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Pope by Given names

Pope by given names

Pope forenameBn/Bpwhere?MarriedBur/Died
Ada Jane1860DevizesRobert George Latreille 189319102nd marriage to Whitmore
Alexander John1868Kentish TownAnnie Sophia White 18951941 
Alice1872Stratton St Margaretno1872d. Stratton St Margaret
d/o Thomas and Lucy
Alice Annie1890Bristolno1979informant of death : G H Chenhall
Agnes   1592d. Potterne; a daurghter or wife ?
Ann1778BishopstoneRichard Redford 17981856present at death : Ann Durham
Anne1674PotterneRobert Hulbert 16971747buried St. Mary, Devizes
Annie Catherine1859Devizes2nd w/o Samuel Trenear 18891898aka Catherine or Katherine Annie
Anne Jane1866Stockwell, Surreyno1909at Brookwood Asylum, Woking, Surrey
Annis1610Potterne 1613d/o John, buried recorded as An?
Arthur Ernest1868Portsmouth 1931d. Medway, Kent
Arthur Robert1881Swindonno1953d. St Budeau, Plymouth
Barbara Mary1937PlymouthRaymond H Parnell 1960  
Bernard Howard1908PlymouthBeatrice M Taylor 19341966d. Plymton St. Mary
Carol Jane1920Plymouth   
Cecil Edward1879Stroudnot known1968 
Cecil Frederick John1900IslingtonMarjorie H Frost 19431986 
Charles1786BishopstoneSusannah Anger 1808 Yeoman, died between 1820-1833 ? Unable to trace death
Charlotte1789Bishopstoneno18772nd burial in Little Hinton Cemetery
Clifford Vincent1909SwindonDora Isobel Williams 19421974 
Doris Beatrice Mary1901PancrasGeorge Albert Boynes 19281978d. Clacton, Essex
Dorothy Amy1896BuckfastleighAnthony B. Miller 19201973d. Coggeshall, Essex
Dudley E1908CornwallBetty M Pool 19461969d. Bristol
Ebenezer1840MeophamSusan Elizabeth Grabham 18681924aka Edwin
informant of death Cecil E Pope (son)
Edgar1873SwindonLinda Barr 19061941d. Westbury on-Trym
Edith  William Hunt 16251663her death does not tie in with William,s burial year 1665
Edward Osmond Jabez1864DevizesAdela F M Watt 19151944Informant of death Gladys Minet (sis law)
Edwin Ewart1868CirencesterElen Margaretta Pughe 18931916informant of death : Eleanor H Nichols (cousin)
Eleanor1876Swindonno1950d. St Budeaux, Plymouth
Eleanor Airini1899New ZealandGeorge Barnard Fisher 19301982d. Sydney, NSW, Australia
Eleanor Jane1884Pancrasno1962d. Islington
Eleanor Marguerite1869Lambethno1963d. Oxford.
Eleanor Mary1863Devizesno1952d. St James Mental Hospital, Portsmouth
Eleanor White1830Wantageno1850present at death : Sarah King
Elizabeth1711Rowdenot known beneficiary of fathers LW&T 1725
Elizabeth1759BishopstoneJoseph Povey 17841836d. Bishopstone
Elizabeth1783BishopstoneIsaac Archer 18031855d. Bishopstone
Elizabeth1801BishopstoneThomas Ruby Cue 18211866d. Bishopstone
Elizabeth1828Devizesno1833buried Mount Zion Church, Meopham
Elizabeth1833Meophamno1909buried Mount Zion Church, Meopham
Ella Adeline1870Swindonno1953present at death : Jane W Pope (sis)
Elsie Mary1883Swindonno1968d. St Budeau, Plymouth
Emily Beatrice1870Kentish Townno1871d/o James Benjamin
Emm1671Potterneno unable to trace further
Emmeline1883Stockton,Durhamno1958informant of death : E J Pope>
Ernest Christopher1874Southampton  Unable to trace further
Eva Jane1886Fromeno1952informant of death : A Maclagan, Executor
Eve1850BristolDavid H. Wilson 1982  
Florence Mary1885Kentish Townno1918d. Kentish Town
Frances1872Southamptondoubtful single when emigrated to Australia with sister Minnie, maybe before 1936. Unable to trace further
Frances Dorothga1939Yonkers, US  d/o John and Mary. unable to trace further
Frank John Benjamin1899Pancrasno1956d. Willesden, London.
