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,John Parker,55,,Tailor,Not in county,
,,Mary Parker,,56,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Mary Roe,,82,Ind,Not in county,
Penny Farthing St,1,Elizabeth Alford,,80,School Mistress,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Alford,,30,Dress Maker,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,William Allfred,25,,Bricklayer J,WIL,
,,Maria Allfred,,27,Laundress,WIL,
,,Maria Allfred,,5,,WIL,
,,Henrietta Allfred,,4,,WIL,
,,Samuel Allfred,2,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Allfred,,1m,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 9 Page 13

,,Rebecca Allford,,67,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Trowbridge,,20,F S,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Charles Dyer,53,,Blacksmith J,WIL,
,,Mary Dyer,,53,,WIL,
,,Mary Dyer,,25,Tailoress,WIL,
,,George Dyer,7,,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Isaac Horsell,63,,Wheelwright J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Horsell,,64,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Elizabeth Barnes,,66,Ind,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Harriet Beale,,45,Stay M,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Beale,,15,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Milicent Beale,,11,,WIL,
,,Henrietta Beale,,6,,WIL,
,,Rebecca Beale,,4,,WIL,
,,Mary Barnes,,4,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Barnes,2,,,Not in county,
,,William Bunce,3,,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Mary Brown,,60,Ind,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,James Staines,40,,Shoe M J,Not in county,
,,Sarah Staines,,39,,Not in county,
Penny Farthing St,1,William Hill,27,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Amelia Hill,,27,Straw Bonnet M,WIL,
,,William Hill,4,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Hill,,19m,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Henry Abel,30,,Shoe M,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 10 Page 14

,,Susanna Abel,,30,Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,James Abel,11,,,WIL,
,,Charles Abel,5,,,WIL,
,,Sophia Abel,,2,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,John Hinktan,40,,Fish Monger,WIL,Surname unlikely; writing v. faint
,,Rebecca Hinktan,,35,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hinktan,,14,,WIL,
,,Henry Hinktan,13,,,WIL,
,,Lydia Hinktan,,6,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Sarah Lucy,,75,Paper Box M,Not in county,
Penny Farthing St,1,Elizabeth Coombs,,40,Laundress,WIL,
,,Ruth Coombs,,10,,WIL,
,,Emily Coombs,,9,,WIL,
,,George Coombs,7,,,Not in county,
Penny Farthing St,1,William Redman,37,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Redman,,40,,WIL,
,,John Kennett,2,,,Not in county,
Penny Farthing St,1,Hugh Brine,30,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Ann Brine,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Brine,,10,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Brine,,7,,WIL,
,,James Brine,4,,,WIL,
,,Mary Brine,,2,,WIL,
,,Henry Berry,23,,Cabinet M J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Berry,,20,Dress M,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 10 Page 15

,,Harriet Ambrose,,19,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Edward New,68,,Coach Guard,Not in county,
,,Blandina New,,70,,Not in county,
,,James New,32,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah New,,30,Milliner,WIL,
,,George Massey,25,,Tailor J,WIL,
,,Lydia Massey,,25,,WIL,
,,John Massey,1,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Massey,,2m,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Samuel Ricketts,50,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Harriet Ricketts,,32,,WIL,
,,Amelia Ricketts,,3,,WIL,
,,Joseph Fox,30,,Coachman,Not in county,
,,Emma Fox,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,William Dew,23,,Ostler,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Daniel Harding,55,,Currier & Saddler,WIL,
,,Mary Harding,,60,,Not in county,
,,William Harding,20,,,WIL,
,,Henry Harding,20,,,WIL,
,,Charles Harding,15,,Cabinet M Ap,WIL,
,,Pheobe Pepperil,,20,F Servant,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Lewis Tomlinson,36,,Cl Mxxx Schoolmaster,Not in county,
,,Maria Tomlinson,,35,,WIL,
,,Charles Tomlinson,33,,Schoolmaster,Not in county,
,,Sarah Tomlinson,,30,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 11 Page 16

,,Chas Tomlinson,5,,,WIL,Age 5 and a quarter
,,Lewis Tomlinson,21m,,,WIL,Age 1 and three quarters
,,Henry Foss,15,,Scholar,Not in county,
,,William Potts,13,,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Thomas Parham,15,,Scholar,WIL,
,,Charles Clarke,9,,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Sarah Host,,24,F S,Not in county,
,,Pheobe Blake,,19,F S,WIL,
,,Eliza Spratt,,15,F S,WIL,
Guilder Lane,u,,,,,,
Guilder Lane,1,Amelia Lamport,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Ellen Lamport,,1,,WIL,
,,Sarah Barnes,,16,Silk Weaver,WIL,
Guilder Lane,1,George Bracher,46,,Secrtry To Wilts & Dorset Bank,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bracher,,40,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bracher,,17,,Not in county,
,,Emma Bracher,,16,,Not in county,
,,Nathan Bracher,9,,,Not in county,
,,Jethro Bracher,6,,,Not in county,
,,Hannah Burfitt,,27,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Richard Kitchell,58,,Broker Etc,Not in county,
,,Maria Kitchell,,45,,WIL,
,,Maria Kitchell,,15,Dress M,WIL,
,,Thomas Dudman,5,,,WIL,
,,Mary Hill,,45,Laundress,WIL,
,,Rachel -,,35,Laundress,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 11 Page 17

,,Mary -,,5,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Stratton,50,,Carrier,WIL,
,,Sophia Stratton,,40,,WIL,
,,Mary Stratton,,17,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,George Stratton,12,,,WIL,
,,Emma Stratton,,9,,WIL,
,,Edward Stratton,5,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Stratton,3,,,WIL,
,,Robert Blashford,50,,Labourer,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,John Dufosee,26,,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Louisa Dufosee,,27,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Dufosee,,6,,WIL,
,,Mary Dufosee,,2,,WIL,
,,George Offer,66,,Sawyer,WIL,
,1,Mary Rooms,,68,Ind,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Mary Rooms,,60,Flannel Weaver,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Henry Hoskins,30,,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hoskins,,35,Stay M,WIL,
,,Mary Hoskins,,4,,WIL,
,,Rosina Hoskins,,1,,WIL,
,,James Gaulton,13,,,WIL,
,,Henry Essex,24,,Labourer,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Elijah Parsons,60,,Labourer,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Geary,60,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Maria Geary,,38,Silk Weaver,Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 12 Page 18

Winchester St,1,William (Jnr) Geary,12,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Geary,6,,,WIL,
,,George Geary,3,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Hannah Durrington,,49,,WIL,
,,Eliza Durrington,,17,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Martha Durrington,,10,,WIL,
,,Mary Durrington,,7,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Maslen,50,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Harriet Maslen,,44,,Not in county,
,,Henry Maslen,15,,Ag Lab,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Mary Peniston,,40,School Mistress,WIL,
Winchester St,1,George Burnett,50,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Ann Burnett,,45,,WIL,
,,Jane Burnett,,20,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Chubb,30,,Publican,WIL,
,,Mary Chubb,,30,,WIL,
,,Henry Saunders,15,,M S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,John Richardson,44,,Grocer,Not in county,
,,Henry Richardson,20,,Professor Of Music,WIL,
,,William Richardson,17,,Cl In Bank,WIL,
,,George Richardson,11,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Richardson,9,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Richardson,,13,,WIL,
,,Jane Richardson,,35,,WIL,
,,William Moore,18,,Grocer App,Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 12 Page 19

,,Mary Coleman,,15,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Mary Dudman,,55,F S,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,John Fryer,45,,Plumber & Glazier,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Fryer,,40,,WIL,
,,James Fryer,8,,,WIL,
,,Mary Fryer,,6,,WIL,
,,Harry Fryer,4,,,WIL,
,,Mary Macey,,60,Ind,WIL,
Winchester St,1,James Sanger,30,,Poulterer,WIL,
,,Sophia Sanger,,25,,WIL,
,,James Line,20,,Shoe M J,WIL,
Church St,b,,,,,,
Church St,b,,,,,,
Church St,b,,,,,,
Church St,1,George Jenkins,25,,Painter & Glazier,WIL,
,,Ann Jenkins,,25,,WIL,
,,Henry Jenkins,2,,,WIL,
,,Henrietta Jenkins,,1,,WIL,
Church St,1,Ann May,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,William Jenkins,,20,Painter & Glazier,WIL,
Church St,1,Mary Pearce,,60,School Mistress,WIL,
,,Jane Gillo,,59,School Mistress,WIL,
Church St,1,John Hall,35,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Sarah Hall,,35,Laundress,WIL,
,,Emma Hall,,3,,WIL,
,,Alfred Hall,2,,,WIL,
,,\- Hall,,2w,,WIL,
,,Martha Drover,,19,F S,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 13 Page 20

Church St,1,Joseph Burah,60,,Surveyor,WIL,Surname uncertain: might be BURAL
,,Mary Burah,,60,,Not in county,
Church St,1,Sarah Penny,,45,Laundress,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Penny,,43,Laundress,WIL,
,,Mary Lucas,,18,Laundress,WIL,
Church St,1,Henry Hayden,49,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Ann Hayden,,50,,WIL,
,,William Gleed,55,,Ind,WIL,
Church St,1,Jane Hull,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Futcher,,14,Dress M Ap,WIL,
Church St,1,Absalom Bell,60,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Ann Bell,,60,,Not in county,
,,Ann Bell,,24,,Not in county,
,,Edward Bell,22,,Tailor J,Not in county,
Church St,1,William Payne,46,,Dancing Master,Not in county,Age 46 and a half
,,Mary Payne,,46,,Not in county,Age 46 and three quarters
,,Mary Payne,,26,Music & Dancing Mistress,Not in county,
,,John Calkin,15,,Ap To Dancing,Not in county,
,,Mary Price,,20,F S,Not in county,
,1,John Norris,52,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Ann Norris,,48,,WIL,
,,Thomas Norris,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,William Norris,10,,Painter Ap,WIL,
,,Charles Norris,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,George Norris,15,,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 13 Page 21

,,Joseph Norris,10,,,WIL,
,,Francis Norris,5,,,WIL,
,,Harriet Norris,,5,,WIL,
,,Jabez Norris,2,,,WIL,
Church Street,1,Thomas Davis,56,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,65,,WIL,
Church Street,1,Thomas Walker,50,,Wesleyan Minister,Not in county,
,,Sarah Walker,,45,,Not in county,
,,Grace Walker,,20,,Not in county,
,,John Walker,14,,,Not in county,
,,Grace Wilkinson,,80,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Nutt,,20,F S,Not in county,
Church Street,1,William Dingle,63,,Wool Comber,WIL,
,,Mary Dew,,63,Ind,WIL,
Church Street,1,James Howe,30,,Painter & Glazier,WIL,
,,Sarah Howe,,35,,WIL,
,,James Howe,12,,,WIL,
,,George Howe,9,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Howe,,7,,WIL,
,,Jane Howe,,4,,WIL,
,,Martha Howe,,8m,,WIL,
,,Richard Hibberd,20,,Painter & Glazier J,Not in county,
Church Street,1,Joseph Sanger,40,,,WIL,
,,Jane Sanger,,40,,WIL,
,,Jane Sanger,,3,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 14 Page 22

,,Rose Bailey,,9,,Not in county,
Milford St,1,Francis Goodridge,33,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Goodridge,,32,,WIL,
,,William Goodridge,10,,,WIL,
,,Catherine Goodridge,,8,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Goodridge,,4,,WIL,
,,Rhoda Goodridge,,2,,WIL,

Enumeration District 10

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 2 Folio 19 Page 1

Church St,1,William Joy,40,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Ann Joy,,37,,Not in county,
,,James Joy,11,,,Not in county,
,,William Joy,8,,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Joy,,5,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Joy,,2,,WIL,
,,Mary Stickland,,74,,WIL,
Church St,1,George Shergold,40,,Coach Builder,WIL,
,,Lydia Shergold,,40,,WIL,
,,George Shergold,20,,Linen Draper,WIL,
,,Edward Shergold,18,,Porter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Shergold,,15,,WIL,
,,Samuel Shergold,8,,,WIL,
Church St,1,John Sillwood,30,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Eliza Sillwood,,30,,WIL,
,,Deborath Butler,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Rosanna Harris,,13,F S,WIL,
Church St,1,Joseph King,38,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Sarah King,,35,,WIL,
,,George King,10,,,WIL,
,,Maria King,,8,,WIL,
,,Joseph King,5,,,WIL,
,,William King,3,,,WIL,
,,Sarah King,,4m,,WIL,
Church St,1,Richard Cary,74,,Bookseller,Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 20 Page 2

,,Betty Cary,,72,,WIL,
Church St,1,Charles George,62,,Indpt,WIL,
,,Mary George,,60,,WIL,
,,Frederick George,10,,,Not in county,
,,Charles Diason,72,,Indep,WIL,
Church St,1,Ann Smith,,55,Laundress,WIL,
,,Susannah Smith,,24,Dressmaker,WIL,
,,Sarah Smith,,3,,WIL,
,,Mary Reeves,,32,F S,WIL,
,,Ellen Whitehead,,10,,WIL,
Church St,1,Mary Hucke,,60,Indp,WIL,
,,Susan Sofper,,40,Indp,WIL,
Church St,1,William Wentworth,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Wentworth,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Wentworth,,5,,WIL,
,,Maria Wentworth,,8m,,WIL,
Church St,1,James Maton,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Maton,,40,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,James Maton,14,,,WIL,
,,Martha Maton,,5,,WIL,
,,Mary Maton,,3,,WIL,
,,Sarah Maton,,3w,,WIL,
Church St,1,Hannah Card,,50,Weaver,WIL,
,,George Card,14,,,WIL,
Church St,1,Jane Oakford,,70,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,

Book 2 Folio 20 Page 3

,,Sarah Webb,,69,Indp,WIL,
,,Mary Webb,,66,Indp,WIL,
Church St,1,Sarah Cooper,,68,Pauper,WIL,
,,Mary Woodland,,75,Indpt,WIL,
,,Mary Woodland,,53,Silk Weaver,WIL,
Church St,1,Richard Barrett,40,,Harness Maker,WIL,
,,Jane Barrett,,46,,WIL,
,,Samuel Barrett,11,,,WIL,
,,James Barrett,9,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Barrett,7,,,WIL,
,,Frederick Barrett,5,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Grace,,35,Laundress,WIL,
Church St,1,Charles Keel,30,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Keel,,30,,WIL,
,,Ellen Keel,,8,,WIL,
Church St,1,William Cookman,20,,Chair Maker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Cookman,,20,,WIL,
Church St,u,,,,,,
Church St,1,Samuel Flood,33,,Baker,WIL,
,,Cathrine Flood,,34,,WIL,
,,Ellen Flood,,10,,WIL,
,,Ann Flood,,4,,WIL,
,,Emma Flood,,2,,WIL,
,,Samuel Flood,2,,,WIL,
,,Noah Flood,6m,,,WIL,
,,Martha Brown,,50,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 21 Page 4

Church St,1,Samuel Sanger,68,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Sanger,,70,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Prince,,69,Lodger (Crossed Out),WIL,
Church St,1,Ann Silverthorne,,50,,WIL,
,,George Silverthorne,20,,Shoemaker,WIL,
Church St,1,Joseph Stokes,30,,Gardener,Not in county,
,,Urith Stokes,,30,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Stokes,,9,,WIL,
,,Elizath Stokes,,7,,WIL,
,,Eliza Stokes,,4,,WIL,
,,Emma Stokes,,3,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Philemon Witt,30,,Publican,WIL,
,,Jean Witt,,35,,WIL,
,,John Witt,8,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Witt,5,,,WIL,
,,James Witt,3,,,WIL,
,,Mary Witt,,2,,WIL,
,,Emma Witt,,4m,,WIL,
,,Sarah Cave,,17,F S,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Lucy Green,,40,Indpt,WIL,
,,Elizath Goodfellow,,50,Indpt,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Dinah Attwood,,70,School Mistress,Scotland,
Salt Lane,1,John Read,35,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Read,,35,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Read,,10,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 21 Page 5

,,Jemima Read,,4,,WIL,
,,Sophia Read,,18m,,WIL,
,,Sarah Furnace,,50,Lodger (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Mary Furnace,,10,,Not in county,
,,Mary Hunt,,5m,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Mary Scott,,40,Shoe M,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,William Johnson,50,,Laundress,Not in county,
,,Mary Johnson,,55,Laundress,Not in county,
Salt Lane,1,Diana Earl,,55,Baker,Not in county,
,,Edward Earl,20,,Baker,WIL,
,,Caroline Earl,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Ann Norris,,70,Laundress,Not in county,
,,Sarah Wigett,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Eliza Spender,,15,F S,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,John Everett,35,,Woollen Draper,WIL,
,,Jane Everett,,30,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Edge,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Porrell,,8,,WIL,
Salt Lane,b,,,,,,
Salt Lane,1,Samuel Everett,70,,Clothier,WIL,
,,Eliza Pike,,60,F S,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Thomas Watts,65,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Catherine Watts,,50,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Carter,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,George Watts,20,,Brewer,WIL,
,,Thomas Dyett,70,,Pensioner,Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 22 Page 6

Green Croft St,1,Middo Grace,,55,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,William Grace,25,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Grace,,20,Silkweaver,WIL,Age 22 overwritten
,,Dorcas Grace,,15,,WIL,
,,Charles Grace,20,,Blacksmith,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,James Edge,65,,Breeches Maker,Not in county,
,,Sarah Edge,,60,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Noyce,60,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Jane Noyce,,16,,WIL,
,,Mary Noyce,,15,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Redman,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Redman,,30,,Not in county,
,,John Redman,5,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Redman,,1,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Coward,25,,Cordwainer,Not in county,
,,Mary Coward,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary Coward,,5,,WIL,
,,Ellen Coward,,2,,WIL,
,,John Coward,1,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Squire,40,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Ann Squire,,40,,WIL,
,,Eliza Squire,,20,Silkweaver,WIL,
,,Jane Squire,,15,Silkweaver,WIL,
,,Thomas Squire,5,,,WIL,
,,Ann Squire,,5,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 22 Page 7

,,Charlotte Squire,,5,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Blake,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Louisa Blake,,30,,WIL,
,,John Blake,4m,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Norris,25,,Chair Maker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Norris,,20,,WIL,
,,Alfred Norris,5,,,WIL,
,,William Norris,3,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,George Jerritt,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Jerritt,,40,,WIL,
,,Ann Jerritt,,17,,WIL,
,,Frederick Jerritt,7,,,WIL,
,,John Jerritt,3,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Elizabeth Freeman,,50,Indpt,WIL,
,,Sarah Freeman,,25,Silk Throwster,WIL,
,,Mary Freeman,,20,Silk Throwster,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Thomas Barnes,35,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Barnes,,35,,WIL,
,,Thomas Barnes,15,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Barnes,,13,,WIL,
,,Matilda Barnes,,11,,WIL,
,,Rosseana Barnes,,9,,WIL,
,,George Barnes,4,,,WIL,
,,Henry Barnes,2,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Henry Dawkins,30,,Carpenter,Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 23 Page 8

,,Martha Dawkins,,25,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Sarah Frampton,,65,Widow (Crossed Out),Not in county,
Green Croft St,1,William Rambridge,20,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Rambridge,,20,,WIL,
,,Maria Rambridge,,2,,WIL,
,,William Rambridge,1,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Thomas Noyce,60,,Coal Merchant,WIL,
,,Sophia Noyce,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Noyce,,35,Indpt,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Hutchence,30,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Sarah Hutchence,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Hutchence,,8,,WIL,
,,Harriott Hutchence,,6,,WIL,
,,Thomas Jeffery,20,,Appntice,WIL,
,,Samuel Winkworth,12,,Lodger (Crossed Out),WIL,
Green Croft St,1,George Jeans,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Jeans,,30,,WIL,
,,Jeremiah Gerrish,60,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Ann Gerrish,,35,,WIL,
,,William Gerrish,14,,,WIL,
,,Henry Gerrish,7,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Hutchence,35,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Ann Hutchence,,40,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Hutchence,6,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Hutchence,,4,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 23 Page 9

,,Edward Hutchence,1,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,George Todd,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Todd,,40,,WIL,
,,George Todd,10,,,WIL,
,,William Todd,6,,,WIL,
,,Emely Todd,,3,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Burch,60,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Ann Burch,,50,,Not in county,
,,Joshua Burch,15,,Baker,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Thomas Smith,80,,Labourer,WIL,
,,William Hart,35,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Hart,,28,,WIL,
,,Sarah Hart,,3,,WIL,
,,Thomas Hart,2,,,WIL,
,,John Hart,6m,,,WIL,
,,Mary Saunders,,65,Lodger (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Mary Hyde,,60,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Laurence,50,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Laurence,,50,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Stanton,35,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Frances Stanton,,35,,WIL,
,,Charles Stanton,15,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Eliker Stanton,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Eliza Stanton,,14,,WIL,
,,Caroline Stanton,,9,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 24 Page 10

Green Croft St,1,Elizabeth Crockett,,70,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Job Crockett,30,,Harness Maker,WIL,
,,John Crockett,30,,Harness Maker,WIL,
,,Ann Crockett,,25,,WIL,
,,John Crockett,6,,,WIL,
,,William Crockett,4,,,WIL,
,,George Crockett,8m,,,WIL,
,,Henry Linten,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Futcher,,20,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Sarah Futcher,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,John Seril,20,,Labourer,Not in county,
Green Croft St,1,Joseph Pavey,70,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Lydia Pavey,,60,,WIL,
,,Eliza Pavey,,16,,WIL,
,,Ann Scammell,,20,F S,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Liltingstone,30,,Whip Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Liltingstone,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Liltingstone,,10,,WIL,
,,John Liltingstone,5,,,WIL,
,,Ann Chaffy,,90,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Thomas Wheeler,60,,Baker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Wheeler,,55,,Not in county,
,,Robert Wheeler,15,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Wheeler,,15,Compositer,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Mary Hoskins,,80,Widow (Crossed Out),Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 24 Page 11

,,William Boobyer,60,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Susan Boobyer,,50,,WIL,
,,Edward Boobyer,20,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Martha Boobyer,,15,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Boobyer,,7,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Elizabeth Ireland,,65,F S,WIL,
,,William Ireland,25,,Blacksmith,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Charles Jennings,60,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Grace Jennings,,60,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Frederick Duffy,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Duffy,,30,,Not in county,
,,Frederick Duffy,12,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Duffy,,10,,WIL,
,,Maria Shergold,,25,Weaver,WIL,
,,Frances Shergold,,20,Weaver,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Martha Leaver,,40,Weaver,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Henry Saunders,45,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Mary Saunders,,45,,WIL,
,,Sarah Saunders,,20,Weaver,WIL,
,,Caroline Saunders,,15,Weaver,WIL,
,,Emer Saunders,,15,Weaver,WIL,
,,Elsizer Saunders,,15,Shoe Binder,WIL,Forename uncertain
,,Emly Saunders,,12,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Sarah Gale,,45,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Ellen Gale,,12,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 25 Page 12

,,Emly Gale,,10,,WIL,
,,Emma Gale,,8,,WIL,
,,Charles Gale,3,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,u,,,,,,
Green Croft St,1,Mary Barnes,,20,Weaver,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Barnes,,3m,,WIL,
,,John Barnes,75,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Barnes,,55,,WIL,
,,Charles Barnes,20,,Gardener,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Hibberd,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Hannah Hibberd,,50,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Thomas Frampton,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Frampton,,40,,WIL,
,,Henry Frampton,20,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Charles Frampton,16,,Baker,WIL,
,,William Frampton,15,,,WIL,
,,Emly Frampton,,12,,WIL,
,,Mary Frampton,,10,,WIL,
,,Ellen Frampton,,6,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Joseph Burch,25,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Hannah Burch,,30,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Henry Burch,6,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Burch,4,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,John Silverthorn,35,,Baker,WIL,
,,Mary Silverthorn,,30,,WIL,
,,Charles Silverthorn,8,,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 25 Page 13

,,Mary Ann Silverthorn,,6,,WIL,
,,George Silverthorn,2,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,James Delicate,35,,Chimney Sweep,WIL,
,,Ann Delicate,,30,,WIL,
,,James Watson,40,,Butcher,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,William Jennings,35,,Sack Carrier,WIL,
,,Mary Brungen,,35,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Jane Brungen,,22,Pauper,WIL,
,,Ellen Brungen,,8,,WIL,
,,Mary Brungen,,4,,WIL,
,,Thomas Vickers,8,,,WIL,
Green Croft St,1,Catharine Rose,,25,Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,Harriott Yeats,,20,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Saunders,45,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Saunders,,25,,WIL,
,,Charles Saunders,1,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Brown,,60,Pauper,WIL,
,,Mary Moore,,55,Pauper,WIL,
Winchester St,1,James Stanley,30,,Horse Keeper,WIL,
,,Ann Stanley,,30,,WIL,
,,George Stanley,10,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Henry Coombs,60,,Indpt,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Coombs,,40,,WIL,
,,Charles Coombs,12,,,WIL,
,,Ann Coombs,,5,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 26 Page 14

Green Croft St,1,Elizabeth Cole,,20,Stay Sticher,WIL,
,,Sarah Cole,,2,,WIL,
,,Charles Chinn,20,,Labourer,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Frost,40,,Bacon Factor,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Frost,,40,,WIL,
,,Margarett Scammell,,50,Indpt,WIL,
Winchester St,1,James Sellaway,40,,Post Boy,Not in county,
,,Jane Sellaway,,45,,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,Mary Phillips,,60,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,William Phillips,25,,Flanel Drainer,WIL,
,,Ann Phillips,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Charles Phillips,10,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Sarah Cookman,,70,Laundress,WIL,
,,Eliza Butt,,25,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Duke,30,,Horse Keeper,WIL,
,,Maria Duke,,35,,WIL,
,,Henry Duke,5,,,WIL,
,,Jane Duke,,2,,WIL,
,,Sarah Naish,,60,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Crouch,30,,Innkeeper,WIL,
,,Fanny Crouch,,30,,WIL,
,,William Crouch,5,,,WIL,
,,Fanny Crouch,,1,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Frusler,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Frusler,,15,F S,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 26 Page 15

Winchester St,1,George Swoon,25,,Innkeeper,WIL,
,,Ann Swoon,,20,,WIL,
,,William Swoon,3,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Swoon,,2,,WIL,
,,Eliza Swoon,,5m,,WIL,
,,Eliza Atterrell,,15,Indpt,Not in county,
,,William Rinorn,25,,Miller,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Mary Coles,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Thomas Fird,55,,Mail Man,Not in county,
,,Thomas Jelly,55,,Shipwright,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,Stephen Rose,60,,Corn Dealer,WIL,
,,Jane Rose,,60,,WIL,
,,Jane Foyle,,25,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Herbert Gray,30,,Broker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Gray,,25,,WIL,
,,Levena Gray,,8,,WIL,
,,William Futcher,20,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Barnes,,25,Indpt,WIL,
,,Edward Goddard,24,,Ostler,WIL,
Winchester St,u,,,,,,
Winchester St,1,Christopher Smith,40,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Ann Smith,,35,,WIL,Age 38 overwritten
,,Sidney Smith,12,,,WIL,
,,William Smith,10,,,WIL,
,,Harry Smith,9,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Smith,,7,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 27 Page 16

,,Albert Smith,4,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Richard Dare,55,,Sursman,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Dare,,40,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Dare,,8m,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Joseph Smith,45,,Waiter,WIL,
,,Mary Smith,,45,Laundress,Not in county,
,,Emma Smith,,15,,Not in county,
,,Joseph Smith,14,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Smith,,12,,WIL,
,,Frances Tetridge,,15,F S,Not in county,
Winchester Sst,1,Thomas Saunders,30,,Book Binder,WIL,
,,Sarah Saunders,,40,,Not in county,
,,William Veal,20,,Book Binder,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Henry Andrews,50,,Grocer,Not in county,
,,Sarah Andrews,,50,,Not in county,
,,Henry Andrews,25,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Andrews,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Andrews,,15,,WIL,
,,Emma Andrews,,6,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Talbot,,70,Indpt,Not in county,
,,Hannah Rothr,,35,Ind (Crossed Out),Not in county,Surname uncertain
,,Elizabeth Wood,,15,F S,WIL,
,,George Page,15,,Appntice,WIL,
,,Cathrine Seymour,,30,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Seymour,,11,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 27 Page 17

,,Augusta Seymour,,9,,WIL,
,,Edward Seymour,4,,,WIL,
Church St,1,Thomas Bryant,25,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Jane Bryant,,20,,WIL,
,,Julia Bryant,,7m,,WIL,
Church St,1,Samuel Rambridge,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Harriett Rambridge,,45,,WIL,
,,Henry Rambridge,12,,,WIL,
,,Harriett Rambridge,,7,,WIL,
,,Mary Rambridge,,2,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,John Finch,55,,Wine Merch,WIL,
,,Racheal Finch,,52,,WIL,
,,Herbert Finch,30,,Surgeon,WIL,
,,Mary Ives,,50,Indpt,WIL,
,,Ann Briant,,45,F S,WIL,
,,Harriett Young,,29,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 11

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 2 Folio 33 Page 1

Rollestone St,u,,,,,,
Rollestone St,1,Mary Whitlock,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Henry Whitlock,13,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Whitlock,,11,,WIL,
,,Elizh Whitlock,,8,,WIL,
,,Urias Crook,20,,Cordwainer,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,John Bailey,40,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Ann Bailey,,35,,WIL,
,,Elizh Gravell,,15,,Not in county,
,,Ann Gravell,,5,,Not in county,
,,James Holly,35,,Tea Dealer,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Hannah Polley,,55,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Polley,,20,F S,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Henry Short,60,,Ind,WIL,
,,Eliza Short,,60,,WIL,
,,Ann Asken,,50,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
Rollestone St,1,Elizh Devenish,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Devenish,,40,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Devenish,,40,,Not in county,
,,Hannah Devenish,,35,,Not in county,
,,Ann Devenish,,30,,WIL,
,,James Devenish,70,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Brittan,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Harriett Phillips,,20,F S,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Thos Lawrence,60,,Solicitor,WIL,
,,Elizh Lampard,,25,F S,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 34 Page 2

Rollestone St,1,Philemon Ewer,50,,Accountant,Not in county,
,,Ann Ewer,,45,,Not in county,
,,Henry Ewer,25,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Stacey,,15,,Not in county,
Salt Lane,1,Sophia Williams,,70,Shopkeeper,WIL,
,,Elizh Bell,,15,Dressmaker,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Maria Curtis,,50,Spinster (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Elizh Curtis,,20,,WIL,
,,William Curtis,25,,Tailor Ap,WIL,
,,William Curtis,10,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Curtis,,6m,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Hannah Wright,,30,Spinster,WIL,
,,George Wright,2m,,,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,John Allen,60,,Sack Weaver,Not in county,
,,Ann Allen,,60,,Not in county,
Salt Lane,1,Geo Wallace,25,,Wesleyan Minister,Not in county,
,,Rachael Dowty,,55,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Dowty,,20,,Not in county,
,,Elizh Hoskins,,40,F S,Not in county,
Salt Lane,1,Chas Lee,55,,Attorneys Cl,Not in county,
,,Patience Lee,,55,,Not in county,
,,Charles Lee,20,,Clerk Attys,Not in county,
,,Elizh Oakford,,15,F S,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Charlotte Hallett,,65,Dressmaker,WIL,
,,Mary Praugh,,35,,WIL,Surname uncertain

Book 2 Folio 34 Page 3

,,Margaret Rooke,,15,Ap,WIL,
,,Cecely Cress,,20,Ind,WIL,
Salt Lane,1,Thos Spender,40,,Jo Brazier,WIL,
,,Martha Spender,,40,,WIL,
,,John Spender,14,,,WIL,
,,George Spender,11,,,WIL,
,,William Spender,9,,,WIL,
,,James Spender,6,,,WIL,
Church St,b,,,,,,
Church St,1,John Swan,45,,Butcher,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Elizh Swan,,35,,WIL,
Church St,1,Wm Grace,40,,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Mary Ham,,75,,WIL,
,,Sarah Cooke,,35,Washer Woman,WIL,
,,William Cooke,10,,,WIL,
Church St,1,George Dawes,40,,Waggon Master,Not in county,
,,Mary Dawes,,45,,Not in county,
,,Catherine Dawes,,15,,Not in county,
,,George Dawes,15,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Dawes,,13,,Not in county,
,,Howard Dawes,11,,,Not in county,
,,Alfred Dawes,10,,,Not in county,
,,Harriett Dawes,,6,,WIL,
,,Thomas Dawes,4,,,WIL,
,,Charles Dawes,3,,,WIL,
,,Edward Dawes,1,,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 35 Page 4

,,Ann Oakley,,35,F S,Not in county,
Church St,1,John Watts,35,,J Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Jane Watts,,40,,WIL,
,,Wm Watts,15,,Ap Tailor,WIL,
,,Eliza Watts,,13,,WIL,
,,Rachaell Watts,,11,,WIL,
,,Caroline Watts,,9,,WIL,
,,John Watts,2,,,WIL,
,,Lucy Scott,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,John Gray,25,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Patience Gray,,25,,WIL,
,,John Earl,55,,Brewer,WIL,
,,William Earl,40,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Ann Earl,,40,,WIL,
,,Isaac Earl,14,,,WIL,
,,Diana Earl,,12,,WIL,
,,Ellen Earl,,9,,WIL,
,,Ann Cross,,70,,WIL,
,,Rachael Pilley,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Richd Pilley,5,,,WIL,
Church St,1,Geo Crabb,25,,Groom,WIL,
,,Elizh Crabb,,25,,WIL,
,,Isabella Crabb,,8,,WIL,
,,Julia Crabb,,6,,Not in county,
,,Anne Crabb,,3,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 35 Page 5

,,Jane Crabb,,1,,WIL,
,,\- Not known,,1d,,WIL,
Church St,1,Reuben Lawrence,28,,Cooper,WIL,
,,Martha Lawrence,,25,,WIL,
,,John Lawrence,6,,,WIL,
,,Ann Lawrence,,2,,WIL,
,,Ann Biffin,,70,Ind,WIL,
Church St,1,George Skutt,25,,Jo Tailor,WIL,
,,Eliza Skutt,,25,,WIL,
,,Julia Skutt,,5,,WIL,Age 5 years & six months
,,Matilda Skutt,,2,,WIL,Age 2 years & six months
,,Augusta Skutt,,9m,,WIL,
Church St,1,Sarah Coombs,,75,Ind,WIL,
,,Maria Coombs,,45,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,,Elizh Old,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,George Hyde,14,,M S,WIL,
Church St,1,James Skutt,50,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,James Skutt,20,,J Bricklayer,WIL,
,,William Skutt,15,,,WIL,Age 75 overwritten
,,Hannah Skutt,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Skutt,,20,Bonnett M,WIL,
Church St,1,John Gillingham,60,,Accountant,WIL,
,,Esther Gillingham,,60,,WIL,
,,Caroline Bell,,15,F S,WIL,
Church St,1,Chas Blake,20,,Labourer,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 36 Page 6

,,Ann Blake,,25,,WIL,
,,Jane Blake,,1,,WIL,
,,Geo Burden,20,,Labourer,WIL,
Church St,1,William Cove,20,,Miller,WIL,
,,Jemima Cove,,20,,WIL,
,,Emily Cove,,9m,,WIL,
,,George Harding,20,,Policeman,WIL,
Church St,1,Mary Branham,,25,Silk Throwster,WIL,
,,Caroline Branham,,25,Silk Throwster,WIL,
,,Angilina Branham,,12,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Ann Crabb,,55,Ind,WIL,
Church St,1,Hannah White,,45,Washer Woman,Not in county,
,,Anna White,,15,Silk Weaver Ap,Not in county,
,,Richard White,15,,,Not in county,
,,Ellen White,,10,,WIL,
Church St,1,Sarah Crook,,85,,Not in county,
,,William Crook,50,,Boot Maker,Not in county,
,,Sarah Crook,,45,,WIL,
,,Benjamin Mained,30,,Nail Maker,Not in county,Surname uncertain
,,Jane Mained,,35,,Not in county,
,,Mary Mained,,9,,Not in county,
,,Ann Mained,,7,,Not in county,
,,John Mained,3,,,Not in county,
,,William Mained,5m,,,Not in county,
Church St,1,Edwd Dowding,50,,Land Measurer,Not in county,

Book 2 Folio 36 Page 7

,,Mary Dowding,,50,,Not in county,
,,Mary Dowding,,15,Dressmaker,WIL,
,,Thos Dowding,15,,,WIL,
,,John Dowding,10,,,WIL,
,,Emily Dowding,,10,,WIL,
,,Samuel Dowding,6,,,WIL,
Church St,1,Edw Massom,30,,Brewer,WIL,
,,Hannah Massom,,25,,Not in county,
Church St,1,Charlotte Sworn,,65,Laundress,WIL,
,,Charlotte Davis,,30,Laundress,WIL,Surname uncertain
Church St,1,Elizh Greek,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Catherine Dyer,,75,Ind,WIL,
Church St,1,Thos Davis,25,,Schoolmaster,WIL,
,,Elizh Davis,,25,,WIL,
Church St,1,James Small,30,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Rachel Small,,30,,WIL,
Church St,u,,,,,,
Church St,1,Robt Beaumont,30,,J Carpr,WIL,
,,Eliza Beaumont,,25,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Beaumont,,5,,WIL,
,,Mary Beaumont,,3,,WIL,
,,Jonathan Haskell,65,,Ind,Not in county,
Taylors Alms Hse Bedwin St,u,,,,,,
“Taylors Alms House,Bedwin St”,1,James Young,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Joseph Young,20,,Butcher Ap,Unknown,
“Taylors Alms House,Bedwin St”,1,Thos Woodford,60,,Labourer,WIL,
“Taylors Alms House,Bedwin St”,1,Richd Tabor,70,,Labourer,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 37 Page 8

“Taylors Alms House,Bedwin St”,1,William Shepherd,80,,Labourer,WIL,
“Tayors Alms House,Bedwin St”,1,John Best,65,,Labourer,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Thos Brown,35,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Mary Brown,,35,,WIL,
,,Ann Brown,,14,,WIL,
,,Wm Brown,12,,,WIL,
,,Charles Brown,10,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Brown,,2,,WIL,
,,Edward Brown,1,,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Mary Sillwood,,15,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Sillwood,,9,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,James Claydon,65,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Ann Claydon,,50,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Mary Strong,,40,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Henry Petty,11,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Petty,,9,,WIL,
,,John Strong,4,,,WIL,
,,Jane Kent,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Kent,,13,F S,WIL,
,,Elizh Chaffry,,20,Weaver,WIL,
,,George Castleman,35,,Clerk In Office,Not in county,
Bedwin St,1,George Sturgess,30,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sturgess,,30,,WIL,
,,Lucy Sturgess,,10,,WIL,
,,Henry Sturgess,6,,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 37 Page 9

,,William Sturgess,4,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Sturgess,,2,,WIL,
,,Helen Sturgess,,9m,,WIL,
,,Susan Awbrey,,45,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Smith,,40,Ind,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Henry Hitchcock,30,,Carrier,Not in county,
,,Anna Hitchcock,,20,,WIL,
,,Ann Tewkesbury,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Ellen Hitchcock,,8m,,WIL,
,,Eliza Pike,,15,F S,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Raymond Hale,25,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Frances Hale,,20,,WIL,
Frowds Alms House,1,Sarah Dixon,,85,Ind,WIL,
,,Jas Warran,8,,,WIL,
Frowds Alms House,1,Martha Fox,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Henrietta Fox,,13,,WIL,
Frowds Alms House,1,Martha Loder,,70,Ind,WIL,
Frowds Alms House,1,Louisa Collings,,75,Ind,WIL,
Frowds Alms House,1,Sarah Griffin,,75,Ind,WIL,
Frowds Alms House,1,Thos Burch,,65,Weaver,WIL,
Frowds Alms House,1,Joseph Morris,75,,Weaver,Not in county,
Frowds Alms House,1,John Masters,70,,Chair M,Not in county,
Frowds Alms House,1,William Carter,65,,Comb M,WIL,
Frowds Alms House,1,Thos Horlick,75,,Carpr,Not in county,
Frowds Alms House,1,John Fruiman,65,,Ind,WIL,Surname uncertain

Book 2 Folio 38 Page 10

Rollestone St,1,Mary Whitney,,65,Washer Woman,Not in county,
,1,Harriett Pothecary,,55,Washer Woman,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Geo Hinxman,25,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Anne Hinxman,,30,,WIL,
,,Tom. Cavell,25,,Gardener,WIL,Forename abbreviated & uncertain
,,Emma Garrett,,11,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Chas Luxton,65,,Whitesmith,Not in county,
,,Jane Luxton,,55,,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Luxton,,20,,WIL,
,,Caroline Luxton,,15,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Elizh Luxton,,10,,WIL,
,,Chas Luxton,5,,,WIL,
,,Geo Porter,20,,Florist,Not in county,
,,James Backhouse,25,,Engineer,Not in county,
,,John Whosick,25,,Engineer,Not in county,

Enumeration District 11 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 2 Folio 38 Page 10

Rollestone St,1,Mary Kingdon,,40,Schoolmistress,WIL,
,,Clarissa Rosewell,,20,Assistant,WIL,
,,Maria White,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Connor,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Elizh Whitlock,,12,,WIL,
,,Louisa Moyle,,11,,Not in county,
,,Jane Squibb,,6,,WIL,
,,Lydia Veryman,,8,,WIL,
,,Chas Squibb,7,,,WIL,
,,Anthony Edwards,8,,,WIL,

Enumeration District 11 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 2 Folio 38 Page 11

Rollestone St,1,Mary Talbot,,30,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,,John Talbot,8,,,WIL,
,,Fredk Talbot,6,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Talbot,5,,,WIL,
,,Elizh Webb,,30,,WIL,
,,Edward Lawrence,75,,Labourer,WIL,
,,George House,25,,J White Smith,WIL,
,,Harriett House,,25,,WIL,
,,Victoria House,,5,,WIL,
,,Samuel Langley,25,,Nail Maker,Not in county,
,,Martha Langley,,25,,Not in county,
,,Samuel Langley,8,,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Langley,,4m,,Not in county,
Rollestone St,1,Edwd Clinch,28,,Cabinet Maker,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,John Robberts,30,,Bricklayer Jo,WIL,
,,Elizh Robberts,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Robberts,,4,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Thos Wapshare,70,,Baker,WIL,
,,Ann Wapshare,,55,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,95,,WIL,
Rollestone St,u,,,,,,
Rollestone St,1,Jane Pekin,,45,Washerwoman,WIL,
,,Chas Pekin,15,,,WIL,
,,James Malabor,60,,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Prudence Oxford,,70,Mangler,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Richard Wheeler,60,,P Army,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 39 Page 12

,,Jane Wheeler,,55,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Alexr Swift,20,,Sawyer,WIL,
,,Hannah Swift,,25,,Not in county,
,,Caroline Swift,,4,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Swift,,3,,WIL,
,,Albert Swift,1,,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Geo Clark,35,,Shoe Maker,Not in county,
,,Sarah Clark,,30,,Not in county,
,,Mary Clark,,11,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Clark,,7,,Not in county,
,,Edwd Clark,4,,,Not in county,
,,John Clark,1,,,Not in county,
Rollestone St,1,Wm Sewell,35,,Taylor,Not in county,
,,Maria Sewell,,30,,WIL,
,,Emma Sewell,,12,,WIL,
,,John Sewell,10,,,WIL,
,,Jane Sewell,,5,,WIL,
,,Henry Sewell,2,,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,John Dickes,25,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Elizh Dickes,,25,,WIL,
,,John Dickes,4,,,WIL,
,,Elizh Dickes,,3,,WIL,
,,Sarah Dickes,,1,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Henry Williams,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Williams,,35,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 39 Page 13

,,Louisa Williams,,15,,WIL,
,,Henry Williams,13,,,WIL,
,,Prudence Williams,,7,,WIL,
,,John Williams,5,,,WIL,
,,Esther Williams,,2,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,John Bundy,35,,Cooper J,Not in county,
,,Martha Bundy,,40,,Not in county,
,,William Bundy,13,,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Bundy,,10,,Not in county,
,,Charles Bundy,8,,,Not in county,
,,George Bundy,4,,,Not in county,
Rollestone St,u,,,,,,
Rollestone St,1,Lucy Wright,,35,Washerwoman,WIL,
,,Thomas Wright,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Emma Wright,,13,,WIL,
,,Charles Wright,6,,,WIL,
,,Frederick Wright,3,,,WIL,
,,George Wright,1,,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Henry Bath,20,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Isabella Bath,,20,,WIL,
,,Ann Dear,,25,Stay M,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Jemima Thomas,,40,Laundress,Not in county,
,,Richard Edmonds,45,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Margaret Edmonds,,45,,Not in county,
Rollestone St,1,Sarah Massey,,25,Tailoress,WIL,
,,William Massey,4,,,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 40 Page 14

,,Geo Massey,3,,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,James Hibberd,45,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hibberd,,40,,Not in county,
,,George Hibberd,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hibberd,,15,,WIL,
,,James Hibberd,12,,,WIL,
,,Charles Hibberd,11,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Hibberd,,7,,WIL,
,,Herbert Hibberd,2,,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,John Berry,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Berry,,20,,WIL,
,,Emily Berry,,2,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Wm Collins,70,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Maria Collins,,70,,WIL,
,,Fredk Dorrell,11,,,WIL,
,,Thos Alexander,20,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Seth Cooper,20,,Labourer,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Joseph Barnett,70,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Susannah Barnett,,60,,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Chas Crockett,30,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Susannah Crockett,,30,,WIL,
,,Elizh Crockett,,3,,WIL,
,,Sarah Crockett,,1,,WIL,
,,Wm Crockett,4m,,,WIL,
,,James Lawrence,13,,Sh Ap,WIL,

