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Additions 2024

9 May 2023 – John Long, Extract of LW&T 1677
10 May 2023 – Thomas Longe, Extract of LW&T 1593
13 May 2023 – Thomas Long, Extract of LW&T 1654
6 June 2023 – Elizabeth Pope, Extract of LW&T 1646
13 July 2023 – Wootton Bassett Burials 1766-1799
21 July 2023 – Stockton Baptisms & Burials 1795-1812
3 Aug 2023 – Sherrington Burials 1744-1837
2 Nov 2023 – Westbury – Conveyance Indenture between Barnes and Gibbs 1861
12 Feb 2024 – Marriage and Death of Louisa Marah Pope; 1901 & 1910.
7 Mar 2024 – Unrelated death Cert, Mary Elenor Williams 1906
12 Mar 2024 – Unrelated death Cert, Robert Williams, died on 6 April 1857 at Garratt, Wandsworth, Surrey, age 38 years.
19 April 2024 – Stratford Tony burials 1682-1812
3 May 2024 – North Wraxall – Stephen Ford – Pedigree 1879


Copyhold and Rents

Bishopstone (north)   1758 “Detailed Survey” (limited data)
Bishopstone (north) 1760 map produced by Francis Howard Willington (map no. and field names only)

Bishopstone (north) 1778 “Survey and Rental” – Index
Copyholds by Survey numbers

1 ~ 3435 ~ 7071 ~ 9798 ~ 128

Bishopstone (north)  1793 “Poor Rate” and “Land Tax”
Bishopstone (north)   Enclosure Awards 1813

Keevil   1752 “Poor rate”
Keevil   1782 “Poor rate”
Keevil   Enclosure Awards 1796
Keevil   Tithe Awards 1864

Little Hinton   1700 “An 1694 Act. Accessment made imposing various taxes. ”
Little Hinton    Tithe Awards 1840

Potterne 1669 “A Particular of the yearly value of the Leaseholds at Potterne”
Potterne   Enclosure Awards 1824
Potterne   Tithe Awards 1839
Marston   Tithe Awards 1839
Worton   Tithe Awards 1839

Rowde   Tithe Awards 1841

Oxfordshire   1843 Court of Common Pleas, John & Anne George of Steeple Aston




Atworth, Wilts.  – Release of Land 1841, Methuen to Moore.
Bethnal Green, Middx.  – Indenture of Lease, The Ion Arms ph.
Biddestone, Wilts.  – Conveyance of Land 1859, Attwood to Little.
Bishopstone, nr Wilton, Wilts.  – Release of Fordingbridge Premises 1834, Mihell to Rawlence.
Brinkworth, Wilts. – Transfer & Mortgage 1879, Matthews to Freeth.
Brokenborough – Mortgage Andrews to Miller 1888
Calne, Wilts. – Release of Garden strip 1813, Embry to Ladd.
Chinnor, Oxon. – Lease for one year 23 Aug 1816, Neighbour to Webster.
Chinnor, Oxon. – Release of Malthouse, Brewhouse etc 24 Aug 1816, Neighbour to Webster.
Corsham, Wilts.; – Defeazance of Land 1785, Hulbert.
Cransford, Suffolk – Advowson agreement 1882, Peek to Hobson.
Eye, Suffolk – Indenture Mortgage, Chenery to Pettett.
Goathland, Yorks – Release of a Farm 1745, Coates to Whitwill
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk – Lease for a Year 1737, Sheall to Dawson
Lincoln, Lincs. – Lease of Premises, Dean and Chapter of Lincoln to Robert Cracroft 1848
Longbridge Deverill, Wilts. – Assignment of property 1817, Mead to Price
Northwold, Norfolk – Feoffment of a Close 1738, Sowell to Carter
Potterne, Wilts. – Marriage Settlement 1909, Manning with Powell.
Pottterne Wick, Wilts. – Conveyance of Land 1854, Hookins to Carpenter.
Rowde, Wilts. – Release of Land 1772, Axford to Adlam.
Rowde, Wilts. – Grant and Release 1729, Gee to Moore/Bernard.
Salisbury, Wilts. – Lease of Kings Head Inn 1735, Biggs & Evans to White.
Salisbury, Wilts. – Lease Indenture, Chubb 1812.
Salisbury, Wilts. – Mortgage Indenture, John Folliott & Sons, Old George Steam Brewery 1900.
Stalham, Norfolk. – Surrender of Copyhold 1779, Bond to Scott.
Stainswick, Berks. – Manor of Stainswick, Court Baron 1865
Westbury, Wilts.  – Lease for one year 1775, Phipps to Powlett
Westbury, Wilts. – Conveyance between Barnes and Gibbs 1861.
West Lavington, Wiltshire.– Lease for one year 1830, Garrett to Oram
Wolsoken, Norfolk. – Agreement between Ayre and Silverwood 1796.
Wootton Bassett, Wilts. – Lease for one year 1816, Millard.
Wroughton, Wilts. – Transfer of Estate 1877, Bendry.
Yatton Keynell, Wilts. – Indenture Mortgage No.2., Wild to Baily.
Yetminster, Dorset – Lease of Estate, Keynes to Howlett.




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