Sibton Chyd

Churchyard Surveys
St Peter, Sibton, Suffolk

St Peter

Transcribed all existing and readable gravestones April 2008
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I have added burial information held at Ipswich Record Office, highlighted in gray
A footstone shows the deceased’s initials and year of death
R C, 1902
R D, 1832
A G, 1795
M G, 1832 and G G, 1853
H S, 1799
S S, 180?
M W, 1813

Heastone (location south-west of churchyard) faint inscription – Elizabeth, December the
Could this be Elizabeth Larter buried 3 Jan 1800?


Photographs 2020

H.B. 1768 (Brown)

H.F. 1744 (Folkard)

Hannah Smith 1774

Sarah Smith 1799

Bathia Winter 1740

Elizabeth, December the

Mary Spink 1794