Book 2 Folio 40 Page 15

,,Wm Dufosee,30,,Shoemaker,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,Joshua Cobden,70,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Sarah Cobden,,60,,WIL,
,,Emma Cobden,,15,Sh Binder,WIL,
Rollestone St,1,John Downton,35,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Caroline Downton,,30,,Not in county,
,,Mary Harris,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,John Cooke,15,,Gardener,Not in county,
,,Henry Nash,50,,Cutler,WIL,
,,Mary Nash,,55,,WIL,
,,Thomas Earle,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Hester Earle,,20,,Not in county,
,,Emily Earle,,9m,,WIL,
,,William Freeman,30,,Nail M,Not in county,
,,Margaret Freeman,,35,,Not in county,
,,Charles Light,20,,Shoemaker,WIL,

Enumeration District 12

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 3 Folio 4 Page 1

Bedwin St,1,Alice Williams,,50,Independent,WIL,
,,Ann Bettridge,,16,Servant,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,John Ralph Skeate,73,,Builder,WIL,
,,John Henry Skeate,23,,Builder,WIL,
,,Thomas Skeate,19,,Dealer,WIL,
,,Ellen Harwood,,12,F S,Unknown,
,,Thomas Cuffe,29,,Saddler,WIL,
,,Sarah Cuffe,,28,,WIL,
,,Tom Cuffe,7,,,WIL,
,,George Cuffe,4,,,WIL,
,,Emily Cuffe,,2,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Cuffe,,2m,,WIL,
,,Martha Harwood,,14,F S,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,William Gofney,38,,Schoolmaster,WIL,
,,Samuel Eastman,30,,Chairmaker,WIL,
,,Sarah Eastman,,28,,WIL,
,,Emily Eastman,,2,,WIL,
,,Samuel Eastman,10m,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Eastman,,7,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Edward Gerrard,28,,J Tailor,WIL,
,,Frances Gerrard,,29,,WIL,
,,Edward Gerrard,1,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Gerrard,,63,,WIL,
,,Charles Wilks,26,,J Tinman,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 5 Page 2

Bedwin St,1,Richard Sims,67,,Pensioner,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sims,,64,,WIL,
,,Eliza Sims,,41,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Mary Winterburn,,76,Parish,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,William Ranger,49,,Painter & Glazier,WIL,
,,Mary Ranger,,49,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,James Stevens,70,,Chair Maker,Not in county,
,,Mary Lawford,,30,Chair Maker Widow (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Richard Lawford,14,,M S,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,Henrietta Beave,,40,Simstress,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Beave,,50,Laundress,WIL,
,,Harriett Beave,,20,Simstress,WIL,
,,Charlotte Beave,,19,Simstress,WIL,
,,Ellen Beave,,14,F S,WIL,
,,Charles Beave,17,,M S,WIL,
,,Edward Beave,9,,,WIL,
Bedwin St,1,George Wapshare,35,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Rachel Wapshare,,35,,WIL,
,,Eeneas Wapshare,15,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Clara Wapshare,,11,,WIL,
,1,Ann Davis,,36,Greengrocer,WIL,
,,Sarah Davis,,10,,WIL,
,,William Davis,8,,,WIL,
,,Henrietta Davis,,6,,WIL,
,,George Davis,7w,,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 5 Page 3

Bedwin St,1,Richard Saunders,25,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,George Leaser,22,,Baskett Maker,WIL,
,,Caroline Rambridge,,20,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Jane Rambridge,,18m,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Martha Webb,,60,Shopkeeper,WIL,
,,Thomas Foyle,70,,P,WIL,
,,Jane West,,15,Weaveress,WIL,
,,James Johnson,57,,Cutler,WIL,
Endless St,1,Sarah Crook,,35,Dressmaker,WIL,
,,Sarah Crook,,10,,WIL,
,,George Crook,8,,,WIL,
,,Arthur Crook,2,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Arnold,,25,Dressmaker,WIL,
Endless St,1,Stephen Hill,34,,Solicitor,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hill,,31,Independent,WIL,
,,Stephen Hill,10,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Edney,,24,F S,Not in county,
,,Emma Edney,,14,F S,Not in county,
Endless St,1,Thomas Salmon,50,,Auctioneer,Not in county,
,,Margaretta Salmon,,50,,Not in county,
,,Anne Salmon,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Kelley,,20,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Ann Blatch,,58,Independent,WIL,
,,Mary Sweetapple,,60,Independent,WIL,
,,Ann Rickson,,40,F S,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 6 Page 4

,,John Rickson,39,,M S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Samuel Foot,60,,Soliciter,WIL,
,,Ellen Foot,,28,,WIL,
,,Harriet Hazard,,40,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Oliver,,25,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,John Harrison,25,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Sarah Harrison,,25,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Harrison,,4m,,WIL,
,,Kezia Bennett,,15,Ap,WIL,
Hog Lane,1,William Gray,25,,M S,WIL,
,,Martha Gray,,30,,WIL,
,,William Gray,8,,,WIL,
,,Martha Gray,,1,,WIL,
,,John Mussell,20,,M S,WIL,
Hog Lane,1,James Turner,40,,M S,WIL,
,,Ann Turner,,40,,WIL,
,,Jane Turner,,12,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Turner,,10,,WIL,
Hog Lane,1,David Parsons,30,,Baker,Not in county,
,,Martha Parsons,,25,,WIL,
,,Henry Parsons,9m,,,WIL,
Hog Lane,1,Ann King,,70,,WIL,
,,George King,40,,Tailor,WIL,
,,William Peniston,18,,Att Cl,WIL,
Hog Lane,v,,,,,,En note: Out of town

Book 3 Folio 6 Page 5

Hog Lane,1,Elizabeth Tayler,,22,Dress Maker,Scotland,
Hog Lane,1,William Lane,20,,Publican,Not in county,
,,Jane Lane,,20,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Sanger,,20,F S,WIL,
Rolestone St,1,William Pasinan,50,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pasinan,,45,,Ireland,
,,William Barrows,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Ann Barrows,,56,,Not in county,
Rolestone St,1,Sophia Harris,,34,Charwoman,WIL,
,,Sophia Harris,,12,F S,WIL,
,,William Harris,9,,,WIL,
,,Jonathen Harris,7,,,WIL,
,,Silas Harris,5,,,WIL,
,,Isabella Harris,,3,,WIL,
Rolestone St,1,Thomas Banger,64,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Lucy Banger,,65,,WIL,
,,Thomas Banger,22,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Mary Naish,,22,Stay Maker,WIL,
Rolestone St,1,Ann Butt,,40,Parish,WIL,
,,Jane Butt,,20,Cap Maker,WIL,
,,George Butt,14,,M S,WIL,
,,Ann Butt,,13,Cap Maker,WIL,
,,John Butt,11,,M S,WIL,
,,William Butt,8,,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 7 Page 6

Roleston St,1,John Tagg,40,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Tagg,,38,,WIL,
,,Eliza Tagg,,16,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Tagg,,15,,WIL,
,,George Tagg,13,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,James Tagg,12,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,William Tagg,9,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Tagg,,7,,WIL,
Roleston St,1,John Blake,60,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Mary Blake,,60,,WIL,
,,James Blake,20,,Lab,WIL,
,,Amelia Blake,,15,F S,WIL,
Roleston St,1,James Butt,55,,M S,WIL,
,,Esther Butt,,56,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hayden,,26,Daughter (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Sarah Butt,,13,F S,WIL,
,,James Butt,12,,M S,WIL,
,,Charles Butt,11,,,WIL,
Roleston St,1,George Haines,37,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Haines,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Haines,,10,,WIL,
,,Tom Haines,8,,,WIL,
,,George Haines,5,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Haines,,3,,WIL,
,,Harry Haines,2m,,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 7 Page 7

Roleston St,1,Mary Rosewell,,40,Schoolmistress,WIL,
,,Caroline Rosewell,,17,,WIL,
Roleston St,1,Eliza Loveday,,40,,WIL,
,,Charles Loveday,12,,M S,WIL,
,,Louisa Austin,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,18,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Gibbs,,18,F S,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,James Fleming,45,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Ann Fleming,,45,,WIL,
,,Eliza Fleming,,20,Laundress,WIL,
,,Matilda Fleming,,18,Laundress,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Fleming,,16,Laundress,Unknown,
,,James Fleming,14,,M S,WIL,
,,Mary Fleming,,11,,WIL,
,,Jane Fleming,,8,,WIL,
,,Sarah Fleming,,5,,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,James Millard,39,,Painter,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Millard,,39,,WIL,
,,James Millard,12,,M S,WIL,
,,Susanna Millard,,9,,WIL,
,,Thomas Millard,7,,,WIL,
,,John Millard,3,,,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,Nathaniel North,60,,Lab,WIL,
,,Sarah North,,50,,WIL,
,,Richard Williams,55,,Lab,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 8 Page 8

Scotch Lane,u,,,,,,
Scotch Lane,1,Sarah Hayter,,65,Laundress,WIL,
,,George Hayter,15,,Coal Carrier,WIL,
,,Steven Bungy,30,,Lab,WIL,
,,Isaac Fox,20,,Lab,WIL,
,,Mary Chubb,,21,Simstress,WIL,
,,Jane Cooper,,20,Simstress,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,James Coombs,71,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,William Ham,49,,Hawker,WIL,
,,Ann Mitchel,,65,Parish,WIL,
,,Jacob Mepel,15,,M S,WIL,
,,John Welford,14,,M S,WIL,
,,Sarah Mepal,,14,F S,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,George Mitchell,35,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,John Mitchell,42,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Maria Mitchell,,39,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Mitchell,,49,,WIL,
,,Ann Mitchell,,7,,WIL,
,,Louisa Mitchell,,21,Laundress,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,Joshua Crook,47,,Cordwr,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Crook,,32,,WIL,
,,Fredk Crook,22,,Taylor,WIL,
,,Mathias Crook,13,,M S,WIL,
,,Alfred Crook,11,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Crook,,6,,WIL,
,,Cecelia Crook,,1,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 8 Page 9

,,Charles Eyres,19,,Ap,WIL,
,1,Mary Burford,,70,Parish,WIL,
Scotch Lane,u,,,,,,
Scotch Lane,u,,,,,,
Scotch Lane,u,,,,,,
Scotch Lane,1,Samuel Burfit,45,,Brick Maker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Burfit,,40,,WIL,
,,James Burfit,13,,Brick Maker,WIL,
,,Louisa Burfit,,8,,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,George Tinham,30,,Maltster,WIL,
,,Susannah Tinham,,35,,WIL,
,,John Tinham,9,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Tinham,,5,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Tinham,,3,,WIL,
,,Mark Tinham,18m,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Tinham,,1m,,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,William Watts,40,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Watts,,40,,WIL,
,,William Watts,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Sidney Watts,12,,M S,WIL,
,,Alfred Watts,10,,M S,WIL,
,,Edgar Watts,7,,,WIL,
,,Emma Watts,,5,,WIL,
,,Edwin Watts,11m,,,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,Charlotte Tompkins,,58,Laundress,WIL,
Scotch Lane,1,James Baldwell,25,,Lab,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Baldwell,,25,,WIL,
,,Maria Baldwell,,11,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 9 Page 10

Scotch Lane,1,James Baldwell,5,,,WIL,
,,Charles Baldwell,2,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Barnes,,18,Silk Weaver,WIL,
Castle St,1,Joseph Naish,40,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Ann Naish,,45,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Naish,,78,,WIL,
,,James Small,80,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Ann Skeat,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Robert Waller,15,,M S,WIL,
Castle St,1,George Read,60,,Builder,Not in county,
,,Ann Read,,60,,Not in county,
,,Catharine Read,,20,,WIL,
,,Mary Read,,20,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Read,,15,,WIL,
,,Pheobe Read,,15,,WIL,
,,Emma Harrison,,9,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Henry Barnett,56,,J Plumber,WIL,
,,Rebecca Barnett,,50,,WIL,
,,John Godwin,18,,Ap Tailor,WIL,
Castle St,1,Charles Ingram,40,,Leather Cutter,WIL,Occ: First word uncertain
,,Celia Ingram,,40,,WIL,
,,Celia Ingram,,16,,WIL,
,,Martha Ingram,,14,,WIL,
Castle St,1,William Ganaway,35,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Ann Ganaway,,35,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 9 Page 11

,,Mary Turner,,20,Independent,WIL,
,,Thomas Teabain,19,,App,WIL,
,,John Tilly,18,,App,WIL,
Castle St,1,Thomas Barnes,55,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Henry Barnes,30,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Susanna Allen,,67,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Susannah Vidler,,46,Independent,WIL,Address: Additional unreadable text
,,Mary Gould,,21,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,Elizabeth Grace,,55,Laundress,WIL,
,,Mary Wilson,,40,Laundress,WIL,
,,George Jones,5,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Mary Ann Rumbel,,38,,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Sarah Rumbel,,6,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Ann Jones,,43,Nurse,WIL,
,,Sophia Jones,,12,,WIL,
,,Mary Parsons,,45,Independent,WIL,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
Castle St,1,Thomas James,70,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Eliza James,,31,,WIL,
,,Henry James,11,,,WIL,
,,William James,5,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,George Pain,40,,Brewer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Pain,,40,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Olive Pain,,20,,WIL,
,,Thomas Pain,15,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Pain,,15,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Julia Pain,,7,,WIL,
,,Wyndham Pain,5,,,WIL,
,,Mary Biffen,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Edith Hayter,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Caroline Allison,,15,F S,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Samuel Parker,30,,Taylor,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Parker,,30,,Not in county,
,,William Parker,7,,,WIL,
,,Robert Parker,5,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Parker,3,,,WIL,
,,Mary Parker,,10m,,WIL,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
Castle St,1,Alexander Blake,67,,Fuller,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Blake,,67,,WIL,
,,Emma Hawkins,,27,,WIL,
,,Selina Hawkins,,5,,WIL,
,,Robert Hawkins,2,,,WIL,
,,James Hawkins,,3m,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Thomas Foster,36,,Painter,WIL,
,,Ann Foster,,34,,Not in county,
,,Emma Foster,,9,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Foster,,7,,WIL,
,,Eliza Foster,,5,,WIL,
,,Charles Foster,2,,,WIL,
,,Ann Foster,,5m,,WIL,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
,1,Eliza Lawrence,,30,School Mistress,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 10 Page 13

,,William Lawrence,12,,F S,WIL,
,,Felix Lawrence,,10,,WIL,
,,Marian Lawrence,,8,,WIL,
,,Mary Gattrill,,36,Independent,WIL,
,,Harry Earl,20,,Painter,WIL,
,,Mary Weeks,,26,F S,WIL,
“Castle St, Targett B”,u,,,,,,
“Castle St, Targett B”,u,,,,,,
“Castle St, Targett B”,u,,,,,,
Castle St,1,Frederick Clack,25,,Coach Builder,Not in county,
,,Jane Clack,,25,,Not in county,
,,George Clack,3,,,WIL,
,,Harry Clack,10m,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Caroline Futcher,,22,Straw B M,WIL,
,,Charlotte Bracher,,57,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Line,,40,P,WIL,
,,Louisa Line,,11,,WIL,
,,Charles Line,5,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,James Walker,40,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Walker,,43,,WIL,
,,George Walker,16,,Cabinet Maker,WIL,
,,Ellen Walker,,10,,WIL,
Castle St,1,John Coles,73,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Mary Coles,,76,,Not in county,
,,Peter Hanlon,38,,Hawker,Ireland,
,,Eliza Hanlon,,28,,WIL,
,,(Son) Hanlon,1d,,,Unknown,”NWOCP note: Name given as “”son N K”””
Castle St,1,William Mott,45,,Butcher,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 11 Page 14

,,Elizabeth Mott,,40,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Mott,,14,,WIL,
,,William Mott,11,,,WIL,
,,Charles Mott,9,,,WIL,
,,John Mott,7,,,WIL,
,,Frederick Mott,4,,,WIL,
,,Charles Stevens,41,,Clerk In Office,Not in county,
,,Sarah Stevens,,28,,Not in county,
Chipper Lane,1,Elizabeth Langdown,,39,Parish,WIL,
,,Sarah Hawkins,,23,Needlework,Not in county,
,,Sarah Hawkins,,2,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Charles Foster,67,,M S,WIL,
,,Ann Foster,,64,,WIL,
,,Harriett Foster,,38,,WIL,
,,Louisa Foster,,20,,WIL,
,,Isabella Foster,,16,,Not in county,
Chipper Lane,1,Joseph Petty,84,,Lab,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,John Curtis,54,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Mary Curtis,,50,,Not in county,
,,Selina Curtis,,22,,WIL,
,,Maria Curtis,,20,,WIL,
,,Fanny Curtis,,19,,WIL,
,,John Curtis,16,,Dyer,WIL,
,,James Curtis,14,,M S,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Richard Powis,75,,Independent,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 11 Page 15

,,Prudence Powis,,10,,Not in county,
Chipper Lane,1,George Britton,55,,Beadle,WIL,
,,Sarah Britton,,50,,WIL,
,,Hannah Britton,,75,Inependent,WIL,
,,Mary Mitchell,,6,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Thomas Martin,49,,Lab,WIL,
,,Mary Martin,,52,,WIL,
,,Emma Martin,,15,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,James Burch,43,,Publican,WIL,
,,Hannah Burch,,42,,WIL,
,,Hannah Burch,,21,,WIL,
,,James Burch,19,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Burch,,15,,WIL,
,,Eliza Burch,,9,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Hannah Parsons,,55,Tupe Dresser,WIL,
,,William Parsons,15,,Harness M,WIL,
,,John Parsons,20,,App,WIL,
,,Mary Ann London,,20,,WIL,
,,George Medhurst,20,,Painter,Not in county,
,,John Harding,20,,Clerk,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,John Cother,50,,Wine Merch,Not in county,
,,Philip Cother,21,,Wine Merch,Not in county,
,,Giles Cother,17,,Clerk,WIL,
,,Jane Cother,,22,,Not in county,
,,Martha Maidment,,29,F S,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 12 Page 16

Chipper Lane,1,Priscilla Quintin,,21,F S,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,William M Coates,29,,Surgeon,Not in county,
,,Caroline Coates,,25,,Not in county,
,,Nessey Coates,,2,,WIL,
,,Frederick Coates,1,,,WIL,
,,Eve Emma Coates,,3m,,WIL,
,,Amelia Kelsey,,50,Independent,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Wakeford,,40,,Not in county,
,,Ann Elkins,,23,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Ingby,,17,F S,Not in county,
,,Harriett Hoste,,26,F S,Not in county,
,,Mary Earle,,23,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Charles Hill,46,,Solicitor,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Hill,,45,,WIL,
,,John F Wilmot,11,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Evans,,22,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,John B Williams,55,,Clerk,WIL,
,,Arthur Williams,24,,Baker,WIL,
,,Joseph Williams,20,,App,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,41,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,18,App,WIL,
,,Anna Williams,,16,App,WIL,
Endless St,1,Henry Finley,40,,Professor Of Dent,Not in county,
,,Caroline Eliz Finley,,40,,WIL,
,,Caroline Jane Finley,,15,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 12 Page 17

,,Kate Finley,,13,,WIL,
,,Frank Finley,11,,,WIL,
,,George Finley,9,,,WIL,
,,Lucy Finley,,3,,WIL,
,,Edward Finley,1,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Hickson,,18,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Futcher,,18,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Frances Coleman,,69,Independent,Not in county,
,,Ann Pavey,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Emma Pavey,,18m,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Daniel Parsons,55,,Lab,WIL,
,,Martha Parsons,,55,,WIL,
,,Anna Parsons,,15,Shoe B,WIL,
,,Eliza Parsons,,10,,WIL,
,,Jane Selwood,,20,Needle Work,WIL,
Endless St,1,Thomas Wright,56,,M S,WIL,
,,Hannah Wright,,60,,WIL,
,,Caroline Wright,,22,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Elizabeth Pavey,,68,Parish,WIL,
,,Elizabeth West,,49,Laundress,Not in county,
,,Sarah Winter,,75,Parish,WIL,
Endless St,1,Fredk R Self,28,,Accountant,Not in county,
,,Fanny Self,,27,,WIL,
,,Sarah Self,,4,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Self,,2,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 13 Page 18

,,Harriett R Self,,1,,WIL,
Endless St,1,Elizabeth Hunt,,60,Independent,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hunt,,20,Independent,WIL,
,,James Hunt,25,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Robert Hunt,15,,Sadler,WIL,
,,Betsey Hunt,,12,,WIL,
,,Charles Fry,17,,Clerk In Office,Not in county,
Endless St,1,Henry Langridge,30,,Poulterer,WIL,
,,Susanna Langridge,,28,,Not in county,
,,Louisa Langridge,,8,,WIL,
,,William Hindes,25,,Shop,Not in county,
Endless St,1,Isaac Hiscocks,60,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Mary Hiscocks,,60,,Not in county,
,,George Bridler,60,,Brewer,Not in county,
,,Charles King,35,,M S,WIL,
,,Jane King,,35,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,William Smith,25,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Sarah Smith,,20,,WIL,
,,William Smith,1,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Bayless,15,,Cl,WIL,
,,William Conie,15,,Cl,Scotland,
,,Sarah Grace,,15,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 13

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 3 Folio 18 Page 1

Chipper Lane,1,Charles Taylor,45,,Auctioneer,Not in county,
,,Mary Trowbridge,,55,F S,Not in county,
Chipper Lane,u,,,,,,
Chipper Lane,u,,,,,,
Chipper Lane,1,Thomas Bromage,50,,Printer J,WIL,
,,Sarah Bromage,,50,,Not in county,
,,Emma Bromage,,15,,WIL,
,,Ellen Bromage,,10,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Edward Parker,50,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Ann Parker,,45,,WIL,
,,Job Parker,15,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Daniel Parker,14,,Tin M Ap,WIL,
,,Mark Parker,12,,,WIL,Age 10 overwritten
,,Emma Parker,,11,,WIL,Age 10 overwritten
,,John Parker,9,,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,John Newman,20,,Dyer,WIL,
,,Anna Newman,,20,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,George Pike,45,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Eliza Pike,,45,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pike,,8,,WIL,
,,Selina Pike,,15,,WIL,
,,Henry Pike,5,,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Joseph Burden,45,,Chimney Sweep,WIL,
,,Sarah Burden,,50,,WIL,
,,Sarah Burden,,20,,WIL,
,,Harriet Burden,,13,,WIL,
,,Rosanna Burden,,6,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 19 Page 2

,,Charles Burden,3,,,WIL,
,,Arthur Jones,15,,Chimney S J,WIL,
,,George Jones,14,,Chimney S Ap,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,William Bower,30,,Painter J,WIL,
,,Sarah Bower,,30,,WIL,
,,William Shergold,50,,Cabinet M J,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,John Lake,65,,Indept,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Lake,,60,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Lake,,20,,WIL,
,,Ellen Lake,,8,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Henry Clements,50,,Sawyer J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Clements,,50,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Clements,20,,Coach Smith J,WIL,
,,Jabez Clements,13,,Shoe M Ap,WIL,
,,Esther Clements,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Adeline Clements,,14,Shoe Bind Ap,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Isaac Futcher,20,,Tailor J,WIL,
,,Harriet Futcher,,25,,WIL,
,,Caroline Futcher,,5m,,WIL,
,,Samuel Sheppard,20,,Lab,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,George Oram,20,,Dyer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Oram,,20,,WIL,
,,Henry Cooper,4,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Cooper,20,,Lab,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,John Feltham,25,,Lab,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 19 Page 3

,,Maria Feltham,,25,,WIL,
,,Jane Feltham,,7,,WIL,
,,Thomas Feltham,4,,,WIL,
,,John Feltham,1,,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,u,,,,,,
Chipper Lane,1,William Randall,30,,Groom,WIL,
,,Ann Randall,,25,,WIL,
,,William Randall,8,,,WIL,
,,Henry Randall,5,,,WIL,
,,Edward Randall,1,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Randall,,12,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,u,,,,,,
Chipper Lane,u,,,,,,
Chipper Lane,1,Robert Smith,60,,Carpenter J,Not in county,
,,Robert Smith,20,,Currier Ap,WIL,
,,Ann Smith,,25,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Benjamin Hazell,35,,Harness M J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hazell,,40,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,John Petty,35,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Petty,,35,,WIL,
,,Charles Petty,11,,,WIL,
,,John Petty,7,,,WIL,
,,James Petty,2,,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Edward Goddard,55,,Lab,Not in county,
,,Harriet Goddard,,50,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Goddard,,15,Silk Throwster,WIL,
,,John Goddard,15,,Brush M Ap,WIL,
,,Thomas Goddard,11,,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 20 Page 4

,,Jane Tabour,,20,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Eliza Marks,,45,,WIL,
,,Eliza Marks,,15,,WIL,
,,John Marks,9,,,WIL,
,,Henry Marks,7,,,WIL,
,,Ann Young,,25,,WIL,
,,William Young,3,,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,William Monday,40,,Shoe M J,Not in county,
,,Ann Monday,40,,,Not in county,
,,John Monday,15,,Shoe M J,WIL,
,,Jane Monday,,12,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,Mary Harris,,60,,WIL,
,,Richard Harris,20,,Silk W J,WIL,
,,Edward Harris,7,,,WIL,
,,George Trinaman,20,,Lab,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,George Presslee,30,,Groom,WIL,Age 32 overwritten
,,Ann Presslee,,30,,WIL,
,,Ann Presslee,,10,,WIL,
,,Caroline Presslee,,8,,WIL,
,,Jane Presslee,,6,,WIL,
,,Thomas Presslee,4,,,WIL,
,,Charles Presslee,7m,,,WIL,
Chipper Lane,1,George Sheppard,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Martha Sheppard,,60,,WIL,
,,Maria Bishop,,30,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 20 Page 5

Castle St,1,Joseph Elterton,60,,Baker,WIL,
,,Edmund Elterton,15,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bartlett,,50,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Oakford,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Oakford,,20,School Ms,WIL,
Castle St,1,Charles Perman,35,,Ironmonger,Not in county,
,,Maria Perman,,35,,WIL,
,,Emma Perman,,11,,WIL,
,,Charles Perman,8,,,WIL,
,,Maria Perman,,6,,WIL,
,,Sidney Perman,4,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Lucas,,15,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,Joseph Parsons,35,,Saddler,WIL,
,,John Parsons,8,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Parsons,,10,,WIL,
,,Hiphibah Parsons,,7,,WIL,
,,Fanny Pittman,,20,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,20,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,William Griffin,40,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Eliza Griffin,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Bartlett,,80,Ind,Not in county,
,1,William Macklin,50,,Salesman,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Walker,,12,,WIL,
,,Joseph Walker,6,,,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,James Macklin,45,,Haberdasher,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 21 Page 6

,,Mary Ann Macklin,,45,,WIL,
,,Ellen Macklin,,10,,WIL,
,,Eliza Macklin,,8,,WIL,
,,Amelia Macklin,,5,,WIL,
,,Ann Johnson,,20,,WIL,
,,Jael Keynes,,20,,Not in county,
,,Caroline Pavey,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Thresher,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Thomas Targett,12,,,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,William Targett,45,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Ann Targett,,50,,Not in county,
,,William Targett,20,,Tailor J,WIL,
,,George Morris,20,,Currier,Not in county,
,,Emma Morris,,20,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Holloway,,15,F S,Not in county,
,1,William (Snr) Targett,75,,Ind,WIL,
,,Harriet Targett,,45,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Redman,,13,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Elliott,,80,Ind,WIL,
Chough Inn,1,John Lodge,50,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Eliza Lodge,,30,,WIL,
,,Jemima Lodge,,5,,WIL,
,,Ellen Newman,,10,,WIL,
,,Edward Moody,20,,Chemist,Not in county,
,,James Garnett,45,,Traveller,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 21 Page 7

,,James Wright,45,,M S,WIL,
,,Ann Pearce,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Mary Bond,,15,F S,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,William Ray,55,,Hair Dresser,WIL,
,,Maria Ray,,40,Haberdasher,WIL,
,,Ellen Ray,,25,,WIL,
,,Thomas Ray,1,,,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,Mary Mackrell,,13,,WIL,
,,Alfred Mackrell,6,,,WIL,
,,Jane Ingram,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Fanny Jesse,,20,F S,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,Charles Creed,35,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Creed,,35,,Not in county,
,,Fanny Creed,,5,,WIL,
,,Edward Creed,2w,,,WIL,
,,Ann Buckland,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Charlotte Bailey,,45,Nurse,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,John Knight,35,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Knight,,35,,Not in county,
,,John Knight,10,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Knight,,7,,WIL,
,,Fanny Knight,,3,,WIL,
,,Henry Hiscock,20,,M S,Not in county,
,,Emily Ramsbury,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Martha Penny,,20,F S,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 22 Page 8

Blue Boar Row,1,Amy Golborn,,30,Druggist,Not in county,
,,Ann Golborn,,8,,WIL,
,,Ann Whitlock,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Michael Downing,40,,Surgeon,Ireland,
Blue Boar Row,1,John Wells,40,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Anne Wells,,35,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Eades,,40,,WIL,
,,Nathaniel Lye,19,,Grocer Ap,Not in county,
,,Eliza Budd,,21,F S,Not in county,
,1,John Style,30,,Draper,Not in county,
,,Mariana Style,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary Style,,1,,WIL,
,,Robert Large,25,,Draper,WIL,
,,James Willes,45,,Army,Not in county,
,,Mary Willes,,40,,Not in county,
,,Mary Willes,,15,,Not in county,
,,William Sparshatt,25,,Assistant,WIL,
,,Thomas Bascombe,15,,Assistant,Not in county,
,,William Burnett,25,,Assistant,WIL,
,,Edward Sturt,20,,Assistant,Not in county,
,,Edward Earle,20,,Apr,Not in county,
,,John Burch,15,,Apr,Not in county,
,,Thomas Ensor,15,,Apr,Not in county,
,,Joseph Gibbs,15,,Apr,WIL,
,,Charles Johnson,15,,Porter,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 22 Page 9

,,Eliza Fidler,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Keely,,35,F S,Not in county,
,,Jane Carter,,20,F S,Not in county,
Blue Boar Row,1,Thomas Burrough,55,,Engraver,WIL,
,,Sarah Burrough,,55,,WIL,
,,Emma Burrough,,15,,WIL,
Saracens Head,1,William Shuker,35,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Sarah Shuker,,30,,Not in county,
,,George Thorn,25,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Jane Newman,,11,,Not in county,
,,Mary Noyes,,20,F S,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,James Clark,45,,Seedsman,WIL,
,,Ann Clark,,30,,WIL,
,,Joseph Clark,8,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Clark,,6,,WIL,
,,Catherine Clark,,4,,WIL,
,,Ellen Clark,,2,,WIL,
,,Lewis Clark,9m,,,WIL,
,,Jane Taylor,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Sheppard,,13,F S,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,George Leach,40,,Watch Maker,Not in county,
,,Priscilla Leach,,40,,WIL,
,,Priscilla Leach,,15,,WIL,
,,Jane Webb,,15,F S,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,Charles Squarey,30,,Chemist,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 23 Page 10

,,Jane Squarey,,30,,Not in county,
,,Robert Squarey,1m,,,WIL,
,,John Flower,20,,Assistant,Not in county,
,,John Boucher,20,,Assistant,Not in county,
,,Henry Fowler,15,,Apr,Not in county,
,,James Swinford,15,,Apr,Not in county,
,,Edward Bailey,15,,Apr,Not in county,
,,Charles Tompkins,25,,Lab,WIL,
,,Rose Tompkins,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Selina Coombs,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Peggy Dingle,,55,Nurse,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,William Figes,35,,Ironmonger,WIL,
,,Ann Figes,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Henry Hallett,25,,Assistant,Not in county,
,,Mary Grist,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Ann Ansell,,20,F S,WIL,
,,William Burbage,15,,M S,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,John Cusse,50,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Edmund Cusse,25,,Ind,WIL,
,,James Cusse,21,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Louisa Cusse,,15,,WIL,
,,Eliza Cusse,,12,,WIL,
,,Amelia Cusse,,11,,WIL,
,,Ann Hillier,,22,F S,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,Thomas Gilbert,20,,Hosier,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 23 Page 11

,,Ann Gilbert,,25,,WIL,
,,Maria Gilbert,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Maria Gilbert,,25,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Watson,,20,F S,Not in county,
Blue Boar Row,1,James Phillips,45,,Silversmith,WIL,
,,June Phillips,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary Penny,,15,F S,WIL,
Blue Boar Row,1,Charles Beale,30,,Watch M,Not in county,
,,Martha Beale,,25,,WIL,
,,Harry Beale,5,,,WIL,
,,Charles Beale,9m,,,WIL,
,,Theresa Williams,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Joan Thomas,,50,Ind,Not in county,
Endless St,u,,,,,,
Endless St,1,Hester Adams,,45,Undertaker,WIL,
,,Eliza Adams,,21,Milliner,WIL,
,,Sarah Adams,,15,,WIL,
,,John Barfett,40,,Dis Minister,Not in county,
,,Fanny Laver,,15,F S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Willm D Whitmarsh,65,,Solicitor,WIL,
,,Mary Whitmarsh,,30,,WIL,
,,Thos Webb Whitmarsh,25,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Whitmarsh,,20,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Sopp,,50,F S,WIL,
Everett & Co Bank,1,James Tewkesbury,30,,Bankers Clerk,WIL,
,,John Fox,25,,Bankers Clerk,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 24 Page 12

,,Celia Spence,,55,F S,Not in county,
Endless St,1,Thomas Moore,25,,Surgeon Etc,Not in county,
,,Thomas Moore,15m,,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Moore,,25,,Not in county,
,,George Tatum,30,,Surgeon Etc,WIL,
,,Phillip Hall,20,,M S,Not in county,
,,Hannah Horner,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Ellen Dixon,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Charlotte Warren,,20,F S,Not in county,
Wool Pack Inn,1,Joseph Hooper,26,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Ann Hooper,,30,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Blake,,15,,WIL,
,,William Williams,40,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Sarah Pitt,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Forder,,4,,WIL,
,,Edward Snelgrove,20,,M S,WIL,
Endless St,1,Emma Winzar,,30,,Not in county,
,,Isabella Winzar,,3,,WIL,
,,Georgiana Winzar,,9m,,WIL,
,,Mary Johnson,,24,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Walker,,23,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Thomas Wolferstan,40,,Ironmonger,Not in county,
,,Sarah Wolferstan,,40,,Not in county,
,,Robert Trowbridge,20,,Shopman,Not in county,
,,James Michie,15,,App,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 24 Page 13

,,Jane Collins,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Emma Rivick,,20,F S,Not in county,
3 Swans Inn Winchester St,1,James Clapperton,40,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Mary Clapperton,,45,,Not in county,
,,James Clapperton,12,,,Not in county,
,,William Clapperton,10,,,Not in county,
,,Henry Clapperton,8,,,Not in county,
,,Lydia Clapperton,,6,,Not in county,
,,Mary Middleton,,21,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bowles,,18,F S,WIL,
,,Matilda Kennedy,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,George Dickett,27,,M S,Unknown,
,,Edward Newman,18,,M S,WIL,
,,(Mr) Penny,40,,Shop Keeper,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,John Keynes,35,,Brush M,WIL,
,,Matilda Keynes,,25,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Keynes,,63,,WIL,
,,Louisa Mussell,,15,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Rose Mary Yeatman,,55,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Rose Mary Yeatman,,25,Milliner Etc,WIL,
,,Amelia Bracher,,15,Ap Milliner,Not in county,
,1,Charles Hunt,25,,Pastry Cook,WIL,
,,Lucy Hunt,,25,,WIL,
,1,Elizabeth French,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Charlotte Penny,,25,F S,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 25 Page 14

,,Tabitha Holloway,,65,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Josiah Fry,40,,Painter Etc,WIL,
,,Susannah Fry,,45,,WIL,
,1,Joseph Feser,20,,Clock M,Foreign Parts,
,,John Rogg,20,,Clock M,Foreign Parts,
,,Henry Davis,25,,Shoe M J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,25,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Davis,,6,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,3,,WIL,
,,William Davis,1,,,WIL,
,,George Page,30,,A Smith J,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,Samuel Bates,50,,Hair Dresser,WIL,
,,Sarah Bates,,25,,WIL,
,,Samuel Bates,25,,Hair Dresser,WIL,
,,Rachel Bates,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,John Bates,20,,,WIL,
,,William Bates,15,,Tailor App,WIL,
,,Frederick Bates,15,,Shoe M App,WIL,
,,Edmund Bates,11,,,WIL,
,,Phebe Bates,,9,,WIL,
Old George Inn,1,John Carley,35,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Sophia Carley,,30,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Sharp,15,,Ostler,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Harney,,15,F S,WIL,
Rolestone St,1,William Rogers,30,,Shoe Maker,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 25 Page 15

,,Hannah Rogers,,25,,WIL,
,,Sarah Rogers,,5,,WIL,
,,Caroline Rogers,,3,,WIL,
,,Ellen Rogers,,1,,WIL,
,,Ann Morgan,,50,Weaver,Not in county,
Rolestone St,1,Mary Bolster,,65,,WIL,
,,Martha Bolster,,20,Dress M,WIL,
Rolestone St,1,Sarah Jacob,,40,Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,Sarah Jacob,,20,Shoe Binder,WIL,
,,James Jacob,15,,Shoe M Apr,WIL,
,,Thomas Jacob,15,,Coach Painter Apr,WIL,
,,William Jacob,13,,,WIL,
,,Henry Jacob,10,,,WIL,
,,John Jupe,20,,Whitesmith J,Not in county,
Rolestone St,1,William Millard,40,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Millard,,40,,WIL,
,,Jane Millard,,13,,WIL,
,,William Millard,11,,,WIL,
,,John Millard,9,,,WIL,
,,James Millard,6,,,WIL,
Rolestone St,1,James Pickford,50,,Gardener,Not in county,
,,Mary Pickford,,45,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Wheatley,,40,,Unknown,
,,Mary Wheatley,,15,,Unknown,
Rolestone St,1,Richard Wilson,30,,Attorney,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 26 Page 16

,,Emma Wilson,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary Barnett,,55,Ind,Not in county,
,,Priscilla Maidment,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Collins,,14,F S,WIL,
Rolestone St,1,Edward Everett,40,,Barrister At Law,WIL,
,,Mary Clinch,,40,F S,Not in county,
Hog Lane,1,Robert Conduit,45,,Lab,WIL,
,,Charles Young,40,,Lab,WIL,

Enumeration District 14

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Edmund

Book 3 Folio 31 Page 1

Winchester St,1,John Roe,50,,Malstr & Coopr,WIL,
,,Edward Roe,16,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Eyres,,17,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,James Chapman,37,,Insp Police,Not in county,
,,Maria Chapman,,36,,Not in county,
,,James Chapman,16,,,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Chapman,,14,,Not in county,
,,George Chapman,10,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Chapman,8,,,WIL,
,,Daniel Chapman,6,,,WIL,
,,Edward Chapman,1,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Ann Tice,,60,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,,Eliza Bruton,,25,Stay M,WIL,
,,Charles Bruton,20,,Tailor Ap,WIL,
Winchester St,1,James Corbin,30,,Umbrel M,Not in county,
,,Mary Corbin,,30,,Not in county,
,,Ann Corbin,,12,,WIL,
,,Sarah Corbin,,3,,WIL,
,,William Corbin,1,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,John Amor,36,,Sh M,WIL,
,,Hannah Amor,,37,,WIL,
,,Louisa Amor,,15,,WIL,
,,William Amor,13,,,WIL,
,,Henry Amor,11,,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,James Ennisey,25,,Coachman,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 32 Page 2

Winchester St,1,Fanny Amor,,9,,WIL,
,,Thomas Amor,4,,,WIL,
,,Egbert George Amor,2,,,WIL,
Queen St,1,Edith Randall,,60,Painter,WIL,
,,Ann Randall,,30,,Not in county,
,,Hester Andrews,,70,Ind,Not in county,
,,Caroline Shebbeare,,55,Ind,Not in county,
,,Ann Blandford,,17,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Coombs,,30,F S,WIL,
Queen St,1,Stephen Maton,34,,Glss & Ch Mer,WIL,
,,John Mill,14,,M S,WIL,
,,Ann Miles,,24,F S,WIL,
,,Henry Read Hodding,25,,Solicitor,WIL,
Queen St,1,William Faucett,45,,L Dra.,Not in county,
,,Mary Faucett,,35,,WIL,
,,William Faucett,10,,,WIL,
,,Harry Faucett,7,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Cooper Faucett,1,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Coombs,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Noake,,20,F S,WIL,
Queen St,1,Charles Cove,56,,Seed & Corn F,WIL,
,,Sarah Cove,,53,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Day,,20,F S,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Herbert George Husey,62,,P,WIL,
,,Frances Husey,,61,,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 32 Page 3

Queen St,1,Henry Anderson,35,,Hair Dr,Not in county,
,,Martha Anderson,,35,,WIL,
,,Henry Anderson,6,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Anderson,4,,,WIL,
,,Jane Pretty,,15,F S,WIL,
Queen St,1,Mary Golden,,60,Straw B M,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Golden,,30,Straw B M,Not in county,
,,Lydia Lock,,16,Asst Straw B M,Not in county,
“Plume Feathers, Queen St”,1,John Rumbold,30,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Rumbold,,30,,Not in county,
,,John Rumbold,10,,,WIL,
,,Harriett Rumbold,,13,,WIL,
,,Kitty Cooper,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Charles Burrow,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Betsey Lawford,,60,,Not in county,
,,Stephen Perry,40,,Coach Man,Not in county,
,,Job Strange,25,,Travel,Not in county,
,,Thomas Knight,30,,Tailor,WIL,
Queen St,1,Eliza Kingdon,,40,,WIL,
,,Eliza Ann Kingdon,,15,,WIL,
,,Martha Jane Kingdon,,14,,WIL,
,,William Maton Kingdon,11,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Kingdon,,9,,WIL,
,,Thomas Maton Kingdon,7,,,WIL,
Millford St Stable,1,George Vincent,20,,Groom,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 33 Page 4

Queen St,1,Henry Herbert Kingdon,4,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Frances Kingdon,,2,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Dowsett,,13,,WIL,
Queen St,1,John Old,40,,Sh M,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Old,,30,,Not in county,
,,Charles Old,19,,Bank Cl,WIL,
,,William Smith,15,,Sh M App,WIL,
“Queen St, Cross Keys”,1,Mary Ann Row,,50,Landl,Not in county,
,,Sarah Moore,,27,F S,WIL,
,,Kesiah Johnson,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Edward Everett,21,,M S,WIL,
,,Sarah Veal,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Henry Colbourne,23,,Com. Trav.,Not in county,
Queen St,u,,,,,,
Queen St,u,,,,,,
Queen St,1,Alfred W Munday,24,,Tail.,WIL,
,,Edwin Munday,23,,Tail.,WIL,
,,Mary Munday,,50,Indep,WIL,
,,Margaret Munday,,21,Indep,WIL,
,,Amelia Goff,,27,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Gilbert,,18,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Dew,,19,F S,WIL,
,,Sharp Thurlby,55,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Ann Thurlby,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Ann Thurlby,,25,Ind,WIL,
Winchester St,1,John Hall,52,,Sh M,WIL,
,,Matilda Hall,,19,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 33 Page 5

Queen St,1,George Olden,39,,Wine Mer. Etc,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Olden,,39,,WIL,
,,Henry Olden,12,,,WIL,
,,Maria Chant,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Malcolm Mcgregor,25,,Army,Not in county,
,,Anny Mcgregor,,20,,Not in county,
Queen St,1,Henry Nash,50,,Hatter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Nash,,50,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Nash,,20,Assistant,WIL,
,,Eliza Nash,,18,,WIL,
,,Henry Nash,10,,,WIL,
,,Mary Nash,,70,Indep,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Dew,,60,Indep,WIL,
Queen St,u,,,,,,
Queen St,1,Thomas Adlam,23,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,1,John Wilkes,47,,Ironm,Not in county,
,,John Wilkes,17,,,WIL,
,,George Wilkes,13,,,WIL,
,,Henry Wilkes,7,,,WIL,
,,Edwin Wilkes,4,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Martha Wilkes,,45,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Mitchel,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Barter,,15,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,William Pearce,35,,Coach Bui.,WIL,
,,Jane Pearce,,24,,WIL,
,,Mary Shergold,,20,Ind,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 34 Page 6

Milford St,1,John Fielder,30,,Pastry Cook,WIL,
,,Amelia Ann Fielder,,25,,WIL,
,,Ellen Amelia Fielder,,2,,WIL,
,,John Henry Fielder,1,,,WIL,
,,George Wake,20,,App,WIL,
,,John Alibrey,14,,App,WIL,
,,Thomas Halcrow,16,,App,Not in county,
,,Eliza Rogers,,20,F S,WIL,
Milford St,1,Henry Coates,60,,Surgeon,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Coates,,60,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Ann Coates,,20,,WIL,
,,Henrietta Corfe,,20,Surg App (All Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Edward Chamberlain Hill,20,,Surg App,Not in county,
,,Mary Ward,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Tasker,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Reeves,,19,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Coates,,20,,Not in county,
Milford St,1,Richard Foreman,40,,Tail.,Not in county,
,,Emma Foreman,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Elkins,,25,,WIL,
,,Jane Sanders,,80,Ind,Not in county,
,,Sarah Douty,,20,F S,WIL,
Milford St,1,William Garrett,20,,Corn Factor,WIL,
,,Sophia Garrett,,20,,WIL,
,,Matilda Gillingham,,15,F S,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 34 Page 7

Milford St,1,John Sutton,25,,Corn Fac.,WIL,
,,Martha Trubridge,,40,F S,WIL,
Milford St,1,George Forder,42,,Sho M,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Forder,,44,Ass Sho M,WIL,
,,Sophia Forder,,22,Ass Sho M,WIL,
,,Caroline Forder,,19,Ass Sho M,WIL,
,,William Forder,17,,Sho M J,WIL,
,,Maria Forder,,16,Dress M,WIL,
,,Samuel Charles Forder,11,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Forder,,7,,WIL,
,,Emily Forder,,5,,WIL,
,,Robert Coney,9,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,William Coombs,35,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Susan Coombs,,30,Str Bon M,Not in county,
,,Henry William Coombs,9,,,WIL,
,,Albert Coombs,2,,,WIL,
,,Susannah Pink,,18,F S,Not in county,
,,Hester Buckland,,20,Ind,WIL,
“Brown St, Cross Keys Tap”,1,Henry Burbidge,36,,Ostler,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Burbidge,,35,,WIL,
“Winchester St, Blk Horse”,1,Thomas Rogers,37,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Mary Henrietta Rogers,,10,,WIL,
,,Thomas Rogers,9,,,WIL,
,,William Jennings Rogers,7,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Rogers,,6,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 35 Page 8

