Rowde BMD

Rowde Parish Registers
(St. Matthew)

Register entries are listed chronologically (register order).
An “?” denotes that I have been unable to transcribe an entry (illegible, faint or water damaged)
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1661 – 17381661 – 17491616 – 1695
1739 – 17731750 – 18111696 – 1754
1774 – 18121755 – 1812
“Still Born” 1695 – 1704

Churchwardens mentioned in Parish Register

Some pages of the parish register have been signed off as an accurate record and witnessed by the Church / Parish Wardens, whilst Latimer Crosse was serving Vicar. A sample wording as follows …

“This page signed and attested 13 Apr 1706 by Latimer Crosse – Easter Day
Parish Wardens Francis Ellyott and Thomas Mesqulon”

1616 ~ Churchwardens John Fylks and William Bryant
1619 ~ Churchwardens Edward Carter and Edward Parsons
1653 ~ Churchwardens Thomas Hill als Eliott and John Brewer
1653 ~ Signatories Amos Hope, Robert Steevens and Francis Ellyott
1691 ~ Churchwardens William Bolwell and John Compton
1705 ~ Churchwardens James Gilnott and Thomas Mathiston
1706 ~ Churchwardens Thomas Mesqulon and James Helps
1708 ~ Churchwardens Thomas Mesqulon and Samuel Webb
1709 ~ Churchwardens Thomas Mesqulon and Joseph Hicks
1710 ~ Churchwardens Samuel Webb and James Helps
1714 ~ Churchwardens William Webb and Robert Harper

Notes at start of 1703 Parish Register

(first page)

The Register Book of the parish of Rowde
in the County of Wilts for the recording all
Marriages, Births, Baptisms, Deaths and
other memorable accidents which have or shall
happen within the said parish since the 25 day
of March in the year of Our Lord God 1703

(Foward by Latimer Crosse, Vicar continues)

(next page)

Mr John Tyse Vicar of this Parish was buried Feb 6 1608 inducted
Mr Timothy Richards succeeded and was here about 1651 or 2 & Mr
Mr Thomas Collyer was put in till the restoration when
Mr Richards was ? & was succeeded after by his removal to Brom
Mr Tho Sims Vicar who was buried May 12th 1671
Mr Tho Jekyl succeeded & left Rowde in August or September 1676
Mr John Hinde succeeded & died in 15 Jan 1688
Mr Wm Smart succeeded & died in 2 May 1703
Mr Latimer Crosse succeeded & removed in April 1708    instituted at Rowde 21 May 1703
Mr John Baker succeeded & died in April 1718    [only death of Thomas, son, recorded in April 1718]
Mr Tho Peirce succeeded & died Sept 30th 1730    [PR gives death as 1 Oct and burial on 3 Oct 1730]
Mr Ferdinand Warner succeeded & was Instituted Dec 15 following
Mr James Warner succeeded in October 1732
Mr John Collinson succeeded & was Instituted August 2 1762
Mr William Harrison was inducted to the Living of Rowde Sept 21 1764
Mr William Higginson died April 13th 1816
Mr Edward Vincent was inducted to the Living of Rowde 27th April 18
Mr Andrew Beauchamp Starky was inducted July 15th 186
William Samway & he was inducted May 187
Ellis Shipley Harris was inducted November 187
Mr Ellis Shipley Harris ? March 25 189
Mr Arthur James Clark was inducted June 7th 189
Mr Arthur James Clark ? 15 August 190
Thomas Hawerth Jervis was inducted September 24 190
Thomas Hawerth Jervis January ? 191
Arthur James Clark ? 191