Kettleburgh Chyd

Churchyard Surveys
St. Andrew’s, Kettleburgh, Suffolk

St Andrew
Transcribed all existing and readable gravestones September 2008
There are a number of headstones covered with ivy or in a thicket; they have been ignored
A footstone shows the deceased’s initials and year of death. I have included them where the headstone is missing or unreadable

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I have added notes from Charles Partridge’s transcription of 1925; held at Ipswich Record Office. Highlighted in gray
S H, 1796   (Samuel Hart, d 20 Oct 1796, age 69 yrs)
J B P, 18?8   (John Buckingham Pipe, d 13 Apr 1838, age 65 yrs)
C S, 1820   (Charlotte Symth, d 15 Aug 1820, age 6 yrs, dau of George & Elizabeth)
M S, 1820   (Mary Smyth, d 24 May 1820, an infant dau of George & Elizabeth)
R S, 1837   (Richard Spalding, d 16 Dec 1837, age 58 yrs)
W S, 1863 and S S, 1835   (William Smith, d 24 May 1863, age 68 yrs)
J W, 1815 and S W, 1816   (Jeremiah Wase, d 10 May 1815; Susannah Wase, d 7 Mar 1816, son & dau of Jeremiah & Susannah)