,,James Rogers,5,,,WIL,
,,Charles Rogers,4,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Jennings,,31,,WIL,
,,James Jennings,8,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Jennings,,10,,WIL,
,,Ann Smith,,28,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Hatch,,22,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Dally,,40,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Chant,,38,F S,WIL,
,,Susan Bryden,,22,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Waters,,21,F S,Not in county,
,,John Carter,27,,Com. Trav,Not in county,
,,George Tukell,43,,Com. Trav,Not in county,
,,Daniel Skinner,35,,Com. Trav,Not in county,
,,John Russell,37,,Com. Trav,Not in county,
,,John Wyatt,62,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Thomas Appleford,30,,Com. Trav,WIL,
,,John Glover,30,,Com. Trav,Not in county,
,,John Dilton Clayton,33,,Com. Trav,Not in county,
,,William Hatch,20,,Com. Trav,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,Henry Stewart,60,,Sho M,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Stewart,,46,,Not in county,
,,Rachael Stewart,,20,Dress M,Not in county,
,,Ebenezer Stewart,17,,Pain. Ap,Not in county,
,,Philip Stewart,15,,Gardener,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 35 Page 9

,,Mary Stewart,,13,,Not in county,
,,Catherine Elizabeth Stewart,,5,,WIL,
,,Sarah Yates,,58,Uphol,Not in county,
,,William Yates,11,,,Not in county,
,,Alfred Yates,8,,,Not in county,
,,John Garrett Warner,42,,Mason,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Warner,,40,,WIL,
,,John Warner,15,,,Not in county,
,,Thyrza Hargrave,,24,Dress M.,Not in county,
Winchester St,u,,,,,,
Winchester St,1,Charles Burbidge,25,,P. C.,WIL,
,,Sarah Burbidge,,25,,WIL,
,,Henrietta Burbidge,,4m,,WIL,
,,Susan Holdway,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Esther Silverthorn,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Ridout,,45,Ind,WIL,
,,Anna Ham,,50,Ind,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Sarah Massey,,48,,WIL,
,,Henry Massey,23,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Ann Massey,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Massey,,15,Millr,WIL,
,,Emma Massey,,14,,WIL,
,,Mary Adams,,20,Millr,WIL,
,,Edwin Crouch,15,,Tai App,WIL,
,,John Podge,14,,Tai App,WIL,
,1,William Hill,49,,Whps M,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 36 Page 10

,,Elizabeth Hill,,49,,WIL,
,,Frederick Hill,29,,Wh M,WIL,
,,Jane Hill,,28,Drs M,WIL,
,,John Hill,20,,Whs M,WIL,
,,Sarah Hill,,18,Dre M,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Hill,,16,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hill,,14,,WIL,
,,Amelia Hill,,9,,WIL,
,,Thomas Sawkins,10,,Er. Boy,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Harriett Worth,,32,Straw Bon. M.,WIL,
,,Eliza Worth,,6,,WIL,
,,Harriett Worth,,4,,WIL,
,,William Worth,2,,,WIL,
,,George Richardson,22,,Ind,WIL,
Winchester St,1,James Sutton,26,,Land Ag Cler,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sutton,,25,,WIL,
,,Julia Victoria Sutton,,2,,WIL,
,,Clara Elizabeth Sutton,,3m,,WIL,
,,Louisa Pike,,14,F S,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Henry Young,48,,Baker,WIL,
,,Caroline Young,,44,,Not in county,
,,Henry Coombs,49,,Attorney,WIL,
,,Ann Coombs,,51,,WIL,
,,Mary Penney,,16,F S,WIL,
,,Fanny Sutton,,38,Ind,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 36 Page 11

Winchester St,1,Lewis Pearce,30,,Coach Mk,WIL,
,,Ann Pearce,,25,,WIL,
,,Lewis Pearce,6,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Pearce,,2,,WIL,
Squarreys Build,u,,,,,,
Squarreys Build,1,John Wilkins,40,,Lab,Not in county,
,,Ann Wilkins,,30,,Not in county,
,,Jane Wilkins,,10,,WIL,
,,John Wilkins,8,,,WIL,
,,James Wilkins,4,,,WIL,
,,Henry Wilkins,2,,,WIL,
Winchester St,1,James Parsons,35,,Lab.,WIL,
,,Ann Parsons,,34,,WIL,
,,Helen Parsons,,18,,WIL,
,,James Parsons,12,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Parsons,,10,,WIL,
,,Henry Parsons,9,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Parsons,,3,,WIL,
,,Charles Godwin,18,,Shoe M J,Unknown,
,1,George Lawes,35,,Lab,WIL,
,,Jane Lawes,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Lawes,,10,,WIL,
,,Sarah Lawes,,6,,WIL,
,,James Lawes,2,,,WIL,
,,John Stay,60,,Lab,Not in county,
,,Ann Flever,,50,Need. W.,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 37 Page 12

,,Charles Flever,10,,,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,Joseph Grace,35,,Lab,WIL,
,,Ann Grace,,40,,WIL,
,,Emily Grace,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Barnes,,80,,WIL,
,,George Porter,50,,Stab. In.,WIL,
,,William Parsons,20,,Stab. In.,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Richard Lambert,55,,Porter,WIL,
,,Eliza Lambert,,10,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Street,,50,,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,William Hornet,15,,Er. Boy,WIL,
Winchester St,1,Samuel Smith,30,,Paw. Br.,WIL,
,,Charlotte Smith,,31,,WIL,
,,Thomas Smith,13,,Clerk,WIL,
,,Phoebe Smith,,9,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Smith,,7,,WIL,
,,Henrietta Smith,,4,,WIL,
,,Samuel Smith,11m,,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,John Latty,49,,Music Mas,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Latty,,47,,Ireland,
,,Robert Latty,20,,Acct,Ireland,
Penny Farthing St,1,George Harrison,40,,Carp,WIL,
,,Ann Harrison,,50,,WIL,
,,John Crook,35,,Carp,WIL,
,1,William King,40,,Cordwa,Not in county,

Book 3 Folio 37 Page 13

,,Martha King,,30,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth King,,12,,WIL,
,,Mary King,,10,,WIL,
,,Henrietta King,,6,,WIL,
,,Joseph King,5,,,WIL,
,,Henry King,3,,,WIL,
,,Sarah King,,9m,,Unknown,
,,John Stocker,20,,Cordwai.,WIL,
,,Isaac Groves,25,,Iron Fo,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Groves,,25,,Not in county,
Winchester St,1,John Parker,36,,Waiter,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Parker,,36,,Not in county,
,,Charles Parker,3,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Parker,,1,,WIL,
,,George Adams,20,,M S,Not in county,
,,Frances Yates,,40,Ind,WIL,
Winchester St,1,John William Edginton,30,,Brp. Fornd.,Not in county,
,,Catherine Mary Ann Edginton,,24,,WIL,
,,Clarissa Mary Ann Edginton,,2,,WIL,
,,John William Edginton,,9m,,WIL,
,,Sarah Rambridge,,15,F S,WIL,
Penny Fathing St,1,John Gambling,30,,Postman,WIL,
,,Sarah Gambling,,25,,Not in county,
,,Alice Gambling,,6m,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Edmund Miller,65,,P,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 38 Page 14

,,William Francis,75,,Lab,WIL,
,,John Sturgess,64,,P.,WIL,
,,Sarah Milen,,50,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Francis,,60,Hucks,WIL,
,,Sarah Milen,,11,,WIL,
Penny Farthing St,1,Sarah Hillier,,24,Str. Bon. M,WIL,
,,Sarah Young,,60,,WIL,
,1,Sarah Patience,,66,F S,WIL,
,,Catherine Matthews,,57,F S,WIL,
,,Benjamin Matthews,19,,Lab,WIL,
Penny Fathing St,1,Mary Ashman,,95,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Ashman,,60,F S,WIL,
,,Martha Ashman,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Ashman,,7,,WIL,
,,Thomas Ashman,29,,Groom,WIL,
,,Harry Ashman,2,,,WIL,
,,James Samuel Ashman,2,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Henbest,,23,Groom,WIL,
Milford St,1,John Lepscomb,24,,Carrier,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Smith,,30,F S,WIL,
Milford St,1,George Snook,50,,Inn K,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Snook,,55,,Not in county,
,,Mary Sanger,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Henry Yeats,45,,M S,WIL,
,,James Yeats,15,,M S,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 38 Page 15

,,George Perry,15,,M S,WIL,
,,John Selwood,25,,Hawk,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Selwood,,25,,WIL,
,,Henry White,20,,Army,WIL,
,,Philip Burton,50,,Miller,WIL,
,,Robert Letheridge,25,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Letheridge,,30,,Not in county,
,,Maria Letheridge,,1,,Not in county,
,,Alfred Letheridge,3,,,Not in county,
,,William Reynolds,30,,Army,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Reynolds,,30,,Not in county,
,,Charles Johnson,25,,M S,Not in county,
,,Thomas Macklin,50,,Ind,WIL,
Milford St,1,Samuel Gillingham,30,,Grocer Etc,WIL,
,,Caroline Gillingham,,30,,WIL,
,,William John Gillingham,10,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Freak Gillingham,8,,,WIL,
,,Charles Frederic Gillingham,6,,,WIL,
,,Alice Esther Gillingham,,4,,WIL,
,,Caroline Williams Gillingham,,1,,Unknown,
,,John Arnold,20,,Ass Gro,Not in county,
,,Mary Guy,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Susannah Rooke,,20,F S,WIL,
Milford St,1,William Rivers,46,,Curr Etc,WIL,
,,Jane Rivers,,57,,WIL,

Book 3 Folio 39 Page 16

,,Caroline Rivers,,20,Mill & Dr M,Not in county,
,,Rosina Rivers,,18,Mill & Dr M,Not in county,
,,Louisa Rivers,,16,,Not in county,
,,Harriett Rivers,,14,,WIL,
,,Mary Rivers,,10,,WIL,
,1,John Rolls,40,,Publ.,Not in county,
,,Ann Rolls,,40,,WIL,
,,Ann Maria Plumber,,20,F S,WIL,
,1,John Miles,30,,Surg,Not in county,
,,Hester Pearcy,,30,F S,WIL,
,1,Joseph Cooper,40,,Sho M.,Not in county,
,,Harriett Cooper,,26,Dress M,WIL,
,,Mary Cooper,,14,,Not in county,
,,Joseph Cooper,12,,,Not in county,
,,George Cooper,9,,,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Frances Maton,,20,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Frances Rogers,,5,,WIL,
,,Maria Butt,,20,F S,WIL,
Brown St,1,Edmund Crouch,40,,Publ,WIL,
,,Sarah Crouch,,38,,Not in county,
,,Louisa Crouch,,5,,WIL,
,,Thomas Crouch,2m,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Fulford,,20,F S,WIL,
,,K. Reiner,20,,Trav,Foreign Parts,
,,William Towsey,20,,Trav,WIL,

Enumeration District 15

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 4 Folio 4 Page 1

St Anns St,1,Sarah Corban,,30,F S,Not in county,
,,George Hopkins,20,,M S,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Henry James Bracher,45,,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Bracher,,45,,Not in county,
,,Sophia Bracher,,25,,WIL,
,,Adelaide Bracher,,10,,WIL,
,,William Bracher,9,,,WIL,
,,Jane Butt,,20,F S,WIL,
St Anns St,1,John Sperink,75,,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Sperink,,80,,WIL,
,,Kitty Davis,,55,Ind,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Edmund Goddard,30,,Carriers Bookkeeper,WIL,
,,Anna Goddard,,25,,WIL,
,,Thomas Goddard,9m,,,WIL,
,,Ann Turner,,20,F S,WIL,
,,William Elkins,65,,Ind,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Thomas Bays,55,,Bricklayer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bays,,55,,Not in county,
,,Mary Bays,,25,Dress Maker,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Page,,25,Ind,WIL,
,,Sophia Stickland,,35,Ind,WIL,
,,Sophia Stickland,,2,,WIL,
,,Frederick Stickland,5,,,WIL,
,,James Jeanes,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Jeanes,,25,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 5 Page 2

,,James Roots,45,,Baker,WIL,
,,Maria Roots,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Roots,,13,,WIL,
,,Jane Roots,,8,,WIL,
,,Henry Roots,6,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Roots,,3,,WIL,
,,John Roots,7m,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Page,,20,Married Woman (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,William Lawrence,60,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Patience Lawrence,60,,,WIL,
,,Mary Escott,,25,,Not in county,
,,John Escott,10,,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Escott,,8,,Not in county,
,,Henry Escott,6,,,WIL,
,,George Escott,1,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Hillbourne,,50,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Osler,,20,F S,Not in county,
“Pelican Yd, St Anns St”,1,John Perry,40,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Sarah Perry,,40,,WIL,
,,Maria Perry,,14,,WIL,
,,Edwin Perry,12,,,WIL,
,,James Perry,9,,,WIL,
,,Charles Perry,6,,,WIL,
,,Anna Perry,,4,,WIL,
“Pelican Yd, St Anns St”,1,James Quinton,40,,Brewer Jour,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 5 Page 3

,,Sarah Quinton,,40,,WIL,
,,James Quinton,12,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Quinton,,10,,WIL,
“Pelican Yd, St Anns St”,1,Samuel Horder,30,,Tailor Jour,WIL,
,,Louisa Horder,,30,,WIL,
,,Rosina Horder,,8,,WIL,
,,Henry Horder,4,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Brinton,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Horder,,65,Ind,Not in county,
“Pelican Yd, St Anns St”,1,John Moss,40,,Labourer Ag,WIL,
,,Mary Moss,,35,,Scotland,
,,Jane Moss,,10,,Foreign Parts,Born Malta
“Pelican Yd, St Anns St”,1,William Marchent,65,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Marchent,,50,,Not in county,
,,Sophia King,,50,Ind,Not in county,
“Pelican Yd, St Anns St”,1,John Bridle,30,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Charlotte Bridle,,35,,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Bridle,,6,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bridle,,4,,WIL,
,,Ann Bridle,,3,,WIL,
,,Allas Bridle,,2,,WIL,
,,Robert Bridle,1,,,WIL,
Saint Anns St,1,Giles Emly,45,,Army Pensr,WIL,
,,Emma Emly,,45,,WIL,
,,Mary Burbidge,,20,F S,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 6 Page 4

,,Jane Bracher,,20,F S,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Richard Phillips,65,,Broker,WIL,
,,Ann Phillips,,65,,WIL,
,,Henry Rumbold,25,,Carrier,WIL,
,,Dorcas Rumbold,,25,,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Richard Read,55,,Carpenter & Builder,Not in county,
,,Eliza Read,,20,,WIL,
,,Anna Read,,19,,WIL,
,,Anna Burrough,,50,Ind,WIL,
St Ann St,1,William Grove,30,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Ann Grove,,30,,WIL,
,,William Grove,10,,,WIL,
,,Emanuel Grove,7,,,WIL,
,,Daniel Grove,5,,,WIL,
,,Jane Grove,,3,,WIL,
,,Samuel Grove,2,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Tabor,,75,Ind,Unknown,
St Anns St,1,James Randall,35,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Martha Randall,,35,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Randall,,5,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Randall,,3,,WIL,
,,John Smith,35,,Silk Weaver J,WIL,
,,Sarah Smith,,30,,WIL,
,,John Smith,15,,Porter,WIL,
,,Daniel Smith,15,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 6 Page 5

St Anns St,1,William Coombs,30,,Lab,WIL,
,,Mary Coombs,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Coombs,,3,,WIL,
,,Ellen Coombs,,6m,,WIL,
,,George Gerrard,65,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Gerrard,,70,,WIL,
St Anns St,1,William Bungay,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Ann Bungay,,30,,WIL,
,,William Bungay,9,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Bungay,,7,,WIL,
,,Ellen Bungay,,4,,WIL,
,,Mary Bungay,,2,,WIL,
,,Thomas Blake,40,,Whitesmith Jour,WIL,
,,John Bruton,40,,Labourer,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Elizabeth Hodgson,,70,Ind,Not in county,
,,Sophia Lambert,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Pulsnan,,17,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
St Ann St,u,,,,,,

Enumeration District 15 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 4 Folio 6 Page 5

St Ann St,1,Mary Harris,,35,School Mistress,WIL,
,,Sarah Harris,,30,School Mistress,WIL,
,,Mary Beck,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Susanna Morgan,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Mary Slyfield,,14,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Sarah Jeffery,,14,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Maria Brown,,14,Pupil,WIL,
,,Sarah Barrett,,12,Pupil,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 7 Page 6

,,Ellen Henville,,8,Pupil,Not in county,Occ uncertain – ink blot
,,Eliza Robbins,,9,Pupil,WIL,Occ uncertain – ink blot
,,Isabella Stringfellow,,5,Pupil,WIL,Occ uncertain – ink blot
,,Eliza Esher,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Jemima Young,,19,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 15 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 4 Folio 7 Page 6

St Anns St,1,Samuel Wilmot,35,,Accountant,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Louisa Chapeau,,40,Ind,Not in county,
,,Jane Chapeau,,25,,Not in county,
,,Louisa Chapeau,,20,,Not in county,
,,Frances Chapeau,,20,,Not in county,
,,Henry Chapeau,15,,,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Williams,,40,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Alford,,15,F S,WIL,
St Anns St,1,James Sutton,75,,Ind,WIL,
,,Emma Sutton,,35,,WIL,
,,Rebecca Hayter,,60,F S,Not in county,
,,Sophia Taylor,,35,F S,Not in county,
St Anns St,1,Sarah Bridger,,50,Laundress,WIL,
,,Thomas Osmund,30,,Shoemaker J,WIL,
,,Henry Street,20,,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Chinn,,45,Laundress,WIL,
St Anns St,1,William Foot,50,,M S,WIL,
,,Martha Fricker,,60,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Young,,30,F S,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Sarah Brodie,,85,Ind,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 7 Page 7

,,John Tremain,40,,M S,WIL,
,,Sarah Barber,,40,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Barber,,13,F S,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Martha Higgins,,70,Brewer,Not in county,
,,William Higgins,40,,Bookkeeper,Not in county,
,,James Higgins,30,,,Not in county,
,,Rachael Higgins,,30,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Higgins,20,,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Higgins,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Edward Higgins,5,,,Not in county,
,,Ann Hooper,,20,F S,Not in county,
St Anns St,1,George White,25,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Sarah White,,25,,WIL,
,,William White,8,,,WIL,
,,Samuel White,6,,,WIL,
,,Charles Haines,14,,App,WIL,
,,Sarah Barnes,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Samuel Barnes,16,,App,WIL,
,,Jane Barnes,,12,,WIL,
,,William Castle,40,,Wheelwright J,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Castle,,35,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Castle,,14,,Not in county,
,,William Castle,10,,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Castle,,8,,Not in county,
,,James Castle,18,,Wheelwright J,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 8 Page 8

,,Richard Holloway,45,,Schoolmaster,WIL,
,,Anna Holloway,,55,,Not in county,
,,Mary Holloway,,25,,Not in county,
,,Maria Holloway,,20,,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Spratt,,20,Laundress,WIL,
St Anns St,u,,,,,,
St Anns St,1,William Dodds,30,,Gardener,Scotland,
,,Donald Mcintosh,20,,Gardener,Scotland,
“The Friary, St Anns St”,1,Joseph Saunders,70,,Rope & Twine Man,WIL,
,,Frances Saunders,,30,,WIL,
,,Emma Saunders,,25,,WIL,
,,Louisa Saunders,,25,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Saunders,,13,,WIL,
,,Sarah Trickett,,12,,Not in county,
,,Emily Trickett,,10,,Not in county,
,,Ellen Trickett,,8,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Holloway,20,,Rope & Twine Man,Not in county,
,,Anne Isaacs,,30,F S,Not in county,
,,Jane Harwood,,20,F S,WIL,
“St Anns St, Bugmore”,u,,,,,,
“St Anns St, Bugmore”,1,Thos Smith,65,,Ind,WIL,
,,Susanna Smith,,65,,WIL,
,,Lucy Well,,35,Ind,WIL,
,,John Linch,35,,Lab,Ireland,
,,John Champion,70,,Ind,WIL,
“St Anns St, Bugmore”,u,,,,,,
“St Anns St, Bugmore”,1,Henry Bell,25,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bell,,25,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 8 Page 9

,,George Bell,3,,,WIL,
,,Mary Bell,,1,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Cookman,,20,Ind,WIL,
Bugmore,1,Samuel Brown,55,,Labr,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,50,,WIL,
,,Henry Brown,15,,,WIL,
,,Charles Brown,10,,,WIL,
,,Ann Brown,,15,,WIL,
Bugmore,1,John Matthews,40,,Ind,WIL,
,,Margaret Matthews,,30,,WIL,
,,Henry Cookman,2,,,WIL,
,,Alice Judd,,20,,WIL,
,,Ann Towsey,,18,,WIL,
Bugmore,1,John Cookman,80,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Patty Cookman,,65,,WIL,
Bugmore,1,Emma Redway,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Redway,,10,,WIL,
,,Sarah Redway,,7,,WIL,
,,James Hayter,35,,Labr,WIL,
St Anns St,1,John Redway,60,,Builder,Not in county,
,,Ann Redway,,60,,WIL,
,,Frances Peters,,30,Inmate (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,William Peters,3,,,Not in county,
,,Ann Peters,,8m,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Light,,50,Ind,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 9 Page 10

,,Ann Trim,,14,,Not in county,
St Anns St,1,Elizth Brown,,45,Shopkeeper,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,19,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Charles Brown,9,,,WIL,
,,Ann Beckett,,65,Ind,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Charles Goddard,40,,Bookbinder,WIL,
,,Rebecca Goddard,,45,,WIL,
,,John Goddard,15,,,WIL,
,,Charles Goddard,15,,,WIL,
,,William Goddard,11,,,WIL,
,,Henry Goddard,9,,,WIL,
,,Walter Goddard,6,,,WIL,
,,George Goddard,4,,,WIL,
St Anns St,1,John Pitt,30,,Tailor Jour,Not in county,
,,Jane Pitt,,30,,WIL,
,,Samuel Pitt,8,,,WIL,
,,Henry Pitt,6,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Pitt,,4,,WIL,
,,Sarah James,,50,Ind,OVB,Born West Indies
St Anns St,1,Charlotte Tinney,,45,Ind,Not in county,
,,Sarah House,,25,F S,WIL,
,,William Nicklen,50,,M S,Not in county,
,,Jane Russell,,50,F S,Not in county,
St Anns St,1,Daniel Ingram,30,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Mary Ingram,,25,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 9 Page 11

,,Mary Ann Ingram,,3,,WIL,
,,Louisa Ingram,,1,,WIL,
,,Phebe Butler,,15,Straw Bonnet Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Sims,,15,F S,WIL,
St Anns St & Exeter St,1,Thomas Hobbs,65,,Victualler,Not in county,
,,John Hobbs,35,,Victualler,WIL,
,,Priscilla Hobbs,,30,,WIL,
,,William Hobbs,5,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Hobbs,3,,,WIL,
,,Walter Hobbs,1,,,WIL,
,,Caroline Coombs,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Louisa Hyde,,35,F S,WIL,
,,William Kimber,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Emily Hobbs,,9,,WIL,
,,Priscilla E Hobbs,,8,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Martha Witt,,45,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,John Witt,25,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Thomas Witt,22,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Mary Witt,,20,,WIL,
,,Emma Witt,,16,,WIL,
,,Charles Witt,14,,,WIL,
,,Edward Witt,11,,,WIL,
,,William Witt,7,,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Richard Tucker,45,,Labr,WIL,
,,Elizth Tucker,,45,Laundress,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Caroline Tucker,,20,,WIL,
,,Mary Tucker,,14,,WIL,
,,Sarah Tucker,,11,,WIL,
,,Louisa Tucker,,8,,WIL,
,,Samuel Tucker,6,,,WIL,
,,Mirriam Dear,,60,Ind,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Isaac Burt,30,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Sarah Burt,,25,,Not in county,
,,Charles Burt,1,,,WIL,
Exeter St,u,,,,,,
Exeter St,1,James Bonnett,55,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Rebecca Bonnett,,60,,WIL,
,,Maria Saunders,,15,F S,WIL,
Exeter St,1,James Bonnett,30,,Baker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bonnett,,30,,WIL,
,,Julia Bonnett,,11,,WIL,
,,James Bonnett,10,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Bonnett,,3,,WIL,
,,Frederick Bonnett,3m,,,WIL,
,,Henry Read,25,,Jour Baker,WIL,
,,Mary Tucker,,15,F S,WIL,
Exeter St,u,,,,,,
Exeter St,u,,,,,,
Exeter St,1,Henry Goodfellow,30,,Waiter,WIL,
,,Hannah Goodfellow,,25,,Not in county,
,,Jane Bonnett,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Harriet Silvister,,35,Ind,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Elizabeth Targett,,65,Ind,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 10 Page 13

,,Susannah Targett,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Grigg,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Jane Day,,25,F S,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,Ann Griffin,,45,Ind,Not in county,
,,Maria Wheatcroft,,40,Ind,Not in county,
,,Harriett Kellow,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Emma Isaacs,,20,F S,WIL,
,,William Wheatcroft,35,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Katherine Vivean,,20,Ind,Not in county,
,,Maria Vivean,,15,Ind,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,Stephen Bound,50,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Maria Bound,,35,,Not in county,
,,Ann Whitmarsh,,55,Ind,Not in county,
,,William Chubb,15,,Bankers Clk,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,Joachim Lane,40,,Plasterer,WIL,
,,Mary Lane,,40,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Lane,,15,,WIL,
,,Joachim Lane,13,,,WIL,
Exeter,1,Andrew Coney,60,,Bricklayer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Coney,,60,,Not in county,
,,Andrew (Jnr) Coney,25,,Bricklayer J,WIL,
,,Mary Coney,,25,,WIL,
,,Robert Coney,25,,Bricklayer J,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Matilda Stevens,,40,,Not in county,
,,John Stevens,15,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 11 Page 14

,,Harriett Stevens,,11,,WIL,
,,Henry Stevens,4,,,WIL,
Exter St,1,Edward Bracher,60,,Bacon Factor,WIL,
,,Rebecca Bracher,,55,,WIL,
,,Thomas Bracher,20,,Bacon Factor J,WIL,
,,Reuben Bracher,16,,App,WIL,
Exter St,1,Mary Lane,,50,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Lane,,20,,WIL,
,,Nathaniel Lane,45,,Plasterer,WIL,
,,Maria Lane,,40,,WIL,
,,Nathaniel Lane,14,,,WIL,
,,Maria Lane,,12,,WIL,
,,William Lane,9,,,WIL,
,,Ann Lane,,7,,WIL,
,,Mary Lane,,5,,WIL,
,,Mark Lane,2,,,WIL,
Exter St,1,Eliza Pearce,,35,Inmate (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,William Pearce,9,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Pearce,,7,,WIL,
Exter St,1,Josiah Norris,30,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Matilda Norris,,30,,Not in county,
,,Mary Norris,,4,,WIL,
,,Harriett Norris,,8m,,WIL,
Exter St,u,,,,,,
Exter St,1,John Porter,30,,Artist,Not in county,
,,Ann Porter,,30,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 11 Page 15

,,Edwin Porter,2,,,WIL,
,,Martha Porter,,8m,,WIL,
,,Mary Britten,,17,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Cox,,18,Dress M,Not in county,
Exeter St,u,,,,,,
Exeter St,1,Robert Harfitt,45,,Corn Dealer,WIL,
,,Susannah Harfitt,,35,,WIL,
,,Louisa Harfitt,,20,Dress M,WIL,
,,Sarah Harfitt,,16,,WIL,
,,Caroline Harfitt,,14,,WIL,
,,James Harfitt,11,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Harfitt,7,,,WIL,
,,John Harfitt,7,,,WIL,
,,Maria Harfitt,,5,,WIL,
,,Robert Harfitt,2,,,WIL,
,,Frederick Harfitt,11m,,,WIL,
Exeter St,u,,,,,,
Exeter St,1,William Gould,40,,Woollen Draper,WIL,
,,Isabella Gould,,20,,Ireland,
,,Julia Gould,,7m,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Matthews,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Henry Matthews,9,,,WIL,
,,Maria Wort,,20,F S,WIL,
,,David King,20,,Police,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,John Brittan,30,,Seedsman,WIL,
,,Ann Brittan,,35,,WIL,
,,Emly Brittan,,1,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 12 Page 16

,,Louisa Brittan,,4m,,WIL,
,,Henry Perkins,15,,Tailor App,Not in county,
,,Sarah Brundson,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Alfred Hill,25,,Ind,Not in county,
,,John Brander,30,,Ironmongers Clk,Scotland,
Exeter St,1,Robert Harris,70,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Michael Harris,25,,,WIL,
,,Mary Harris,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary J Harris,,10,,WIL,
,,Mary Butt,,16,F S,WIL,
,,Edmund Nelson,20,,Asst Surgeon,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,Guy Coombs,75,,Cordwainer,Not in county,
,,Jane Coombs,,75,,WIL,
,,James Bowles,55,,Stone Mason J,WIL,
,,Richard Greenham,40,,Stone Mason J,Not in county,
,,Charles Greenham,30,,Stone Mason J,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,James Burden,45,,Sculptor J,WIL,
,,Hannah Burden,,40,,WIL,
,,Hannah Burden,,20,Dress M,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Burden,,15,Straw Bonnet M,WIL,
,,John Hiscocks,25,,Tailor J,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,Uriah Scammell,25,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Harriett Scammell,,25,,WIL,
,,Harry Scammell,3,,,WIL,
,,Edwin Scammell,18m,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 12 Page 17

,,Rachel Selwood,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,Charles Rider,60,,Jour Bricklayer,Not in county,
“Exeter St, Caves Cotts”,1,Harriett Janes,,35,,Not in county,
,,Allen Janes,,15,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Janes,,14,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Morris,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Thomas Wooden,60,,Ag Lab,WIL,
“Exeter St, Caves Cotts”,1,Richard Newman,40,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Caroline Newman,,44,,WIL,
,,James Newman,15,,,WIL,
,,John Newman,15,,,WIL,
,,George Newman,12,,,WIL,
,,William Newman,10,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Newman,,8,,WIL,
,,Henry Newman,2,,,WIL,
“Exeter St, Caves Cotts”,1,Charles Bowering,30,,J Painter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bowering,,30,,WIL,
,,Maryann Bowering,,12,,WIL,
,,George Bowering,10,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Bowering,,8,,WIL,
,,Amelia Bowering,,6,,WIL,
,,Charles Bowering,2,,,WIL,
“Exeter St, Caves Cotts”,1,Joseph Pickett,40,,Rope Maker J,Not in county,
,,Hannah Pickett,,40,,WIL,
,,Joseph Pickett,16,,,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 13 Page 18

,,Charles Pickett,14,,Twine Spinner J,WIL,
,,Francis Pickett,11,,,WIL,
,,Emma Pickett,,9,,WIL,
,,Saul Pickett,7,,,WIL,
,,Joshua Pickett,5,,,WIL,
,,Eva Ann Pickett,,5m,,WIL,
,,Hannah Beauchamp,,60,Ind,WIL,
“Exeter St, Caves Buildgs”,1,Jasper Grant,30,,Artist,Not in county,
,,Sarah Grant,,20,,WIL,
“Exeter St, Caves Buildgs”,1,John Mott,15,,App,WIL,
“Exeter St, Caves Buildgs”,1,William Horn,25,,Labourer Ag,WIL,
,,Emma Horn,,25,,WIL,
“Exeter St, Caves Buildgs”,1,Elizabeth Tryom,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Eneas Tryom,20,,Labr,WIL,
,,Mary Tryom,,19,,WIL,
“Exeter St, Caves Buildgs”,1,John Philpot,50,,Baker,Not in county,
,,Sarah Philpot,,55,,WIL,
,,Caroline Philpot,,20,,Not in county,
,,John Philpot,16,,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Philpot,,14,,Not in county,
,,James Horne,25,,Jour Printer,Not in county,
“Exeter St, Caves Buildgs”,1,William Small,50,,Painter & Glazier,WIL,
,,Maria Small,,45,,WIL,
,,William Small,20,,,WIL,
,,John Small,17,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 13 Page 19

,,Henrietta Small,,13,,WIL,
,,George Small,6,,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Thomas Poulter,35,,Coachman,Not in county,
,,Hannah Poulter,,40,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Poulter,,15,Dress M,WIL,
,,Thomas Poulter,11,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Poulter,,8,,WIL,
,,James Poulter,7,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Poulter,,5,,WIL,
,,George Poulter,2,,,WIL,
,,Lucy Short,,20,F S,Foreign Parts,Born France
Exeter St,1,Daniel Collins,40,,Grocer,Not in county,
,,Harriett Collins,,40,,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,Henry Webb,45,,Labr,Not in county,
,,Elizth Webb,,45,,WIL,
,,Thomas Webb,15,,J Cabinet M,WIL,
,,Mary Webb,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Webb,,9,,WIL,
,,James Bishop,25,,J Cabinet M,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,George Winkworth,55,,J Twine Spinner,Not in county,
,,Hannah Winkworth,,40,,WIL,
,,Thomas Moss,75,,J Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Thomas Webb,15,,Labr,WIL,
,,Dinah Webb,,10,,WIL,
,,Hannah Winkworth,,15,,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 14 Page 20

,,Henry Saunders,50,,Labr,WIL,
,,Thomas Swafield,45,,J Stonemason,Not in county,
,,Robert Maxwell,25,,J Twine Spinner,Scotland,
,,William Cole,25,,J Twine Spinner,Not in county,
,,James Crosly,30,,J Twine Spinner,Ireland,
Exeter St,u,,,,,,
Exeter St,u,,,,,,
Exeter St,1,Mary Hibberd,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Maria Adams,,20,Straw Bonnet M,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Adams,,1,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,William Tapper,50,,Labr,WIL,
,,Mary Tapper,,40,,WIL,
,,William Tapper,15,,,WIL,
,,Mary Tapper,,13,,WIL,
,,Sarah Tapper,,10,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Tapper,,8,,WIL,
,,John Tapper,5,,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Peter Bishop,20,,Shoe M J,Not in county,
,,Harriett Bishop,,20,,Not in county,
,,Emma Bishop,,2,,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,James Elkins,20,,Labr,WIL,
,,Charlotte Elkins,,20,,WIL,
,,George Elkins,10,,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Samuel Strong,30,,Labr,WIL,
,,Ann Strong,,25,,WIL,
,,Sarah Strong,,7,,WIL,
,,George Strong,5,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 14 Page 21

,,John Strong,3,,,WIL,
,,Emma Strong,,9m,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Richard Clarke,50,,Labr,WIL,
,,Thirza Clarke,,50,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Charles Miles,50,,Saddler J,Not in county,
,,Prudence Miles,,50,,Not in county,
,,John Merryweather,25,,Attorney Clerk,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,Elizabeth Wadlow,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Taylor,,20,Ind,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Sophia Foot,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Anne Young,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Emma Wyatt,,30,Ind,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Martin Stokes,30,,J Coach Builder,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Stokes,,30,,WIL,
,,Sophia Stokes,,12,,Not in county,
,,Martin Stokes,8,,,WIL,
,,Charles Stokes,6,,,WIL,
,,Rebecca Stokes,,4,,WIL,
,,William Blanchett,8m,,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Joseph Richards,35,,J Harness M,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,30,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,10,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Richards,,8,,WIL,
,,James Richards,3,,,WIL,
,,John Richards,1,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 15 Page 22

Exeter St,1,William Bunsell,20,,Post Boy,WIL,
,,Lewanna Bunsell,,20,,WIL,
,,Ellen Bunsell,,1,,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Fanny Lovell,,35,Xxx W,WIL,
,,Ann Lovell,,7,,WIL,
,,Fanny Lovell,,4,,Not in county,
,,Henry Lovell,1,,,WIL,
Exeter St,u,,,,,,
Exeter St,1,Thomas Griffin,50,,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Griffin,,45,,Not in county,
,,Jane Mackin,,18,F S,WIL,
,,Joseph Jas Stockton,35,,Attorneys Clk,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,Fanny Smith,,55,Alms House,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Sarah Blanchett,,60,Alms House,Not in county,
,,Anne Blanchett,,25,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Blanchett,,18,F S,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Anne Chinn,,80,Alms House,Not in county,
,,Mary Bell,,75,Ind,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Catherine Emms,,60,Alms House,WIL,
,,Catherine Emms,,24,Milliner,WIL,
,,Louisa Emms,,20,Milliner,WIL,
Exeter St,1,Ann Fricker,,70,Alms House,Not in county,
Exeter St,1,Joseph Maber,40,,Jour Stone Mason,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Maber,,45,,Not in county,
,,Mary Maber,,19,,WIL,
,,Sarah Maber,,15,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 15 Page 23

,,Jane Maber,,12,,WIL,
,,John Maber,10,,,WIL,
,,Ann Gumbleton,,80,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Easton,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Peach,,20,F S,Not in county,
“New Lodge, Exeter St”,1,Ann Whitchurch,,40,Ind,Not in county,
,,William Whitchurch,20,,App,WIL,
,,John Whitchurch,19,,App,WIL,
,,Ann Whitchurch,,15,,WIL,
,,Phebe Whitchurch,,15,,WIL,
,,Fanny Tabor,,40,F S,WIL,
,,Charlotte Percey,,20,F S,WIL,
St Anns St,1,William Rumbridge,55,,Labr,WIL,
,,Mary Rumbridge,,55,,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 17 Page 62

“Barns, Sheds Or The Like”,1,William Jenneway,25,,Baker,WIL,En note: Travelling to Southampton Fair
,,Mathias Jenneway,19,,Baker,WIL,

Enumeration District 16

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 4 Folio 23 Page 1

Brown St,1,Thos Barnett,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Eliz Barnett,,40,,WIL,
,,Eliza Barnett,,20,Servant,WIL,
,,John Barnett,15,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Thos Barnett,15,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Amelia Barnett,,4,,WIL,
,,Chas Barnett,2,,,WIL,
,,Peter Latora,24,,Musician,Foreign Parts,Born Italy
,,Jas Wells,25,,Grinder,WIL,
,,Jos Wells,30,,Grinder,WIL,
,,Sarah Wells,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary Wells,,25,,WIL,
,,Fanny Wells,,15,,WIL,
,,Amelia Wells,,3,,WIL,
,,John Drummond,20,,Box Maker,Not in county,
,,Olivia Drummond,,19,,Not in county,
,,Geo Wallis,50,,Joiner,Scotland,
,,Ann Wallis,,45,,Scotland,
,,Harriet Wallis,,5,,Not in county,
,,Geo Rogers,30,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,John Kelly,35,,Labourer,Ireland,
Brown St,1,William Osmond,50,,Sculptor,WIL,
,,Charity Osmond,,42,,Not in county,
,,William Osmond,20,,,WIL,
,,Elizh Susan Osmond,,18,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 24 Page 2

,,Emma C Osmond,,15,,WIL,
,,Arthur Osmond,13,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Thos Osmond,12,,,WIL,
,,Henry Jas Osmond,10,,,WIL,
,,Charles Marsh Osmond,9,,,WIL,
,,Herbert Osmond,7,,,WIL,
,,Lucy Jane Osmond,,6,,WIL,
,,Edward Osmond,5,,,WIL,
,,Agnes Peirce Osmond,,3,,WIL,
,,Ellen Osmond,,1,,WIL,
,,Walter Marsh Osmond,7m,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Smith,,35,Female Servant,WIL,
,,Caroline J Honeycott,,20,Female Servant,WIL,
Brown St,1,William Prangley,35,,Professor Of Music,WIL,
,,Eleanor Prangley,,30,,WIL,
,,William Prangley,6,,,WIL,
,,Ricd Figes Prangley,5,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Ann Prangley,,1,,WIL,
,,Ann Snook,,45,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Fulford,,20,,WIL,
,,Sophia Pricilla Able,,22,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Richd Walters,70,,Merchant,Not in county,
,,Maria Walters,,30,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Maria Walters,,55,,Not in county,
,,Ann Bridle,,20,F S,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 21 Page 3

,,Elizabeth Williams,,65,Independent,WIL,
Brown St,1,Saml Cusse Keynes,30,,Brush Maker,WIL,
,,Ann Keynes,,25,,Not in county,
,,Mary Keynes,,3,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Best,,15,Servant,WIL,
Brown St,1,Lewis Weeks,60,,Veterinary Surgeon,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Weeks,,55,,Not in county,
,,Elizh Haskell,,26,Servant,WIL,
,,Lewis W Weeks,4,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,William Bartlett,58,,Coach Wheeler,Not in county,
,,Ruth Bartlett,,60,,Not in county,
,,Ann Ings,,50,Independent,Not in county,
Brown St,1,John Eldridge,30,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Elizah Eldridge,,30,,WIL,
,,Stephen Eldridge,4,,,WIL,
,,Elizah Eldridge,,2,,WIL,
,,William Eldridge,9m,,,WIL,
,,Elizh Blake,,20,,WIL,
,,Maria Stockman,,12,,WIL,
,,Matilda Bayley,,9,,WIL,
,,Sophia Brown,,7,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Henry Macey,22,,Butcher,WIL,
,,John Macey,16,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Elizah Macey,,50,,Unknown,

Book 4 Folio 22 Page 4

,,Henry Mullins,28,,Pie Dealer,Unknown,
Brown St,1,Hannah Wortley,,20,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Edwd Wortley,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Cobb,,20,Stay Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah E Cobb,,4m,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Wm Brown,47,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Harriet Brown,,41,,WIL,
,,Mary Brown,,13,,WIL,
,,Sophia Brown,,11,,WIL,Age uncertain; might be 10
,,William Brown,7,,,WIL,
,,Adelaide Brown,,4,,WIL,
,,\- Brown,,9d,,WIL,
,,Ann Dicks,,56,Nurse,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Emma Moxham,,30,Shopkeeper,WIL,
,,Emma Moxham,,10,,WIL,
,,Charles Moxham,8,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Moxham,,5,,WIL,
,,Walter Moxham,2,,,WIL,
,,William Moxham,1w,,,WIL,
,,Geo Rawbone,35,,Shopkeeper,Not in county,
,,Elizh Major,,30,Servant,WIL,
,,Sarah Oakes,,15,Servant,Not in county,
,,Thos Bowling,30,,Tailor,Not in county,
,,Philip Young,25,,Blacksmith,Foreign Parts,

Book 4 Folio 22 Page 5

,,Margerett Young,,20,Dealer,Not in county,
,,Stephen Young,15,,Dealer,Not in county,
,,Willm Mathews,30,,Instrument Maker,Not in county,
,,Peter Jock,40,,Hair Dresser,Not in county,
,,Elizh Howell,,30,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Fred Williams,25,,Dealer,Not in county,
,,Thos Jones,40,,Tallow Chandler,Not in county,
,,Wm Stokes,50,,Labourer,Not in county,
Trinity St,1,John Sheppard,25,,Baker,WIL,
,,Mary Sheppard,,25,,Not in county,
,,Chas Sheppard,3,,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Jas Noble,40,,Horse Keeper,Not in county,
,,Elizh Noble,,40,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Noble,,12,,Not in county,
,,Elizh Noble,,8,,Not in county,
Trinity St,1,Catherine Atkins,,30,Independent,Not in county,
,,Harry Colborne,50,,Labourer,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Martha Child,,45,Independent,Not in county,
,,Elizath Child,,10,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Richd Sutton,56,,Baker,WIL,
,,Ann Sutton,,52,,Not in county,
,,Martha Sutton,,21,,WIL,
,,Elizh Sutton,,20,,WIL,
,,Emma Mary Sutton,,17,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 23 Page 6

,,Mary Elkins,,20,Servant,WIL,
Trinity St,1,George Terry,25,,Coach Builder,Not in county,
,,Sarah Terry,,25,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Ann Terry,,6,,Not in county,
,,Geo Terry,4,,,WIL,
,,Saml Terry,2,,,WIL,
,,Matilda Terry,,1,,WIL,
,,Wm Lowther,25,,Tailor,Not in county,
Trinity St,1,Maria Jenkins,,40,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Wm Jenkins,15,,App Carpenter,WIL,
,,Jas Jenkins,,6,,WIL,
,,Sarah Jenkins,,5,,WIL,
,,Edwin Jenkins,4,,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Wm Butler,57,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Thos Butler,18,,App Brazier,WIL,
,,Hannah Butler,,57,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Jas Fryer,54,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizah Fryer,,54,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Hugh Mead,74,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Mary Mead,,54,,WIL,
,,Thos Mead,16,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Sarah Mead,,15,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Thos Earl,45,,Painter,WIL,
,,Sarah Earl,,45,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 23 Page 7

,,Fredc Earl,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Ann Earl,,20,Servant,WIL,
,,Ed Earl,14,,,WIL,
,,Chas Earl,10,,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Geo Jones,41,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Rachel Horlick,,40,Independent,Not in county,
,,Mary Leg,,25,Independent,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Pugsley,,15,Independent,Not in county,
,,John Horlick,15,,Labourer,WIL,
Trinity St,u,,,,,,
Trinity St,1,Sophia Collis,,26,Button Maker,Not in county,
,,E Jeffery,25,,Horse Dealer,Not in county,
Trinity St,1,Jno Lines,40,,Labourer,Ireland,
,,Mary Lines,,40,,Ireland,
,,Thos Lines,10,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Lines,,5,,WIL,
,,John Lines,8m,,,WIL,
,,Thos Ricketts,40,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Jas Kimber,55,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Wm Hopper,55,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Jos Hopper,15,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Mary Hooper,,50,,Not in county,
,,William Horlick,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Harriet Waters,,20,Independent,WIL,
,,Wm Stone,30,,Stone Mason,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 24 Page 8