Frederick Charles Cuthbert1884Shepton Malletno1945informant of death : Alice Annie Pope (sis)
Frederick William1858DevizesAlice Kimber 18831926informant of death : Alice Pope (wife)
George1679Potterne 1679bur. Potterne
George1682PotterneElizabeth Smith 17201723bur. Potterne, gentleman
George1704Potterne 1705bur. Potterne
Grace Adeline1898Bristolno19691911 census as Grace Hilda
Harry Alexander1904East FinchleyIris G Watson 19381995d. Horsham, Sussex
Harry White1866Campden TownEliza Sarah Coppen 18991943d. London
Helen May1882Ltle GonerbyThomas Dunlop 19101931d. Sandakan, British North Borneo
Henry George Palmerston1889BristolMaria Albinx Lanfranoni 19191976d. Folkestone, Kent.
who is Marcel Fernard Pope?
Herbert James1861Devizesnot known aka James H
no trace after 1901 census
Hilda May1909SwindonHerbert Samuel Stocks 19362005d. Portugal
Howard Robin1921PlymouthV M Dawe 19482003 
Howard William1879SwindonRuth Jane Spargo 19181932d. Devonport
Ivy Mary A1908BristolRonald Fowler 19481997d. Hampshire
Jabez1839MeophamAnne Vick 18631915aka Jay. Informant of death : E M Pope (dau)
James1764Witney  alive 1792, to research Witney records
James Benjamin1843MeophamSarah Thurgood 1865
Mary Ann White 1882
1925present at death : E J Pope (dau)
Jane1781Bishopstone 1797maybe also called Jenny ?
Jane White1874Swindonno1958informant of death : Cecil J Atkey (nephew)
Jenny1781Bishopstone 1797maybe also called Jane ?
Jessie1879Wantage  unable to trace after 1901 census
Jessie Vick1872Stockwellno1955informant of death : Humphrey J Fisher
(gt nephew)
John   1616s/o John (bur. 1618), found no other details
John  Margaret ?1618d. Potterne; Yeoman
John1638Potterne  beneficary to William Long 1707, cousin.
John1668PotterneMary Loveday 16991735d. Little Hinton, Yeoman
John1700Little HintonElizabeth Angel 17441770d. Little Hinton
John1701Potterne 1718bur. Potterne
John1746Little HintonMary Purton 17801818and Rebecca Grist 1817
John1748Little Hinton  still researching, Witney maybe
John1761Little Hinton  still researching, Witney maybe
John1782Bishopstone 1795f/s still exists
John Clifford1900BristolMary Eugenia Wilson 19331955emigrated to Yonkers, United States 1925.
Buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Norfolk City.
John Hayhurst1750Wilton 1753d. Wilton. Quaker
John Henry1829LambourneMary Luxford 18561902d at Portsmouth Instition
Kate Eleanor1876Frome 1877d/o William & Helen
Kate Elizabeth1885Swindonno1960d. St Budeau, Plymouth
Kenneth Lindsay1886Shepton
no1956informant of death : Alice A Pope (sis)
Lilian Mary1885Shepton
Frederick Jenkins 19061972at Stanmore
Linda B A1947BristolKeith R Hall 1973  
Linda Marjorie1910CornwallJohn A Oliver 19411988d. Bristol
Louisa Marah1871TewkesburyHenry J. Collins 19011910 
Lucy Amy1868Swindonno1944informant of death : Jane W Pope (sis)
Margaret1778Stainesno1867d. Staines. Quaker
Mary1642Potterne  unable to trace further
Mary1690PotterneJohn Fuller 17111757bur. Devizes
Mary1715Rowde  possibly married John Braxstone
Mary1744Little Hinton 1745 
Mary1788Bishopstone  unable to trace
Mary Jane1832Wantageno1922Buried at St. Pancras Cemtery
Martha1762WitneyBenjamin Seeley to research Witney records
Minnie1870Cirencesterdoubtful single when emigrated to Australia with sister Frances, maybe before 1936. Unable to trace further
Percy White1856Devizesno1921present at death : A F Nice
Phyillis I1898PlymouthHubert Warrick Hambly 19351985d. Bath
Waterman Watts
1753Wiltonno1777d. Wilton. Quaker
Robert  Elizabeth ?1674d. Potterne, Yeoman
Robert, snr1640PotterneAnne Gouldsbrough 16671717d. Potterne, Yeoman; Frances Long, cousin, beneficiary in his LW&T
Robert, jnr1676PotterneAnne Thistlewayte 16991704d. Potterne, Yeoman
Robert1703Little Hinton 1704 
Robert1705Little Hinton 1715 
Robert1714RowdeSarah Hurst, when ?1753Quaker Minister in Wilton
Robert1748WiltonMargaret Stevens 17741829d. Staines. Surgeon, Physian and Quaker Elder
Robert1766Little HintonMary ?1788unable to trace further at this time
Robert   1775Bur. Potterne; unable to trace further
Ronald A R1923Plymouth  proper to this family ?
