Bruisyard Chyd

Churchyard Surveys
St. Peter’s, Bruisyard, Suffolk

St Matthew
This ancient church stands on gently raising ground overlooking the River Alde. Its antiquity is confirmed by Saxon features clearly evident in the tower’s flint work
Transcribed all existing and readable gravestones April 2008
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Notes from Charles Partridge’s transcription of 1929; held at Ipswich Record Office, on the following, highlighted in gray

H B, 1828   (Hannah Bicker, d 1 Mar 1828, age 15 yrs, dau of Revd J Bicker, late of Wingfield in the county)
P C, 1?0   (Phebe Carley of Haveningham, d 28 Apr 1820 – of child birth, age 32 yrs, wife of Thomas, dau of late Robert Row of this parish)
A H, 1818   (Ann Heffer, d 26 Jun 1818, age 74 yrs, widow of John)
? H, 1829 and E H, 1837   (John Heffer, d 4 May 1829, age 66 yrs, wife Elizabeth, d 29 Nov 1837, age 77 yrs)
? M, 1789   (Ann Malster, d 15 Oct 1789, age 74 yrs, wife of James)
M M, 1739   (Mary Moulton, d 8 Jul 1739, age 24 yrs, wife of Edward)
N R, 177?   (Nicolas Row, d 25 Nov 1777, age 80 yrs
E R, 1752   (Elizabeth Row, d 13 Jul 1752, age 57 yrs, wife of Nicholas Row of this parish, age 78 yrs)
J S, 1809   (John Sutton)
S S, 1810   (Sarah Sutton, d 27 Sep 1810, age 80 yrs, wife of John)