,,John Wheeler,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Phillips,,20,Independent,Not in county,
,,Danl Rawlins,15,,Labourer,Not in county,
Trinity St,1,Jas Safe,25,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Sarah Safe,,24,,WIL,
,,George Safe,4,,,WIL,
,,Walter Safe,2,,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Thos Sanger,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizh Sanger,,35,,WIL,
,,Charltte Sanger,,11,,WIL,
,,Henry Sanger,5,,,WIL,
,,Thos Sanger,2,,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Anna Maria Trimby,,29,Sempstress,WIL,
,,Ann Rebecca Trimby,,7,,WIL,
,,Fredca J Trimby,,6,,WIL,
,,Richd Trimby,2,,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Wm Davey,20,,Waggoner,Not in county,
,,Elizh Davey,,20,,Not in county,
,,Maria Davey,,3,,WIL,
,,John Davey,1,,,WIL,
Trinity St,u,,,,,,
Trinity St,1,Patiene Still,,60,Grocer,WIL,
,,Marianne Still,,20,,WIL,
,,Maria Nash,,30,,WIL,
,,William Nash,30,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 24 Page 9

Trinity St,1,John Clark,35,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Mary Clark,,40,,Not in county,
,,May Ann Clark,,15,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Richd Burton,35,,Twine Spinner,WIL,
,,Rebecca Burton,,35,,Not in county,
,,John Burton,14,,,Not in county,
,,Richd Burton,13,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Burton,,10,,WIL,
,,Alfred Burton,6,,,WIL,
,,James Burton,8,,,WIL,
,,William Burton,4,,,WIL,
,,Mary Burton,,1,,WIL,
,,Fredc Beston,35,,Gardener,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Stephen Davis,30,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Davis,,30,,WIL,
,,Goter Davis,,9,,WIL,Forename uncertain
,,Sarah Davis,,7,,WIL,
,,Jane Davis,,4,,WIL,
,,Maria Davis,,1,,WIL,
,,Wm Spicer,11,,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Wm Jacob,30,,Porter,WIL,
,,Hannah Jacob,,30,,WIL,
,,Hannah Jacob,,7,,WIL,
,,John Porter,50,,Porter,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 25 Page 10

,,Geo Lawrence,30,,Porter,WIL,
,,John Walter,25,,Porter,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Henry Spratt,75,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Spratt,,65,,WIL,
,,Maryann Spratt,,25,Silk Throwster,WIL,
,,Henry Spratt,19,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Lamb,,75,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Charles Connor,40,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Jno Connor,,17,Labourer,WIL,
,,Harriet Connor,,12,,WIL,
,,Henry Hibbert,17,,Labourer,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Lucy Myner,,50,Servant,Not in county,
,,Stephen Myner,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Samuel Myner,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Wm Myner,10,,,WIL,
,,John Lacey,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Thos Lacey,10,,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Ruth Sworn,,47,Independent,WIL,
,,Thos Sworn,18,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Trimby,,65,Independent,WIL,
,,Chas Pearce,40,,Poulterer,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Thos Bell,34,,Hemp Spinner,WIL,
,,Maria Bell,,32,,WIL,
,,Caroline Bell,,9,,WIL,
,,Geo Bell,7,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 25 Page 11

,,Ellen Bell,,5,,WIL,
,,John Bell,3,,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Alexr J Oakford,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizh Oakford,,29,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Jane Redman,,45,Washerwoman,WIL,
,,William Redman,25,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Redman,,20,Dressmaker,WIL,
,,Ellen Redman,,10,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,William Lucas,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Hannah Lucas,,35,,WIL,
,,James Lucas,2,,,WIL,
,,Jane Lucas,,7,,WIL,
,,Sarah Lucas,,4,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,William Dibden,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Ann Dibden,,35,,WIL,
,,Sarah Dibden,,15,,WIL,
,,Andrew Dibden,15,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Dibden,,13,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,William Bishop,40,,Baker,WIL,
,,Mary Bishop,,35,,WIL,
,,Thos Bishop,6,,,WIL,
,,Robert Bishop,3,,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,James Morgan,30,,Whitesmith,WIL,
,,Mary Morgan,,25,,Unknown,

Book 4 Folio 26 Page 12

,,Mary Morgan,,6,,WIL,
,,James Morgan,3,,,WIL,
,,John Morgan,1,,,WIL,
,,John Podger,20,,Labourer,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Henry Dixon,30,,Watch Maker,Not in county,
,,Louisa Dixon,,30,,WIL,
,,Charlotte L Dixon,,5,,WIL,
,,Albert H Dixon,1,,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Charles Dew,24,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Hannah Dew,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
Love Lane,1,William Bowles,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Miriam Bowles,,25,,WIL,
,,Louisa Bowles,,2,,WIL,
,,William Bowles,1,,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,William Fryer,48,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Fryer,,48,,Not in county,
,,William E Fryer,14,,,WIL,
,,John H Fryer,12,,,WIL,
,,Sarah J Fryer,,10,,WIL,
,,Charles S Fryer,5,,,WIL,
,,Frederic F Fryer,3,,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,James Tabor,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Hannah Tabor,,46,,WIL,
,,James Tabor,15,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 26 Page 13

,,Jane Tabor,,11,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Tabor,,9,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Ann Stell,,70,Pauper,WIL,
,,George Stell,16,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Stell,,12,,WIL,
,,Jane Stell,,8,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,James Merridew,55,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Maria Merridew,,51,,WIL,
,,William Merridew,17,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Merridew,,12,,WIL,
,,Alfred Merridew,8,,,WIL,
,,Edward Merridew,6,,,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Sarah Hunt,,70,Independent,WIL,
,,Daniel Barns,60,,Bricklayer,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,William Riddell,40,,Shopman,WIL,
,,Eliza Riddell,,36,,WIL,
,,Eliza Riddell,,10,,WIL,
,,Henry Riddell,7,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Riddell,4,,,WIL,
,,Fanny Riddell,,3,,WIL,
,,Emma Riddell,,6m,,WIL,
,,Sarah Stockman,,67,,WIL,
,,Emma Fry,,17,Servant,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Jane Hibberd,,79,Weaver,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 27 Page 14

,,Rebecca Paddick,,75,,WIL,
,,Jane Hibberd,,15,,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Thos Bishop,61,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bishop,,64,Weaver,WIL,
St Anns St,1,William Chambers,77,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Jno Chambers,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Masters,,18,Laundress,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,William Lane,49,,Baker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Lane,,48,,WIL,
,,Mary Abbott,,13,Servant,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,John Burch,91,,Parish Clerk,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Burch,,55,,WIL,
,,George Burch,30,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Burch,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Burch,,7,,WIL,
,,Caroline E Burch,,5,,WIL,
,,Thos P Walter,30,,Cutler,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,George Truckle,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Truckle,,40,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Truckle,,9,,WIL,
,,Harriet Truckle,,7,,WIL,
,,William White,21,,Labourer,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Thos Barrett,48,,Collar Maker,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Barrett,,40,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 27 Page 15

,,Robert Barrett,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,George Barrett,12,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Barrett,8,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Barrett,,6,,WIL,
,,William Barrett,6m,,,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,John Janes,30,,Blacksmith,Not in county,
,,Kezia Janes,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Janes,,8,,WIL,
,,Ann Janes,,4,,WIL,
,,John Janes,1,,,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Geo Bundy,25,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Bundy,,20,,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Martha Smith,,48,Independent,WIL,
,,William Smith,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Charles King,21,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Ann King,,22,,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Henry Sworn,43,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Catherine Sworn,,45,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sworn,,6,,WIL,
,,Catherine Sworn,,19,,WIL,
,,Henry Sworn,14,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Saunders,,78,Independent,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Mary Foot,,35,Laundress,WIL,
,,William Foot,9,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 28 Page 16

,,Charles Foot,6,,,WIL,
,,William Randall,35,,Servant,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Thomas White,45,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Mary Ann White,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Edward White,13,,,WIL,Age 15 overwritten
,,Emma White,,11,,WIL,
,,Sarah White,,9,,WIL,
,,Alfred White,7,,,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,James Clifton,35,,Ostler,Not in county,
,,Leah Clifton,,30,,Not in county,
,,Isaac E Clifton,1,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Nauth,,15,Servant,WIL,Surname uncertain
St Ann’s St,1,George Rogers,30,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Rogers,,26,,WIL,
,,Frances Rogers,,3,,WIL,
,,Charles Rogers,1,,,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Henry Cave,30,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Eliza Cave,,25,,WIL,
,,William Ballard,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Maria Ballard,,45,,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Ruth Smart,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,William Stokes,21,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Robt Jones,22,,Independent,Not in county,
St Ann’s St,1,William Rhodes,60,,Cordwainer,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 28 Page 17

,,Ann Hooper,,75,Independent,Not in county,
St Ann’s St,1,George Sutton,40,,Attorney At Law,WIL,
,,Walter J Sutton,2,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Munday,,19,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Clarissa Taplin,,15,Female Servant,WIL,
Brown Street,1,William Schofield,36,,Brewer,Not in county,
,,Jane Schofield,,30,,Not in county,
,,William Schofield,11m,,,WIL,
,,Isabella Schofield,,9,,Not in county,
,,Hester Schofield,,7,,Not in county,
,,Emma Schofield,,5,,Not in county,
,,Susanna West,,25,Independent,Not in county,
,,Eliza Weeks,,19,Servant,WIL,
,,Sarah Smith,,13,Servant,WIL,
Brown St,1,John Webb,65,,Independent,WIL,
,,William Earle,60,,Independent,WIL,
,,Sarah Earle,,60,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Thos Wabber,25,,Wagoner,Not in county,
,,Mary Wabber,,27,,Not in county,
,,William Wabber,21,,Porter,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Elizabeth Green,,40,Independent,WIL,
Brown St,1,Jas Ainsworth,60,,Malster,Not in county,
,,Fanny A Ainsworth,,20,,WIL,
,,Mary Anne Ainsworth,,15,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 29 Page 18

,,Sarah Harris,,14,F Servant,Not in county,
Brown St,1,George Cocks,40,,Coachman,Not in county,
,,Sarah Cocks,,42,,Not in county,
,,Charles Cocks,18,,Porter,Not in county,
,,Caroline Cocks,,10,,WIL,
,,George Cocks,8,,,WIL,
,,Harriet Cocks,,6,,WIL,
,,Sarah Noblee,,65,Independent,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Dixon,,60,Upholsterer,Not in county,
,,Sarah Dixon,,30,Upholsterer,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Richard Massey,43,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Maria Massey,,42,,WIL,
,,Charles Massey,15,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Frederic Massey,13,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Charles Massey,10,,,WIL,
,,Thos Massey,7,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Massey,,1,,WIL,
Brown St,1,William Wort,31,,Groom,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Wort,,28,,WIL,
,,Alfred Wort,5,,,WIL,
,,Henry Bishop,22,,Police,Not in county,
,,Stephen Ailes,31,,Police,Not in county,
,,Charles Young,35,,Fellmonger,Not in county,
,,Maria May,,24,Servant,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 29 Page 19

Brown St,1,William Roots,55,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Mary Roots,,55,,WIL,
,,John Roots,24,,Tailor,WIL,
,,John Romsay,24,,Porter,WIL,
Brown St,1,Thos Ballam,64,,Shoemaker,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Ballam,,64,,Not in county,
,,Luke Ballam,25,,Porter,Not in county,
Brown St,1,William Shergold,30,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Hester Shergold,,59,Independent,WIL,
,,Eliza Shergold,,18,Stay Maker,WIL,
Brown St,1,Esther Davis,,40,Sempstress,WIL,
,,Sarah Davis,,19,Sempstress,WIL,
,,Emily Davis,,13,Sempstress,WIL,
,,George Davis,12,,,WIL,
,,Mary Davis,,10,,WIL,
,,William Davis,7,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,William Cutler,60,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Cutler,,64,,WIL,
,,Matilda Cutler,,27,Sempstress,WIL,
Brown St,u,,,,,,
Brown St,1,Ann Eales,,45,Pew Opener,WIL,
,,William Harwood,25,,Groom,WIL,
,,Evadne Eales,,10,,WIL,
Brown St,1,John Franklin,60,,Wagoner,WIL,
,,Ann Franklin,,55,,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 30 Page 20

,,William Franklin,19,,Groom,Not in county,
,,George Ings,24,,Groom,WIL,
,,James Cannings,50,,Wagoner,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Robert Williams,49,,Baker,WIL,
,,Henry Williams,19,,Baker,WIL,
,,Sarah Williams,,18,,WIL,
,,Robert Williams,16,,Baker,WIL,
,,Jane Webb,,13,F Servant,WIL,
Brown St,1,Maria Rogers,,36,Dressmaker,WIL,
,,James King,50,,Confectioner,Not in county,
,,Wm Fry,15,,Porter,WIL,
,,Walter Fry,7,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,James Hibberd,60,,Independent,WIL,
,,William Gibbs,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Morgan,,35,Independent,WIL,
,,Sarah Knee,,25,Independent,Not in county,
,,Ellen Ruett,,20,Independent,Not in county,
Brown St,1,William Rhodes,82,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Sarah Jenkins,,44,Servant,WIL,
,,Ellen Jenkins,,11,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Dinah Pratt,,54,Shopkeeper,WIL,
Brown St,1,William Wheeler,55,,Gent,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Stride,,30,F Servant,WIL,
Brown St,1,Thos M Wells,40,,Independent,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 30 Page 21

,,Elizabet Brown,,50,F Servant,WIL,
Brown St,1,Jas Castle,47,,Wheelwright,Not in county,
,,Mary Castle,,45,,Not in county,
,,Harriet Castle,,14,,Not in county,
,,Caleb Castle,12,,,Not in county,
,,Joseph Castle,11,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Stevens,,20,Servant,Not in county,
,,William Sulk,27,,Book Keeper,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Charles Stone,40,,Carrier,WIL,
,,Sarah J Stone,,35,,WIL,
,,John Whereat,35,,Nail Maker,WIL,
,,George E Olliver,23,,Gent,Not in county,
,,George E Olliver,19m,,,WIL,
,,Catherine Olliver,,23,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Thos Young,36,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Richd Young,37,,Waiter,WIL,
,,Josh Grant,18,,Fly Driver,WIL,
,,John Grant,49,,Post Boy,WIL,
,,Henry Carslake,20,,Cooper,WIL,
,,Ann Carslake,,63,Cooper,WIL,
,,Mary Arnold,,34,Sempstress,WIL,
,,Ann Young,,32,Sempstress,WIL,
,,Ann Grant,,48,Sempstress,WIL,
,,Eliza Pring,,5,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 31 Page 22

,,Martha Sutton,,66,Independent,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pring,,35,Waitress,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Grant,,26,Dress Maker,WIL,
Brown St,1,Betty Percy Jones,,75,Shopkeeper,WIL,
Brown St,1,Vincent Wing,60,,Carrier,Not in county,
,,Patience Wing,,55,,WIL,
,,Patience Wing,,15,,WIL,
,,Eadne Wing,,13,,WIL,
,,John Wing,11,,,WIL,

Enumeration District 17

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 4 Folio 35 Page 1

Milford St,1,Barnibas Harris,77,,Hair Dresser,WIL,
Milford St,1,John Scott,30,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Scott,,28,,Not in county,
,,Martha Shame,,29,Tailoress,Not in county,Surname uncertain
,,Jane Clement,,18,F S,WIL,
Milford St,1,Richard Dudman,40,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Dudman,,40,,WIL,
,,Francess Hollaway,,19,,Not in county,
,,William Holloway,14,,,Not in county,
,,Charles Holloway,11,,,Not in county,
,,Uriah Beams,30,,M S,Not in county,
,,John Hooper,30,,M S,Not in county,
,1,James Simmons,25,,Traveler Com,Unknown,
,,H Haro,25,,Traveler Com,Unknown,
,,Jas Cromley,30,,Traveler Com,Ireland,
,,Margaret Crawley,,25,Travelor Com,Ireland,Surname uncertain
Milford St,1,Enos Shergold,30,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Dinah Shergold,,38,,WIL,
,,Dinah Shergold,,10,,WIL,
,,Fanny Shergold,,5,,WIL,
,,John Shergold,4,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Shergold,,1,,WIL,
,,Charles Whelock,20,,,WIL,
,,Moses Banyer,19,,Tailor J,WIL,
,,Zuanna Hibberd,,50,Ind,Foreign Parts,

Book 4 Folio 36 Page 2

Milford St,1,Edwin Hayter,35,,Porter,WIL,
,,Harriot Hayter,,30,,WIL,
Milford St,u,,,,,,
Milford St,1,James Goddard,45,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,James Goddard,15,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Goddard,,40,,WIL,
,,Emma Goddard,,15,,WIL,
,,Amelia Goddard,,11,,WIL,
,,Latitia Goddard,,7,,WIL,
,,Clara Goddard,,5,,WIL,
,,Alfred Goddard,3,,,WIL,
,,John Morphis,30,,,Not in county,
Milford St,1,Elizabeth Webb,,35,Plain Worker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Webb,,14,,WIL,
,,Louisia Webb,,11,,WIL,
,,Jane Webb,,7,,WIL,
,,James Webb,5,,,WIL,
,,Martha Lywood,,15,,WIL,
Milford St,1,William Douglas,22,,J Taylor,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Douglas,,32,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Douglas,,8,,WIL,
Milford St,1,John Heny Haloron,35,,Hair Dresser,Not in county,
,,Hennieratta Haloron,,30,,Not in county,
,,Edward Haloron,7,,,Not in county,
,,Herbert Haloron,1,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Sarah Burch,,50,Binder,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 36 Page 3

,,Sarah Burch,,20,,WIL,
,,Joseph Burch,15,,Carpenter Ap,WIL,
,,Samuel Burch,15,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Emma Burch,,15,Ap Milliner,WIL,
Milford St,1,Mary Ann Evans,,74,Ind,WIL,
,,Ellen James,,24,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Trimbee,,29,F S,WIL,
,,John Warne,34,,M S,Not in county,
Giqant St,1,Jane Tanner,,68,Ind,WIL,
,,Betsey Durnford,,38,F S,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Lawrence,60,,J Chandler,WIL,
,,Eleanor Lawrence,,60,,WIL,
,,John Lawrence,25,,J Tailor,WIL,
,,James Cook,25,,Groom,Not in county,
,,Ann Cook,,19,,Not in county,
Gigant St,1,William Boyant,30,,Tinman,WIL,
,,Sarah Boyant,,30,,WIL,
,,Thomas Boyant,6,,,WIL,
,,William Boyant,2,,,WIL,
,,John Boyant,1,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Stephen Elkins,55,,Coachman,WIL,
,,Jemima Elkins,,55,,WIL,
,,Martha Swine,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Mary Collins,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Holloway,,9,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 37 Page 4

Gigant St,1,John Cheater,45,,Cheesemonger,WIL,
,,Elizth Parsons,,35,F S,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Elizabeth Bishop,,60,Mangler,WIL,
,,Lucy Bishop,,30,,WIL,
,,Ellen Bishop,,8,,WIL,
,,John Bush,60,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Gorge Flower,70,,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,,Jane Flower,,40,,WIL,
,,Charles Cooper,50,,Porter,WIL,
,,Hannah Cooper,,40,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Floods,,20,Stay Maker,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Mary Lucas,,40,School Mistress,WIL,
,,Mary Lucas,,14,School Mistress,WIL,
,,Thomas Lucas,12,,Clerk,WIL,
,,Ann Ford,,20,School Mistress,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Loder,,12,F S,WIL,
Gigant St,1,William Dew,45,,Horsekeeper,WIL,
,,Mary Dew,,45,,Not in county,
,,George Dew,15,,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Dew,,15,,WIL,
,,Thomas Dew,10,,,WIL,
,,Henery Eyers,55,,Lab,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Ann Dopson,,50,Needle Woman,WIL,
,,Ann Dopson,,20,,WIL,
,,Mary Dopson,,13,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 37 Page 5

Gigant St,1,John Ballwell,7,,,WIL,
,,William Ballwell,2,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Ballwell,,15,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,James Blashford,32,,F S,WIL,
,,Harriott Blashford,,35,,WIL,
,,Robert Blashford,2,,,WIL,
,,Robert Archer,4,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Archer,3,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,George Inns,37,,Publican,WIL,
,,Ann Inns,,35,,WIL,
,,Gorge Inns,9,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Inns,,7,,WIL,
,,William Inns,3,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Inns,1,,,WIL,
,,Ann Coombs,,19,F S,WIL,
,,William May,60,,,WIL,
,,William Lawrence,43,,Lodger N K (Crossed Out),Not in county,
Gigant St,1,Thomas Alford,32,,J Brushmaker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Alford,,34,,WIL,
,,Ann Alford,,8,,WIL,
,,William Alford,6,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Alford,6m,,,WIL,
Gigant St,u,,,,,,
Gigant St,1,Joel Wilkins,25,,J Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Ann Wilkins,,20,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,James Burbidge,35,,Ostler,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 38 Page 6

,,Ann Burbidge,,40,,WIL,
,,Thomas Burbidge,10,,,WIL,
,,Maria Burbidge,,7,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Susannah Squires,,70,,WIL,
,,Job Rawlins,25,,J Whitesmith,WIL,
,,John Haines,15,,J Gardener,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Hannah Davis,,48,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Davis,,30,,WIL,
,,Robert Davis,4,,,WIL,
,,Anne Davis,,2,,WIL,
,,Emmily Davis,,2,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Charles Cable,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Martha Cable,,25,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Cable,,1m,,WIL,
,,Sarah Simms,,55,F S,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Hayter,57,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Susannah Hayter,,60,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Waterman,40,,J Carpenter,WIL,
,,Eliza Waterman,,9,,WIL,
,,Ellen Waterman,,6,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Mary T Bessant,,61,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,William Rowden,40,,Porter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Rowden,,31,,Not in county,
Gigant St,1,James Joy,50,,Grocier,WIL,
,,Jane Joy,,54,,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 38 Page 7

,,Richard Tucker,73,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Christiana Tucker,,72,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Catherine Bodie,,35,,Not in county,
,,Charles Bodie,15,,,WIL,
,,Edward Bodie,11,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Ray,,33,,Not in county,
,,Ann Bailey,,20,F S,WIL,Age uncertain; N K replaced by 20
,,Maria Rumbold,,18,F S,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Joseph Scott,50,,Builder,WIL,
,,Mary Scott,,49,,WIL,
,,Joseph Scott,21,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Scott,,17,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Elizabeth Durbrow,,42,,Not in county,
,,Fredrick Durbrow,12,,,Not in county,Age 10 overwritten
,,Jessie Durbrow,,10,,Not in county,
,,Albert Durbrow,8,,,Not in county,
,,Charles Durbrow,3,,,WIL,
,,William Durbrow,4m,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Mary Sanger,,40,Shop Keeper,Not in county,
,,Sarah A Sanger,,15,,Not in county,
,,Maria Sanger,,4,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,William Walter,50,,Paviour,WIL,
,,Ann Walter,,50,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,James Bugey,52,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Bugey,,51,,Unknown,

Book 4 Folio 39 Page 8

,,Heny Bungey,16,,Stable Boy,WIL,
,,John Bungey,13,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Christopher Jordan,75,,Woolstapler,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Jordan,,70,,WIL,
,,Ann Jordan,,30,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Larkham,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,John Larkham,5,,,WIL,
,,Ann Larkham,,50,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Joseph Loaring,55,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Thomas Loaring,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Robert Loaring,15,,Lab Butcher,WIL,
,,Richard Loaring,14,,Lab Baker,WIL,
,,Grace Loaring,,54,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Loaring,,13,,WIL,
Gigant St,u,,,,,,
Gigant St,1,Catherine Davis,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Pearce,,60,,WIL,
,,Henery Dopson,50,,J Cooper,WIL,
,,Ann Curtis,,30,,WIL,
,,Henry Maton,18,,Labourer,WIL,
Gigant St,1,George Blowden,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Harriot Blowden,,35,,WIL,
,,William Byworth,37,,Traveler,Not in county,
,,Hannah Byworth,,35,,Ireland,
,,Sarah Blowden,,1,,WIL,
,,Mary Byworth,,11,,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 39 Page 9

,,Margrett Byworth,,1,,Not in county,
Trinity St,1,William Tiley,28,,Labourer,WIL,
Trinity St,1,William Sufe,45,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Mary Sufe,,45,,WIL,
,,William Sufe,25,,J Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Maria Sufe,,15,,WIL,
,,Robert Sufe,10,,,WIL,
,,Emolia Sufe,,8,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Charles Birch,38,,J Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Caroline Birch,,37,,WIL,
,,Harriott Birch,,19,,WIL,
,,Caroline Birch,,17,,WIL,
,,Charles Birch,16,,J Bricklayer,WIL,
,,John Birch,14,,,WIL,
,,Ann Birch,,12,,WIL,
,,Elizth Birch,,9,,WIL,
,,James Birch,5,,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Joseph Chambers,50,,J Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Sarah Chambers,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Chambers,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Joseph Chambers,20,,Ap Stone Mason,WIL,
,,Elizth Chambers,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Percilla Chambers,,12,,WIL,
,,Ellen Chambers,,10,,WIL,
,,Alfred Chambers,7,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 40 Page 10

,,Maria Chambers,,5,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Charlotte Hunt,,34,Laundress,WIL,
,,George Notley,30,,Waggoner,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Mary Clark,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Alexander Pike,20,,J Currier,WIL,

Enumeration District 17 Hospitals

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 4 Folio 40 Page 10

Trinity St Hospital,1,Samuel Collins,84,,Ind,WIL,
,,William Lane,77,,Ind,WIL,
,,John Pepperill,80,,Ind,WIL,
,,Stephen Rogers,75,,Porter,Not in county,
,,Ann Rogers,,30,,WIL,
,,John Rose,76,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Edward Lawrence,71,,Porter,WIL,
,,Sarah Gillo,,67,Matron,Not in county,
,,Henery Sworn,70,,Ind,WIL,
,,Stephen Stroud,80,,Ind,WIL,
,,John Franklin,77,,Ind,WIL,
,,James Field,67,,Harness Maker,Not in county,
,,Fredrick Field,15,,Porter,WIL,
,,William James,79,,Ind,WIL,

Enumeration District 17 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 4 Folio 40 Page 10

Trinity St,1,Samuel Clark,41,,Musician,WIL,
,,Maria Clark,,34,,WIL,
,,Washington Clark,4,,,WIL,
,,Virginia Clark,,1,,WIL,
Trinity St,1,Henery Shaye,30,,J Tailor,Not in county,
,,Lucy Shaye,,25,,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 40 Page 11

,,Mary Smith,,25,,Not in county,
,,Maria Smith,,6,,Not in county,Age 5 overwritten
,,Mary Ann Smith,,1,,WIL,
,,Gorge Smith,40,,J Tailor,Not in county,
Trinity St,1,William Spearman,29,,Coachman,Not in county,
,,Mary Spearman,,32,,Not in county,
,,Alfred Palmer,15,,M S,Not in county,
,,George Colbourn,15,,Ap Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Charles Colbourn,10,,Corister,WIL,
Gigant St,1,William Smith,75,,Brewer,WIL,
,,Sarah Buck,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Wm Beach,30,,Soldier,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Silas Dew,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Ann Dew,,42,,WIL,
,,Edward Talbot,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Robert Simmonds,60,,Wool Comber,WIL,
Gigant St,1,James Brown,50,,Coal Merchant,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,30,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Job Russell,50,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Ann Russell,,45,,WIL,
,,Silas Russell,14,,,WIL,
,,James Russell,9,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Russell,,6,,WIL,
,,Ellen Russell,,3,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Barber,59,,Shoe M,Unknown,

Book 4 Folio 41 Page 12

,,Sarah Barber,,53,,WIL,
,,James Barber,17,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Barber,11,,,WIL,
,,George Barber,7,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,William Loaring,72,,Ind,WIL,
,,Henery Woodgate,73,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Mary Woodgate,,63,,WIL,
,,Sarah Woodgate,,31,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Caroline Woodgate,,22,Silk Weaver,WIL,Age uncertain
Gigant St,1,Catherine Collins,,70,Laundress,WIL,
,,Henery Hillier,26,,J Carpenter,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Williams,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Williams,,39,,WIL,
,,John Williams,14,,,WIL,
,,Mary Williams,,15,,WIL,
,,Henery Williams,8,,,WIL,
,,George Williams,11,,,WIL,
,,Amey Williams,,6,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Sarah Bright,,60,Tailoress,Not in county,
,,Jane Bright,,32,S Woman,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bright,,22,Teacher,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Lake,,45,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary A Lake,,18,F S,WIL,
,,Heneiretta Sewell,,14,Stay Maker,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Charles Strong,25,,Hair Curler,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 41 Page 13

,,Harriot Strong,,25,,Not in county,
,,Sidney Strong,3,,,WIL,
,,Mary Strong,,9m,,WIL,
,,Georg Peckham,20,,J Shoe Maker,Not in county,
Gigant St,1,John Dridge,24,,J Carpenter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Dridge,,25,,Not in county,
,,James Dridge,2,,,Not in county,
,,Harry Dridge,9m,,,Not in county,
Gigant St,1,George Penton,45,,Weaver Of Hair,Not in county,
,,Harriot Penton,,45,,Not in county,
,,Edward Penton,15,,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Penton,,11,,WIL,
,,Sarah Penton,,8,,WIL,
,,Charles Penton,6,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,William Roomes,55,,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,
,,Maria Roomes,,35,,WIL,
,,Louisa Roomes,,15,,WIL,
,,Ellen Roomes,,2,,WIL,
,,Ann Roomes,,7m,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Isaac Roomes,25,,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,
,,Sarah Roomes,,22,,WIL,
,,Jane Roomes,,2,,WIL,
,,James Roomes,10m,,,WIL,
,,Ruth Roberts,,35,Ind,WIL,
,,John Roberts,12,,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 42 Page 14

,,Caroline Roberts,,10,,WIL,
,,Mary Roberts,,8,,WIL,
,,Harriot Roberts,,5,,WIL,
,,Joseph Roberts,2,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Talbott,50,,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,
,,Elizth Talbott,,50,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,
,,Mary Talbott,,20,Horse Hair Weaver,WIL,
,,Henery Talbott,15,,Porter,WIL,
,,Joseph Talbott,15,,Ap Shoe M,WIL,
,,Charles Talbott,15,,,WIL,
,,Lenard Talbott,14,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,James Yeatman,45,,Jeweller,WIL,
,,Hannah Yeatman,,45,,WIL,
,,Mary Yeatman,,15,Straw Bonnet Maker,WIL,
,,Henery Yeatman,10,,,WIL,
,,George Yeatman,10,,,WIL,
,,Edward Yeatman,10,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Yeatman,,5,,WIL,
,,Charles Yeatman,5,,,WIL,
,,Mary Macey,,75,Ind,Not in county,
,,Harriott Yeatman,,5,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Robert Horder,55,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Rosetta Horder,,50,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Rambridge,,15,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,William Sopp,40,,Tailor,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 42 Page 15

,,M Ann Sopp,,30,,WIL,
,,M Ann Sopp,,11,,WIL,
,,Harriot Sopp,,9,,WIL,
,,Margretta Sopp,,6,,WIL,
,,Emma Sopp,,4,,WIL,
,,William Sopp,2,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,James Gray,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Gray,,30,,WIL,
,,Eliza Gray,,2,,WIL,
,,Mary Gray,,2,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Ann Barnett,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Henery Barnett,15,,,WIL,
,,Martha Barnett,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary A Barnett,,10,,WIL,
,,Mary Sanger,,40,Ind,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Lawrence Cardone,50,,Pedler,Foreign Parts,
,,Mary Cardone,,30,,WIL,
,,Clara Cardone,,11,,WIL,
,,Clement Cardone,9,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,George Castleman,77,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Castleman,,75,,Not in county,
Gigant St,1,Mary Fuller,,40,Hunter,WIL,
,,Mary Fuller,,18,Silk Weaver,Not in county,
,,Robert Fuller,9,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Fetham,68,,Watch Maker,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 43 Page 16

,,Charlotte Crouch,,35,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Fanny Crouch,,15,,WIL,
,,William Crouch,14,,,WIL,
,,Mary A Crouch,,10,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Crouch,,8,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,George Young,53,,Whitling Maker,WIL,
,,Ann Young,,40,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Young,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Charles Young,20,,Ap Bricklayer,WIL,
,,George Young,11,,,WIL,
,,Cornilious Young,9,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Young,,7,,WIL,
,,Louisa Young,,5,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,William Newman,60,,Coach Builder,Not in county,
,,John Newman,30,,Coach Builder,WIL,
,,Ann Newman,,60,,Not in county,
,,Mary Newman,,25,Upholsterer,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Charles Yetman,20,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Charles Yetman,8m,,,WIL,
,,Susanna Yetman,,20,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Sarah Le cras,,65,Ind,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Thomas Pink,50,,Horse Keeper,Not in county,
,,Sarah Pink,,45,,Not in county,
,,John Pink,12,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Pink,,10,,Not in county,

Book 4 Folio 43 Page 17

,,Edward Pink,7,,,Not in county,
,,Fanny Pink,,6,,Not in county,
,,Fedrick Pink,3,,,Not in county,
Gigant St,1,Robert Scott,41,,J Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Mary Scott,,42,,WIL,
,,Jane Scott,,12,,WIL,
,,Mary Scott,,10,,WIL,
,,Samuel Scott,8,,,WIL,
,,Robert Scott,3,,,WIL,
,,Ann Scott,,1,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Ann Kite,,30,Baker,WIL,
,,Archentine Turk,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,William Felton,17,,Ap Baker,Not in county,
,,John Weoff,15,,Ap Baker,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Mary Rose,,40,Cap Maker,Not in county,
,,Matilda Rose,,24,,WIL,
,,Eliza Rose,,20,,WIL,
,,William Rose,19,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Rosina Rose,,17,,WIL,
,,Emma Rose,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Rose,,14,,WIL,
,,Caroline Rose,,10,,WIL,
,,George Rose,9,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Muspratt,33,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Sarah Muspratt,,39,,WIL,

Book 4 Folio 44 Page 18

,,Elizabeth Muspratt,,6m,,WIL,
,,Richard Greett,50,,Labourer,WIL,
Gigant St,u,,,,,,
Gigant St,1,Jane Walker,,40,Laundress,Not in county,
,,Louisia Adams,,20,,WIL,
,,M A Hicks,,20,,Unknown,
,1,Hannah Kimber,,68,Ind,WIL,
,,Louisia Kimber,,20,,WIL,
,,Thomas Snook,70,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Ann Jones,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Daniel Jones,20,,J Carpenter,WIL,
,,Thomas Jones,19,,Ap Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Dacas Jones,,22,,WIL,
,,Catherine Brown,,60,Ind,WIL,

Enumeration District 18

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 5 Folio 4 Page 1

Gigant St,1,Richard Howe,30,,Painter,WIL,
,,Harriet Howe,,30,,WIL,
,,Martha Howe,,5,,WIL,
,,Harriet Howe,,8m,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Morris,,65,Ind,WIL,
“Mendicity House, Gigant St”,1,William Farley,45,,Beadle,WIL,
,,Anna Farley,,35,,Not in county,
,,John Farley,20,,,WIL,
,,Ann Farley,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Farley,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Farley,,14,,WIL,
,,Robert Farley,10,,,WIL,
,,Jane Farley,,7,,WIL,
,,Anna Farley,,1,,WIL,
,,William Keen,35,,Cooper J,Not in county,
,,Mary Keen,,35,,Not in county,
,,William Keen,4,,,Not in county,
,,Louisa Keen,,1,,Not in county,
,,Charles Jones,35,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,John Haynes,35,,Skinner J,Not in county,
,,Ellen Haynes,,30,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Haynes,,10,,WIL,
,,Caroline Haynes,,6,,WIL,
,,Mary Haynes,,5,,WIL,
,,John Haynes,1,,,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 5 Page 2

Gigant St,1,James Jones,30,,Coachman,Not in county,
,,Mary Jones,,30,,Not in county,
Gigant St,1,William Cole,25,,Gardener,Not in county,
,,Sarah Cole,,25,,WIL,
,,George Cole,5,,,WIL,
,,Henry Cole,3,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Thomas Dashwood,70,,Hair Dresser,WIL,
,,Sarah Dashwood,,70,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Edward Rolls,30,,Brewer,Not in county,
,,Mary Rolls,,25,,WIL,
,,Sarah Rolls,,4,,Not in county,
Gigant St,1,Mary Clark,,45,Laundress,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Short,30,,Tailor J,WIL,
,,Eliza Short,,30,,WIL,
,,William Short,10,,,WIL,
,,Catherine Short,,8,,WIL,
,,John Short,5,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Short,,3,,WIL,
,,Alfred Short,1,,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Good,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Good,,20,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,William Chivers,60,,Thatcher,WIL,
,,Sarah Chivers,,45,,WIL,
,,Louisa Chivers,,30,,WIL,
,,Henry Chivers,15,,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 5 Page 3

,,Sarah Chivers,,10,,WIL,
Gigant St,1,George Bath,55,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Isaac Bath,15,,Carpenter App,WIL,
,,Jane Bath,,15,Tailoress App,WIL,
,,Jane Hilcock,,45,F S,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Thomas Luther,55,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Luther,,55,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Luther,,20,,Not in county,
,,Herbert Clark,25,,Upholsterer J,WIL,
Gigant St,u,,,,,,
Gigant St,1,William Burrough,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Burrough,,20,,WIL,
,,Amelia Burrough,,1,,WIL,
,,Ann Galton,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Grace Galton,,30,Ind,WIL,
Gigant St,1,John Goodfellow,25,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Goodfellow,,20,,WIL,
,,John Goodfellow,2,,,WIL,
,,Emily Goodfellow,,4m,,WIL,
,,James Stevens,20,,Labourer,WIL,
Gigant St,1,Simon Percey,30,,Smith J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Percey,,30,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Percey,,6,,WIL,
,,Alfred Percey,6m,,,WIL,
,,Catherine Dier,,35,Ind,WIL,
,,Alfred Dier,14,,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 6 Page 4

Milford St,1,Joseph Davis,60,,Salesman,WIL,
,,Ann Davis,,65,,WIL,
,,William Harder,30,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Jane Harder,,25,,WIL,
,,Maria Harder,,9,,WIL,
Milford St,1,John Baker,40,,Shopkeeper,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Baker,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Baker,,15,Ind,WIL,
Milford St,1,James Mussell,65,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Mussell,,60,,WIL,
,,Henry Mussell,25,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Mussell,,20,,WIL,
,,Isaac Young,35,,Accountant,WIL,
,,William Douglas,35,,Brass Founder J,Not in county,
,,William James,25,,Brass Founder J,Scotland,
Milford St,1,James Bailey,50,,Parchment Mkr J,Not in county,
,,Mary Bailey,,50,,WIL,
,,Sarah Bailey,,20,,Not in county,
,,James Bailey,19,,Tailor’s App,WIL,
,,Fanny Bailey,,15,,WIL,
,,Matilda Bailey,,10,,WIL,
,,Charles Chiglett,20,,Carpenter J,WIL,
Milford St,1,Thomas Aubrey,30,,Smith & Farrier,WIL,
,,Jane Aubrey,,30,,WIL,
,,Thomas Aubrey,8,,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 6 Page 5

,,Reuben Aubrey,7,,,WIL,
,,Emma Aubrey,,3,,WIL,
,,Ellen Aubrey,,8m,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Aubrey,,70,Ind,WIL,
Milford St,1,George Scammell,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Scammell,,35,,WIL,
,,Grorge Scammell,6,,,WIL,
,,Andrew Scammell,3,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Scammell,1,,,WIL,
,,Ann Scammell,,9,,WIL,
,,Keturah Scammell,,4,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Sarah Hatch,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Thomas Hatch,15,,Porter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hatch,,20,,WIL,
,,Susannah Robert,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Edward Dalley,13,,Brush Mkr,WIL,
,,Henry Dalley,10,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,George Church,55,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,George Church,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Mary Church,,45,,Scotland,
,,Mary Church,,13,Bonnet M,WIL,
,,William Church,20,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Thomas Church,15,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,John Church,15,,M S,WIL,
Milford St,1,Elizabeth Dutch,,60,Laundress,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 7 Page 6

,,Lucy Dutch,,20,Laundress,WIL,
,,Eliza Jordan,,15,Laundress,WIL,
Milford St,1,Isaac Jordan,50,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Sarah Jordan,,50,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Jordan,,20,,WIL,
,,Rebecca Jordan,,15,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Sarah Herman,,65,Ind,WIL,
Milford St,1,Mary Morrison,,25,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Morrison,,20,Silk Weaver,WIL,
Milford St,1,Sarah Marsh,,30,Laundress,WIL,
Milford St,1,Ann Billett,,55,Nurse,Not in county,
Milford St,1,George Young,50,,Navy P,WIL,
,,Martha Young,,55,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Thomas Feltham,30,,Lab Ag,WIL,
,,Maria Feltham,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Bartlett,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Bartlett,,20,Ind,WIL,
Milford St,1,Mary White,,55,Laundress,Scotland,
Milford St,1,William Spring,60,,Gardener,Not in county,
,,Mary Spring,,60,,WIL,
,,Eliza Spring,,30,,Not in county,
Milford St,1,Daniel Whitlock,70,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Jauzie Whitlock,,70,,Not in county,Forename uncertain
Milford St,1,James Lawrence,30,,Porter,WIL,
,,Caroline Lawrence,,35,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 7 Page 7

,,Caroline Lawrence,,3,,WIL,
,,John Lawrence,4m,,,WIL,
,,Mary Burch,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,William Cole,15,,Porter,Not in county,
,,Robert Mitchell,25,,Cork Cutter,Scotland,
,,George Bishop,20,,Weaver,WIL,
Milford St,1,James Pepperell,25,,Cord Wainer,WIL,
,,Mary Pepperell,,25,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pepperell,,6,,WIL,
,,Mary Pepperell,,5,,WIL,
,,Eliza Pepperell,,3,,WIL,
,,James Pepperell,1,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Conduit,,20,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Phoeby Curtis,,40,Ind,Not in county,
,,Ann Curtis,,18,Bonnett M,WIL,
,,George Curtis,14,,,WIL,
,,John Curtis,10,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Curtis,8,,,WIL,
,,Emma Curtis,,6,,WIL,
,,Louisa Curtis,,3,,WIL,
,,Phoeby Curtis,,1m,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Rebecca Wild,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,William Wild,20,,Turner,WIL,
Milford St,1,Thomas Gale,25,,Brewer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Gale,,30,,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 8 Page 8

,,Martha Young,,40,F S,WIL,
,,Dianna Young,,15,,WIL,
,,Amelia Young,,7,,WIL,
,,Elias Burt,35,,Waggoner,Unknown,
Milford St,1,Elizabeth Marks,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Robert Marks,20,,Gun M J,WIL,
,,Mary Hannis,,25,Ind,WIL,
,,James Douglas,20,,Blacksmith J,WIL,
Milford St,1,Isaac Archer,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Archer,,40,,WIL,
,,Thomas Clements,31,,Iron Moulder J,WIL,
,,Sarah Wentworth,,65,Ind,WIL,
Milford St,1,Richard Sims,35,,Pawnbroker,WIL,
,,Joseph Yeats,60,,Blacksmith J,WIL,
,,Jane Yeats,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Caroline Bruton,,45,Ind,WIL,
,,Amelia Bruton,,10,F S,WIL,
,,Samuel Bruton,45,,Labourer,WIL,
Milford St,1,James Isworth,25,,Boot & Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Mary Isworth,,20,Dress M,Not in county,
Milford St,1,Samuel Webb,60,,Ind,WIL,
,,Martha Webb,,55,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Gillingham,,35,Ind,WIL,
,,Sophia Nobb,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Laph,,15,F S,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 8 Page 9

,,Harriet Green,,45,F S,WIL,
Culver St,1,Lydia Hibberd,,80,Weaver,WIL,
Culver St,1,Elizabeth Podger,,75,Weaver,WIL,
Culver St,u,,,,,,
Culver St,1,Mary Talbot,,80,Ind,WIL,
Culver St,1,Ann Dobson,,75,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Dobson,,10,Ind,WIL,
Culver St,1,Susan Snelgrove,,80,Weaver,WIL,
Culver St,1,Charlotte Sharp,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Lee,,15,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,William Dobson,50,,Carpenter J,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Webb,30,,Baker,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Doel,35,,Porter,WIL,
,,Maria Doel,,30,,WIL,
,,William Doel,11,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Doel,,9,,WIL,
,,Charles Doel,2,,,WIL,
,,Henry Doel,2,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Hibberd,10,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Francis White,45,,Tallow Chandler,WIL,
,,Theopholis White,20,,Tallow Chandler,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hutchens,,30,F S,WIL,
Culver St,1,Henry White,45,,Tallow Chandler,WIL,
,,Sarah White,,30,,WIL,
,,Harriet White,,3,,WIL,
,,Ann White,,1,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 9 Page 10

,,John Collins,50,,Brewer,WIL,
,,Jane Berry,,50,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Henrietta Berry,,25,School Mistress,WIL,
Culver St,1,Elizabeth Offer,,50,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Maria Offer,,20,,WIL,
,,Jane Offer,,19,,WIL,
,,Charles Hazzard,15,,Clerk In Office,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Thorn,35,,Smith J,WIL,
,,Mary Thorn,,35,,WIL,
,,Francis Thorn,15,,,WIL,
,,Frederick Thorn,15,,,WIL,
,,Harriet Thorn,,11,,WIL,
,,Grorge Thorn,6,,,WIL,
,,Edward Thorn,4,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Thorn,,1,,WIL,
Culver St,u,,,,,,
Culver St,1,Edmund Davis,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Davis,,55,,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Jesse,55,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Frances Jesse,,55,,WIL,
,,Martha Jesse,,20,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Ann Crabb,,50,Ind,Not in county,
,,Ann Crabb,,15,,WIL,
,,Charles Crabb,10,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Hacker,45,,Salesman,WIL,
,,Charlotte Hacker,,50,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 9 Page 11