Russell Edward1902New Zealand 1977buried Wellington, NZ. s/o Spencer D.
Samuel Herbert1875FromeLuz Lucia Gamborena
and Regina Schmidt (or Schmid)
1960Tasmania, Australia
Sarahc. 1585Potterne ?Richard Long before 1625c. 1666William b.1625 s/o Sarah and Richard, cousin to John Pope, kinsman to Thomas & George Pope. Plus other tie in’s.
Sarah1672PotterneWilliam Lewis 16931752buried Southbroom
Sarah1752Little Hinton 1752 
Susan1944SurreyPeter R Lake 1964  
Susannah1720Rowde 1720 
Sydney Field1867Devizesno1916d. London County Lunatic Ayslum, Norwood
Spencer Devinish1870StockwellEleanor Henrietta Walford 18961935emigrated to NZ 1891
Stephen G1949Bristol 1962d. Bristol
Thomas??? Margaret ?1558d. Potterne; no other details traced at this time
Thomas1647Potterne  no further trace at this time
Thomas1680Potterne 1680bur. Potterne
Thomas1685PotterneSusannah Watts 17101725Bur. Rowde; Yeoman
Thomas1719Rowde  beneficiary to Thomas Pope (father)
LW&T 1725
Thomas1838MeophamLucy Grabham 18671908Informant of death: Devonport Coroner
Thomas Grabham1869SwindonRosa S Jenkins 18951941informant of death : Thomas O Pope (son)
Thomas Owen1899PlymouthWinifred Mabel Wallis 19251977d. Guildford, Surrey
Thomas Warwick1927Plymouthnot known1977d. Clifton.
Valourie R W1941HendonAdrian T Cooper 1960  
Wendy Patricia1936PlymouthJeffrey Bell  
Walter Charles1876BedministerFlorence Knight 19021961 
William1701Little HintonMartha Woodward 17541793Yeoman
William1748Little HintonMartha Povey 17771811Yeoman of Little Hinton
William1792BishopstoneJane White 18251851Baptist Minister, d. Meopham, Kent
William1836MeophamHelen Freeman 18731916Informant of death: Berkshire Asylum


Pope Copyholds


A copyhold consisted of a house, farmyard, barn, cowshed, garden and orchard, and strips in the outlying furlongs. They were survivors of the medieval system and by the 18th century many were leased and not farmed by their actual owners
They were called copyhold’s because the terms of the tenancy and were copied into the Court Rolls or records. Provided that the terms of this tenancy were adhered to, the copyholder could not be turned out
The Francis Howard Willington’s plan of 1758 showed that John Pope  had a copyhold and possibly two furlongs (Pope’s Patch and East Meadow) in Bishopstone. They were later sold (East Meadow to Thomas Anger, through marriage) but I am still researching this element
Around 1811, William Pope  inherited some (?) of the ‘Copyhold Land’ from his father William Pope. But this was presumably held on behalf of his mother Mary Pope, as she was not expected to own property
They might have been the landlord or had a long lease on a farm located around Little Hinton (Hinton Parva)
~~~  ~~~  ~~~
In the ‘Appointionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Little Hinton’ of 1841, Mary Pope had ariable and pasture land split into …. Ariable Land, Pasture Land, Driver Land, Herd Land, Reads and Glebe including and Homestead and Churchyard
The document includes a map showing the whereabouts of 4 fields in Little Hinton parish; which were tenanted to John Norris
Cow Tail Field
Lower Meadow
Further Doctors Field
Hither Doctors Field
~~~  ~~~  ~~~
After Mary Pope and William Pope had died, his Estate (I imagine. would have included his inherited part of this land) was passed to his Widow, Jane, who was listed in the 1861 census as a ‘Land Proprietor’
What happened to this estate her death?