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Surrey Parish Registers

Surrey Parish Registers

St. Mary Church, Newington

This is a one off for this county, researching the Williams and Dawson Surnames. I am not sure that these are related!
Register entries are listed chronologically (register order).
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A useful book on the churchyard memorials can be found at The monumental inscriptions in the old churchyard of St. Mary, Newington, Surrey, Part 1




1808 – 18101808 – 1812
Part 1811

List of Williams Surname Entries

1809 20-Aug Williams, Ann   d/o   Samuel & Ann   5 Jul 1809
1810 09-Mar Williams, Eleanor Mallough   d/o   Edward & Maria   15 Feb 1810
1810 25-Feb Williams, Mary Ann   d/o   William & Hannah   30 Jan 1810
1811 01-Mar Williams, Thomas s/o Thomas & Margaret 8 Feb 1811
1812 07-Oct Williams, Louisa d/o Robert & Ann 10 Sep 1812

List of Williams Surname Entries
1808 06-Sep Williams, John, Child
1808 18-Sep Williams, Sarah, Child
1808 20-Nov Williams, Thomas, Child
1809 07-Jun Williams, Elizabeth, Woman
1809 19-Nov Williams, William, Child
1810 04-Feb Williams, Feltuss, Child
1810 17-Jan Williams, Jeremiah, Man
1810 25-Nov Williams, John, Child
1810 12-Dec Williams, John, Man
1810 25-Jul Williams, Susanna, Child
1811 26-Mar Williams, Hannah, Woman
1811 16-Jan Williams, James, Man
1812 20-Oct Williams, Elizabeth, Woman
1812 11-Nov Williams, Louisa, Child
1812 16-Apr Williams, Richard, Child
1812 12-Jan Williams, Thomas, Child
1812 16-Dec Williams, William, Man
1812 20-Dec Williams, William, Man