,,George Hacker,13,,,WIL,
,,Maria Hacker,,20,,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Adams,25,,Police Man,WIL,
,,Emma Clarke,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Grorge Clarke,5,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Lumer,,60,Ind,Not in county,
Culver St,1,James Lucas,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Fanny Lucas,,40,,WIL,
,,John Lucas,7,,,WIL,
,,Frederick Lucas,10m,,,WIL,
,,Harriet Hall,,17,Silk Weaver App,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Offer,70,,Timber Sawyer,WIL,
,,Sopia Offer,,70,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Charles Delicate,45,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Mary Delicate,,45,,WIL,
,,Mary Delicate,,20,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Delicate,,13,,WIL,
,,Emma Delicate,,9,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Joseph Match,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Match,,45,,WIL,
,,Josiah Match,20,,,WIL,
,,Isaac Match,14,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Match,,12,,WIL,
,,Mary Match,,10,,WIL,
Culver St,1,George Burpitt,20,,Labourer,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Elizabeth Burpitt,,20,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Barnett,,65,Ind,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Edmunds,40,,Cooper J,WIL,
,,Sarah Edmunds,,35,,WIL,
,,Eliza Edmunds,,11,,WIL,
,,William Edmunds,9,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Edmunds,5,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Edmunds,,3,,WIL,
,,John Edmunds,1,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Young,35,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Naomi Young,,35,,Not in county,
,,Henry Young,12,,,WIL,
,,George Young,10,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Young,,8,,WIL,
,,William Young,5,,,WIL,
,,Martha Young,,2,,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Willis,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Willis,,40,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Willis,,20,,WIL,
,,William Willis,15,,,WIL,
,,Jane Willis,,10,,WIL,
,,Rebecca Willis,,9,,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Thick,65,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Priscilla Thick,,65,,WIL,
,,Priscilla Thick,,20,Shoe Binder,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 10 Page 13

Culver St,1,Henry Thomas,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Thomas,,40,,WIL,
,,Henry Thomas,10,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Thomas,,8,,WIL,
,,James Thomas,2,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Holly,70,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Richard Holly,10,,,WIL,
,,William Richards,25,,Labourer,Not in county,
Culver St,1,Henry Macklin,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Macklin,,40,,WIL,
,,James Macklin,10,,,WIL,
,,Isaac Macklin,8,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Macklin,,3,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Charles Breman,30,,Labourer,Not in county,Surname uncertain
,,Fanny Breman,,45,,WIL,
,,Charles Breman,9,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Breman,5,,,WIL,
,,Anne Breman,,2,,WIL,
,,Harry Brice,15,,Shony M App,WIL,Occ: First word uncertain
Culver St,1,Ann Foreman,,60,Laundress,Not in county,
,,Eliza Foreman,,25,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Ann Foreman,,15,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,William Blake,12,,Labourer,Not in county,
Culver St,1,William Miller,40,,Wheelwright,Not in county,
,,Anne Miller,,35,,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 11 Page 14

,,Mary Miller,,15,,Not in county,
,,Jane Miller,,13,,Not in county,
,,James Miller,10,,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Miller,9,,,Not in county,
,,George Miller,4,,,WIL,
,,William Miller,1,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Saunders,25,,Cord Winder,WIL,
,,Mary Saunders,,20,,Not in county,
,,Roseanna Saunders,,1,,WIL,
,,William Jones,20,,Cord Winder,Not in county,
Culver St,1,Hester Godwin,,35,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Jane Godwin,,12,,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Prewitt,40,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Prewitt,,40,,WIL,
Culver St,1,James Alexander,65,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Ann Alexander,,40,Laundress,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Trim,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Trim,,45,Char Woman,WIL,
,,William Toomer,20,,Cabinet M App,Unknown,
Culver St,1,Elizabeth Bifford,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Kemp,,65,F S,Not in county,
,,Mary Goddard,,11,,WIL,
,,Martha Goddard,,10,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Samuel Collins,55,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Collins,,50,,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 11 Page 15

Culver St,1,William White,65,,Dealer In Wood Etc,WIL,
,,Elizabeth White,,65,,Not in county,
Culver St,1,William England,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary England,,25,,WIL,
,,Charles England,7,,,WIL,
,,Sidney England,3,,,WIL,
,,Henry England,2,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Thomas Saunders,45,,Cord Winder,WIL,
,,Mavis Saunders,,50,,WIL,
,,Emmanuel Saunders,9,,,WIL,
,,Amelia Saunders,,70,Ind,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Williams,60,,Tucker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,55,,WIL,
,,Frederick Williams,20,,Labourer,WIL,
Culver St,1,Samuel Jennings,35,,White Smith J,WIL,
,,Harriet Jennings,,30,,WIL,
,,James Jennings,8,,,WIL,
,,Mary Jennings,,5,,WIL,
,,Sarah Jennings,,2,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Thomas Davis,65,,Weaver,WIL,
,,John Quinton,60,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Henry Quinber,20,,Labourer,WIL,Surname uncertain
Culver St,1,Lydia Newman,,50,Weaver,WIL,
Culver St,1,William Williams,35,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Bethia Williams,,30,Silk Weaver,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 12 Page 16

,,Mary Williams,,5,,WIL,
,,Emily Williams,,3,,WIL,
,,Charles Williams,1,,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Elizabeth Collins,,45,Laundress,WIL,
,,Samuel Collins,12,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Collins,10,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Collins,7,,,WIL,
,,Emma Bungy,,30,Ind,WIL,
Barnard St,1,James Deare,30,,Hemp Spinner,WIL,
,,Charlotte Deare,,35,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Deare,,12,,WIL,
,,George Deare,10,,,WIL,
,,Rose Deare,,9,,WIL,
,,Emily Deare,,6,,WIL,
,,James Deare,4,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Deare,1,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Deare,1,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Hibberd,,15,F S,WIL,
Barnard St,1,William Trusler,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Maria Trusler,,40,,WIL,
,,Henry Trusler,12,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Trusler,8,,,WIL,
,,Maria Trusler,,14,,WIL,
,,Thomas Biddlecombe,40,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Mary Biddlecombe,,40,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 12 Page 17

,,Thomas Biddlecombe,14,,,WIL,
,,John Biddlecombe,9,,,WIL,
,,Mary Biddlecombe,,7,,WIL,
,,Charles Biddlecombe,4,,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Thomas Morris,55,,Painter J,Not in county,
,,Jane Morris,,45,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Jane Bailey,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,Debora Kite,,13,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,John Burton,25,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,William Burton,15,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
Barnard St,1,James Anderson,40,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Mary Anderson,,35,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Richard Boobyer,45,,Coachman,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Boobyer,,45,,WIL,
,,James Boobyer,12,,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,William Lawrence,30,,Brewer,WIL,
,,Mary Lawrence,,25,,WIL,
,,William Lawrence,8,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Lawrence,,5,,WIL,
,,Emma Lawrence,,3,,WIL,
,,Richard Lawrence,8m,,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,John Bullock,35,,Hse Painter J,Not in county,
,,Ellen Bullock,,30,,WIL,
,,Arthur Bullock,7,,,Not in county,
,,Stephen Bullock,5,,,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 13 Page 18

,,Emma Bullock,,4,,Not in county,
,,James Bullock,3,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Bullock,,2,,WIL,
Barnards St,1,Philip Young,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Maria Young,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary Young,,8,,WIL,
,,Jane Young,,5,,WIL,
,,Martha Young,,1,,WIL,
Barnards St,1,Joseph Sworn,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Sworn,,40,,WIL,
,,Maria Amor,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Amor,,9,,WIL,
,,John Amor,2,,,WIL,
Barnards St,1,Joseph Lockyear,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Lockyear,,35,,WIL,
,,Charles Rowden,35,,Labourer,WIL,
Barnards St,1,John Macey,35,,Smith J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Macey,,35,,WIL,
,,John Macey,15,,,WIL,
,,Mary Macey,,14,,WIL,
,,James Macey,12,,,WIL,
,,Maria Macey,,10,,WIL,
,,Harriet Macey,,7,,WIL,
,,Henry Macey,4,,,WIL,
,,Jane Macey,,3,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 13 Page 19

,,Elizabeth Macey,,1,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Henry Hill,30,,Roadman,Not in county,
,,Julia Hill,,30,,Not in county,
,,Robert Hill,3,,,Not in county,
,,Robert Hill,25,,Roadman,Not in county,
Barnard St,1,Joseph Frampton,35,,Policeman,Not in county,
,,Mary Frampton,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary Frampton,,9,,Not in county,
,,Joseph Frampton,5,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Frampton,,9m,,WIL,
,,Mary Durrant,,60,Ind,WIL,
Barnard St,1,James Ingram,35,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Ann Ingram,,30,,WIL,
,,Ellen Ingram,,11,,WIL,
,,Emma Ingram,,9,,WIL,
,,Harriet Ingram,,7,,WIL,
,,James Ingram,5,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ingram,,2,,WIL,
,,John Ingram,2m,,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Elizabeth Fricker,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Fricker,,20,Tailoress,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Jefferey,,30,Stay Maker,Not in county,
Barnard St,1,Ellen Philpot,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Emily Philpot,,10,,Not in county,
,,Mary Philpot,,8,,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 14 Page 20

,,Frederick Philpot,5,,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Mary Sworn,,55,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Robert Sworn,20,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Sarah Evans,,55,Ind,WIL,
Barnard St,1,William Coward,45,,Green Grocer,WIL,
,,Ann Coward,,45,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Mary Talbot,,80,Ind,WIL,

Enumeration District 19

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 5 Folio 20 Page 1

St Anns St,1,Ann Bromage,,45,Ind,Not in county,
,,Louseno Whitnell,,25,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Whitnell,,8,,Not in county,
,,Batho Whitnell,5,,,WIL,
St Anns St,1,James Cobb,,50,Attorney,Not in county,
,,Sarah Cobb,,40,,WIL,
,,James Cobb,16,,Articled Clerk,WIL,
,,Henry Cobb,14,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Cobb,,12,,WIL,
,,Sarah Cobb,,11,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Cobb,,6,,WIL,
,,Ann Cobb,,4,,WIL,
,,Robert Cobb,3,,,WIL,
,,Catherine Cobb,,2m,,WIL,
,,Maria Hunt,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Selina Godwin,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Tamer Shelly,,20,F S,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Frances Jesse,,55,,WIL,
,,Francis Jesse,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Edward Jesse,18,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Francis Jesse,,14,,WIL,
,,John Sloan,5,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Pike,,11,,WIL,
,,Wm Still,4,,,WIL,
,,George Grace,3,,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 21 Page 2

Love Lane,1,Eliza Pike,,30,Milliner,WIL,
,,Caroline Pike,,19,,WIL,
,,Eliza Rodwell,,30,Dress Maker,Not in county,
,,George Rodwell,23,,Shoemr,WIL,
Love Lane,1,Lydia Shepherd,,55,Needle Wn,Not in county,
,,Chas Shepherd,20,,Shoemkr,WIL,
,,Betsey Shepherd,,20,Needle Wn,WIL,
,,Thos Foreman,25,,White Smith,WIL,
,,Lydia Foreman,,25,Needle Woman,WIL,
,,Lydia Foreman,,4,,WIL,
,,Eliza Foreman,,2,,WIL,
,,Betsey Foreman,,4m,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Wm Musselwhite,35,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Musselwhite,,28,,WIL,
,,Mary Musselwhite,,4,,WIL,
,,Wm Musselwhite,2,,,WIL,
,,Hester Musselwhite,,2m,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,James Dyke,60,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Joseph Fish,10,,,WIL,
Barnard St,1,Sarah Holloway,,78,,Not in county,
,,John Collard,25,,Compositer,Not in county,
,,John Collard,4,,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 21 Page 3

Barnard St,1,James Swift,52,,Sawyer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Swift,,50,,WIL,
,,Mark Swift,25,,Sawyer,WIL,
,,Herbert Swift,16,,,WIL,
,,Jane Swift,,20,,WIL,
,,John Swift,8,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Swift,3,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Follet,,25,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 19 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 5 Folio 21 Page 3

Barnard St,1,Hariet Bascawen,,55,Ind,Not in county,
,,Sophia Bascawen,,30,Governess,OVB,Born India
,,Harriet Hopperton,,30,Teacher,Not in county,
,,Emily Hockin,,20,Teacher,Ireland,
,,Ellen Parker,,13,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Paulena Belle,,12,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Adelaide Belle,,10,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Robinson,,12,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Emily Garsden,,14,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Alecia Kelly,,14,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Frances Fynmore,,15,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Sarah Fynmore,,12,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Ennice Jennings,,13,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Mary Meredith,,13,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Ann Elliett,,12,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Mary Light,,14,Scholar,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 22 Page 4

,,Jane Peach,,13,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Henrietta Atty,,11,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Anne Duff,,9,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Ellen Hodding,,8,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Agusta Hodding,,8,Scholar,WIL,
,,Mary Atkinson,,15,Scholar,WIL,
,,Emilia Atkinson,,15,Scholar,WIL,
,,Louisa Atkinson,,13,Scholar,WIL,
,,Mary Standen,,15,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Henrietta Standen,,14,Scholar,Not in county,
,,Eliza Witt,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Emma Wright,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Louisa Brown,,15,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 19 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Martin

Book 5 Folio 22 Page 4

Culver St,1,James Conway,35,,Publican,Not in county,
,,Ann Conway,,25,,WIL,
,,Louisa Conway,,1m,,WIL,
,,Eliza Slor,,25,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Lousisa Lawes,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Richard Tubb,60,,M S,Not in county,
,,James Finegan,25,,Army 58 Rgt,Ireland,
,,Chas Simmons,15,,Army 58 Rgt,WIL,
,,Benjamin Alexander,23,,Traveller,Not in county,
,,Susan Alexander,,25,,Not in county,
,,Benjn Alexander,1,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Philpot,,15,F S,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 22 Page 5

Culver St,1,Harriett Cooper,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Edwin Cooper,8m,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Abby Wheeler,,50,,Not in county,
,,Wm Wheeler,20,,Compositor,Not in county,
,,Fredk Wheeler,15,,App Compositor,Not in county,
,,Maria Wheeler,,15,,Not in county,
,,Edwd Wheeler,10,,,WIL,
,,James Wheeler,9,,,WIL,
St Anns St,1,William Naish,50,,Baker,WIL,
,,Sophia Naish,,60,,WIL,
St Anns St,b,,,,,,
St Anns St,1,Stephen Andrews,27,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Charlotte Andrews,,24,,WIL,
,,James Andrews,,9m,,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Mary Bracher,,27,Housekeeper,WIL,
,,Thos Brasher,7,,,WIL,
,,Henry Brasher,2,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Brasher,,7,,WIL,
,,Sarah Brasher,,5,,WIL,
,,Mary Brasher,,3,,WIL,
,,Thos Brasher,1,,,WIL,
,,Jane Jeffery,,43,Ind,WIL,
,,Thos Evans,30,,Seaman,Not in county,
,,Mary Cooper,,30,Ind,Not in county,
,,William Frost,30,,Miner,Not in county,
,,Joseph Elliott,25,,Shoe Mkr,Not in county,
,,John Williams,30,,Needle Maker,Not in county,
,,Mary Williams,,30,,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 23 Page 6

St Anns St,1,John Coombs,29,,Paper Hanger,Not in county,
,,Sarah Coombs,,30,,WIL,
,,Ellen Coombs,,6,,WIL,
,,Hester Coombs,,4,,WIL,
,,George Coombs,2,,,WIL,
,,\- Coombs,,1m,,WIL,
St Anns St,1,Nicholas Maton,45,,Labr,WIL,
,,Harriet Maton,,40,,WIL,
,,Anna Hall,,60,Pauper,WIL,
,,Hannah Vickery,,65,,WIL,
St Anns St,u,,,,,,
St Anns St,1,Thos Burrough,35,,J Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Elibeth Burrough,,30,,WIL,
,,John Burrough,14,,,WIL,
,,Emma Burrough,,12,,WIL,
,,Alfred Burrough,6,,,WIL,
,,James Burrough,3,,,WIL,
,,William Burrough,1,,,WIL,
,,George Dale,27,,Labr,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Dale,,30,,WIL,
,,George Dale,3,,,WIL,
St Anns St,1,William Kitto,69,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Maria Walter,,25,F S,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 23 Page 7

St Anns St,1,Thos Neate,39,,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,,Harrett Neate,,40,,WIL,
,,Thos Neate,13,,,WIL,
,,John Neate,10,,,WIL,
,,James Neate,10,,,WIL,
,,Wm Neate,8,,,WIL,
,,Ann Borthwick,,50,Ind,Not in county,
St Anns St,b,,,,,,
St Anns St,1,Chas Cully,30,,Coachman,WIL,
,,Sarah Cully,,25,,WIL,
Pains Hill,1,Alexr Wake,53,,Painter,WIL,
,,Maria Wake,,52,,Not in county,
,,Joshua Wake,11,,,Not in county,
,,Ann Wake,,5,,Not in county,
Pains Hill,1,Ann Cooper,,68,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
Pains Hill,1,Ruth Oates,,50,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Elizabeth Oates,,17,,WIL,
,,Thos Oates,18,,Carpenters App,WIL,
,,John Alexander,40,,Groom,Scotland,
,,Mary Alexander,,27,,WIL,
Pains Hill,1,George Ball,38,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Ball,,38,,WIL,
,,Louisa Ball,,8,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Ball,,5,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 24 Page 8

Pains Hill,b,,,,,,
Pains Hill,b,,,,,,
Pains Hill,1,John Feltham,60,,Labr,WIL,
,,Isabella Feltham,,52,,WIL,
Pains Hill,1,James Wheeler,54,,Malster,WIL,
,,Mary Wheeler,,46,,Not in county,
,,Emma Wheeler,,19,,WIL,
,,John Wheeler,16,,,WIL,
,,Henry Wheeler,14,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Wheeler,,12,,WIL,
,,Maria Wheeler,8,,,WIL,
,,Ann Wheeler,,3,,WIL,
,,Jane Lawrence,,56,Ind,Not in county,
,,James Fergusson,22,,Draper,Scotland,
Pains Hill,1,John Davey,35,,Accountant,Not in county,
,,Mary Davey,,37,,Not in county,
Pains Hill,1,Wm Young,32,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Eliza Young,,28,,WIL,
,,Eliza M Young,,1,,WIL,
,,Mary Gravel,,65,Ind,WIL,
Pains Hill,1,Frederick Hopkins,40,,Shoe Mkr,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hopkins,,40,,WIL,
,,George Hopkins,15,,,WIL,
,,Frederick Hopkins,10,,,WIL,
,,Jane Hopkins,,7,,WIL,
,,Henry White,30,,Compositer,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 24 Page 9

Pains Hill,1,John Poore,45,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Poore,,40,,WIL,
,,Edwin Bristow,30,,Cabinet Maker,WIL,
,,Thos Stride,55,,Indt,Not in county,
,,Elizth Stride,,50,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Field,,25,F S,WIL,
Culver St,1,Mary Oakford,,55,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Mary L Oakford,,18,Milliner,WIL,
,,Mary White,,25,,WIL,
,,Chas White,2,,,WIL,
,,Mary Creswell,,25,Ind,Not in county,
,,Edmund Creswell,3,,,Not in county,
,,Hungerford Creswell,1,,,WIL,
,,Jane Bruton,,20,F S,Not in county,
Culver St,1,Jonathan Wright,55,,Miller,WIL,
,,Maria Wright,,50,,WIL,
,,Elias Wright,14,,App,WIL,
,,Henry Wright,13,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,James Hibberd,35,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Jane Hibberd,,35,,WIL,
,,James Hibberd,12,,,WIL,
,,Henry Hibberd,10,,,WIL,
,,Sophia Hibberd,,8,,WIL,
,,John Scans,20,,Copper Smith,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Cath Scans,,20,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 25 Page 10

Culver St,1,Silas Burt,30,,Wheelwright,WIL,
,,Ann Burt,,30,,WIL,
,,Silas Burt,4,,,WIL,
,,Ann M Burt,,2m,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pearcy,,71,Ind,WIL,
Culver St,1,Heny Whitcomb,39,,Sugar Boiler,Not in county,
,,Matilda Whitcomb,,37,,Not in county,
,,Ann M Whitcomb,,17,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Whitcomb,,16,,WIL,
,,William Whitcomb,13,,,WIL,
,,Emma Whitcomb,,11,,WIL,
,,Chas Whitcomb,7,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Whitcomb,,4,,WIL,
,,Frederick Whitcomb,2,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Henry Cooper,33,,Painter,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Cooper,,35,,WIL,
,,Ann Cooper,,3,,WIL,
Culver St,1,David Newman,25,,Shoemaker,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Newman,,25,,WIL,
,,Tryphena Newman,,6,,WIL,
,,Eliza Newman,,4,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 25 Page 11

Culver St,1,Ann Whatley,,69,Laundress,WIL,
,,John Nichol,64,,Milwright,Scotland,
,,Amelia Nichol,,68,,Scotland,
,,Peter Nichol,33,,Brass Founder,Scotland,
,,Mary Nichol,,32,,Ireland,
,,Harriett Nichol,,2,,WIL,
,,Margerett Nichol,,6m,,WIL,
Culver St,u,,,,,,
Culver St,1,Harriet Dixon,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Chas Dixon,10,,M S,WIL,
,,Edwin Dixon,10,,App,WIL,
,,Mary Dixon,,5,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Ball,,60,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Harriett Wooff,,20,,WIL,
,,Ellen Woof,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Woof,,5,,WIL,
,,John Cookman,20,,Ind,WIL,
Culver St,1,James Sworn,70,,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sworn,,46,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Thos Foyle,44,,Coachman,WIL,
,,Ann Foyle,,45,,WIL,
,,Thos Foyle,23,,,WIL,
,,Hy Foyle,17,,,WIL,
,,Jas Foyle,11,,,WIL,
,,Allen Foyle,6,,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 26 Page 12

Culver St,1,Cath Newth,,45,,WIL,
,,Emily Newth,,15,,WIL,
,,Chas Newth,10,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Samuel,,80,Ind,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Halfyard,38,,Blacksmith,Not in county,
,,Mary Halfyard,,39,,WIL,
,,William Halfyard,14,,,WIL,
,,William Mitchel,17,,App,WIL,
,,Henry Hazel,14,,App,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Chalk,48,,Labr,WIL,
,,Sarah Chalk,,50,,WIL,
,,Selina Chalk,,18,Silk Weaver,WIL,
,,Susannah Chaplin,,35,Upholstress,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Chaplin,,13,,WIL,
,,Edwd Chaplin,9,,,WIL,
,,Emma Chaplin,,10,,WIL,
,,Ellen Chaplin,,7,,WIL,
,,John Chaplin,6,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Wm Gray,31,,Shopkeeper,WIL,”En note: “”None left”””
,,Fanny Gray,,32,,WIL,
,,Mary Forder,,29,,WIL,
,,Sarah Forder,,2,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 26 Page 13

Culver St,1,Sarah Chant,,48,Laundress,WIL,
,,James Chant,17,,M S,WIL,
,,Sarah Tull,,60,Pauper,WIL,
Culver St,1,Thos Warren,50,,Hemp Dresser,Not in county,
,,Martha Warren,,50,,WIL,
,,Wm Warren,20,,Hemp Dresser,WIL,
,,James Warren,15,,Hemp Dresser,WIL,
,,Thos Warren,12,,,WIL,
,,Joshua Warren,10,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Chas Dibdin,35,,Carter,WIL,
,,Mary Dibdin,,35,,WIL,
,,Ann Dibdin,,10,,WIL,
,,Chas Dibdin,5,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Dibdin,,4,,WIL,
,,Mary Dibdin,,7m,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Ruth Norton,,55,,WIL,
,,Edwd Norton,20,,J Brush Maker,WIL,
Culver St,1,Solomon Chalk,63,,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Chalk,,60,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Henry Haden,52,,Hatter,Not in county,
,,Barbara Haden,,47,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Haden,,13,,Not in county,
,,James Haden,10,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Haden,,4,,Not in county,
,,Thos Pearce,40,,Labr,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 27 Page 14

Culver St,1,John Lucas,25,,Post Boy,WIL,
,,Ann Lucas,,25,,WIL,
,,Chas Dimmer,25,,Servant,WIL,
,,Harriet Dimmer,,25,,WIL,
,,Harriet Dimmer,,1,,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Jerrard,40,,Turner,WIL,
,,Susannah Jerrard,,40,,WIL,
,,Sarah White,,80,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Mary Mussel,,25,,WIL,
,,Wm Mussel,6,,,WIL,
,,Chas Mussel,2,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Mussel,,4m,,WIL,
Culver St,1,John Mussel,70,,In P,WIL,
,,Susannah Mussel,,65,,WIL,
,,Ellen Mussel,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
Culver St,1,Wm Burpitt,46,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Mary Burpitt,,47,,WIL,
,,Sarah Burpitt,,15,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Burpitt,,13,,WIL,
,,Amelia Burpitt,,12,,WIL,
,,Harriett Burpitt,,10,,WIL,
,,James Burpitt,8,,,WIL,
Culver St,1,James Davis,,59,,WIL,
,,Emily Davis,,10,,WIL,
,,Hannah Davis,,15,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 27 Page 15

Culver St,1,Ann Lenton,,41,,WIL,
,,Ann Lenton,,17,,WIL,
,,Sarah Lenton,,14,,WIL,
,,John Lenton,10,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Lenton,,7,,WIL,
,,Alfred Lenton,5,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Lenton,,1,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Elisha Peck,20,,Publican,WIL,
,,Phebe Peck,,25,,WIL,
,,Ruth Turner,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Lane,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Henry Lane,12,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Woods,,35,F S,WIL,
Culver St,1,George Offer,25,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Offer,,22,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Joannah Morrison,,30,Widow (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,George Morrison,10,,,WIL,
,,Georgiana Morrison,,8,,WIL,
,,Joannah Morrison,,5,,WIL,
,,Hannah Davis,,20,,WIL,
Culver St,1,Joseph Seal,55,,Painter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Seal,,40,,WIL,
,,John Conduit,15,,Labr,WIL,
,,Mark Conduit,11,,,WIL,
,,Mary Hatch,,54,Ind,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 28 Page 16

Culver St,1,James Parson,40,,Tinman,WIL,
,,Mary Parson,,38,,WIL,
,,James Parson,17,,Tinman,WIL,
,,Myrah Parson,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Parson,,13,,WIL,
,,Elener Parson,,11,,WIL,
,,Susannah Parson,,8,,WIL,
,,Willm Parson,5,,,WIL,
,,Edwd Parson,3,,,WIL,
,,Emily Parson,,6m,,WIL,
,,Myrah Best,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
Culver St,1,Elizth Paffery,,62,Ind,WIL,
,,John W Gould,20,,Carpenter,Not in county,
Culver St,1,Mary Baker,,47,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elizth Baker,,20,,Not in county,
,,John Warren,66,,Indpt,WIL,
,,Sarah Warren,,58,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Elias Stevens,49,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Mary Stevens,,54,,WIL,
,,Willm Stevens,19,,Labr,WIL,
,,George Stevens,15,,Labr,WIL,
“Milford St, 2y”,1,John Redman,66,,Labr,WIL,
,,Mary Redman,,66,,WIL,
,,Wm Redman,36,,,Not in county,
,,Alexander Redman,21,,Cork Cutter,WIL,
,,George Gerrard,14,,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 28 Page 17

Milford St 2y,1,Wm Marchment,30,,Game Keeper,WIL,
,,Elizth Marchment,,30,,WIL,
,,James Marchment,4,,,WIL,
,,Wm Marchment,2,,,WIL,
,,Susan Marchment,,9m,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Wm Healey,63,,Cabinet Maker,WIL,
,,John Healey,31,,Cabinet Maker,WIL,
,,Chas Gerrard,28,,Labr,WIL,
,,Susannah Gerrard,,28,,WIL,
,,Lucy Gerrard,,9,,WIL,
,,Wm Gerrard,6,,,WIL,
,,Edwd Gerrard,4,,,WIL,
,,Chas Gerrard,2,,,WIL,
,,Wm Griffin,30,,Shoe Mkr,WIL,
,,Sarah Griffin,,29,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Wm Bungey,40,,Labr,WIL,
,,Ann Bungey,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary Bungey,,9,,WIL,
,,Lucy Bungey,,7,,WIL,
,,Eliza Bungey,,6,,WIL,
,,Henry Bungey,3,,,WIL,
,,James Bungey,1,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Edwd Saunders,20,,Labr,WIL,
,,Susan Saunders,,20,,Not in county,
,,Edwd Holloway,12,,,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 29 Page 18

,,Mary Holloway,,9,,Not in county,
Mifd St,1,Thos Gerrett,63,,Labr,WIL,
,,Phebe Gerrett,,60,,WIL,
,,Thos Gerrett,40,,Labr,WIL,
Mifd St,1,Richd Foster,40,,Labr,WIL,
,,Elizth Foster,,49,,WIL,
,,Agnes Young,,14,,WIL,
,,Jane Young,,12,,WIL,
,,Rebecca Young,,10,,WIL,
Mifd St,1,Thos Hatch,70,,Labr,WIL,
,,Mary Hatch,,65,,Not in county,
,,Elizth Lovely,,70,,WIL,
Mifd St,1,George Hearn,28,,Porter,WIL,
,,Elizth Hearn,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Hearn,,7,,WIL,
,,Ann Hearn,,4,,WIL,
,,Eliza Hearn,,1,,WIL,
Mifd St,1,John Bowles,40,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Jane Bowles,,39,,WIL,
,,John Bowles,14,,,WIL,
,,Edwin Bowles,4,,,WIL,
,,Thos Bowles,13,,,WIL,
,,Jane Lewis,,98,,WIL,
Mifd St,1,John Hayter,43,,Labr,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Hayter,,42,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 29 Page 19

,,Elizth Hayter,,16,,WIL,
,,John Hayter,14,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,James Burden,35,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Ann Burden,,40,,WIL,
,,Mary Burden,,10,,WIL,
,,Benj Burden,7,,,WIL,
,,James Burden,6,,,WIL,
,,Thos Burden,2m,,,WIL,
Milford St,1,Martha Benny,,55,Ind,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Martha Benny,,10,,WIL,
,,James Gately,60,,Pensioner,Not in county,
Milford St,1,Elizh White,,50,Lodging H K,Not in county,
,,James White,26,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Pearce,,20,,Not in county,
,,Jane Ludwell,,15,,Not in county,
,,Jane King,,15,,Not in county,
,,James Small,8,,,WIL,
,,Mary Coster,,20,,WIL,
“St Martins, Church St”,u,,,,,,
“St Martins, Church St”,b,,,,,,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,Thos Lynch,38,,C Clergyman,Ireland,
,,Mary Rourk,,70,F S,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Rourk,,47,F S,Not in county,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,James Curtis,36,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Ann Curtis,,38,,Not in county,
,,Ellen Curtis,,7,,WIL,
,,Arthur Curtis,,3,,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 30 Page 20

,,Frank Curtis,1,,,WIL,
,,Ann Rose,,50,Needle Woman,WIL,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,Phillip Phelps,60,,Surveyor Taxes,WIL,
,,Wm Phelps,20,,Asst Surveyor Taxes,WIL,
,,Elizth Dennis,,25,F S,WIL,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,Henry White,81,,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann White,,80,,WIL,
,,Sarah Holloway,,15,F S,Not in county,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,Wm Moody,57,,Book Binder,Not in county,
,,Ellen Moody,,20,,WIL,
,,Fanny Moody,,10,,WIL,
,,Henry Moody,8,,,WIL,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,John Dudman,50,,Coachman,WIL,
,,Ann Dudman,,40,,Not in county,
,,Ann Dudman,,20,,WIL,
,,Eliza Dudman,,15,,Not in county,
,,Wm Dudman,12,,,Not in county,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,Joshua Gibbons,55,,Bankers Clerk,WIL,
,,Frances Gibbons,,43,,Not in county,
,,George Gibbons,8,,,WIL,
,,Frederick Gibbons,6,,,WIL,
,,Louanna Gibbons,,4,,WIL,
,,Thos Well,11,,Ser,Not in county,
,,Kitty Lambert,,15,F S,WIL,

Book 5 Folio 30 Page 21

“St Martins, Church St”,1,Richard Pitman,35,,Accountant,WIL,
,,Mary Pitman,,25,,WIL,
,,Elizh Pitman,,5,,WIL,
,,Mary Pitman,,1,,WIL,
,,Ann Davis,,15,F S,WIL,
“St Martins, Church St”,b,,,,,,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,Agustus Godfrey,32,,Schoolmaster,Not in county,
,,Eliza Godfrey,,25,,Not in county,
,,Agustus Godfrey,3,,,Not in county,
,,Lewis Godfrey,2,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Godfrey,,5m,,Not in county,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,Phillip Naish,,25,Schoolmistress,Not in county,
,,Elizath Davy,,8,,Not in county,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,Rebecca Green,,54,Ind,WIL,
,,Emma Read,,28,Ind,WIL,
,,Emma Read,,5,,WIL,
,,William Green,46,,Ind,Not in county,
“St Martins, Church St”,1,Wm Burch,65,,Sexton,WIL,
,,Sarah Burch,,60,,WIL,
,,Jane Burch,,15,,WIL,


Civil Parish of Bugmore Hospital

Book 5 Folio 34 Page 1

,1,Charles Lush,65,,Porter,WIL,
,,Sarah Freder,,55,Nurse,WIL,
,,John Briant,50,,P Labourer,WIL,
,,John Hiscock,85,,P Weaver,WIL,
,,Rebecca Rodgers,,30,P,WIL,
,,Thomas Cortney,11,,P,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Rodgers,,3,P,WIL,
,,William Rodgers,1,,P,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Mitchel,,20,P,Not in county,

Enumeration District 1

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Thomas

Book 6 Folio 4 Page 1

Castle St,1,Joseph Tanner,43,,Solicitor,WIL,
,,Mary Tanner,,35,,Not in county,
,,Joseph Tanner,10,,,WIL,
,,Jno Tanner,5,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Tanner,3,,,WIL,
,,Edwd Tanner,2,,,WIL,
,,Richd Tanner,9m,,,WIL,
,,Saml Newman,23,,M S,WIL,
,,Eliza Dillar,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Maria Tik,,20,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain.
,,Caroline Langford,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizh Isaacs,,15,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,James Bench,25,,Hair Dresser,WIL,
,,Martha Bailey,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,George Sanger,15,,Ap,WIL,
,,Sarah Turner,,50,Ind,WIL,
Castle St,1,James Hayes,40,,Grocer,WIL,
,,William Hayes,35,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Isabella Hayes,,40,,WIL,
,,George Charlton,20,,Ap,WIL,
,,Edwin Lewis,20,,Ap,Not in county,
,,Henry Dowling,15,,Ap,Not in county,
,,Mary Charlton,,20,,WIL,
,,Martha Norris,,45,F S,Not in county,
Church St,1,Thos A Lawrence,30,,Plumber,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 5 Page 2

,,Mary Dear,,20,F S,WIL,
Church St,1,John Griffin,50,,Currier,WIL,
,,Ann Griffin,,45,Draper,WIL,
,,Ann Griffin,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Griffin,,15,Straw Bonnet Maker,WIL,
,,Jane Griffin,,15,,WIL,
,,Thomas Griffin,9,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Harris,,65,School Mistress,Not in county,
,,Catherine Dewey,,15,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Geo Brown,40,,Currier & Tanner,WIL,
,,Eliza Brown,,40,,WIL,
,,William Brown,11,,,WIL,
,,Henry Brown,9,,,WIL,
,,Charles Brown,7,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,5,,WIL,
,,Sarah Abrey,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Coombs,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Andrew Blake,15,,Jn Currier,WIL,
Castle St,1,Edward Vandenhoff,45,,Dyer,WIL,
,,Maria Vandenhoff,,45,,WIL,
,,Edward Vandenhoff,20,,Dyer,WIL,
,,Maria Vandenhoff,,15,,WIL,
,,Emma Vandenhoff,,15,,WIL,
,,Eliza Vandenhoff,,14,,WIL,
,,Anthony Madden,25,,Bankers Clerk,Not in county,

Book 6 Folio 5 Page 3

,,J Cavendish,52,,Bankers Clerk,Ireland,
,,Ann De starck,,40,Ind,Not in county,
Castle St,1,Thomas Berry,60,,Schoolmaster,WIL,
,,Mary Berry,,60,,WIL,
,,Sarah Spratt,,15,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,Lydia Meatyard,,65,Butcher,Not in county,
,,John Meatyard,20,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Richard Gatrill,15,,Ap,WIL,
,,Jane Lawrence,,20,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,Thos Harding,30,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Naomi Harding,,30,,WIL,
,,Thomas Harding,13,,,Not in county,
,,Emma Harding,,9,,WIL,
,,Phillip Harding,7,,,WIL,
,,William Harding,3,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,William Ferrill,35,,Accountant,Not in county,
,,Ann Ferrill,,30,,Not in county,
,,William Ferrill,9,,,WIL,
,,Charles Ferrill,7,,,WIL,
,,Henry Ferrill,6,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Ferrill,,5,,WIL,
,,Eliza Ferrill,,2,,WIL,
,,Fanny Dixon,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,\- Bennett,,30,Ind,Not in county,
,,Harriet Abel,,15,F S,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 6 Page 4

,,William Ford,25,,Carter,WIL,
,,Gabriel Gilbert,15,,Carter,WIL,
Castle St,1,William Kemm,35,,Carver & Gilder,WIL,
,,Jane Kemm,,35,,Not in county,
,,William Kemm,10,,,Not in county,
,,Henry Kemm,7,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Kemm,5,,,WIL,
,,Robert Kemm,3,,,WIL,
,,Alice Kemm,,2,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Wm Walker,65,,Shoe Maker,WIL,
,,Jane Walker,,60,,WIL,
,,Jane Walker,,30,,WIL,
,,George Roles,7,,,WIL,
Castle St,u,,,,,,
Castle St,1,Richd Roles,28,,Leather Dresser,WIL,
,,Louisa Roles,,30,,WIL,
,,Jane Roles,,5,,WIL,
,,Sarah Roles,,3,,WIL,
,,Edeath Roles,,2,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Willm Wapshare,30,,Pawnbroker,WIL,
,,Maria Wapshare,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Snelling,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Watts,,20,Ind,WIL,
Castle St,1,Giles Cookman,35,,Cabinet Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Cookman,,35,,WIL,
,,Edwin Cookman,14,,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 6 Page 5

,,Ellen Cookman,,12,,WIL,
,,Ann Cookman,,11,,WIL,
,,Rosa Cookman,,4,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Charles Sheppard,35,,Cheese Porter,WIL,
,,Maryann Sheppard,,35,,WIL,
,,Charles Sheppard,15,,Stay Maker,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Sheppard,,3,,WIL,
,,William Sheppard,1m,,,WIL,
Castle St,1,Ebenezer Lloyd,40,,Writing Master,Not in county,
,,Harriet Lloyd,,35,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Martha Judd,,45,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Weaver,,15,Ap,WIL,
,,Caroline Rolf,,15,Ap,WIL,
Castle St,1,Richard Sopp,70,,Currier,WIL,
,,Margaret Sopp,,70,Basket Shopkpr,WIL,
,,Mary Brown,,15,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,Henry Cooper,40,,Atty At Law,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Cooper,,60,Ind,Not in county,Age 62 or 64 overwritten
,,Harriet Cooper,,40,Ind,WIL,Age 42 overwritten
,,Sarah Giles,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Frances Rowden,,20,F S,WIL,
Castle St,1,William Sampson,15,,,WIL,
,,James Dawkins,10,,M S,WIL,
,,Maria Compton,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Marianne Clements,,20,F S,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 7 Page 6

Castle St,1,John Toovey,40,,Clerk & Traveller,Not in county,
,,Marianne Toovey,,40,Schoolmistress,WIL,
,,Marianne Toovey,,15,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Toovey,,15,,Not in county,
,,Anne Toovey,,12,,WIL,
,,Fanny Toovey,,6,,WIL,
,,Louisa Toovey,,5,,WIL,
,,Mary Cutte,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Clarrissa Fellowes,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Fellowes,,35,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Nealds,,26,Teacher,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Hooper,,12,,WIL,
,,Louisa Hooper,,9,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Randall,,11,,WIL,
,,Wm Barnes,7,,,WIL,
,,Elizh Line,,20,,WIL,Age 21 overwritten
,,Maryanne Line,,15,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Forder,,20,,WIL,
Castle St,1,James Bennett,40,,Silver Smith,WIL,
,,Mary Bennett,,30,,Not in county,
,,Frances Bennett,,2,,WIL,
,,Edwd Bennett,6w,,,WIL,
,,Rachel Abraham,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Harriet Carter,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Clinch,,35,F S,Not in county,Surname uncertain; poss CHURCH

Book 6 Folio 7 Page 7

Cheese Market,1,Jane Hibberd,,55,Innkeeper,WIL,
,,Joseph Hibberd,30,,Innkeeper,WIL,
,,Charles Hibberd,20,,,WIL,
,,Fredk Hibberd,15,,,WIL,
,,John Hibberd,20,,Ap,WIL,
,,Margaret King,,25,Ind,WIL,
,,Charlotte Newman,,20,F S,Not in county,Age 21 overwritten
,,Elizh Coombs,,20,F S,WIL,
,,James Doughty,50,,Laborer,WIL,
,,John Roomes,25,,M S,WIL,
,,Ann Roomes,,25,,WIL,
,,James Wadham,20,,Laborer,Not in county,
,,William Wadham,20,,Laborer,Not in county,
Cheese Market,1,Wm Burden,20,,Chemist Sh,Not in county,
,,Robert Farmer,20,,Ap,Not in county,
,,Elizth Smart,,25,F S,WIL,
Cheese Market,1,Elizth Pinckney,,75,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Sweet,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Prudence Scapeland,,30,F S,WIL,
Cheese Market,1,Phillipa Jones,,35,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Elizh Jones,,20,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Elizh Bradbeer,,14,Ap,WIL,
,,Harriet Godwin,,15,Ap,WIL,
,,Sarah Courtney,,13,Ap,Not in county,
,,Harriet Street,,15,F S,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 8 Page 8

,,Harriet Chaplin,,14,Ap,WIL,
,,Mary Hayward,,70,Ind,Not in county,
,,Maria Hayward,,35,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizh Sampson,,70,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elizh Symes,,45,Ind,Not in county,
,,Frances Symes,,15,Ind,Not in county,
Cheese Market,1,Alexr Minty,45,,Postmaster Of Salisbry,WIL,
,,Elizh Minty,,45,,Not in county,
,,Elizh Conduit,,25,F S,WIL,
Cheese Market,1,Geo Short,25,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Mary Short,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary Pitt,,25,F S,WIL,
,,George Hale,25,,Sh,Not in county,
,,Edwd Simper,15,,Ap,WIL,
,,Thos Miles,15,,Sh,Not in county,
St Thomas Church Yard,1,Wm Beckingsale,60,,Surgeon,WIL,
,,Mary Beckingsale,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Beckingsale,,20,,WIL,
,,Caroline Bright,,25,F S,WIL,
St Thomas Church Yard,1,Coard Squarey,25,,Atty At Law,WIL,
,,Mary Squarey,,25,,Not in county,
,,Jane Bungay,,35,F S,WIL,
Minster St,1,Thos Stevens,40,,Draper,WIL,
,,Wm Stevens,4,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Stevens,,3,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 8 Page 9

,,Henry Stevens,1,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Furnell,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Stanford,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Louisa William,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Ann Roberts,,15,F S,WIL,
Minster St,1,Saml Whitemore,60,,Woollen Draper,Not in county,
,,Sarah Whitemore,,60,,Not in county,
,,Emma Hyde,,15,F S,Not in county,
Minster St,1,James Mcsees,30,,Tailor,Foreign Parts,
,,Jane Mcsees,,30,,Scotland,
,,James Mcsees,10,,,Scotland,
,,Thos Walker,20,,Tailor,Not in county,
Minster St,1,Fanny Lucas,,40,Bookseller,WIL,
,,Fanny Lucas,,15,Bookseller,WIL,
,,John Lucas,15,,Apr,WIL,
,,James Lucas,14,,Atty Clerk,WIL,
Minster St,u,,,,,,
Minster St,1,William Lame,45,,Omnibus Proprieter,WIL,
,,Mary Lame,,45,,WIL,
,,Mary Holmes,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Josiah Ventham,20,,Umb Maker,Not in county,
,,Mary Newman,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Newman,,15,Shoe Binder,WIL,
Minster St,1,James Gilmour,20,,Painter,WIL,
,,Jane Gilmour,,20,,WIL,
,,Maria Gilmour,,15,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 9 Page 10

,,Douglas Gilmour,15,,Painter,WIL,
,,Eliza Gilmour,,13,,WIL,
,,Helen Gilmour,,10,,WIL,
,,Marianne Parsons,,20,,WIL,
Minster St,1,Wm Carter,45,,Watch Maker,Not in county,
,,Anne Carter,,40,,Not in county,
,,Wm Carter,20,,Watch Maker,WIL,
,,Anne Carter,,15,,WIL,
,,Maria George,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Mariam Haffer,,25,,Not in county,Surname uncertain; first letter OK
,,Amy Bennett,,4,,Not in county,
Minster St,1,Firmin Potter,35,,Spirit Mercht,Not in county,
,,Maria Potter,,35,,WIL,
,,Thos Potter,30,,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Storo,,11,F S,Not in county,
Minster St,1,John Hearn,35,,Books & Statr,Not in county,
,,Geo Hearn,8,,,Not in county,
,,Celia Hearn,,6,,WIL,
,,Georgiana Hearn,,3,,WIL,
,,Louisa Hillier,,14,F S,WIL,
Silver St,1,John Stratton,30,,Tobacconist,WIL,
,,Sarah Stratton,,30,,WIL,
,,James Stratton,2,,,WIL,
,,\- Stratton,1m,,,WIL,
,,Wm Stokes,20,,Sh,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 9 Page 11

