Hacheston Chyd

Churchyard Surveys
All Saints, Hacheston, Suffolk

St Matthew
The church is located in Upper Hacheston
Transcribed all existing and readable gravestones – March 2008
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A footstone shows the deceased’s initials and year of death. I have included them where the headstone is missing or unreadable
I have added notes from Charles Partridge’s transcription of 1929; held at Ipswich Record Office. Highlighted in gray
C C, 1789  (Catherine Cutting, d 10 Jul 1769, age 62 yrs)
S S, 1789
H H, 1858 and H H, 1858   (Hannah Hill, d 5 Feb 1858, age 70 yrs; Hannah Hill, d 7 Jan 1858, age 39 yrs, dau)
W H, 1753  (William Heffer, d 24 Aug 1753, age 56 yrs)
M W, 1825  (Mary Willis, d 19 Feb 1825, age 72, wife of John Willis)