,,Elizh Read,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Susannah Bruten,,50,F S,WIL,
Silver St,1,Charles Lake,35,,Cork Cutter,WIL,
,,Mary Lake,,30,,Not in county,Born Hants
,,George Lake,4,,,WIL,
,,John Lake,2,,,WIL,
,,Henry Lake,5m,,,WIL,
,,Maria Waterman,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Louisa Turner,,14,F S,WIL,
Silver St,1,William Sworn,20,,Pork Butcher,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sworn,,30,Straw Factor,Not in county,
,,Marianne Sworn,,25,Straw Factor,WIL,
,,Wm Hayden,15,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Sarah Hayden,,25,Ind,Not in county,
,,George Wilkie,25,,Currier,Scotland,
,,Fanny Lee,,15,F S,Not in county,
Silver St,1,Mary Ann Bishop,,35,Teach At Repository,WIL,
,,Catherine Philpott,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizh Gardener,,20,F S,Not in county,
Silver St,1,Isaac Cattey,55,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Mary Cattey,,50,,WIL,
,,Willm Cattey,14,,Chorister,WIL,
,,Anne Cattey,,7,,WIL,
Silver St,u,,,,,,
Silver St,1,Charles Pittman,40,,Stationer,WIL,
,,Mary Pittman,,30,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Richd Pittman,9,,,WIL,
,,Geo Pittman,7,,,WIL,
,,Frank Pittman,5,,,WIL,
,,Wm Pittman,3,,,WIL,
,,Bessie Pittman,,1,,WIL,
,,Anne Self,,20,F S,WIL,
Silver St,1,Joseph Harding,45,,Saddler,WIL,
,,Jane Harding,,45,,WIL,
,,Chas Harding,20,,Saddler,WIL,
Mill Yard,1,Sophia Ball,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Glendenning,,65,F S,Not in county,
Bridge St,1,Jemima Doughty,,25,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Willm Doughty,7,,,WIL,
,,Willm Hull,30,,Wheelwright,WIL,
,,Willm Lampard,35,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Rebecca Lampard,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Eliza Hawkins,,15,F S,WIL,
Bridge St,1,Ann Boon,,55,Shopkeeper,Not in county,
,,Ann Boon,,20,Shopkeeper,WIL,
Bridge St,1,John Hart,40,,Clothier,Not in county,
,,Saml Hart,20,,Cabinet Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Hart,,45,,WIL,
,,Priscilla Hart,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,Age 22 overwritten
,,Martha Hart,,15,,WIL,
,,Rosanna Hart,,11,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 10 Page 13

,,Susanna Hart,,4,,WIL,
Bridge St,1,Jacob Golden,55,,Carrier,WIL,
,,Jane Golden,,45,,WIL,
,,John Golden,14,,,WIL,
,,Jane Golden,,12,,WIL,
,,Sophia Golden,,10,,WIL,
,,Thos Golden,5,,,WIL,
,,Geo Golden,3,,,WIL,
,,Isaac Golden,2,,,WIL,
,,James Mead,40,,Stonemason,WIL,
,,Mary Mead,,40,,WIL,
,,John Hughes,20,,Cabinet Maker,Not in county,
Bridge St,1,Elizabeth Rankins,,30,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Hephzibah Rankins,,7,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Parsons,,15,Milliner,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Britcher,,20,F S,Not in county,Surname uncertain; might be BUTCHER
Bridge St,1,Caleb Caplin,35,,Innkeeper,Not in county,
,,Louisa Caplin,,25,,WIL,
,,Louisa Caplin,,1,,WIL,
,,Marianne Grimhood,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Wm Stride,15,,M S,WIL,
Bridge St,1,Harry Swyer,35,,Whitesmith,WIL,
,,Jane Swyer,,35,,WIL,
,,William Swyer,8,,,WIL,
,,Robert Swyer,6,,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 11 Page 14

,,Harry Swyer,5,,,WIL,
Bridge St,1,Thos Grist,25,,Clothes Dealer,Not in county,
,,Maria Grist,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Grist,,3,,WIL,
,,Saml Andrews,15,,Brick Labr,WIL,
Bridge St,1,Charles Higgins,40,,Brewer & Innkeeper,WIL,
,,Harriett Higgins,,30,,WIL,
,,Elizh Higgins,,6,,WIL,
,,Julia Higgins,,3,,WIL,
,,Alfred Higgins,10m,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Mason,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizh Foyel,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Johnson,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Miller,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Wm Gregory,15,,M S,Not in county,
,,Wm Smith,15,,M S,WIL,
High St,1,Stephen Morton,40,,Grocer,WIL,Age 43 overwritten
,,Lucy Morton,,35,,Not in county,
,,Stephen Morton,15,,,WIL,
,,Alfd Morton,12,,,WIL,
,,Thos Godwin,30,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Benjn Frosdick,25,,M S,Not in county,
,,Sarah Smith,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Buckingham,,25,F S,Not in county,
High St,1,Geo Richardson,50,,Draper,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 11 Page 15

,,Sarah Richardson,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Richard Whitehead,20,,Draper,Not in county,
,,Jane Sutton,,20,F S,WIL,
High St,1,Jonathan Bail,45,,Cabinet Maker,Not in county,
,,Catherine Bail,,50,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Bail,,15,,Not in county,
,,Samuel Sleigh,50,,Dissenting Minister,Not in county,
,,Henry Brown,15,,Ap,WIL,
,,Phebe Mussell,,20,F S,WIL,
High St,1,John Toone,50,,Surgeon,Not in county,
,,Sarah Toone,,50,,WIL,
“High St , Toone’s Court”,1,George Davis,50,,J Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Rebecca Davis,,60,,WIL,
“High St , Toone’s Court”,1,Saml Hawes,50,,Ind,WIL,
,,Emma Herrington,,15,F S,Not in county,
“High St , Toone’s Court”,1,Jas Matthews,25,,Sawyer,WIL,
,,Mary Matthews,,20,,WIL,
,,George Matthews,2,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Matthews,,2m,,WIL,
,,Lucy Douse,,20,,WIL,
“High St , Toone’s Court”,1,Nicholas Bryson,55,,Porter,Not in county,
,,Alice Bryson,,20,Milliner,WIL,
“High St , Toone’s Court”,1,George Andrews,45,,Ag Lab,WIL,
,,Elizh Andrews,,40,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Andrews,,15,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 12 Page 16

,,Stephn Andrews,9,,,WIL,
“Toone’s Court, High St”,1,Thirsa Dixon,,35,Laundress,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Dixon,,15,,WIL,
,,Margt Dixon,,14,,WIL,
,,Henry Dixon,10,,,WIL,
,,Elizh Smith,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,Wm Evans,25,,Cabt Maker,Not in county,
High St,1,George Page,30,,Hardwareman,Not in county,
,,Elizh Page,,35,,WIL,
,,Sarah Gray,,12,,WIL,
,,Catherine Gray,,7,,WIL,
High St,1,Ann Nicklin,,40,Milliner,WIL,
,,Ann Nicklin,,8,,WIL,
,,Sarah May,,15,F S,Not in county,
High St,1,James Barry,40,,Chair Maker,Not in county,
,,Elizh Barry,,40,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Gas,,45,Milliner,WIL,
,,Sarah Fuller,,13,F S,Not in county,
High St,1,John Lush,25,,Surgeon,Not in county,Age 26 overwritten
,,Martha Lush,,25,,Not in county,
,,Clara Lush,,9,,WIL,
,,Maria Gurd,,20,F S,WIL,Age 22 overwritten
High St,1,Ann Humphries,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,Marianne Tomson,,40,Ind,Not in county,
,,Emily Tomson,,4,,Not in county,

Book 6 Folio 12 Page 17

High St,1,Henry Brown,45,,Sheriffs Officer,WIL,
,,Mary Brown,,40,,WIL,
,,Lewis Brown,15,,Painter & Glazier,Not in county,
,,Lydia Wake,,15,F S,Not in county,
High St,1,Benjn Cains,50,,Cheese Factor,Not in county,
,,Robert Coles,50,,Cheese Factor,Not in county,
,,Elizh Boon,,25,,WIL,
,,Geo Gambling,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Arthur Bidford,20,,M S,WIL,
High St,1,Elizh Butler,,30,Dressmaker,Not in county,
,,Louisa Butler,,4,,WIL,
,,Rosa Self,,20,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Thos Townson,25,,Saddler,Not in county,
,,Emma Townson,,20,,WIL,
High St,1,George Young,25,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Phebe Young,,30,,Not in county,
,,George Young,2,,,WIL,
,,Maria Wellings,,10,,WIL,
High St,1,Maria Curtis,,45,Ind,Not in county,
High St,1,John Bryant,45,,Bricklayer,Not in county,
,,Eleaner Bryant,,30,,Not in county,
,,Ellen Bryant,,3,,WIL,
,,Ann Bryant,,1,,WIL,
,,Elizh Ribbick,,15,F S,WIL,
High St,1,Harriet Dennis,,30,Dress Maker,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 13 Page 18

,,Ellen Dennis,,10m,,WIL,
,,Mary Anne Jesse,,20,Milliner,WIL,
,,Ann Wake,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Emma Charlton,,14,Ap,Not in county,
,,Jane Jesse,,20,F S,WIL,
High St,1,Wm Judd,30,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Mary Judd,,20,,Not in county,
,,Alfred Judd,3,,,WIL,
,,Julia Judd,,4m,,WIL,
,,Sophia Sutton,,15,F S,WIL,
High St,u,,,,,,
High St,1,Geo Glass,45,,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Susanna Glass,,35,Milliner,WIL,
,,Wm Glass,6,,,WIL,
,,Martha Beare,,20,Ap,WIL,
,,Ann Brinton,,15,Ap,WIL,
,,Jane Barrett,,15,Ap,Not in county,
,,Fanny Barker,,15,Ap,Not in county,Surname uncertain
,,Elizabeth Clement,,14,Ap,WIL,
,,Ann Clark,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Hooper,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,Dionesia Hooper,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,Ellen Hooper,,14,F S,WIL,
,,Eliza Jeffries,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Kellow,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Fanny Rook,,15,F S,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 13 Page 19

,,Fanny Scott,,20,Ap,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Sainsbury,,14,Ap,Not in county,
,,Harriet Stent,,15,Ap,Not in county,
,,Sarah Stent,,15,Ap,Not in county,
,,Ann Scrivan,,15,Ap,WIL,
,,Mary Smith,,15,Ap,Not in county,
,,Ann Watson,,14,Ap,Not in county,
High St,u,,,,,,
High St,1,Ruth Story,,20,School Mistress,WIL,
,,Elizh Smith,,15,F S,WIL,
High St,u,,,,,,
High St,1,John Holbrook,25,,Staymaker,WIL,
,,Mary Holly,,50,Staymaker,WIL,
,,Caroline Burrough,,20,Staymaker,WIL,
,,Caroline Clark,,13,Ap,WIL,
,,Elizh Hardiman,,55,Sempstress,WIL,
,,Wm Elkins,25,,Watch Maker,Not in county,
High St,1,Ann Isaac,,25,F S,WIL,
High St,1,Fred Fisher,45,,Surveyor Xxxxxx,WIL,
,,Anna Fisher,,30,,Not in county,
,,Elizh Fisher,,6,,WIL,
,,Money Fisher,4,,,WIL,
,,Edwd Fisher,3,,,WIL,
,,Kitty Wyer,,20,F S,WIL,
High St,1,Elizh Oates,,80,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizh Fricker,,65,F S,Not in county,
High St,1,Thomas Crisp,40,,Sculptor,Not in county,

Book 6 Folio 14 Page 20

,,Lydia Crisp,,35,,Not in county,
,,Geo Crisp,15,,Sculptor,Not in county,
,,Helen Crisp,,12,,Not in county,
,,Alfred Crisp,7,,,Not in county,
,,Naomi Crisp,,5,,Not in county,
,,Fredk Crisp,6m,,,WIL,
High St,1,Josiah Coombs,30,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Ann Coombs,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary Coombs,,7,,WIL,
,,James King,75,,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary King,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Sarah Hunt,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,James Birch,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Nicholas Baker,60,,M S,WIL,
,,Fanny Viney,,11,,Not in county,
High St,1,Francis Williams,25,,Tailor,Not in county,
,,Eliza Williams,,25,Stay Maker,WIL,
,,Eliza Williams,,6,,WIL,
,,Francis Williams,4,,,WIL,
,,Catherine Williams,,3,,WIL,
,,Maria Williams,,1,,WIL,
Crane St,1,Mary Smith,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Harriet Gee,,25,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Ingram,,20,F S,WIL,
,,John Brown,35,,Clerk,Not in county,

Book 6 Folio 14 Page 21

,,Eliza Brown,,25,,Not in county,
,,Henrietta Brown,,3,,WIL,
,,James Brown,1,,,WIL,
,,Elizh James,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Susannah Harwood,,15,F S,WIL,
Crane St,1,John Tilly,45,,Chiropodist,Not in county,
,,Catherine Tilly,,45,,WIL,
,,Catherine Tilly,,15,,WIL,
,,Maria Tilly,,13,,WIL,
,,Thirza Tilly,,9,,WIL,
,,Onesimus Tilly,7,,,WIL,
Crane St,1,William Bestland,35,,Ironmonger,WIL,
,,S Bestland,,35,,Not in county,
,,Rosena Bestland,,11,,WIL,
,,Vashti Bestland,6,,,WIL,
,,Cozbi Bestland,4,,,WIL,
,,W S Bestland,1,,,WIL,
Crane St,1,Wm Adams,55,,Collector Of Excise,Not in county,
,,Harriet Adams,,30,,Not in county,
,,Fras Adams,,15,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Stubb,,30,F S,Not in county,
Crane St,1,Ann Dew,,40,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Hazard,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Thos Akers,20,,M S,WIL,Surname uncertain
Crane St,1,Henry Brooke,75,,Ind,Foreign Parts,

Book 6 Folio 15 Page 22

,,Catherine Brooke,,65,Ind,Ireland,
,,Jane Barker,,45,F S,Not in county,
,,Mary Bray,,20,F S,WIL,Age 25 overwritten
Crane St,1,William Blackmore,40,,Draper,WIL,
,,Eliza Blackmore,,35,,WIL,
,,Agnes Blackmore,,11,,WIL,
,,Ellen Blackmore,,10,,WIL,
,,Eliza Blackmore,,9,,WIL,
,,Humphy Blackmore,6,,,WIL,
,,Blanche Blackmore,,1,,WIL,
,,Caroline Dew,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Lucas,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Ashley,,20,F S,WIL,
Crane St,1,George Bell,50,,Grocer & Baker,WIL,
,,Ann Bell,,40,Milliner,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Whicher,,20,Ap,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Dible,,15,Ap,WIL,
,,Helena Beckley,,14,Ap,WIL,
,,Sophia Manstone,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Hibberd,,10,F S,WIL,
,,Charlotte Park,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Charlotte Park,,10,Ind (Crossed Out),Ireland,
,,Joey Salter,60,,Ind (Crossed Out),Not in county,
Crane St,1,Chas White,25,,Upholsterer,WIL,
,,Ann White,,25,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 15 Page 23

,,Emily White,,3,,WIL,
,,Martha Harwood,,55,,WIL,
High St,1,Jeremiah Parker,55,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Hannah Parker,,60,,Not in county,
,,John Parker,25,,Attys Clerk,WIL,
,,William Dawkins,25,,Tailor J,WIL,
,,Martha Dawkins,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary Dawkins,,2,,WIL,
,,Caroline Dawkins,,3m,,WIL,
High St,1,Willm Westcott,25,,Atty Clerk,WIL,
,,Fanny Westcott,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Frances Westcott,,20,,WIL,
,,Robert Westcott,20,,,WIL,
High St,1,Wm Woodlands,35,,Currier,WIL,
,,Geo Brown,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Eliza Fryer,,25,F S,WIL,
High St,1,Elizh Mccullam,,25,Stationer & Engraver,Not in county,
,,Frances Mccullam,,4,,WIL,
,,John Mccullam,3,,,WIL,
,,Reuben Nichols,15,,Engraver,Not in county,
,,Ann Nichols,,25,,Not in county,
,,Wm Jones,30,,J,Not in county,
High St,1,John Watts,20,,Tobacconist,Not in county,
,,Matilda Watts,,20,,WIL,
,,Sarah Watts,,1,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 16 Page 24

High St,1,Robert Huggins,50,,Painter & Glazier,Not in county,
,,Mary Huggins,,40,,WIL,
,,Marianne Huggins,,15,,WIL,
,,Henry Huggins,15,,,WIL,
,,Edwd Huggins,12,,,WIL,
,,David Huggins,9,,,WIL,
,,Maria Kentish,,35,Ind,WIL,
,,Emily Kentish,,9,,Not in county,
,,Elizh Kentish,,8,,Not in county,
,,Henry Kentish,5,,,Not in county,

Enumeration District 2

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Thomas

Book 6 Folio 21 Page 1

High St,1,Edward Fricker,40,,Boot M,WIL,
,,Harriet Fricker,,30,,WIL,
,,Edward Fricker,12,,,WIL,
,,Mary Fricker,,11,,WIL,
,,Walter Fricker,2,,,WIL,
,,Albert Fricker,5m,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Judd,,15,F S,Not in county,
,1,John Fidler,50,,Green Grocer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Fidler,,50,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Topp,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Preston,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Harriet Masters,,30,Dress M,WIL,
,1,William Smith,55,,Banker,WIL,
,,Olivia Barnes,,50,F S,WIL,
,1,Michael Harris,25,,Surveyor,WIL,
,,Charlotte Humby,,30,F S,WIL,
,1,Robert Stokes,30,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Lora Stokes,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Stokes,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Marshall,,20,F S,WIL,
,1,Edward Woodyear,45,,Watch M,WIL,
,,Ann Woodyear,,30,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Woodyear,,10,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Woodyear,,8,,WIL,
,,James Woodyear,6,,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 22 Page 2

,,Martha Woodyear,,5,,WIL,
,,Thomas Woodyear,3,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Woodyear,,1,,WIL,
High St,1,James Chisholme,40,,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Chisholme,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Marianne Chisholme,,45,Mantua M,WIL,
New Street,1,Thomas Cave,75,,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Cave,,75,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Read,,20,F S,WIL,
,1,Eliza Thornton,,50,Milliner,WIL,
,,Eliza Thornton,,15,,WIL,
,1,Samuel Beer,55,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Rebecca Beer,,55,,WIL,
,,Robert Beer,25,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Beer,,30,,WIL,
,,Andrew Beer,9,,,Not in county,
,,Harriet Beer,,1,,Not in county,
,1,Thomas Maunder,40,,Fly Proprietor,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Maunder,,40,,WIL,
,,Thomas Maunder,14,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Maunder,,12,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Maunder,,11,,WIL,
,,Frederick Maunder,10,,,WIL,
,,Francis Maunder,8,,,WIL,
,,Matilda Maunder,,6,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 22 Page 3

,,Catherine Maunder,,3,,WIL,
,,Heniretta Maunder,,1,,WIL,
,,Ann Young,,60,,Not in county,
,,William Street,50,,Painter,WIL,
,,Ann Street,,50,,Not in county,
,,Caroline Street,,20,,WIL,
,,Caroline Sworn,,5,,WIL,
,1,Samuel Scovey,25,,Schoolmaster,WIL,
,,Edwin Bayley,20,,,Not in county,
,,Caroline Everley,,20,F S,WIL,
,1,Mary Young,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,John Young,7,,,WIL,
,,Richard Young,5,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Matthews,40,,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Marton,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Charles Marton,3,,,WIL,
,,William Marton,2,,,WIL,
,1,Alice Clarke,,80,Ind,WIL,
,,Frances Beake,,40,Mantua M,WIL,
,,Frances Beake,,15,,WIL,
,,Alfred Beake,15,,,WIL,
,1,Elizabeth May,,45,Grocer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth May,,20,,Not in county,
,,Alfred May,15,,Drapers Ap,WIL,
,,Martha May,,11,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 23 Page 4

,,Louisa Cooper,,8,,Not in county,
,,Jemima Cooper,,5,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Cusse,20,,Drapers Sh,WIL,
New Street,1,Joseph Snelgrove,50,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Mary Snelgrove,,50,,WIL,
,,Sarah Hipburn,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pearce,,20,F S,WIL,
,1,William Rogers,50,,Publican,WIL,
,,Sarah Rogers,,50,,WIL,
,,George Rogers,25,,,WIL,
,,Edmund Rogers,13,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Rogers,11,,,WIL,
,,Lucy Rogers,,6,,WIL,
,,Caroline Rogers,,20,Dress Ma,WIL,
,,Sarah Webb,,15,F S,WIL,
,,John Beckingsale,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,James Edwards,20,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Mary Edwards,,20,Glove M,Not in county,
,,James Crouler,20,,J Tailor,WIL,
,1,Thomas Phillips,55,,Groom,WIL,
,,Sarah Phillips,,50,,WIL,
,,Jane Phillips,,15,,WIL,
,,Henry Phillips,14,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Webb,,7,,WIL,
,1,George Ingram,40,,Lab,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 23 Page 5

,,Susan Ingram,,35,,WIL,
,,George Ingram,6,,,WIL,
,,Henry Ingram,4,,,WIL,
,,Charles Ingram,2,,,WIL,
,,William Ingram,8m,,,WIL,
,1,Robert Cooper,35,,Lab,WIL,
,,Sophia Cooper,,40,,WIL,
,,Charles Cooper,20,,Shoe M J,WIL,
,,Mary Cooper,,18,,WIL,
,,Harriet Cooper,,15,,WIL,
,,George Cooper,13,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Young,,75,Ind,WIL,
,1,James Clements,65,,Painter J,WIL,
,,Mary Clements,,50,,WIL,
,,Catherine Williams,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,1,John Alford,35,,Attorney At Law,Not in county,
,,Mary Alford,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,Emily Alford,,20,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Goodfellow,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Yates,,25,F S,WIL,
,1,Charles Prangley,35,,Chemist,WIL,
,,Maria Prangley,,25,,Not in county,
,,Marian Prangley,,6,,WIL,
,,Clara Prangley,,5,,WIL,
,,Arthur Prangley,3,,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 24 Page 6

,,Thomas Prangley,21m,,,WIL,
,,John Prangley,2m,,,WIL,
,,Jane Rollason,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Parsons,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Agnes Spencer,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Hibberd,,15,F S,WIL,
New Street,1,William Goddard,40,,Harness M J,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Goddard,,40,,WIL,
,,Sarah Goddard,,15,,WIL,
,,Susanna Goddard,,13,,WIL,
New Street,1,Elizabeth Brownjohn,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Harris,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Smith,,70,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain; writing v. faint
New Street,1,William Weavings,60,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Harriet Weavings,,60,,WIL,
,,Harriet Weavings,,30,,WIL,
New Street,1,Mary Dowding,,40,Ind,WIL,
New Street,1,Jeremiah Godwin,38,,Taylor,WIL,
,,Sarah Godwin,,29,,Not in county,
,,Phoebe Godwin,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Godwin,,11,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Godwin,,3,,Not in county,
,,George Godwin,9m,,,WIL,
,,Jane Smith,,40,Nurse,WIL,
,,William Smith,15,,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 24 Page 7

,,Elizabeth Smith,,11,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Holloway,,50,,Not in county,
New Street,1,William Eyre,35,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Eyre,,35,,WIL,
,,James Eyre,14,,,WIL,
,,Maria Eyre,,11,,WIL,
,,Sophia Eyre,,6,,WIL,
,,George Eyre,2,,,WIL,
New St,1,George Whellen,65,,Ind,WIL,
,,John Whellen,20,,Lab,WIL,
,,James Whellen,15,,Lab,WIL,
,,Joseph Whellen,15,,,WIL,
,,Henry Whellen,8,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Whellen,,12,,WIL,
New St,1,Harriet Dibden,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Dibden,,13,,WIL,
,,Louisa Dibden,,11,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Dibden,,7,,WIL,
,,Mary Dibden,,6,,WIL,
,,William Walter,25,,Bricklayer J,Not in county,
New St,1,Thomas Salisbury,25,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Susan Salisbury,,25,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Salisbury,,3,,Not in county,
,,Pauline Salisbury,,1,,WIL,
New St,1,Elizabeth Feltham,,15,Needle Woman,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 25 Page 8

New St,1,Charles Dutch,40,,Lab,WIL,
,,Mary Dutch,,40,,WIL,
,,Martha Dutch,,12,,WIL,
,,Catherine Dutch,,10,,WIL,
,,John Chant,40,,Lab,WIL,
New St,1,George Crouch,30,,Shoe M J,WIL,
,,Jane Crouch,,35,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Watkins,,60,Ind,Not in county,
New St,1,John Horder,35,,Police,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Horder,,30,,WIL,
,,John Horder,9,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Horder,,6,,WIL,
,,William Horder,2,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Horder,10,,,WIL,
New St,1,William Lloyd,35,,Mason J,WIL,
,,Ann Lloyd,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Lloyd,,11,,WIL,
,,Henry Lloyd,7,,,WIL,
,,William Lloyd,4,,,WIL,
,,Maillia Lloyd,,2,,WIL,
,,Alfred Lloyd,4m,,,WIL,
New St,1,Samuel Andress,30,,White Smith,Not in county,
,,Mary Andress,,30,,Not in county,
,,John Andress,10,,,WIL,
,,Susan Andress,,8,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 25 Page 9

,,Isaac Andress,5,,,WIL,
,,William Andress,4,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Andress,1,,,WIL,
,,Harriet Andress,,4m,,WIL,
New St,1,John Gater,25,,Fly Driver,WIL,
,,Mary Gater,,25,,WIL,
,,William Gater,5,,,WIL,
,,George Gater,4,,,WIL,
,,James Gater,1,,,WIL,
,,George Quinton,60,,Lab,WIL,
New St,1,William Chubb,30,,Porter,Not in county,
,,Marth Chubb,,30,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Chubb,,3,,WIL,
,,William Matthews,20,,Fly Driver,WIL,
New St,1,William Tayler,60,,Ind,WIL,
,,Sarah Tayler,,60,Ind,WIL,
New St,1,John Salter,50,,Painter J,Not in county,
,,Hannah Salter,,35,,Not in county,
,,Maria Salter,,20,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Salter,,14,,WIL,
New St,b,,,,,,
New St,b,,,,,,
New St,1,Joseph Humby,40,,Shoom,WIL,
,,Jance Humby,,35,,WIL,
,,Sarah Humby,,12,,WIL,
,,Joseph Humby,2,,,WIL,
New St,1,George Grace,30,,Fly Driver,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 26 Page 10

,,Charlott Grace,,25,,WIL,
,,Joseph Grace,7,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Grace,4,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Grace,,2,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Grace,,2,,WIL,
New St,1,James Fullford,50,,Sawyer,WIL,
New St,1,Mary Hibberd,,45,Chimney Sweeper,WIL,
,,John Hibberd,20,,,WIL,
,,William Rees,25,,Watch M J,Not in county,
,,Caroline Stevens,,15,Ind,WIL,
,,Martha Jesse,,15,F S,WIL,
,,William Harris,30,,Chimney Sweep J,WIL,
,,George Garratt,25,,Chimney Sweep J,Not in county,
,,Joseph Dyke,15,,Chimney Sweep J,WIL,
,,John Willis,15,,Chimney Sweep Ap,WIL,
,,George Ring,12,,Chimney Sweep Ap,WIL,
,,William Wentworth,9,,Chimney Sweep Ap,WIL,
New St,u,,,,,,
New St,1,William Brownjohn,55,,Auctioneer,WIL,
,,Susanah Brownjohn,,50,,Not in county,
,,Jane Dyke,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Sarah Ford,,35,F S,WIL,
New St,1,Robert Mercer,45,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Ann Mercer,,40,,WIL,
,,Louisa Goodenough,,20,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Frederick Halpin,30,,Bookeeper,Ireland,

Book 6 Folio 26 Page 11

,,Philip Newman,25,,Reporter,WIL,
,,Mary Newman,,25,,WIL,
,,Emma Newman,,5,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Elkins,60,,Glover,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Elkins,,60,,WIL,
,,Charles Elkins,30,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Sarah Bennett,,45,Ind,WIL,
,,Fanny Bennett,,20,Stay M,Not in county,
,,Lilly Bennett,,20,Stay M,WIL,
,,Sarah Bennett,,15,Stay M,WIL,
,,Henry Bennett,15,,Hair Dresser,WIL,
,,Samuel Bennett,12,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Hiscocks,25,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Sarah Hiscocks,,20,,WIL,
,,William Hiscocks,2m,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Mary Pricey,,30,Pawnbroker,WIL,
,,Elias Precey,20,,Pawnbrokers Sh,WIL,
,,Frederick Precey,15,,Clock M J,WIL,
,,Marian Pricey,,15,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,George Dudman,60,,Lab,WIL,
,,Charlotte Dudman,,55,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Job Gale,35,,Lab,WIL,
,,Sarah Gale,,40,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,James Ingram,40,,Lab,Not in county,
,,Martha Ingram,,35,,Not in county,

Book 6 Folio 27 Page 12

,,Uriah Ingram,11,,Lab,Not in county,
,,Edward Ingram,8,,,Not in county,
,,James Ingram,6,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Ingram,,4,,Not in county,
Catherine St,1,John Simper,25,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Mary Simper,,20,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Mary Ann White,,60,Garden Woman,Not in county,
,,John White,20,,Lab,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Isaac Futcher,55,,Tailor,Not in county,
,,William Futcher,10,,,WIL,
,,John Futcher,5,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,James Sheppard,30,,Lab,WIL,
,,Ann Sheppard,,30,,Not in county,
,,Henry Sheppard,7,,,WIL,
,,James Sheppard,4,,,WIL,
,,Charles Sheppard,2,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Sarah Rambridge,,40,Ind,Not in county,
,,Henry Rambridge,15,,Shoe M J,Not in county,
,,George Rambridge,15,,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Rambridge,,12,,WIL,
,,John Rambridge,10,,,WIL,
,,Charles Rambridge,1,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Stephen Dew,55,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Sarah Dew,,50,,Unknown,
,,Sarah Dew,,15,,Unknown,

Book 6 Folio 27 Page 13

,,Stephen Dew,14,,,WIL,
,,Jane Dew,,12,,WIL,
,,Edward Dew,9,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,James Rooke,25,,Draper,WIL,
,,Amelia Rooke,,25,,WIL,
,,Maria Rooke,,20,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,John Fulford,25,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Sophia Fulford,,15,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Fulford,,3m,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Thomas Smith,25,,China Dealer,Not in county,
,,Jane Smith,,20,,WIL,
,,Thomas Smith,3m,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Frances,,12,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Judd,60,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Judd,,50,,WIL,
,,Edward Judd,25,,,WIL,
,,Ann Judd,,25,,WIL,
,,Jane Judd,,20,,WIL,
,,Sarah Judd,,15,,WIL,
,,George Judd,15,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Judd,,11,,WIL,
,,Charles Judd,9,,,WIL,
,,John Yearhood,20,,,WIL,
,,Peter Trihorn,15,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Alexander Lucas,60,,Music Seller,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 28 Page 14

,,Ann Lucas,,65,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Lush,,25,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Thomas Parsons,70,,Gun Maker,WIL,
,,Thomas Staples,25,,Gun M J,WIL,
,,Jane Staples,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary Mullins,,20,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Small,,15,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Charles Perry,40,,Sadler,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Perry,,40,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bowles,,15,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Masters,40,,Basket M,WIL,
,,Ann Masters,,40,,WIL,
,,Sophia Masters,,11,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Masters,,9,,WIL,
,,William Masters,4,,,WIL,
,,Martha Masters,,9m,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Shttrell,,40,Ind,WIL,”Surname uncertain; gap after “”Sh”””
Catherine St,1,Edward Waller,30,,Hair Dresser,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Waller,,25,,WIL,
,,John Waller,2,,,WIL,Age two and a half years
,,Walter Waller,9m,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Thomas Trotman,50,,Pork Butcher,WIL,
,,Hannah Trotman,,40,,WIL,
,,Sarah Trotman,,20,,WIL,
,,Samuel Trotman,20,,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 28 Page 15

,,Catherine Trotman,,7,,Unknown,
,,Martha Trotman,,6,,Unknown,
,,Hester Trotman,,5,,Unknown,
Catherine St,1,George Buckland,40,,Chemist,WIL,
,,Mary Buckland,,35,,WIL,
,,Harriet Buckland,,12,,WIL,
,,Ellen Buckland,,8,,WIL,
,,Mary Buckland,,5,,WIL,
,,George Buckland,3,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Buckland,,1,,WIL,
,,Grace Smith,,20,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,George Davis,30,,Game Dealer,WIL,
,,Mary Davis,,30,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Charles Targett,40,,Boot M,WIL,
,,Ann Targett,,35,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Targett,,14,,WIL,
,,William Targett,9,,,WIL,
,,Ann Targett,,7,,WIL,
,,George Targett,18m,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Garrett,60,,Publican,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Garrett,,55,,WIL,
,,Maria Garrett,,25,,WIL,
,,George Garrett,20,,,WIL,
,,Henry Garrett,20,,,WIL,
,,Edwin Garrett,15,,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 29 Page 16

,,Augustine Garrett,10,,,WIL,
,,Ann Cousins,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Will,,25,F S,WIL,
,,William Dodsworth,40,,Ind,WIL,
,,\- Saurin,40,,Ind,Not in county,
,,\- Saurin,30,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Saurin,,3m,,Not in county,
,,\- Croft,30,,Ind,WIL,
Catherine St,1,John Richardson,55,,Grocer Etc,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Richardson,,40,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Richardson,,15,,WIL,
,,John Richardson,15,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Richardson,,15,,WIL,
,,George Richardson,10,,,WIL,
,,George Howell,15,,Grocers Ap,WIL,
,,Susan Smith,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Goddard,,15,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Charles Triniman,35,,Perfumer,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Charles Triniman,13,,,WIL,
,,Julia Triniman,,12,,WIL,
,,Francis Triniman,8,,,WIL,
,,Emily Trubridge,,15,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Benjamin Young,35,,Picture Dealer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Young,,25,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Young,,9,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 29 Page 17

,,John Young,6,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Young,3,,,WIL,
,,Jane Young,,1,,WIL,
,,Jane Burfit,,15,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Flower,30,,Corset M,WIL,
,,Sarah Flower,,25,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Nightingale,,15,Milliner,Not in county,
Catherine St,1,James Janes,30,,Linen Draper,Not in county,
,,Ann Janes,,30,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Janes,,6,,WIL,
,,Emma Janes,,5,,WIL,
,,Henry Janes,4,,,WIL,
,,Amelia Janes,,1,,WIL,
,,William Davis,15,,Drapers Sh,Not in county,
,,Patience Cater,,20,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Rebecca Godwin,,15,F S,Not in county,
New Canal,1,William Turnbull,45,,Nurseryman,Scotland,
,,Mary Turnbull,,45,,Not in county,
,,Walter Turnbull,6,,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Turnbull,,3,,WIL,Age 3 and a half years
New Canal,1,William Andrews,55,,Surgeon,Not in county,
,,Mary Andrews,,50,,Not in county,
,,Charles Andrews,15,,Surgeons Ap,WIL,
,,Anna Andrews,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Andrews,,12,,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 30 Page 18

,,Septimus Andrews,8,,,WIL,
,,James Robinson,20,,Assistant Surgeon,Not in county,
,,Henry Forder,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Alexander Gedda,70,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Hannah Sawyer,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Harriet Rose,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Martha Gould,,20,F S,WIL,
New Canal,1,George Smith,40,,Ironmonger,WIL,
,,Mary Smith,,35,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Smith,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Smith,,10,,WIL,
,,Mary Pavey,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Whitlock,,20,F S,WIL,
,,David Kimber,30,,M S,WIL,
,,James Eminton,20,,M S,Not in county,
,,Daniel Goddard,30,,Accountant,Not in county,
New Canal,1,William Aylward,25,,Music Seller,WIL,
,,William Aylward,7,,,WIL,
,,Leila Aylward,,3,,WIL,
,,Emma Farthing,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Eliza Weaviss,,12,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
New Canal,1,George Goddard,35,,Chemist,WIL,
,,George Goddard,8,,,WIL,
,,Francis Goddard,1,,,WIL,
,,Hester Pearce,,15,F S,Not in county,

Book 6 Folio 30 Page 19

,,Maryann Noble,,12,F S,Not in county,
New Canal,1,Sampson Payne,40,,Glass & China Dealer,Not in county,
,,Charles Payne,25,,Glass & China Dealer,WIL,
,,Robert Payne,20,,Glass & China Dealer,WIL,
,,Sarah Payne,,40,,Not in county,
,,John Payne,15,,Navy,WIL,
,,Mary Payne,,10,,WIL,
,,Ellen Payne,,9,,WIL,
,,Harry Payne,8,,,WIL,
,,Fanny Payne,,7,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Payne,,5,,WIL,
,,Charles Payne,4,,,WIL,
,,Emma Payne,,3m,,WIL,
,,Jane Mannings,,45,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bailey,,25,F S,WIL,
New Canal,1,Jane Hyatt,,40,General Dealer,Not in county,
,,John Davis,70,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Davis,,25,,WIL,
,,Thomas Jackson,25,,Drapers Sh,Not in county,
,,Fanny Betteridge,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,William Bowles,15,,M S,WIL,
New Canal,1,Ann Blake,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Isaac Blake,46,,Whitesmith J,WIL,
,,Frederick Blake,20,,Whitesmith J,WIL,
,,Andrew Blake,15,,Currier J,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 31 Page 20

,,Edward Blake,11,,,WIL,
New Canal,1,John Armstrong,54,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Sarah Armstrong,,55,,Not in county,
,,Ann Lampard,,12,F S,WIL,
New Canal,1,John Harris,35,,Coach Builder,WIL,
,,Mary Harris,,30,,WIL,
,,Susanah Harris,,11,,WIL,
,,John Harris,9,,,WIL,
,,Howard Harris,7,,,WIL,
,,James Harris,5,,,WIL,
,,Celia Harris,,3,,WIL,
,,Maryann Harris,,1,,WIL,
,,Eliza Green,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Richard Billett,15,,Coach Builders Ap,WIL,
New Canal,1,Frederick Chinn,35,,Cabinet Ma,WIL,
,,Dinah Chinn,,35,,WIL,
,,Eliza Holly,,20,F S,WIL,
New Canal,1,George Godwin,50,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,William Godwin,14,,,WIL,
,,Maria Godwin,,45,,Not in county,
,,Ann Richards,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Martha Sharp,,35,F S,Not in county,
New Canal,1,Samuel Collins,60,,Hat Ma,WIL,
,,Jane Collins,,25,,Not in county,
,,Caroline Whitehead,,20,F S,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 31 Page 21

,,Charles Sanger,25,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Jane Gardener,,65,Ind,WIL,
New Canal,1,Robert Saph,35,,Hat Ma,WIL,
,,Sylvester Saph,,25,Hat Ma (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Mary Garral,,20,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
New Canal,1,Charles Dew,45,,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Down,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Martha Barber,,20,F S,WIL,
New Canal,1,James Griffin,35,,Timber Dealer,WIL,
,,Mary Griffin,,30,Milliner,WIL,
,,Fanny Griffin,,8,,WIL,
,,Samuel Griffin,3,,,WIL,
,,Maryann Griffin,,2,,WIL,
,,Eliza Griffin,,2m,,WIL,
,,Judith Ransbury,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Harriet Mullins,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Morris,,20,F S,WIL,
New Canal,1,Aaron Bush,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bungay,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Edmunds,,25,F S,WIL,
New Canal,1,Ann Stevens,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Heath,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Newman,,30,F S,Not in county,
New Canal,1,Letitia Chubb,,80,Ind,WIL,
,,Thomas Chubb,40,,Attorney At Law,WIL,

Book 6 Folio 32 Page 22

,,Eliza Roberts,,20,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary James,,60,F S,WIL,
,,Susan Johnson,,25,F S,Not in county,
New Canal,1,John Dawkins,15,,Clerk,WIL,
St John’s St,1,James Hussey,30,,Ind,WIL,
,,Henrietta Hussey,,20,,WIL,
,,James Hussey,8m,,,WIL,
,,Ann Carter,,30,F S,Not in county,
,,Jane Whittle,,25,F S,WIL,
,,James Norris,20,,M S,WIL,

Enumeration District 3

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Thomas

Book 7 Folio 4 Page 1

New Canal,1,Henry Wills,35,,Accountant,Not in county,
,,Jane Wills,,35,Milliner,Not in county,
,,Julia Wills,,12,,Not in county,
,,Louisa Wills,,9,,Not in county,
,,Henry Wills,7,,,Not in county,
,,John Wills,6,,,Not in county,
,,Samuel Wills,5,,,WIL,
,,Robert Wills,3,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Bugden,,15,F S,WIL,
New Canal,1,Harry Neale,40,,Plumber,Not in county,
,,Ann Neale,,35,,WIL,
,,James Neale,15,,,WIL,
,,Henry Neale,15,,,WIL,
,,Martha Neale,,15,,WIL,
,,Frances Neale,,10,,WIL,
,,William Neale,10,,,WIL,
,,Margaret Neale,,5,,WIL,
,,Thomas Neale,4,,,WIL,
,,Frederic Neale,2,,,WIL,
,,Mary Webb,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Barrett,,50,Nurse,WIL,
New Canal,1,Thomas Miell,45,,Picture Dealer,WIL,
,,Jane Miell,,45,,WIL,
,,John Miell,15,,Plumber Ap,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 5 Page 2

,,Henrietta Miell,,15,,WIL,
,,Ellen Miell,,15,,WIL,
,,Theophiley Miell,13,,,WIL,
,,Augustus Miell,11,,,WIL,
,,Herbert Miell,10,,,WIL,
,,Hugh Miell,7,,,WIL,
,,James Miell,5,,,Unknown,
New Canal,1,Robert Hill,25,,Hardwareman,WIL,
,,Mary Hill,,25,,Not in county,
,,Robert Hill,9m,,,WIL,
,,George Rawbone,20,,Shopman,WIL,
New Canal,1,John Williams,65,,Tobacconist J,Not in county,
,,Eliza Williams,,35,,WIL,Age 37 overwritten
New Canal,1,Thomas Roles,35,,Maltster J,WIL,
,,Martha Roles,,30,,WIL,
,,Charles Roles,13,,,WIL,
,,George Roles,10,,,WIL,
,,Martha Roles,,8,,WIL,
,,Dianah Roles,,6,,WIL,
,,Sarah Roles,,2,,WIL,
,,\- Roles,,,,WIL,Age given as New Born & name as N K
New Canal,1,Ann Pilkington,,70,Upholsterer,WIL,
New Canal,1,Thomas Ford,70,,Coachman,Not in county,
,,Jane Ford,,55,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 5 Page 3

New Canal,1,Samuel Williams,60,,Tobacconist J,WIL,
,,Maria Williams,,65,,WIL,Age 25 overwritten
,,Hannah Smith,,70,,WIL,
,,Ann Prewett,,65,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Prewett,,70,,WIL,Age 72 overwritten
New Canal,1,William Sleat,30,,Larver & Gilder,Not in county,
,,Mary Sleat,,75,,Not in county,
,,Emma Sleat,,45,Straw Bonnet Maker,Not in county,
New Canal,u,,,,,,
Spad Eagle Inn,1,George Wing,35,,Inn Keeper,WIL,Age 37 overwritten
,,George Wing,10,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Wing,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary Wing,,1,,WIL,
,,Mary Gamblin,,70,,WIL,
,,Sarah Winkworth,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Whatley,,20,F S,WIL,
,,James Small,20,,M S,WIL,
High St,u,,,,,,
High St,1,Charles Sydenham,25,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sydenham,,25,,WIL,
,,Sarah Sydenham,,3,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sydenham,,1,,WIL,
,,\- Sydenham,,1w,,WIL,
,,Sarah Read,,50,Nurse,WIL,
,,Lydia Lenton,,15,F S,WIL,
High St,1,John Humby,45,,Pastry Cook,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 6 Page 4

,,Margaret Humby,,45,,WIL,
,,John Humby,20,,Pastry Cook J,WIL,
,,James Humby,15,,Tailor Ap,WIL,Age 18 overwritten
,,Elizabeth Humby,,15,,WIL,Age 17 overwritten
,,Charles Humby,15,,,WIL,
,,Margaret Humby,,14,,WIL,
,,William Humby,13,,,WIL,
,,Mark Humby,9,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Humby,,6,,WIL,
,,Mary Searle,,50,Ind,WIL,
New Canal,1,John Ridout,30,,Wire Worker,WIL,
,,Jane Ridout,,30,,Not in county,
New Canal,1,Elizabeth Troubridge,,40,,WIL,
,,Sarah Troubridge,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Samuel Troubridge,20,,,WIL,
,,James Troubridge,15,,Tailor Ap,WIL,
,,Emily Troubridge,,10,,WIL,
New Canal,1,Sarah Troubridge,,75,Ind,Not in county,Age 79 overwritten
,,Elizabeth Troubridge,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hall,,65,Ind,WIL,Age 66 overwritten
New Canal,1,Robert Frampton,30,,Cheese Factor,Not in county,
,,Ann Frampton,,25,,WIL,
New Canal,1,John Wyatt,40,,Japanner & Gilder,Not in county,
,,Ann Wyatt,,35,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 6 Page 5

,,Mary Wyatt,,13,,WIL,
,,Eliza Wyatt,,10,,WIL,
,,John Wyatt,8,,,WIL,
,,Emma Wyatt,,6,,WIL,
,,Arabella Wyatt,,3,,WIL,
,,Alfred Wyatt,3m,,,WIL,
High St,1,Thomas Fricker,25,,Shoemaker J,WIL,
,,Mary Fricker,,25,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Fricker,,4,,WIL,
,,Jane Fricker,,2,,WIL,
,,James Fricker,1m,,,WIL,
High St,1,Deborah Edwards,,75,Independent,WIL,
High St,1,James Everett,35,,Mail Contractor,WIL,
,,Hannah Everett,,35,,WIL,Age 39 overwritten
,,Thomas Everett,6,,,WIL,
,,Mary Everett,,4,,WIL,
,,Edward Everett,2,,,WIL,
,,Esther Ball,,70,Ind,WIL,Age 72 overwritten
High St,1,Ann Shergold,,70,Ind,Not in county,
High St,1,William Phillips,25,,Hair Dresser,Not in county,
,,Mary Phillips,,25,Shoe Binder,WIL,
High St,1,John Dawkins,45,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Arabella Dawkins,,45,,WIL,
,,Arabella Dawkins,,25,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 7 Page 6

,,Albert Dawkins,15,,Hair Dresser Ap,WIL,
High St,1,Patrick Cunningham,25,,Dentist,Scotland,
,,Mary Ann Chivers,,25,F S,WIL,
High St,1,Charles Batt,30,,Ironmonger,WIL,
,,Martha Batt,,25,,WIL,
,,Martha Batt,,20,,WIL,
,,Sarah Batt,,15,,WIL,
,,Maria Miller,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Edgar Rooms,15,,M S,WIL,
High St,1,George Sydenham,30,,Boot Maker,Not in county,
,,Susanna Sydenham,,20,,Not in county,Age 23 overwritten
,,Mary Sydenham,,2d,,WIL,
,,Ann Wyett,,35,Nurse,WIL,Age 37 overwritten
,,George Rooke,15,,Boot Makers Ap,WIL,
High St,1,Charles Rhoades,40,,Gun Maker,WIL,
,,Charles Rhoades,20,,Gun Maker,WIL,
,,James Rhoades,15,,,WIL,
,,Robert Rhoades,14,,,WIL,
,,John Rhoades,8,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Rhoades,5,,,WIL,
,,William Rhoades,2,,,WIL,
,,Ann Rhoades,,40,,WIL,
,,Ann Rhoades,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Rhoades,,12,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 7 Page 7

,,Martha Rhoades,,10,,WIL,
,,Susan Rhoades,,6,,WIL,
High St,1,Mary Simmonds,,30,Straw Bonnet Maker,WIL,
,,Charles Simmonds,12,,,WIL,
,,James Simmonds,10,,,WIL,
High St,1,Abraham Smith,75,,Navy P,WIL,Age 76 overwritten
,,Jane Smith,,60,,WIL,
,,Richard Mathews,45,,Carpenter,Not in county,Age 46 overwritten
High St,1,George Stay,45,,Shoe Maker,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Stay,,45,,Not in county,
,,George Stay,15,,,Not in county,
,,Ann Stay,,13,,Not in county,
,,Lucy Stay,,11,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Stay,,7,,WIL,
,,Ellen Stay,,5,,WIL,
,,Jane Cooper,,30,Independent,Not in county,
High St,1,William Hendley,40,,Plumber,Not in county,
,,Ann Hendley,,45,,WIL,
High St,1,William Ingram,30,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Ann Ingram,,25,,WIL,
,,Jane Ingram,,3,,WIL,
,,William Ingram,9m,,,WIL,
,,Maria Coombs,,20,,WIL,Age 22 overwritten
,,Elizabeth Curtis,,15,F S,WIL,Age 17 overwritten

Book 7 Folio 8 Page 8

New St,1,Mary Silverthorn,,65,,Not in county,
New St,1,James Shepherd,45,,Army P,WIL,Age 47 overwritten
,,Margaret Shepherd,,36,,Ireland,
,,James Shepherd,15,,,Not in county,
,,John Shepherd,12,,,Not in county,
,,Jacob Shepherd,9,,,Not in county,
,,Alfred Shepherd,4,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Shepherd,,1,,WIL,
New St,1,James Smith,30,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Ann Smith,,25,,WIL,
,,Ann Smith,,6,,WIL,
,,William Smith,5,,,WIL,
New St,1,Charles Honeycutt,70,,Shoe Maker J,WIL,Age 72 overwritten
,,Mary Honeycutt,,30,,WIL,
,,James Honeycutt,30,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Samuel Honeycutt,14,,,WIL,
New St,1,William Griffin,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Maria Griffin,,30,,Not in county,
,,Charles Griffin,10,,,WIL,
,,William Griffin,5,,,WIL,
,,Harriett Griffin,,2,,WIL,
New St,1,Sarah Wheeler,,40,Shopkeeper,WIL,
,,Amelia Wheeler,,15,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Wheeler,,13,,WIL,
,,Sarah Wheeler,,5,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 8 Page 9

New St,1,Sarah Lucas,,70,Washerwoman,Not in county,
,,Ann Young,,60,F S,Not in county,
New St,1,John Phillips,45,,Taylor,WIL,
,,Sarah Phillips,,40,,WIL,
,,Sarah Alsford,,20,,WIL,
,,John Troubridge,16,,Saddler Ap,WIL,
New St,1,James Coward,35,,Painter,WIL,
,,Martha Coward,,35,,WIL,
,,James Coward,13,,,WIL,
,,Henry Coward,10,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Coward,7,,,WIL,
,,Priscilla Coward,,4,,WIL,
,,Frederick Coward,2,,,WIL,
New St,1,Hannah Hockman,,36,,Ireland,
,,Elizabeth Hockman,,7,,WIL,
New St,1,Mary Shafflin,,55,Laundress,WIL,
,,Priscilla Shafflin,,25,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Sarah Shafflin,,25,,WIL,
,,John Shafflin,20,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jane Carter,,15,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bunssel,,15,,WIL,
New St,1,Elizabeth Lucas,,31,,WIL,
,,Sarah Lucas,,12,,WIL,
,,Emma Lucas,,10,,WIL,
,,Edwin Lucas,8,,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 9 Page 10

,,Elizabeth Lucas,,6,,WIL,
,,Fanny Lucas,,4,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Lucas,,2,,WIL,
,,Margarett Lucas,,4m,,WIL,
New St,u,,,,,,
New St,u,,,,,,
New St,1,George Evemy,30,,Turner,Not in county,
,,Sarah Evemy,,16,,Not in county,
New St,1,William Wing,25,,Coach Maker,WIL,
,,Jane King,,15,F S,WIL,
New St,1,Charles Norton,64,,Auctioneer,Not in county,
,,Charles Norton,27,,Solicitor,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Norton,,63,,Not in county,
,,Ann Norton,,37,,WIL,
,,Phebe Martin,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Godwin,,14,F S,WIL,
New St,1,John Aubrey,40,,Baker,WIL,
,,Maria Aubrey,,40,,WIL,
,,Maria Aubrey,,15,,WIL,
,,George Aubrey,12,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Aubrey,,11,,WIL,
,,William Aubrey,9,,,WIL,
,,Harriet Aubrey,,6,,WIL,
,,Charles Aubrey,5,,,WIL,
,,James Guy,35,,Clock Maker,WIL,
,,Mary Guy,,25,,WIL,
,,Matilda Guy,,4,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 9 Page 11

,,James Guy,2,,,WIL,
New St,1,George Morris,30,,Hackneyman,WIL,
,,Mary Morris,,25,,WIL,
,,Eliza Morris,,8,,WIL,
,,Sarah Morris,,6,,WIL,
,,Emma Morris,,2,,WIL,
New St,1,Robert Frowd,60,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Mary Frowd,,50,,WIL,
,,Eliza Frowd,,30,Dress Maker,WIL,
New St,1,William Herrington,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Herrington,,35,,WIL,
,,Lewana Herrington,,10,,WIL,
,,Amelia Herrington,,5,,WIL,
New St,1,William George,40,,Porter,WIL,
,,Lucy George,,40,,WIL,
,,James George,14,,Cooper Ap,WIL,
,,Thomas George,10,,,WIL,
,,Mary George,,9,,WIL,
,,Anna George,,6,,WIL,
,,William George,4,,,WIL,
,,Eliza George,,2,,WIL,
,,John George,35,,Groom,WIL,
New St,1,James Deller,50,,M S,Not in county,Age 52 overwritten
,,Sarah Deller,,50,,WIL,
,,Caroline Deller,,25,,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Emily Deller,,16,,WIL,
,,Catherine Deller,,8,,WIL,
,,William Young,40,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Bradbeer,30,,Tailor J,Not in county,
,,George Miles,30,,Printer,WIL,
New St,1,James Eyre,60,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Harriott Eyre,,45,,WIL,
,,Charles Eyre,30,,Army,WIL,
,,George Eyre,15,,Brush Maker Ap,WIL,
,,Harriott Eyre,,12,,WIL,
,,Henry Eyre,9,,,WIL,
New St,1,William Fulford,60,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Mary Fulford,,55,,WIL,
,,Jane Fulford,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Harriett Fulford,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Caroline Fulford,,15,F S,WIL,
New St,1,Sarah Newman,,70,Laundress,WIL,
New St,1,Job Saunders,35,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Harriett Saunders,,40,,WIL,
,,George Saunders,11,,,WIL,
,,Charles Saunders,9,,,WIL,
,,Abuha Saunders,3,,,WIL,
,,Ann Saunders,,9m,,WIL,
,,Sarah Burden,,60,,WIL,
New St,1,Jane Street,,55,School Mistress,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 10 Page 13

,,Jane Street,,20,School Mistress,WIL,
,,William Axford,55,,Laborer,WIL,Age 57 overwritten
,,Fanny Axford,,55,Washerwoman,WIL,
New St,1,Mary Lucy,,75,Ind,Not in county,
,,Catherine Lucy,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Harriett Stagg,,20,F S,WIL,
New St,1,James London,35,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Elizabeth London,,40,,WIL,
,,Ann London,,9,,WIL,
,,John London,7,,,WIL,
New St,1,Ambrose Hussey,30,,Ind,WIL,
,,Barbara Hussey,,30,,Not in county,
,,Ambrose Hussey,5,,,WIL,
,,Alicia Hussey,,2,,WIL,
,,Eyre Hussey,1,,,WIL,
,,James Ranger,30,,M S,Not in county,
,,James Rogers,40,,M S,Not in county,
,,Benjamin Akers,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Emma Brodie,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Mary Edwards,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Ann Goddard,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Fanny Quentin,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Axford,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Muspratt,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Matilda Curtis,,20,F S,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 11 Page 14

,,Susan Brown,,20,F S,WIL,
New St,1,William Carter,30,,Ostler,Not in county,
,,Sarah Carter,,30,,WIL,
,,William Carter,9,,,WIL,
,,Charles Carter,7,,,WIL,
,,Fanny Carter,,5,,WIL,
,,Arthur Carter,3,,,WIL,
,,Harry Carter,1,,,WIL,
New St,1,Charles Farr,40,,Coach Builder,WIL,
,,Sarah Farr,,45,,WIL,
“St John St, White Hart Hotel”,1,Samuel Jones,70,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Frederick Jones,25,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Jones,,25,,WIL,
,,Harriett Homington,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Ann Hawkins,,40,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Green,,30,F S,Not in county,
,,Matilda Bungy,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Tutt,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Nawh,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Caroline Perry,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,Sarah Herring,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,William Stevens,40,,M S,WIL,
,,James Cooper,25,,M S,Not in county,
,,Hart Curtis,55,,M S,Not in county,
,,William Frone,30,,M S,WIL,Surname uncertain

Book 7 Folio 11 Page 15

,,George Thackeray,60,,Provost Kings Coll Cambridge,Not in county,Occ: add Clergyman
,,John Leyle,30,,Fellow Kings Coll Cambridge,Not in county,
,,Richard Steward,65,,Militia,Not in county,
,,Louisa Steward,,40,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Bonederson,,70,Ind,Not in county,
,,Henry Bonederson,40,,E I Company’s Civil Service,Not in county,
,,Joseph Clarke,60,,Inspector Of Taxes,Not in county,
,,Frederic Clarke,20,,Ind,WIL,
,,John Green,60,,Vicar,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Green,,25,,Not in county,
,,Emma Green,,20,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Green,,20,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Prince,35,,M S,Not in county,
,,Thomas Thorn,20,,M S,Not in county,
,,George Gay,15,,M S,Not in county,
,,William Arten,35,,M S,WIL,Surname uncertain; might be ORTON
,,William Fooks,20,,M S,Not in county,
,,Janes Reid,,70,Ind,Not in county,
,,Robert Reid,30,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Lock,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Charles Lines,25,,M S,Not in county,
St John St,1,Sarah Sims,,55,Washerwoman,Not in county,
,,Samuel Sims,14,,,WIL,
St John St,1,Fanny May,,25,Washerwoman,WIL,
,,Mary May,,7,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 12 Page 16

St John St,1,Jeremiah Jenkins,30,,Laborer,WIL,Age 32 overwritten
,,Jane Jenkins,,25,,WIL,
,,Martha Jenkins,,3,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Jenkins,,1,,WIL,
St John St,1,Sarah Horn,,60,Indp,WIL,
,,James Feltham,13,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Bailey,,70,Indp,WIL,
,,John Burt,20,,Wheelwright J,Not in county,
St John St,1,Francis Edwards,40,,Post Boy,Not in county,
,,Eliza Edwards,,40,,Not in county,
,,George King,20,,Saddler J,WIL,
St John St,1,Mildmay Grant,50,,Post Boy,Not in county,
,,Eliza Grant,,40,,Not in county,
,,Joseph Franklin,20,,Fly Driver,WIL,
,,William Charlton,20,,Fly Driver,WIL,
,,Henry Fletcher,20,,Fly Driver,WIL,
St John St,1,John Charlton,25,,Post Boy,WIL,
,,Ann Charlton,,25,,Not in county,
,,Ann Charlton,,4,,WIL,
,,John Charlton,1,,,WIL,
,,James Barrett,35,,Post Boy,Not in county,
St John St,1,Henry Bailey,30,,Fly Driver,WIL,
,,Ann Bailey,,30,,Not in county,
,,Martha Bailey,,7,,WIL,
,,Louisa Bailey,,5,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 12 Page 17

,,Elizabeth Bailey,,3,,WIL,
,,Fanny Bailey,,6m,,WIL,
St John St,1,George Judd,20,,Post Boy,WIL,
,,Caroline Judd,,20,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Judd,,9m,,WIL,
St John St,1,Maria Herring,,45,Shop Keeper,WIL,
,,Rosetta Herring,,15,,WIL,
,,James Herring,12,,,WIL,
,,Cornelius Herring,10,,,Not in county,
St John St,1,James Thynne,55,,Bootmaker,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Thynne,,55,,WIL,
,,Samuel Thynne,20,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Thynne,,15,,WIL,
St John St,1,Thomas Keynes,30,,Cabinet Maker,WIL,
“St John St, Kings Arms Inn”,1,William Chambers,30,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Mary Chambers,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary James,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,John Murray,50,,Traveller,Ireland,
,,Mary Ann James,,60,,Not in county,
,,Amelia James,,3,,WIL,
,,Arthur Bedford,20,,Laborer,WIL,
,,Stephen Pope,50,,Laborer,Not in county,
,,Thomas Gibbons,40,,M S,Not in county,
St John St,1,Edwin Wright,40,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Betsey Wright,,25,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 13 Page 18

,,Stephen Maffey,,30,Grocer Shopman,Not in county,
,,Francis Williams,25,,Draper S,Not in county,
,,Louisa Davis,,15,F S,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Susannah Mott,,25,Milliner,WIL,
,,Thomas Mott,20,,Cabinet Maker Ap,WIL,
,,William Mott,15,,Printer Ap,WIL,
,,John Mott,15,,Tailor Ap,WIL,
,,Matilda Brown,,20,Milliner,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Henry Spratt,45,,Ostler,WIL,
,,Maria Spratt,,45,,WIL,
,,Henry Spratt,15,,Tailor Ap,WIL,
,,James Spratt,11,,,WIL,
,,George Spratt,8,,,WIL,
,,Martha Spratt,,6,,WIL,
,,George Trollip,35,,Gardener,WIL,
,,William Baker,20,,Ostler,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Ann Foot,,60,Indp,WIL,
,,Charlotte Foot,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Abigail Matthews,,75,Ind,WIL,
St Ann’s St,1,Lewanna Massey,,55,Schoolmistress,WIL,
,,Mary Massey,,30,Schoolmistress,WIL,
,,Jane Ingram,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Ann Noble,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Joseph Snow,25,,Veterinary Surgeon,WIL,
,,Mary Carter,,50,Ind,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 13 Page 19

Brown St,u,,,,,,
Brown St,1,James Brown,35,,Horsekeeper,WIL,
,,Maria Brown,,25,,WIL,
,,Marsha Weavings,,35,Widow (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Caroline Weavings,,14,,WIL,
,,John Weavings,9,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Weavings,,5,,WIL,
Brown St,1,George Burfitt,45,,Post Boy,WIL,
,,Eliza Burfitt,,40,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Henry Earl,30,,Post Boy,WIL,
,,Sophia Earl,,25,,WIL,
,,Louisa Earl,,7,,WIL,
,,Eliza Earl,,5,,WIL,
,,George Earl,2,,,WIL,
,,Charles Earl,8m,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,James Robins,40,,F Driver,WIL,
,,Priscilla Robins,,35,,WIL,
,,Priscilla Robins,,10,,WIL,
,,James Robins,8,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Robins,6,,,WIL,
,,Edwin Robins,2,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,George Sanger,45,,Porter,WIL,
,,Sarah Sanger,,40,,WIL,
,,George Sanger,15,,Basket Maker Ap,WIL,
,,Henry Sanger,15,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sanger,,12,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 14 Page 20

,,Thomas Sanger,9,,,WIL,
,,John Newman,15,,Basket Maker J,WIL,
Brown St,1,John Hibberd,40,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Hibberd,,40,,WIL,
,,Mary Hibberd,,15,,WIL,
,,Thomas Hibberd,12,,,WIL,
,,James Hibberd,10,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Hibberd,6,,,WIL,
,,William Cole,20,,Labr,WIL,
Brown St,1,Sarah Plank,,40,F S,WIL,
,,George Plank,7,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Plank,,2,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Vincent,,20,Tailoress,WIL,
Brown St,1,Ann Saunders,,45,Ind,Not in county,
,,Jane Baker,,20,Dress Maker,Not in county,
,,Mary Baker,,15,Dress Maker,Not in county,
Brown St,1,George Phillips,40,,Horsekeeper,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Phillips,,40,,WIL,
,,Charles Phillips,15,,M S,WIL,
,,George Phillips,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Thomas Phillips,12,,M S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Phillips,,4,,WIL,
,,Sarah Phillips,,1,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Elizabeth Paul,,40,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Paul,,15,,WIL,Folio 15 not used

Book 7 Folio 15 Page 21

,,Ann Paul,,15,,WIL,
,,John Paul,12,,,WIL,
,,Jonas Paul,9,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Paul,,6,,WIL,
,,Charles Paul,4,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Charles Marsh,30,,Horsekeeper,WIL,
,,Sarah Marsh,,30,,WIL,
,,Charles Marsh,7,,,WIL,
,,John Marsh,3,,,WIL,
,,George Marsh,1,,,WIL,
,,Mary Butler,,70,,WIL,
,,Charles Edmonds,7,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Edmonds,,10,,Not in county,
Brown St,1,William Oborne,60,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Ann Oborne,,60,,WIL,
,,Mark Hawkins,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Hannah Hawkins,,40,,WIL,
,,Henry Barnes,20,,Gardener,WIL,
,,William Barnes,15,,Gardener,WIL,
Brown St,1,Elizabeth Johnson,,30,,WIL,
,,Samuel Johnson,5,,,WIL,
,,\- Maton,,70,Ind,WIL,
Brown St,1,Harriett Green,,25,,Scotland,
,,Ann Green,,13,,WIL,
,,Amelia Green,,9,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 16 Page 22

,,Edward Green,5,,,WIL,
,,Daniel Green,4,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Green,1m,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,William Pepperell,40,,Whip Maker,WIL,
,,Susannah Pepperell,,40,,WIL,
,,William Pepperell,15,,Carpenter Ap,WIL,
,,John Pepperell,15,,Cabinet Maker Ap,WIL,
,,Henry Pepperell,14,,,WIL,
,,George Pepperell,12,,,WIL,
,,Susanna Pepperell,,10,,WIL,
,,Charles Pepperell,8,,,WIL,
,,Robert Pepperell,5,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Harriett Honeycott,,40,Ind,WIL,
,,Thomas Mister,40,,Plasterer J,Not in county,
,,Cornelius Sparkman,20,,Chair Maker J,Not in county,
,,Nathaniel Beale,20,,Chair Maker J,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Charlotte Saph,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,Fanny Eyres,,15,F S,WIL,
Ivy St,u,,,,,,
“Catherine St, Bell & Crown Inn”,1,Thomas West,45,,Innkeeper,Not in county,
,,Emma West,,50,,WIL,
,,James West,50,,Miner,Not in county,
,,Thomas West,10,,,Not in county,
,,James West,5,,,Not in county,
,,James West,60,,Ind,WIL,
,,Henry Mitchell,30,,Ind,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 16 Page 23

,,Jane Wood,,35,Hawker,Not in county,
,,Jane Gaplin,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,Charles Wells,20,,M S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Henry Norris,40,,Boat Maker,WIL,
,,Caroline Norris,,25,,WIL,
,,Harry Norris,7,,,WIL,
,,Maria Norris,,2,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Miller,50,,Saddler,WIL,
,,Christian Miller,,45,,WIL,
,,Catherine Miller,,20,Milliner,WIL,
,,Sarah Miller,,15,,WIL,
,,Thomas Miller,13,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Miller,,10,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,James Eyers,25,,Labourer,WIL,Age 28 overwritten
,,Eliza Eyers,,30,,Not in county,
,,Frederick Eyers,8,,,WIL,
,,Ann Eyers,,4,,WIL,
,,Charles Eyers,1,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,John Lucas,20,,Cordwainer,WIL,
,,Sarah Lucas,,25,,WIL,
,,Charles Lucas,1,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,James Forward,35,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Phebe Forward,,30,,Not in county,
,,Philemon Forward,15,,,WIL,
,,Rosanna Forward,,11,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 17 Page 24

,,John Forward,8,,,WIL,
,,Mary Forward,,5,,WIL,
,,James Forward,3,,,WIL,
,,Patience Forward,,9m,,WIL,
Catherine St,u,,,,,,
Catherine St,1,John Perman,30,,Blacksmith,WIL,
,,Maria Perman,,35,,WIL,
,,George Perman,1m,,,WIL,
,,Edward Gillo,12,,,WIL,
,,Maria Gillo,,10,,WIL,
,,Eliza Gillo,,8,,WIL,
,,Jasper Gillo,7,,,WIL,
,,William Gillo,5,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,John Stacy,40,,Waggoner,Not in county,
,,Thomas Stacy,15,,Blacksmith Ap,Not in county,
,,Sarah Stacy,,20,,Not in county,
,,Robert Stacy,14,,,Not in county,
Catherine St,1,John Dare,50,,Waggoner,Not in county,
,,Jane Dare,,50,,Not in county,
,,Mary Dare,,20,Silk Weaver,Not in county,
,,Eliza Dare,,5,,Not in county,
,,Angellina Dare,,2,,Not in county,
Catherine St,1,James Bird,30,,Cordwainer,Not in county,
,,Ann Bird,,25,,WIL,
,,Julia Bird,,7,,WIL,
,,James Bird,5,,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 17 Page 25

,,Mary Bird,,2,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Palener,,50,Woolsorter,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Henry Sawkins,25,,Bricklayer,WIL,
,,Susannah Sawkins,,25,,WIL,
,,William Sawkins,7,,,WIL,
,,George Sawkins,2,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,James Salter,50,,Grocer,WIL,

Enumeration District 4

Civil Parish of Salisbury St Thomas

Book 7 Folio 22 Page 1

Catherine St,1,William Gillo,70,,Whip M,WIL,
,,William Squires,20,,Whip M J,WIL,
Catherine St,1,James Haskell,30,,Watch M,Not in county,
,,Jane Haskell,,25,,WIL,
,,\- Haskell,3w,,,WIL,NWOCP note: Name given as N K
,,Rebecca Clarke,,60,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,u,,,,,,
Catherine St,1,William Sanger,50,,Fruiterer,WIL,
,,Charlotte Sanger,,35,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Biddlecom,,40,Silk Weaver,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Charles Fair,70,,Coach Builder,WIL,
,,John Hoe,25,,Malster,WIL,
,,Ann Hoe,,25,,WIL,
,,John Hoe,1,,,WIL,
,,Anna Boldwel,,15,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,George Mill,35,,Chemist,Not in county,
,,Eliza Mill,,30,,WIL,
,,Eliza Mill,,2,,WIL,
,,William Gill,25,,Chemist Sh,Not in county,
,,Emma Young,,20,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,u,,,,,,
Catherine St,1,Samuel Burton,25,,Watch M,Not in county,
,,Arianna Burton,,30,,WIL,
,,Frank Burton,3,,,WIL,
,,Georgiana Burton,,2,,WIL,
,,Julia Burton,,3m,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 23 Page 2

,,Eliza Hibberd,,20,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Sarah Smith,,80,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Smith,,35,Dress M,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Thomas Webb,65,,Baker,WIL,
,,Charlotte Webb,,65,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Webb,,30,Assistant,WIL,
,,David Webb,25,,Pastry Cook,WIL,
,,James Webb,25,,Gun M,WIL,
,,William Marlow,10,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Marlow,,8,,WIL,
,,Emma Marlow,,6,,WIL,
,,James Marlow,4,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Lunmouth,30,,Cabinet M,WIL,
,,Patience Lunmouth,,30,,WIL,
,,William Lunmouth,6,,,WIL,
,,Patience Lunmouth,,4,,WIL,
,,Maria Lunmouth,,9,,WIL,
,,Frederic Webb,20,,Cabinet M App,Not in county,
,,David Laurence,20,,Post Office Cl,Not in county,
Catherine St,1,William Beach,45,,Cutler,WIL,
,,Susan Beach,,40,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Beach,,20,,WIL,
,,Susan Beach,,15,Milliner App,WIL,
,,William Beach,13,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Beach,,15,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 23 Page 3

,,Eliza Beach,,13,,WIL,
,,Charles Beach,8,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Beach,,10,,WIL,
,,Emma Beach,,9,,WIL,
,,George Beach,6,,,WIL,
,,Frederic Beach,3,,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Drew,45,,Compositor,WIL,
,,Mary Drew,,15,Stay M,WIL,
,,Caroline Drew,,15,Stay M,WIL,
,,Robert Drew,13,,Stay M,WIL,
,,George Drew,11,,Compositor App,WIL,
,,Charles Drew,7,,,WIL,
,,Amelia Drew,,4,,WIL,
,,Emily Drew,,1,,Not in county,
Catherine St,u,,,,,,
Catherine St,1,Isaac White,40,,Confectioner,WIL,
,,Lydia White,,45,,WIL,
,,Sarah Baker,,20,F S,WIL,
,,William Walden,45,,Confectioner J,Not in county,
,,John Pople,20,,Confectioner J,Not in county,
,,George Rosser,14,,Porter,Not in county,
,,John Davis,15,,Porter,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Kenneth Clapperton,50,,Book Seller,WIL,
,,Lydia Clapperton,,50,,WIL,
,,Lydia Clapperton,,20,,WIL,
,,Kenneth Clapperton,20,,Book Seller,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 24 Page 4

,,Walter Clapperton,15,,Printer,WIL,
,,Isabel Clapperton,,14,,WIL,
,,Agnes Clapperton,,13,,WIL,
,,Georgiana Clapperton,,12,,WIL,
,,Dinah Clark,,20,F S,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Thomas Richardson,64,,Saddler,WIL,
,,Mary Richardson,,45,Ind,WIL,
,,Jane Smith,,15,F S,Unknown,
Catherine St,1,James Ranger,45,,Grocer,Not in county,
,,Ann Ranger,,35,,Not in county,
,,Ellen Ranger,,15,,WIL,
,,Lousa Ranger,,14,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Ranger,,12,,WIL,
,,Mary Ranger,,9,,WIL,
,,Harriett Ranger,,7,,WIL,
,,Edward Ranger,5,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Ranger,,4,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Snelgrove,,15,,WIL,
Catherine St,1,Stephen Eldridge,35,,Hatter,WIL,
,,Claretta Eldridge,,35,,WIL,
,,Edward Eldridge,2,,,WIL,
,,Clara Eldridge,,1,,WIL,
,,Sarah Eldridge,,70,,Not in county,
,,May Oates,,20,F S,WIL,Age 21 overwritten
Catherine St,1,Henry Pocock,30,,Tailor,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 24 Page 5

Catherine St,1,Thomas Pocock,25,,Ironmonger,WIL,
Catherine St,1,William Snook,70,,Cutler,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Snook,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Fletcher,,40,F S,Not in county,
Catherine St,1,Henry Rowe,25,,Boot M,Not in county,
,,Hannah Rowe,,20,,Not in county,
,,Deborah Peacock,,50,Ind,Not in county,
,,Ebenezer Peacock,15,,Printer’s App,Not in county,
Catherine St,1,Michael Phillip,28,,Jeweller,Not in county,
,,Murray Lake,22,,Jeweller Assistant,Not in county,
Catherine St,1,William Botly,35,,Tea Dealer,WIL,
,,Jane Botly,,25,,WIL,
,,Benjamin Kington,20,,Grocer Sh,WIL,
,,Edward Hayter,15,,Grocer App,Not in county,
,,Richard Vacher,20,,Porter,Not in county,
,,Eliza Prewett,,20,F S,Not in county,
“Milford St, Red Lion Inn”,1,George Slyfield,40,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Slyfield,,40,,Not in county,
,,George Slyfield,11,,,Not in county,
,,William Slyfield,1,,,WIL,
,,Ann Stone,,25,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Maje,,35,Independent,Not in county,
,,Thomas Whitland,35,,Commerl Traveller,Not in county,
,,Sarah Whitland,,35,,Not in county,
,,Louisa Whitland,,10,,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 25 Page 6

,,Thomas Waters,55,,Commerl Traveller,Not in county,
,,Thomas Kesteven,30,,Commerl Traveller,Not in county,
,,James Lemon,30,,Commerl Traveller,Not in county,
,,Henry Sheldon,55,,Commerl Traveller,Not in county,
,,William Wood,30,,Commerl Traveller,Not in county,
,,Aaron Dew,20,,M S,WIL,
,,Jane Venton,,45,F S,Not in county,
,,Louisa Harding,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Catherine Smith,,45,F S,Not in county,
,,Jane Gallop,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Quinton,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Bundy,,20,F S,WIL,
Red Lion Tap,1,James Bishop,30,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Maria Bishop,,30,,Not in county,
,,William Bishop,11m,,,WIL,
,,Jane Luckstone,,10,F S,WIL,
Milford St,1,Joseph Roberts,25,,Fly Man,WIL,
,,George Matthews,25,,M S,WIL,
Milford St,1,Sarah Forder,,65,Straw Bonnet M,WIL,
,,Sarah Forder,,20,,WIL,
,,Jane Blanchett,,65,Charwoman,WIL,
,,Sarah Masters,,30,Needle Woman,WIL,
Milford St,1,Robert Ing,38,,Tallow Chandler,Not in county,
,,Mary Ings,,35,,Not in county,
,,Louisa Ings,,25,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 25 Page 7

,,Mary Young,,27,F S,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Thomas Mesham,55,,Cutler,Not in county,Surname uncertain
,,Ann Mesham,,49,,WIL,
,,Frances Mesham,,20,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Mesham,,20,,WIL,
,,Henry Mesham,14,,,WIL,
,,Ann Mesham,,11,,WIL,
,,Emma Mesham,,7,,WIL,
Wagon & Horses Inn,1,John Holdaway,40,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Sarah Holdaway,,35,,WIL,
,,George Holdaway,15,,Wagoner,WIL,
,,Harriett Alford,,18,F S,Not in county,
,,William Lucas,20,,M S,WIL,
,,John Arnold,25,,Army,WIL,
,,\- Not known,40,,Sack Weaver,Unknown,
,,\- Not known,8,,,Unknown,
,,\- Not known,,6,,Unknown,
,,\- Not known,,60,,Unknown,
Brown St,1,William Spadway,50,,Carrier,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Elizabeth Spadway,,40,,WIL,
,,Stephen Spadway,40,,Porter,WIL,
Brown St,1,Emma Jackson,,25,,Not in county,
,,John Jackson,13,,,Not in county,
,,William Jackson,12,,,Not in county,
,,Frederic Jackson,7,,,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 26 Page 8

,,Emma Jackson,,5,,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Francis Bradbeer,35,,Tailor,Not in county,
,,Sarah Bradbeer,,35,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Bradbeer,,12,,WIL,
,,Emma Bradbeer,,10,,WIL,
,,William Bradbeer,9,,,WIL,
,,Charles Bradbeer,5,,,WIL,
,,Alfred Bradbeer,3,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Bradbeer,,9m,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Thomas Holley,30,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Patience Holley,,30,,WIL,
,,Anne Holley,,1,,WIL,
,,Julia Holley,,6,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Morrison,,35,Washerwoman,WIL,
,,Lewis Morrison,10,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Morrison,,8,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Morrison,,5,,WIL,
Brown St,u,,,,,,
Brown St,u,,,,,,
Brown St,1,John Sweet,40,,Horse Keeper,WIL,Age 41 overwritten
,,Ann Sweet,,35,,WIL,
,,Dinah Sweet,,9,,WIL,
,,George Sweet,7,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Sweet,,5,,WIL,
,,Sarah Sweet,,2,,WIL,
,,Caroline Sweet,,1,,WIL,
Brown St,1,William Weavings,30,,Builder,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 26 Page 9

,,Sarah Weavings,,30,,WIL,
,,William Weavings,9,,,WIL,
,,Rosa Weavings,,7,,WIL,
,,Thomas Weavings,3,,,WIL,
,,Albert Weavings,1,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Elizabeth Hicks,,45,Independent,WIL,
,,William Hicks,20,,Post Office Clerk,WIL,
,,Eliza Hicks,,15,,WIL,
,,James Clinch,20,,Silversmith Sh,WIL,
,,John Hibberd,14,,,WIL,
Brown St,1,Charles Weaving,30,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Sarah Weaving,,30,,WIL,
,,Harriett Weaving,,10,,WIL,
,,Sarah Weaving,,8,,WIL,
,,Robert Weaving,3,,,WIL,
,,Jane Weaving,,1,,WIL,
,,Maria West,,35,Independent,WIL,
Lodging House,1,Harriett Legge,,30,,Not in county,
,,Thomasin Compton,,15,Straw Bonnet M App,WIL,
,,David Davidson,30,,Brass Founder,Not in county,
,,Margaret Davidson,,30,,Not in county,
,,Ann Davidson,,10,,Not in county,
,,Alexander Davidson,7,,,Not in county,
,,Margarett Davidson,,5,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Davidson,,2,,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 27 Page 10

,,John Butters,20,,Brass Founder,Scotland,
,,Margram Clark,,20,Ind,Not in county,
,,Isabella Clark,,1m,,WIL,
,,Sarah Sanger,,20,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Sanger,,1,,WIL,
,,Mary White,,1m,,Unknown,
,,Henry Rose,50,,Baker,WIL,
,,Sarah Rose,,45,,Not in county,
,,James Holbrook,65,,Tailor,Not in county,
,,Frederic Barter,25,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Maria Barter,,25,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bains,,25,,Not in county,
,,Henrietta Bains,,4,,Not in county,
,,William Bains,1,,,Not in county,
Brown St,1,Luke Davis,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Ann Davis,,50,,Not in county,
,,John Davis,20,,Farrier,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,20,,WIL,
,,Luke Davis,20,,White Smith,WIL,
,,Ann Davis,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Davis,,15,,WIL,
,,Jane Davis,,9,,Unknown,
Brown St,1,Henry Green,40,,Labourer,WIL,
Brown St,1,Mary Primmer,,30,Dress Maker,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Charlotte Hilliar,,7,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 27 Page 11

,,Georgiana Ruddle,,1,,WIL,
Brown St,u,,,,,,
Ivy St Queens Arms,1,Aaron Vousden,50,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Ann Vousden,,45,,Not in county,
,,Mark Gillo,15,,Bankers Clerk,WIL,
,,Jane Gillo,,15,,WIL,
,,Herbert Whithorne,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Ann Wither,,25,F S,Not in county,
Ivy St,1,William Blanchett,30,,Hair Dresser,WIL,
,,George Blanchett,20,,Hair Dresser,WIL,
,,Ann Chambers,,45,Washerwoman,WIL,
Ivy St,1,James Richason,30,,Porter,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Clara Richason,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary Richason,,2,,WIL,
,,William Bleuden,20,,Stable Boy,WIL,Surname uncertain
Ivy St,1,James Elford,30,,Cabinet M,Not in county,
,,Johannah Elford,,40,,Not in county,
,,John Laurence,6,,,WIL,
Ivy St,1,Charles Saunders,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Saunders,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary Saunders,,50,,WIL,
,,Mary Saunders,,6,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Saunders,,4,,WIL,
,,Sarah Saunders,,2,,WIL,
Oatmeal Row,1,Stephen Merrick,30,,Draper Sh,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Merrick,,30,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 28 Page 12

,,Fanny Merrick,,3m,,WIL,
,,Thomas Hatcher,20,,Draper Sh,WIL,
,,Edmund Reeks,20,,Draper Sh,WIL,
,,Edward Wilkins,20,,Draper App,WIL,
,,Thomas Bavis,17,,Porter,WIL,
,,Sarah Abbott,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Charity Whitehead,,17,F S,WIL,
Oatmeal Row,1,William Maffey,45,,Corn Dealer,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Maffey,,45,,Not in county,
,,James Maffey,20,,,Not in county,
Oatmeal Row,1,George Lawes,35,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Jane Lawes,,35,,WIL,
,,George Lawes,10,,,WIL,
,,Frederic Lawes,2,,,WIL,
,,Jane Witt,,10,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Witt,,9,,WIL,
,,Sarah Quinton,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Tamlyn,,17,Governess,WIL,
Oatmeal Row,1,Robert Farran,35,,Chemist,Not in county,Surname uncertain
,,Jane Farran,,35,,Not in county,
,,Ann Farran,,9,,WIL,
,,Emma Farran,,7,,WIL,
,,Jane Farran,,4,,WIL,
,,Robert Farran,2,,,WIL,
,,John Farran,21,,Chemist Sh,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 28 Page 13

,,William Huxtable,20,,Chemist App,Not in county,
,,Thomas Bennett,20,,Chemist App,Not in county,
,,George Walton,15,,Chemist App,Not in county,
,,Charles Cusse,15,,Chemist App,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Dunn,,35,F S,Not in county,
,,Eliza Hibberd,,22,F S,WIL,
Oatmeal Row,1,Thomas Leach,25,,Grocer,Not in county,
,,Mary Leach,,20,,Not in county,
,,Jane Emm,,20,F S,WIL,
,,William Bradley,20,,M S,WIL,
Oatmeal Row,1,Thomas Watson,40,,Hat M,WIL,
,,Ann Watson,,40,,WIL,
,,John Merrett,40,,Hatter J,WIL,
,,Caroline Young,,14,F S,WIL,
Oatmeal Row,1,William Old,35,,Cord Wainer,Not in county,
,,Ann Old,,40,,Not in county,
,,William Old,11,,,WIL,
,,Edwin Old,8,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Old,,5,,WIL,
,,Emma Old,,4,,WIL,
,,Frederic Old,4d,,,WIL,
,,George Old,9,,,WIL,
,,Charles Burgess,19,,Shoe M App,WIL,
,,Sarah Macklin,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Rhoda Tinnim,,55,Nurse,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 29 Page 14

Oatmeal Row,1,Adolphus Cocker,25,,Draper,Not in county,
,,Mary Cocker,,20,,Not in county,
,,Adolphus Cocker,3,,,Not in county,
,,Emily Cocker,,16m,,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Franklin,,20,Draper Asst,Not in county,
,,James Loxton,20,,Draper Sh,Not in county,
,,Edward Ingram,15,,Drapers App,Not in county,
,,Mary Mills,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Emily Curtis,,15,F S,WIL,
Oatmeal Row,1,John Richardson,70,,Coach Proprietor,Not in county,
,,Mary Richardson,,50,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Need,,20,Independent,Not in county,
Oatmeal Row,1,James Isworth,45,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,Maria Isworth,,45,,WIL,
,,Thomas Isworth,15,,,WIL,
,,Joseph Isworth,11,,,WIL,
,,Henry Isworth,9,,,WIL,
,,Mary Isworth,,12,,WIL,
,,Edwin Isworth,5,,,WIL,
,,Francis Isworth,2,,,WIL,
,,William Isworth,15,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Tarrant,15,,Shoe M App,Not in county,
Oatmeal Row,1,Thomas Vivean,45,,Confectioner,WIL,
,,Ann Vivean,,45,,WIL,
,,Mary Vivean,,15,Milliner,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 29 Page 15

,,Jane Vivean,,15,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Emma Vivean,,12,,WIL,
,,Eliza Vivean,,10,,WIL,
,,Amelia Vivean,,9,,WIL,
,,Philip Godwin,15,,Confectioners App,WIL,
,,Edward Shilton,15,,M S,WIL,
Butcher Row,1,A Ball,,25,Milliner,WIL,
,,J Bugden,,25,Milliner,WIL,
,,S Trowbridge,,15,Milliner,WIL,
,,E Noyce,,15,F S,Not in county,
,,John Delainey,25,,Veterinary Surgeon,Ireland,
Butcher Row,1,Thomas Webb,30,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Mary Webb,,30,,WIL,
Butcher Row,1,John Alford,55,,Poulterer,WIL,
,,Sarah Alford,,55,,WIL,
,,Charles Wright,14,,M S,WIL,
Butcher Row,1,George Chinn,25,,Butcher,Not in county,
,,Eliza Chinn,,25,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Chinn,,3,,WIL,
,,Caroline Chinn,,7m,,WIL,
,,Fanny Hibberd,,12,F S,WIL,
Butcher Row,u,,,,,,
Butcher Row,1,Sarah Smith,,50,Butcher,Not in county,
,,Maria Smith,,30,,WIL,
,,Simon Smith,30,,Butcher,Not in county,
,,Caroline Smith,,13,,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 30 Page 16

,,Samuel Smith,11,,,WIL,
,,James Smith,9,,,WIL,
,,Simon Smith,6,,,WIL,
,,John Randall,15,,Butcher J,WIL,
,,Edward Harwood,15,,Butcher App,Not in county,
Roe Buck Inn,1,Isaac Dare,30,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Ann Dare,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Earny,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Thomas Stevens,25,,Tinman,Not in county,
,,Thomas Hatton,25,,Black Smith,Not in county,
,,William Burnett,50,,M S,WIL,
,,John Evans,50,,Book Binder,Not in county,
Butcher Row,u,,,,,,
Butcher Row,1,May Wort,,80,Green Grocer,WIL,
Butcher Row Police Station,1,Thomas Blake,30,,Police Constable,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Blake,,30,,Not in county,
Butcher Row,1,William Marlow,30,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Charlotte Marlow,,35,,WIL,
,,George Marlow,18m,,,WIL,
,,John Lazwell,25,,Butcher App,Not in county,
,,John Darling,20,,Butcher App,Not in county,
Fish Market,1,George Newman,30,,Fishmonger J,WIL,
,,Maria Newman,,30,,WIL,
,,Marianne White,,25,,WIL,
,,Maria White,,20,,WIL,
,,Martha White,,15,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 30 Page 17

Fish Market Wheat Sheaf Inn,1,Robert White,30,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Elizabeth White,,30,,WIL,
,,Thomas Wilkins,5,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Trimby,,15,,Not in county,
,,Joseph Burr,20,,Army,Not in county,
,,James Creed,25,,Draper,Not in county,
Fish Market,1,Thomas Webb,25,,Tailor,WIL,
Fish Market,1,Sarah Lucas,,50,Fish Monger,WIL,
,,Sarah Lake,,20,Shop Woman,WIL,
Fish Monger,1,George Davis,50,,Poulterer,Not in county,
,,Lovedy Davis,,50,,Not in county,
,,Catherine Davis,,20,,WIL,
,,Harriett Davis,,15,,WIL,
Fish Monger,1,James Truman,50,,Woollen Draper,Not in county,
,,Mary Truman,,40,,WIL,
,,Caroline Truman,,14,,WIL,
,,Alfred Truman,12,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Pounds,,25,Shop Woman,Not in county,
,,Charles Pain,15,,Draper Asst,Not in county,
,,Leah Stewart,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Sawyer,,20,F S,WIL,
Canal,1,Daniel Hat,25,,Carrier,Not in county,
,,Sarah Hat,,25,,WIL,
,,Albenia Ward,,10,,Not in county,
Canal,1,Horatio Reeves,35,,White Smith,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 31 Page 18

Canal,1,Mary Young,,45,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Mary Young,,20,Milliner App,WIL,
,,Eliza Young,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Young,,14,,WIL,
,,Henry Young,12,,,WIL,
,,Edwin Young,9,,,WIL,
,,William Young,7,,,WIL,
,,Herbert Young,5,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Young,3,,,WIL,
Silver St,1,Robert Gummer,30,,Grocer,Not in county,
,,Mary Gummer,,30,,WIL,
,,Emma Gummer,,9,,WIL,
,,Joseph Gummer,7,,,WIL,
,,Frances Gummer,,5,,WIL,
,,Louisa Gummer,,3,,WIL,
,,Sarah Gummer,,2,,WIL,
,,Jane Humby,,15,F S,WIL,
Silver St,1,Joseph Wristbridge,30,,Hatter,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Wristbridge,,30,,Not in county,
,,Joseph Wristbridge,4,,,WIL,
,,Mary Allen,,35,Governess,Not in county,
,,Caroline Allen,,30,School Mistress,Not in county,
,,Ann Luxton,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Ellen Collins,,15,F S,WIL,
,,William Halpin,45,,Painter,Ireland,

Book 7 Folio 31 Page 19

,,Selina Halpin,,45,,Ireland,
Silver St,1,Thomas Davis,50,,Draper,WIL,
,,Joseph Ruth,30,,Draper Asst,Not in county,
,,Alexander Chubb,30,,Draper Asst,Not in county,
,,Charles Newman,20,,Draper App,Not in county,
,,Frederic Issitt,15,,Draper Asst,Not in county,
,,Richard Genge,14,,Draper App,Not in county,
,,William Coombs,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Mary Cookman,,55,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Medland,,40,F S,Not in county,
,,John Rawlins,25,,Yeoman,Not in county,
,,Matilda Rawlins,,25,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Rawlins,20,,Law Student,Not in county,
,,Ann Rawlins,,20,,Not in county,
Silver St,1,Francis Blundell,40,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Ann Blundell,,45,,Not in county,
,,Ann Blundell,,10,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Ranger,,45,Ind,Not in county,
,,John Ranger,40,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary King,,40,Ind,Not in county,
,,Hanah Cousins,,20,F S,WIL,
Silver St,1,William Buckell,25,,Chemist,Not in county,
,,Louisa Buckell,,20,,Not in county,
,,Edwin Whitlock,15,,Chemist App,WIL,
,,Henry Sharp,,15,Chemist App,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 32 Page 20

,,William Nicholson,9,,,WIL,
,,Mary Holloway,,20,F S,Not in county,
Silver St,1,William Sheppard,40,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sheppard,,35,,WIL,
,,Ellen Sheppard,,12,,WIL,
,,Sarah Sheppard,,10,,WIL,
,,William Sheppard,8,,,WIL,
,,Louise Sheppard,,6,,WIL,
,,Fanny Sheppard,,4,,WIL,
,,James Sheppard,1,,,WIL,
,,Henry Sheppard,30,,Grocers Sh,WIL,
,,Mary Tarrant,,14,F S,Not in county,
Silver St,1,John Hutchence,40,,Cabinet M,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hutchence,,40,,Not in county,
,,Walter Hutchence,15,,,WIL,
,,Arthur Hutchence,13,,,WIL,
Silver St,1,Francis Gilbert,50,,Iron Monger,WIL,
,,Jane Gilbert,,40,,WIL,
,,Francis Gilbert,20,,,WIL,
,,Henry Smith,15,,Ironmonger App,Not in county,
,,Jane Stevens,,15,F S,WIL,
Silver St,1,Charles Stoke,55,,Tea Dealer,WIL,
,,Jane Stoke,,50,,WIL,
,,Charles Owen,19,,Grocers App,WIL,
,,John Fryer,18,,M S,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 32 Page 21

,,Louisa Henstrige,,20,F S,WIL,
Silver St,1,Charles Cutrill,20,,Draper,Not in county,
,,William Kemp,25,,Draper Sh,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Kemp,,20,,Not in county,
,,Edward Bracher,15,,Draper App,WIL,
,,Ann Porter,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Read,,6,,Not in county,
Silver St,1,William Lanham,25,,Tailor,Not in county,
,,Jane Lanham,,25,,Not in county,
,,John Moore,,35,Ind,Ireland,
,,Mary Moore,,45,,Ireland,
,,Catharine Parsons,,12,,Ireland,
,,Mary Munday,,10,F S,WIL,
Silver St,1,John Welch,30,,Shoe M J,Not in county,
,,Betsy Welch,,35,,Not in county,
,,Lucy Welch,,6,,Not in county,
,,Harriott Welch,,2,,WIL,
Silver St,1,James Marlow,35,,Butcher,WIL,
,,Martha Marlow,,30,,Not in county,
,,William Braxxxx,15,,Butchers App,WIL,Surname unreadable
,,John Baker,15,,Butchers App,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Cox,,20,F S,WIL,
High St,1,John Hitchcock,35,,Hosier,Not in county,
,,Lucretia Hitchcock,,30,,Not in county,
,,Lucretia Hitchcock,,5,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 33 Page 22

,,Frank Hitchcock,3,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Walter,,15,Hosiers Asst,WIL,
,,Ellen Herbert,,25,Hosiers Asst,Not in county,
,,Sarah Poole,,20,Hosiers Asst,Not in county,
,,Sarah Herbert,,60,F S,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Flound,,20,Hosiers Asst,WIL,Age 24 overwritten & surname uncertain
,,Ellen Ferritt,,12,Hosiers Asst,WIL,
High St,1,George Fulford,30,,Draper,WIL,
,,Edward Duke,25,,Clerk B A,WIL,
,,Thomas Oakford,20,,Draper App,WIL,
,,Charles Macklin,20,,Draper App,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Notley,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Notley,,15,F S,WIL,
,,John Curtis,15,,Porter,WIL,
,,Henry Macklin,12,,Draper App,WIL,
,,Henry Larkham,14,,Draper App,WIL,
High St,1,David Wingar,55,,Surgeon,Not in county,
,,Mary Wingar,,30,,WIL,
,,Martha Wingar,,20,,WIL,
,,Jane Young,,30,Spinster,Not in county,
,,Sarah Brittan,,20,F S,WIL,
Canal,1,Thomas Foot,45,,Tinman,WIL,
,,Anna Foot,,40,,WIL,
,,Thomas Foot,15,,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Foot,,13,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 33 Page 23

,,Henry Foot,6,,,WIL,
Canal,1,Elizabeth Marsh,,50,Washer Woman,WIL,
,,Susanna Marsh,,15,Dress M App,WIL,
,,George Palmer,50,,Sack Carrier,WIL,
,,Henry Fanstone,20,,Coach Builder J,WIL,
Canal,1,Sidney Smith,40,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Harriet Smith,,35,,WIL,
,,Harriet Smith,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Susanna Smith,,11,,WIL,
,,Charles Smith,7,,,WIL,
,,Sidney Smith,2,,,WIL,
,,George Smith,2m,,,WIL,
Canal,1,Thomas Barns,25,,Coach Smith J,WIL,
,,Mary Barns,,25,,WIL,
Canal,1,James Chalk,30,,Letter Carrier,WIL,
,,Sarah Chalk,,30,,WIL,
,,Martha Chalk,,70,Mop M,WIL,
,,William Chalk,5,,,WIL,
,,John Chalk,3,,,WIL,
,,Mary Chalk,,1,,WIL,
,,Mary Smith,,10,F S,WIL,
Canal,1,John Townsend,25,,Tin Plate Worker,Not in county,
,,Jane Townsend,,20,,Not in county,
,,William Dean,65,,Brazier,Not in county,
,,Jane Dean,,55,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 34 Page 24

Canal,1,Jane Macher,,65,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Macher,,25,,WIL,
,,Benjamin Brown,20,,Butcher J,Not in county,
Wood Market,1,Richard Coomb,60,,Cabinet M,WIL,
,,Susan Coomb,,60,,WIL,
,,Henry Coomb,25,,Tailor,WIL,
,,George Coomb,12,,,Not in county,
,,James Williams,20,,Watch M,WIL,
Wood Market,1,Jane Adlam,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Louisa Adlam,,20,,WIL,
Ox Market,1,James Wilton,40,,Ironmonger,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Wilton,,40,,Not in county,
,,James Wilton,5,,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Wilton,,4,,WIL,
,,William Wilton,3,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Wilton,,2,,WIL,
,,Harriet Tiller,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Eliza Shergold,,21,F S,WIL,
,,Emma Chinn,,20,F S,WIL,
Ox Market,1,Edward Morris,35,,Grocer,Not in county,
,,Phebe Morris,,30,,Not in county,
,,Edward Morris,2,,,WIL,
,,Phebe Morris,,4m,,WIL,
,,Edward Morris,20,,Grocer Sh,WIL,
,,Eliza Noble,,15,F S,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 34 Page 25

Ox Market,1,John Langridge,35,,Stay M,WIL,
,,John Langridge,10,,,WIL,
,,Mary Langridge,,75,Ind,Not in county,
,,Sarah Allford,,15,F S,WIL,
Ox Market,1,Alfred Gibbon,35,,,WIL,
,,Anne Gibbon,,35,,Not in county,
,,George Gibbon,13,,,WIL,
,,Henry Gibbon,11,,,WIL,
,,Hannah Gibbon,,8,,WIL,
,,Emma Gibbon,,4,,WIL,
,,Frederic Gibbon,1,,,WIL,
City Arms,1,William Cassey,30,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Sarah Manley,,20,F S,Not in county,
Ox Market,1,John Wilkinson,60,,Stationer,Not in county,
,,Maria Wilkinson,,40,,WIL,
,,Eliza Wilkinson,,9,,WIL,
,,Alfred Wilkinson,3,,,WIL,
,,Herbert Wilkinson,2,,,WIL,
,,Selina Saunders,,11,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Ganaway,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Hamlett,,55,Spinster,WIL,
Ox Market,1,Jane Botly,,60,Cutler,WIL,
,,Henry Botly,40,,Cutler,WIL,
,,Sarah Vincent,,20,F S,WIL,
Ox Market Butcher Arms,1,Samuel Snook,35,,Inn Keeper,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 35 Page 26

,,Caroline Snook,,20,,WIL,
,,George Snook,6m,,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Lus,,15,F S,WIL,
,,William Stone,40,,Butcher,Not in county,
,,Eliza Stone,,35,,WIL,
,,Lucy Carpenter,,20,Spinster,WIL,
,,William Dennis,20,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Michael Byrne,30,,Army,Ireland,
,,William Donovan,20,,Army,Not in county,
,,Edward Thorp,30,,Army,Not in county,
,,Henry Sweney,25,,Army,Ireland,
,1,William Sleat,60,,Architect,Not in county,
,,Ann Sleat,,50,,WIL,
,,Robert Sleat,30,,Carver & Gilder,Not in county,
,,Caroline Beale,,20,Dress M,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Beale,,15,Dress M,WIL,
,,Ann Scott,,15,F S,Not in county,
,1,Thomas Ingram,35,,Tailor,WIL,
,,Mary Ingram,,35,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Henry Ingram,13,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Ingram,9,,,WIL,
,,Ketterich Skilton,,15,Dress Maker App,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Skilton,,10,,WIL,
Ox Inn,1,Thomas Futcher,50,,Inn Keeper,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Futcher,,35,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 35 Page 27

,,Robert Futcher,15,,Wheelwright App,WIL,
,,Thomas Futcher,6,,,WIL,
,,Stephen Futcher,1,,,WIL,
,,Charles Moxsam,15,,Private 62nd Regt,WIL,
Elephant & Castle,1,Hugh Brine,60,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Ann Brine,,55,,Not in county,
,,Ann Kent,,25,,Not in county,
,,John Kent,11,,,Not in county,
,,Ann Kent,,8,,WIL,
,,John Hoskins,75,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Jonathan Viney,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Viney,,50,,WIL,
,,Henry Smith,30,,Tailor,Not in county,
Butcher Row,1,William White,40,,Hatter,Not in county,
,,Sarah White,,25,,WIL,
,,Mary White,,60,Straw Bonnet Maker,WIL,
,,William White,20,,,WIL,
,,Joseph White,15,,Chair M App,WIL,
,,Isaac White,13,,,WIL,
,,David White,9,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Taylor,,25,Servant,WIL,
,,Mary Newman,,20,Servant,WIL,


Civil Parish of Salisbury St Thomas

Book 7 Folio 39 Page 1

City Of Salisbury Workhouse,1,Henry Clough,60,,Governor,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Clough,,60,Matron,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Clough,,15,,Not in county,
,,Charles Swin,20,,Porter,Not in county,Surname unlikely
,,William Chambers,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,John Shafflin,50,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Edward Bickingsale,40,,Clerk,WIL,
,,George Maton,55,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,William Smart,50,,Tinplate Worker,WIL,
,,Thomas Hill,60,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Robert Kemp,50,,Labourer,WIL,
,,William Darby,55,,Labourer,WIL,
,,William Tucker,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,John Bates,65,,Labourer,WIL,
,,George Bates,55,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Moses Naish,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Joseph Burch,15,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Fredk Maton,13,,,WIL,
,,Henry Castleman,13,,,WIL,
,,Edward Lawrence,14,,,WIL,
,,William Lawrence,11,,,WIL,
,,George Horlick,11,,,WIL,
,,William Barnes,13,,,WIL,
,,Henry Lawes,14,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,James Duglass,12,,Labourer,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 40 Page 2

,,Fredk Bourton,12,,,WIL,
,,William Gilbert,11,,,WIL,
,,Ambros Barnes,15,,Tailor,WIL,
,,John Scott,65,,Weaver,WIL,
,,William Yeatman,45,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Thomas Mould,70,,Sawyer,WIL,
,,John Rooms,70,,Weaver,WIL,
,,Wm Burch,75,,Basketmaker,WIL,
,,Henry Beavis,60,,Labourer,WIL,
,,William Brinton,60,,Blacksmith,Not in county,
,,John Smart,50,,Schoolmaster,WIL,
,,James Shackle,60,,Clerk,Not in county,
,,Thomas Bracher,60,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Thomas Deveral,70,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Francis Newham,60,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,James Welstead,70,,Labourer,WIL,
,,William T Eaton,60,,Weaver,WIL,
,,John Burton,65,,Shoemaker,WIL,
,,Richard Austin,65,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Edmund Foundling,10,,,Unknown,
,,Thomas Wooff,10,,,WIL,
,,John Duglass,10,,,WIL,
,,John Clark,10,,,WIL,
,,Elijah Hebbert,10,,,WIL,
,,Fredk Wooff,7,,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 40 Page 3

,,James Talbot,9,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Dowsitt,8,,,WIL,
,,John Hebbert,7,,,WIL,
,,George Penney,7,,,WIL,
,,Charles Bunsell,7,,,WIL,
,,Walter Nook,6,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Snelling,,85,,Not in county,
,,Rhoda Alsford,,70,,WIL,
,,Sarah Burch,,20,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Burton,,60,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Sutton,,60,,WIL,
,,Ann Fricker,,70,,Not in county,
,,Ann Kite,,55,,Not in county,
,,Dina Balam,,75,,Not in county,
,,Mary Macy,,70,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Lovey,,40,,Not in county,
,,Lydea Dicker,,70,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Stone,,70,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Perry,,60,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Freemantle,,55,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Fort,,75,,WIL,
,,Ann Stride,,10,,WIL,
,,Jane Bruton,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Bruton,,12,,WIL,
,,Sarah Stride,,35,,WIL,

Book 7 Folio 41 Page 4

,,Eliza Smith,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Maton,,40,,WIL,
,,Ruth Hill,,55,,WIL,
,,Fanny Read,,30,,Not in county,
,,Mary Hebbert,,40,,WIL,
,,Hannah Naish,,50,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Talbot,,55,,WIL,
,,Ann Naish,,55,,WIL,
,,Mary Bunsell,,45,,WIL,
,,Sarah Newman,,20,,WIL,
,,Caroline Rodwell,,20,,WIL,
,,Mary Heyley,,40,,WIL,
,,Arrabella Hebbert,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Bruton,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Hill,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Smith,,45,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Smith,,15,,WIL,
,,Lettia Williams,,25,,Not in county,
,,Louisa Forder,,30,,Not in county,
,,Amelia Talbot,,11,,WIL,
,,Amelia Wooff,,13,,WIL,
,,Sarah Winkworth,,11,,WIL,
,,Margt Smith,,11,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Scott,,6,,Unknown,
,,Maria Williams,,6,,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 41 Page 5

,,Emma Bowles,,8,,WIL,
,,Georgianna Penney,,7,,WIL,
,,Emma Read,,9,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Bunsell,,7,,WIL,
,,Emma Gilbert,,7,,WIL,
,,George Williams,1,,,Not in county,
,,Edward Bruton,5,,,WIL,
,,Julia Forder,,5m,,WIL,
,,James Brit,5,,,WIL,
,,William Read,5,,,Not in county,
,,Fredk Hebbert,4,,,WIL,
,,Samuel Hebbert,2,,,WIL,
,,Charles Bruton,3,,,WIL,
,,Mary Healy,,4,,WIL,
,,Maria Read,,3,,WIL,
,,Thomas Bunsell,4,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Cavel,3,,,WIL,
,,George Henry Bunsell,7m,,,WIL,
,,Catharine Stride,,5,,WIL,
,,Alce Read,,5,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Lawes,,3,,WIL,
,,Louisa Lawes,,8,,WIL,
,,Thomas Prince,5,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Stride,,1,,WIL,

Enumeration District 3

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 4 Page 1

Nr The Palace,u,,,,,,
Nr The Palace,1,Thomas Herod,25,,Gardiner,Not in county,Address: Liberty of the Close
,,Margaret Herod,,25,,Ireland,
,,Joseph Herod,1,,,WIL,
,,Thomas Herod,9w,,,WIL,
,,Mary Blick,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Andrew Toyhud,15,,Gardener’s App,WIL,Surname uncertain
Porters Lodge,u,,,,,,
Porters Lodge,1,Sarah Godwin,,60,Porteress,WIL,
Bishops Walk,1,Art T Corfe,65,,Organist,WIL,
,,Frances Corfe,,65,Wife (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Frances Corfe,,40,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Corfe,,35,,WIL,
,,Charles Corfe,25,,Organist,WIL,
,,Helen Corfe,,20,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Weeks,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Anne Maunder,,20,F S,WIL,
Bishops Walk,1,Frances Brodie,,30,Ind,Not in county,
,,Blanch Brodie,,11,,WIL,
,,Clara Brodie,,10,,WIL,
,,Peter Brodie,8,,,WIL,
,,Grace Brodie,,6,,Not in county,
,,Alice Brodie,,2,,WIL,
,,Ann Huntly,,70,Ind,Not in county,
,,George Huntly,30,,,Not in county,
,,Emma Allen,,25,Governess,Not in county,
,,Ann Whicker,,30,F S,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 2

,,Elizabeth Whicker,,30,F S,Not in county,
,,Ann Yeatman,,35,F S,Not in county,
,,Ann Retford,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Ann Leversuch,,25,F S,WIL,
,,George Vincent,30,,M S,WIL,
,,Henry Pickford,25,,M S,WIL,
,,Ann Pritchard,,35,F S,Not in county,

Enumeration District 3 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 2

Bishops Walk,1,Margeret Duncan,,45,Teacher Of Thy Training Schl,Scotland,Occ. Name of school uncertain
,,Alice Lander,,3,,Not in county,
,,Martha Gibson,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Mary Jenns,,15,Pupil,WIL,
,,Harriet Baker,,20,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Imber,,20,Pupil,WIL,
,,Charlotte Smith,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Callaway,,25,Pupil,WIL,
,,Sarah Smith,,20,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 3 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 2

Close,1,Charles Hodgson,55,,Clerk,Not in county,
,,George Hodgson,30,,Clerk,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Hodgson,,60,,WIL,
,,Caraline Hodgson,,25,,WIL,
,,Emily Hodgson,,20,,WIL,
,,Mary Greenwood,,35,Ind,Not in county,
,,Sarah Kellaway,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Ellen Futcher,,20,F S,WIL,
Close,1,Mary Miles,,30,F S,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 3

,,Sarah Ralph,,30,F S,Not in county,

Enumeration District 3 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 3

Close,1,Sarah Noyes,,55,School Mistress,Not in county,
,,Ann Noyes,,50,School Mistress,Not in county,
,,Sarah Noyes,,20,,WIL,
,,James Raxworthy,9,,Pupil,WIL,
,,John Raxworthy,8,,Pupil,WIL,
,,William Codrington,9,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Edward Codrington,7,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Augustus Gervis,9,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Francis Knatchbull,8,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Norton Knatchbull,7,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Gordon Nunn,8,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Mary Foyle,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Dinah Cann,,15,F S,Not in county,

Enumeration District 3 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 3

Close,1,David C Read,50,,Artist,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Read,,40,,Not in county,
,,David Read,15,,Articled Clerk,WIL,
,,Mary Read,,5,,WIL,
,,Sarah Rose,,15,F S,Not in county,
Close,1,Daniel Windsor,70,,Surveyor,WIL,
,,Mary Windsor,,60,,Not in county,
,,Maria Spratt,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Martha Newman,,30,F S,Not in county,
,1,Selina Hony,,20,Ind,Not in county,
,,Selina Hony,,45,Ind,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 6 Page 4

,,Caroline Honey,,45,Ind,Not in county,
,,Harriet Haberfield,,35,F S,Not in county,
,,Jane Neppd,,35,F S,Not in county,
,,Eunice Bailey,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Sarah Harding,,25,F S,Not in county,
Close,1,Richard Attwood,70,,Land Agent,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Attwood,,70,,Not in county,
,,Francis Attwood,40,,Land Agent,WIL,
,,Caroline Attwood,,40,,Not in county,
,,Jane Lewis,,15,Grandaughter (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Richard Rigden,25,,Land Agent,Not in county,
,,William Chadwell,15,,M S,Not in county,
,,Sarah Ball,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Louisa Bungay,,20,F S,WIL,
Close,1,George Benson,50,,Clerk,WIL,
,,Sarah Benson,,35,,WIL,
,,Sarah Benson,,4,,WIL,
,,Edmund Benson,,3,,WIL,
,,Frances Benson,,2,,WIL,
,,Robert Benson,1,,,WIL,
,,Harriet Munday,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Bedford,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Titt,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Charlotte Pickford,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Jesse Oliver,14,,M S,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 6 Page 5

Close,1,Harriett Lacy,,35,Ind,Not in county,
,,Isabel Lacy,,15,,WIL,
,,Constance Lacy,,12,,WIL,
,,Beatrice Lacy,,9,,WIL,
,,Gertrude Lacy,,6,,WIL,
,,Janes Lacy,,2,,WIL,Forename uncertain
,,Elizabeth Hazard,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Catharine Grey,,20,F S,Not in county,
Close,1,Henriette Wyndham,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Charlotte Wyndham,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Charles W Wyndham,20,,Articled Clerk,Not in county,
,,Fanny Miller,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Ann Massell,,20,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Eliza Lane,,20,F S,WIL,
,,William Blake,25,,M S,Not in county,
Close,1,William James,30,,Shoe M,WIL,
,,Fanny James,,30,,WIL,
,,John James,4,,,WIL,
,,Frederick James,3,,,WIL,
,,Charles James,18m,,,WIL,
,,Henry James,2m,,,WIL,
,,Ann James,,55,Ind,WIL,
,,George James,11,,,WIL,
,,Hester James,,15,,WIL,
,,William Saunders,25,,Shoe M,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 7 Page 6

,,Charles Cox,25,,Shoe M,Not in county,
,,John Willis,15,,Shoe M,Not in county,
Close,1,Ann Rolfe,,30,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Eliza Pildren,,30,F S,WIL,
Close,1,Mary Dyer,,45,F S,WIL,
Rosemary Lane,1,William Tatum,35,,Clerk,Not in county,
,,Diana Tatum,,70,Ind,WIL,
,,Maria Blandford,,20,F S,Not in county,
Rosemary Lane,1,John D P Loder,45,,Ind,WIL,
,,Fanny Loder,,30,,Not in county,
,,Jane Jenkins,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Eliza Cooper,,30,F S,WIL,
Rosemary Lane,1,Elizabeth Dowding,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,Townly Dowding,20,,Student,WIL,
,,Amelia Haly,,25,Ind,Foreign Parts,
,,Harriet Bidwell,,35,Ind,Not in county,
,,E T Bidwell,45,,Clerk,Not in county,
,,Martha Ford,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Harriet Cuffe,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Cary,,25,F S,Not in county,
Rosemary Lane,1,Anne Wickins,,85,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Wickins,,50,Ind,Not in county,
,,Harriet Harris,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Blake,,35,F S,Not in county,
Close,1,Eliza Neave,,80,Ind,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 7 Page 7

,,Mary Keep,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,Maria Rajors,,40,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Clark,,35,F S,Not in county,
Close,1,William D Whitmarsh,30,,Solicitor,WIL,
,,Mary Whitmarsh,,30,,WIL,
,,Edgar Whitmarsh,10m,,,WIL,
,,Eliza Case,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Gay,,15,F S,Not in county,
Close,1,Hannah Macklin,,55,School Mistress,Not in county,
,,Anna Macklin,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Emma Macklin,,20,Dress Maker,WIL,
,,Francis Gilmour,20,,Printer,WIL,
,,Mary Gilmour,,20,,WIL,
,,Harry Gilmour,1,,,WIL,
,,Francis Gilmour,5m,,,WIL,
,,Maria Bryant,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Frances Branch,,14,F S,WIL,
Close,1,James Biddlecombe,55,,School Master,WIL,
,,Mary Anne Biddlecombe,,60,,WIL,
,,Sarah Biddlecombe,,30,,WIL,
,,Emma Biddlecombe,,7,,WIL,
Close,1,Maria Williams,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Brittan,,20,F S,WIL,
Close,1,James Short,30,,Miller,WIL,
,,Maria Short,,25,,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 8 Page 8

,,Ann West,,40,F S,WIL,
Close,1,William Hayward,50,,Verger,WIL,
,,Mary Hayward,,50,,Not in county,
,,James Hayward,25,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Hayward,,20,,WIL,
Close,1,William Biddlecombe,30,,Prof Of Music,WIL,
,,Louisa Biddlecombe,,30,,WIL,
,,Jas Biddlecombe,1,,,WIL,
,,Louisa Biddlecombe,,3m,,WIL,
,,Jane West,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Eliza Eyre,,14,F S,WIL,
,,Grace Masters,,40,Ind,Not in county,
,,Henry Masters,12,,,WIL,
,,Peggy Green,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Winslow,,15,F S,Not in county,
Close,1,Maria Webb,,20,F S,WIL,Age 22 overwritten
East Side Of Sarum,u,,,,,,
East Side Of Sarum,1,Maria Arney,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Scott,,20,F S,WIL,
Bishop’s Ward,1,Ann Maisis,,70,Clergyman’s Wodow (Crsd Out),Not in county,Address: add College of Matrons
,,Eliza Maisis,,35,Ind,Not in county,
,,Hannah Webb,,25,F S,Not in county,
,1,Sarah Burgis,,50,Clergyman’s Widow (Crsd Out),Not in county,
,,Julia Burgis,,20,,Not in county,
Bishop’s Ward,u,,,,,,
Bishop’s Ward,1,Eleanor Frigell,,65,Clergyman’s Widow (Crsd Out),Ireland,Address: add College of Matrons

Book 8 Folio 8 Page 9

,,Francis Frigell,,40,,Ireland,
,,Anne Palmer,,12,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Callaghan,,15,F S,Not in county,
Bishop’s Ward,1,Sarah Elston,,55,Clergyman’s Widow (Crsd Out),Not in county,Address: add College of Matrons
Bishop’s Ward,1,Mary Norris,,80,Clergyman’s Widow (Crsd Out),Not in county,Address: add College of Matrons
,,Martha Norris,,35,,WIL,
,,Sarah Norris,,8,,WIL,
,,William Norris,6,,,WIL,
Bishop’s Ward,u,,,,,,
Bishop’s Ward,1,Hannah Donne,,75,Clergyman’s Widow (Crsd Out),Not in county,Address: add College of Matrons
,,Maria Downs,,25,F S,WIL,
Bishop’s Ward,u,,,,,,
Bishop’s Ward,1,Frances Jennings,,60,Clergyman’s Widow (Crsd Out),Not in county,Address: add College of Matrons
,,Mary Jennings,,30,,Not in county,
,,Catherine Bracher,,15,F S,Not in county,
The Lane,1,Elizabeth Virrinder,,30,Wife Of Bishops Butler (Csd O),Not in county,
,,Charles Virrinder,6,,,Not in county,
,,Edgar Virrinder,4,,,Not in county,
,,Emela Virrinder,,1,,WIL,
Near Close Gate,1,William Sturgess,45,,Porter,WIL,
,,Mary Sturgess,,35,,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Sturgess,,15,,WIL,
,,Sarah Sturgess,,15,,WIL,
,,Martha Sturgess,,9,,WIL,
,,William Sturgess,5,,,WIL,
,,Emma Robinson,,30,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Hutin,,15,,WIL,

Book 8 Folio 9 Page 10

,,George Pothecary,30,,Malster,Not in county,
,,Lydia Whitehead,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Davis,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Jane Nicholayson,,45,Ind,Ireland,
,,George Dalton,15,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Nicholayson,,10,,Not in county,
Close Gate,1,George Stockley,60,,Porter Asst,WIL,
,,Hannah Stockley,,60,,WIL,
,,Lydia Leversuch,,20,,WIL,
Close Gate,1,Hugh Stephens,70,,Clerk,WIL,
,,William Cross,,55,Cordwainer,Not in county,
,,Sarah Cross,,55,F S,WIL,
Close Gate,1,Elizabeth Goodfellow,,60,Seamstress,Not in county,
,,Sarah Goodfellow,,50,Lodger (Crossed Out),WIL,
Close Gate,1,George Kellow,50,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Mary Kellow,,55,,WIL,
,,Charles Kellow,13,,,WIL,
Close Gate,1,Frances Child,,40,Ind,Not in county,
North Side Of Square,1,Ann Portman,,70,Ind,Not in county,
,,Wyndham Portman,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,Samuel Smith,30,,M S,WIL,
,,Stephen Offer,15,,M S,WIL,
,,George Damon,15,,M S,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Haddon,,35,F S,Not in county,
,,Sarah Bunn,,25,F S,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 9 Page 11

,,Maria Stone,,35,F S,Not in county,
,,Maria Troubridge,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Godwin,,20,F S,WIL,
Square,1,George Townsend,25,,Solicitor,Not in county,
,,Georgina Townsend,,30,,WIL,
,,Henry Webb,15,,M S,Not in county,
,,Susan James,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Harriett England,,20,F S,Not in county,
,,Sarah Leman,,45,F S,WIL,
,,Rebecca Searle,,60,F S,Not in county,

Enumeration District 3 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 9 Page 11

Square,1,Ann Kaises,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Kaises,,30,Governess,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Kaises,,30,Governess,Not in county,
,,Louisa Read,,20,Teacher,WIL,
,,Jane Godwin,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Eliza Dennison,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Emily Buckland,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Mary Lewis,,14,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Louisa Lewis,,10,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Jane Appleford,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Louisa Appleford,,13,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Catherine Standeswick,,14,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Susan Hicks,,14,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Tirzah Maton,,14,Pupil,WIL,
,,Ellen Bart,,12,Pupil,Not in county,Surname uncertain; might be BURT

Book 8 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Helen Bailey,,11,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Maria Horlock,,13,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Harriet Wilkes,,15,Pupil,WIL,
,,Caroline Travers,,8,Pupil,Foreign Parts,
,,Mary Nailey,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Anne King,,20,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 3 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 10 Page 12

West Side Of Square,1,Margaret Marsh,,60,Ind,WIL,
,,Francis Prothero,3,,,WIL,
,,Alice Prothero,,2,,WIL,
,,Milicent Ball,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Mitchell,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Evan,,25,F S,Not in county,
,,James Naish,38,,M S,WIL,
,,Joseph Naish,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Emma Haydon,,25,F S,WIL,
West Side Of Square,1,Thomas Trihorn,60,,Gardener,WIL,
,,Sarah Curtis,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Harriet Akers,,20,F S,WIL,
West Side Of Square,1,John Grove,50,,M D,WIL,
,,Jean Grove,,45,,Not in county,
,,Louisa Grove,,14,,WIL,
,,Helen Grove,,5,,WIL,
,,Emma Grove,,4,,WIL,
,,Eliza Fraser,,50,Ind,Not in county,
,,William Fraser,15,,,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 10 Page 13

,,Margaret Wilson,,20,Governess,Not in county,
,,Marianne Taylor,,30,F S,Not in county,
,,Maria Gradson,,25,F S,Not in county,Surname uncertain
,,Mary Imber,,20,F S,WIL,
,,William Cooper,15,,M S,WIL,

Enumeration District 3 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 10 Page 13

Arundel House,1,Frederic Bracher,35,,Schoolmaster,WIL,
,,Caroline Bracher,,30,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Watts,,20,Ind,Not in county,
,,Charles Watts,4,,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Fricker,40,,Assistant,WIL,
,,George Conyard,20,,Assistant,Not in county,
,,Matthew Thierry,25,,Assistant,Foreign Parts,
,,Robert Bartlett,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Charles Atkinson,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,William Atkinson,14,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Thomas Slate,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Thomas Slate,15,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Robert Poole,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Jonathan Laurence,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,John Rogers,15,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Walter Rogers,15,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Thomas Rogers,12,,Pupil,WIL,
,,William Tanner,12,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Edward House,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,John Thomas,10,,Pupil,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 11 Page 14

,,William Henner,13,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,William Bradie,12,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Charles Flover,14,,Pupil,WIL,
,,John Beaven,13,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,James Futcher,15,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Sydney Davis,12,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Thomas Hall,14,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Charles Hall,12,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,William Edwards,13,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Edwin Edwards,13,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Richard Scott,15,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Henry Burt,13,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Charles Burt,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Richard Burt,16,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Charles Naokes,11,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Thomas Wills,14,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,John Robbins,12,,Pupil,WIL,
,,William Truman,10,,Pupil,WIL,
,,Edmund Coles,15,,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Fanny Loveless,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Musselwhite,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Barnett,,15,F S,WIL,
,,William Edmonds,25,,M S,Not in county,Surname uncertain

Enumeration District 3 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 11 Page 14

Close,1,William Fisher,40,,Clerk,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Fisher,,40,,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 11 Page 15

,,Emmeline Fisher,,15,,WIL,
,,Herbert Fisher,14,,,WIL,
,,Arthur Fisher,10,,,WIL,
,,Ada Fisher,,9,,WIL,
,,Wilfred Fisher,8,,,WIL,
,,Albert Fisher,6,,,WIL,
,,Cecil Fisher,3,,,WIL,
,,Edward Fisher,13,,,WIL,
,,John White,40,,M S,Not in county,
,,William Smith,20,,M S,WIL,
,,John Bush,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Jane White,,40,F S,Not in county,
,,Constance Blewel,,20,F S,Foreign Parts,
,,Mary Styles,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Bungay,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Fox,,15,F S,WIL,
Deanery,1,Ann Harris,,70,F S,Not in county,
,,Harriett Bawther,,25,F S,WIL,Surname uncertain
Close,1,James Thornton,50,,M S,WIL,
,,Sarah Mills,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Ruth Wheeler,,25,F S,WIL,
Close,1,John Dennis,30,,Banker’s Clerk,WIL,
,,Ellen Dennis,,25,,WIL,
,,William Dennis,2,,,WIL,
,,Jane Henderson,,15,F S,WIL,

Book 8 Folio 12 Page 16

,,Sarah Rawden,,15,App To Dress M,WIL,Surname uncertain; could be BAWDEN
,,Mary Dixon,,20,App To Dress M,WIL,
West Side Of Close,1,Elizabeth Eyer,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,Catherine Emery,,45,F S,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Fiford,,45,F S,WIL,
West Side Of Close,1,Sarah Guy,,65,Ind,Not in county,
,,Marianne Olliff,,35,Ind,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Waters,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Waters,,15,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 3 Schools

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 12 Page 16

Kings House,1,Mary Bayley,,80,Ind,Not in county,
,,Margaret Bayly,,40,School Mistress,Not in county,
,,Caroline Bayly,,35,,Not in county,
,,Mary Bryden,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Fowle,,15,Pupil,WIL,
,,Maria Burrows,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Jane Burrows,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Ann Burrows,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Frances Burrows,,12,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Adey,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Julia Adey,,14,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Eliza Buckridge,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Catherine Buckridge,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Emma Tranchard,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Mary Stephenson,,13,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Ellen Waters,,14,Pupil,WIL,

Book 8 Folio 12 Page 17

,,Mary Shrapnell,,15,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Ethel Mason,,12,Pupil,Not in county,
,,Harriet Stevens,,12,Pupil,WIL,
,,Eliz Nesbald,,12,Pupil,Not in county,Surname uncertain
,,Letitia Elleby,,12,Pupil,Foreign Parts,
,,Mary Peck,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Louisa White,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Morris,,30,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Pedler,,40,Ind,Not in county,

Enumeration District 3 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 12 Page 17

Kings House,1,Mary Jacob,,75,Ind,WIL,
,,John T Wharton,45,,Ind,Not in county,
,,John Wharton,4,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Wharton,,45,,WIL,
,,Mary Wharton,,6,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Hayter,,35,F S,WIL,
,,Jane Hayter,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Walker,,20,F S,Foreign Parts,
,,Thomas Darling,25,,M S,Not in county,
Close,1,John H Jacob,35,,Ind,WIL,
,,Henrietta Jacob,,30,,WIL,
,,Mary Jacob,,6m,,WIL,
,,Thomas Goad,35,,M S,Not in county,
,,John Harper,30,,M S,WIL,
,,Benjamin Waters,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Jane Witt,,35,F S,WIL,

Book 8 Folio 13 Page 18

,,Mary Selman,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Susan Ruddick,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Harding,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Vile,,15,F S,Not in county,
Close,1,William Gibson,45,,Painter J,WIL,
,,Ann Gibson,,40,F S,Not in county,
,1,John Flower,50,,Carpenter J,WIL,
,,Ann Flower,,50,F S,WIL,
Close,1,Mary Coombs,,55,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Coombs,,15,Dress M,WIL,
,,Mary Brown,,30,F S,Not in county,
,,Mary Cameron,,2,,Not in county,
,,Henry Cameron,11m,,,Not in county,
Close,1,Edward Johnson,30,,Lay Vicar,Not in county,
,,Mary Johnson,,30,,Not in county,
,,George Johnson,9,,,WIL,
,,Mary Johnson,,8,,WIL,
,,Fanny Johnson,,7,,WIL,
,,Maria Johnson,,5,,WIL,
,,Emma Johnson,,2,,WIL,
,,William Payner,13,,Chorister,Ireland,Surname uncertain
Close,1,Charles King,32,,Clerk,Not in county,
,,Mary King,,20,,WIL,
,,Martha Coxe,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Mary Rattue,,13,F S,WIL,

Book 8 Folio 13 Page 19

,,Mary Tracker,,40,Hawker,WIL,
,,Louisa Beach,,10,,WIL,
1 De Vaux Place,1,John Peniston,60,,Surveyor,WIL,
,,Sarah Peniston,,65,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Peniston,,25,,WIL,
,,Anna Lee,,65,,WIL,
,,Fanny Leaver,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Dainton,,20,F S,WIL,
2 De Vaux Place,1,John M Peniston,30,,Surveyor,WIL,
,,Mary Peniston,,35,,WIL,
,,Henry Peniston,8,,,WIL,
,,Lewis Peniston,6,,,WIL,
,,Susan Peniston,,1,,WIL,
,,Susan Bungay,,15,F S,WIL,
3 De Vaux Place,1,Catherine Bawer,,45,Ind,Ireland,
,,Eliza Bawer,,40,,Not in county,
,,Mary Clarndon,,12,,Not in county,Surname uncertain; overwritten
,,Catherine Clarndon,,10,,Not in county,
,,Thos Clarndon,5,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Forbes,,15,,Not in county,
,,Margaret Forbes,,15,,Not in county,
,,Ann Hill,,50,F S,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Hoare,,20,F S,WIL,
4 De Vaux Place,u,,,,,,
5 De Vaux Place,1,Ann Cowdery,,60,Ind,Not in county,
,,George Cowdery,50,,Yeoman,Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 14 Page 20

,,Margaret Coombs,,50,Ind,WIL,
,,Mary Small,,20,F S,WIL,
,,Ann Garrett,,20,F S,Not in county,
6 De Vaux Cottage,u,,,,,,
6 De Vaux Cottage,1,Eliza Buckridge,,40,Ind,Not in county,
,,Charles Buckridge,8,,,Foreign Parts,
,,I (Mrs) Eyre,,35,Ind,Not in county,
,,Mary Clarke,,40,F S,WIL,
Close,1,Robert Stokes,25,,M S,WIL,
,,Mary Stokes,,30,,WIL,
,,Sarah Stokes,,4,,WIL,
,,William Stokes,1,,,WIL,
,1,James Cove,50,,Corn Merchant,WIL,
,,Ann Cove,,50,,WIL,
,,Jane Feltham,,25,F S,WIL,
,,Sarah Quinton,,15,F S,WIL,

Enumeration District 3 Prisons

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 14 Page 20

Penetentiary,1,Sarah Bowden,,50,Matron,Not in county,
,,Sarah Hawkins,,50,Matron,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Parsons,,15,Inmate (Crossed Out),WIL,
,,Ann Cook,,15,Inmate (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Sarah King,,30,Inmate (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Francis Mitchell,,20,Inmate (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Mary Pain,,30,Inmate (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Waring,,20,Inmate (Crossed Out),Not in county,

Enumeration District 3 (Continued)

Civil Parish of Salisbury Cathedral

Book 8 Folio 14 Page 20

Close,1,George Bowles,35,,Baker,Not in county,
,,Margaret Bowles,,30,,WIL,

Book 8 Folio 14 Page 21

,,Mary Bowles,,13,,WIL,
,,Sarah Bowles,,8,,WIL,
,,William Bowles,6,,,WIL,
,,Charles Bowles,3,,,WIL,
,,Fanny Bowles,,9m,,WIL,
,,Eley Tavner,,70,,WIL,Surname uncertain
Close,1,John Luke,50,,Carpenter,WIL,
,,Jane Luke,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary Luke,,9,,WIL,
,,John Luke,5m,,,WIL,
Close,1,Thomas Riddel,40,,Groom,WIL,
,,Jane Riddel,,25,,WIL,
,,Sarah Riddel,,9,,WIL,
,,Matilda Riddel,,6,,WIL,
Close,1,Robert Head,52,,,WIL,
,,Miriam Head,,45,,WIL,
,,Anne Head,,20,,Not in county,
,,Robert Head,15,,M S,WIL,
,,Peter Head,14,,Ap,Not in county,
,,Maria Head,,10,,Not in county,
,,Philip Head,2,,,WIL,
Close,1,William Fry,25,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Mary Fry,,40,,WIL,
,,Joanna Fry,,14,,WIL,
,,George Fry,4,,,WIL,

Book 8 Folio 15 Page 22

,,James Fry,3,,,WIL,
,,\- N k,,3w,,WIL,
Close,1,Charles Brown,45,,Stone M,WIL,
,,Harriet Brown,,45,,WIL,
,,Charles Brown,20,,Clock M,WIL,
,,Alfred Brown,15,,Stone M Ap,WIL,
,,Harriet Brown,,12,,Not in county,
Close,1,Frederick Tugwell,25,,Grocer,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Tugwell,,25,,WIL,
,,Frederick Tugwell,5m,,,WIL,
,,Sarah Bracher,,15,F S,WIL,
Close,1,James Saunders,50,,Sack M,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Saunders,,35,,WIL,
,,Mary Saunders,,11,,WIL,
,,Fanny Saunders,,8,,WIL,
,,William Saunders,6,,,WIL,
,,John Saunders,3,,,WIL,
,,Hubert Smith,14,,Labourer,WIL,
,,John Snook,60,,Twineyorter,WIL,
Close,1,Joseph Pegler,35,,Shopman,WIL,
,,Emma Pegler,,30,,WIL,
,,Arthur Pegler,5,,,WIL,
,,Ellen Pegler,,4,,WIL,
,,George Pegler,2,,,WIL,
,,James Pegler,6m,,,WIL,

Book 8 Folio 15 Page 23

,,George White,25,,Shopman,WIL,
,,Elizabeth Cousins,,15,F S,WIL,
,,Maria Allen,,15,F S,WIL,
Old Poor House Crane Bridge,1,George Lader,65,,Labourer,WIL,
,,Sarah Lader,,40,,Not in county,
,,Maria Lader,,15,,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Lader,,14,,WIL,
,,Martha Lader,,9,,WIL,
,,Caroline Lader,,7,,WIL,
,,Charlotte Lader,,5,,WIL,
,,Sarah Lader,,18m,,WIL,
,1,Sarah Gale,,45,,WIL,
,,John Gale,15,,Lab,WIL,
,,Isabella Hurst,,65,,Scotland,
,1,Mary Gilbert,,45,,WIL,
,,Louisa Gilbert,,15,,WIL,
,,Ellen Gilbert,,8,,WIL,
,,Arthur Gilbert,13,,,WIL,
,,Ann Gilbert,,9,,WIL,
,,Edward Gilbert,15,,,WIL,
,,Charles Gilbert,6,,,WIL,


Civil Parish of St Nicholas Hospital

Book 8 Folio 19 Page 1

St Nicholas Hospital,1,Samuel Richard Capel,35,,Resident Chaplain,Not in county,
,,Mary Ann Capel,,35,Wife Of The Above (Crsd Out),Not in county,
,,Henry Martyn Capel,9,,Son Of The Above (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Richard Cecil Capel,8,,Son Of The Above (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,George Bligh Capel,6,,Son Of The Above (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Arthur Douglas Capel,4,,Son Of The Above (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Ella Louisa Capel,,6m,Daughter Chaplain (X-Ed)out),WIL,
,,Catherine Lawrence,,40,Servant,WIL,
,,Mary Ann Bailey,,25,Servant,WIL,
,,Ann Shepherd,,15,Servant,Not in county,
,,John Hawkins,70,,Order Of Brothers Of Hospital,Not in county,Occ: crossed out
,,John Young,60,,Order Of Brothers Of Hospital,WIL,Occ crossed out
,,Rebecca Young,,60,Wife Of The Above (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Sarah George,,55,A Sister (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Ann George,,15,Daughter Of Above (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Thomas Drake,75,,A Brother (Crsd Out),Not in county,
,,Henry Noyce,60,,A Brother (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Sarah Noyce,,40,Wife Of The Above (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,James Goddard,65,,A Brother (Crsd Out),WIL,
,,Ann Hillier,,60,Widow Of A Brother (Crsd Out),Not in county,
,,Susanna Elwood Stanley,,75,A Sister (Crsd Out),Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Sysner,,65,A Sister (Crsd Out),WIL,Surname uncertain
,,Jane Dixon,,60,A Sister (Crsd Out),Not in county,
,,Christian Dykes,,60,A Sister (Crsd Out),Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Smith,,65,A Sister (Crsd Out),Not in county,

Book 8 Folio 20 Page 2

,,Mary Ann Bowles,,55,Nurse Of The Hospital,WIL,

End of Piece HO107/1190

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